COGIC bishop LT Walker dies; end of justice?

The Little Rock based COGIC bishop who was in the spotlight during the murder of a homosexual pastor under his charge, has died.

According to the denomination’s website, Bishop Leato T. Walker passed away Sunday morning and will be eulogized Feb 23th and 24th.

Walker never responded to claims that he sat on information about homosexual pastor Ronald Paige who was murdered by a  young black homeless man he allegedly attempted to rape. Since Memphis media broke the story several other male victims came forward attesting the pastor molested them when they were members of his church. One parent stated that Walker knew of the molestations but never removed Paige from office nor disciplined him.

To date, Walker, COGIC national and its presiding bishop Charles Blake, maintained complete silence on the case and the dead pastor. Walker’s death may end any real attempts for justice for the families of the young men.

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22 thoughts on “COGIC bishop LT Walker dies; end of justice?

  1. I am not drawing a conclusion; but the biblical story of Lazarus and Dives (Luke 16) says that the rich man knew of Lazarus’s awful plight and did nothing to help him. The rich man was not concerned witht he suffering of the poor man. “And in hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torment.” I know Jesus was teaching on the dangers of trusting in riches and their uselessness in the afterlife regarding salvation but there is pause for ocnsideration here, I think. Selah.

    There is s priest who was from Massachusetts who saw one of the most infamous molesting priests molesting a child and never spoke of it or advocated for the victim. He was exposed and died of tongue cancer. Hmmm

  2. This is such a bad pattern. But it looks like that will be their legacy. Shouting, dancing, speaking in tongues and taking their sins to the grave with them.

  3. This is sad, I had to laugh a little at : “Shouting, dancing and speaking in tongues taking their sins to the grave..” Thisi s what they describe as “POWER!” Holy Ghost power. Humph! The power of God was manifested in Jesus’ anointing to preach the gospel to the poor, release the captives, giving sight to the blind, to free those who are oppressed..” You know this is what renders the greak GOGIC irrelevant. Do what ius righteous and speak the truth. All things must be shaken and only that which is supposed to stand will do so. Watch and pray, saints, watch and pray.

  4. “Shouting, dancing, speaking in tongues and taking their sins to the grave with them.”

    You know, I think that is part of the problem. There is so much emphasis on power & anointing but not enough sound doctrine. Too much emotionalism, I mean FLESH, but no genuine moving of the Holy Spirit. Some people will speak in tongues & prophesy all day long if you let them but they can’t tell when a child is being abused. They can speak a word into your life that they claim comes from God, but why isn’t God telling them there is a predator in their midst? I find it kinda hard to believe that the Lord would instruct you to tell me that “He’s got a blessing in store” for me but fail to mention that there is a beast lurking about & his prey is children. I’m all for shouting & getting excited about the Lord & what He is doing but what about balance? I do believe in prophesy & tongues but it’s getting to the point where I think we need to sit down & shut up for a minute so we can be taught the Word of God. Then shout later when you see the fruition of the seed of the Word that’s been planted in the heart.
    I digress. Sorry.

    As for as this case is concerned, I only know what I’ve read here. Ultimately, only God knows who knew what & what they did with what they knew. If this bishop knew what was going on & didn’t advocate for the victims he has to answer to God now. Try stone walling Him!

  5. It’s hard to find a man who will stand in the gap for the people. Hard to find anyone who will teach that we are to be perfect as our Father God is perfect. Hard to find someone who will work for the Kingdom of God and not worry about how they will be taken care of or get paid. Hard to find a righteousness man; someone who really has FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I believe that anyone who says that COGIC is all dancing, shouting, and speaking in tongues is on the outside looking in. Bishop Walker is MY bishop. I was unaware of the incident mentioned but was led to this page searching Bishop’s name. It is unfortunate what allegedly transpired but I find passing judgement on involved parties and COGIC en masse is reprehensible. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” I can’t speak for others but AR 1st is replete with sound, doctrinal, Bible-based teaching and preaching and we proclaim righteousness and holiness as the only road to Christ (Heb 12:14). We also believe that this a faith walk, not a faith talk (James 1:22). Bishop was a mighty man of valour that served the Church for 60+ years. We should be honoring his legacy and in prayer for his family and those families involved in the aforementioned incident instead of name-calling and generalising a proud, rich heritage in righteousness. I am a PROUD member of the AR 1st Juridiction of the COGIC. Yes we do praise God and speak in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance, but it’s still holiness or Hell. Be blessed.

    GCMW: Thanks for sharing your opinion here Min Weatherspoon.

  7. WOW…… and you all say you are people of God. What do you mean is this justice? How is this justice, loosing a great leader. The bible says do not judge. This man of God was only one man. How do we know what was said or not said about these things going on in the COGIC. We were not there. You are going off hearsay. AR First Jurisdiction is all about praising God and we live strictly from our doctrine. Come on now. I totally agree with you Minister Weatherspoon, we should be praying for one another not pulling each other down. This is a time of sorrow and we have lost a great man of God. We will not speak on all other denominations that have children being molested in the church. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Just because we are in a certain denomination and make mistakes does not mean we should bring the whole denomination down. I love COGIC and I will always be COGIC. Whatever you all have to say just say it because when it’s all over we will continue to shout, speak in tongues and praise God. It’s not about us it’s about JESUS.

