Money makes the church go around


Due to the mammon drying up, a Portland church has decided to shut down for 30 days so they can pay the bills. [Source]

To save money, First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland has decided to close for the month of July. The Rev. Marilyn Sewell, senior pastor, said the 142-year-old church faces a projected $185,000 deficit for the fiscal year that ends June 30.

The closure, during a traditionally quiet month in the church calendar, will save a predicted $100,000 in staff pay and help the church avoid laying off employees. Employees also will take an additional two weeks of unpaid leave. Even so, the church will have to make additional cuts, said the Rev. Thomas Disrud, Sewell’s associate.

Am I reading something wrong or is the monthly staff payroll 100,000 dollars?  Besides this being a false religion, sounds like some greed issues are going on and now the people are holding on their hard earned cash.

“The congregation needs to own the problems and understand the consequences,” said Sewell, who announced the decision during services Jan. 25 and then sent a letter to the church’s 1,500 members.

Normally, the church expects about 4 percent of pledges to go unpaid, she said, a number that’s been consistent through the 17 years she’s been pastor at First Unitarian. But this year, about 10 percent of pledges are unpaid, and about 250 families haven’t pledged at all.

Sounds like the “give me the money” scenario, Im Speaking Truth has blasted on his blog.  As this mammon mudslide gains intensity, those who have used God’s church  and his name as a tool to get money are going to have their ugly backsides revealed. And good. Jesus said my house should be called a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.


9 thoughts on “Money makes the church go around

  1. Looks like there are some bright spots in the economic downturn.

    I think this is a great time for authentic Christianity to stand up, give generously, spread the real Gospel and advance the kingdom.

  2. A thought I had was that this false religious belief system seems to have problems honoring promises. If you pledge to do something and then do not do it, where is the honor? So here we have 10 percent of the pledgers being dishonest! Aw, what the heck – it’s all relative, isn’t it?

  3. Not sure its a good idea to say just because a church is having a rough time its a “mammon” church. In fact most christians today consider grinding poverty to be Gods blessing.

    GCMW: That’s not what we said. And this isnt a true Christian church anyway, its a false religion.

  4. There is no such thing as a gay christian….duh. Unless of course the gay “christian” is one who does not believe the which case, I guess it would still just make you “gay”. As the Bible PLAINLY states the homosexuality is clearly a SIN. If you LIVE in sin, you are not a Christian. God still loves you just the same, but if you do not repent, you are still bound for hell. Please repent.

  5. Shay:

    Please spent a bit more time on this site to learn what it is about. Thank you.

    GCMW: Thanks Job. People just dont read.

  6. Perhaps embolden or italicize the word “watch” on the home page of your blog to emphasize that you are on a “watch” or “on the lookout” for something; in your case, false information opposing biblical truth. God bless always.

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