    GCMW: Marinda, your comment is going to be posted only as an example of extreme ignorance. And thats meant in the most respectful way possible. Not only is it ignorant, but callous, shallow and foolish considering the magnitude and depth of destruction a child suffers from having their sexual nature brutalized. Again, your comment will be a marker of the stark ignorance and spiritual blindness so rampant in the church (hopefully all of COGIC isnt like you) today which allows evil men to remain silent while predators stalk and devastate God’s children. Think about that BEFORE you attempt to post again.

  8. Okay I guess I need to clarify my remarks. I hate that you feel that I am ignorant, however I have an opinion and so do you. I DID NOT IN ANY FORM OR FASHION SAY THAT A CHILD BEING BRUTALIZED AND RAPED SHOULD BE OVERLOOKED.

    GCMW: Again, your comments were ignorant. Meaning, you have not researched, read or investigated.

    I work with sex offenders on a daily basis and I do not in any way approve of any type of behavior that allows someone’s manhood or womanhood to be taken advantage of.

    GCMW: No, we’re talking about CHILDREN here. Did you read at all?

    I was speaking on behalf of my leader. I do feel that his death should not be perceived as revenge for something that he did not do. I feel that you should not start these rumors without facts.

    GCMW: Again, did you even bother to read?

    I am referring to the statement made that Bishop did not take action. I feel that none of us know what action was taken if we were not there.

    GCMW: Yes we do know that he did not take action. The pastor remained in leadership until he was murdered.

    My comment was not in any intent to defend child molesters because I feel if u are a pastor, minister, bishop in whatever denomination it is wrong to molest any child. It is not only immoral but it is sick as well. I was commenting to the defense of COGIC. “Shouting, dancing, speaking in tongues and taking their sins to the grave with them.”

    GCMW: Why defend wrong? Is it because its COGIC? More of that good ole COGIC pride huh?

    I feel that this comment was disrespectful. I feel that it is not for anyone to blame a leader for what someone does, and if you were not there you do not know if it was addressed or not.

    GCMW: You have a very twisted conception of leadership. Is that what you are being taught in AR 1st that leaders are not responsible for what happens under their charge?

    I do not feel that you should disrespect COGIC because of what some people that affiliate themselves with COGIC does. People make there own decisions. Our bishop is gone to be with the Lord and regardless of what you may feel about him, I have always respected him and appreciate him for leading us in the right way, regardless if others decided to go down the wrong path. Now we all may know that we were taught to do the right thing, but we may have decided to take the wrong path. That is what these people did, however it is not for us to judge whether the leader did anything about it or not. As I stated earlier I feel that we should not judge the leader.

    GCMW: COGIC is disrespecting the Word of God…not to mention sexually molested children and their families. But Im sure “being COGIC” is much more important to you. I feel sad for you. You really show take some time to read the Bible for yourself.

  9. You know what okay once again I am ignorant according to you, but that is okay. Obviously you do not read the bible, because it clearly states “do not judge others”,

    GCMW: John 7:24 24 Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”
    1 Cor 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things…
    Mt 16:3 O ye hypocrites, …can ye not discern [judge] the signs of the times?”
    1 Cor 5 And I have already passed judgment on the one who did this…
    there’s more

    and that is what some of you are doing on this website. I know the God I serve, and for you to seat here and judge others is WRONG. I am finished debating with you and being disrespected. I mean we all have our own opinions and we are entitled to them. Regardless if it is COGIC, Baptist, Muslim, Catholic I do not feel that a leader should be the blame for actions of others.

    GCMW: So should saints live by what they “feel” or what the Word of God says? You really havent backed up one single statement with the Word. Just what you “feel”.

    I know these are children we are talking about and I do not agree that ANY child deserves to be harmed in any form or fashion. Be for real, these denominations have at least thousands of people under them you can not sit here and put the blame on a leader.

    GCMW: Stop making excuses for people and having respect of persons. God is no respecter of persons, so why should we be? Leadership comes with high accountability.

    Well, I see you did so you know what I do not determine whether or not you will see God and you can not determine whether or not I will see God. I do know that when we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be, and I will be very ecstatic to see my loved ones there including my Bishop. May God continue to bless you and give you KNOWLEDGE.

  10. The purpose of my reply was not to encite feud. The Body of Christ does not fight against itself. These back-and-forwards are not helping the victims or their families (Ecclesiates 12:13-14). Let’s make sure what we say and do is to edify the Body and to advance the Kingdom and that we speak out of love not anger. Please speak your mind, but let us exercise the fruit of the Spirit (Galations 5:22-23) and the principles of Love (I Corinthians 13). I know we wan to be all deep and doctrinal, but sometimes we need to revert to the basics. We’ve left our first love. COGIC or not, if someone proclaims Christ, they are my sister or brother. We should have love one for another, but especially to the household of faith. Let’s not get so bogged down in idle banter that we can’t see the work that God is trying to do in us. Let’s make ourselves available to fulfll the call that God has on our lives in this hour. I love all of you and pray God’s blessings upon you.

    God Bless,

    Minister Weatherspoon

  11. I have been reading the previous comments about Bishop Walker, Pastor Ronald Page and the abuse scandal, and COGIC. I am COGIC, have been a part of this grand church for 40 years. I live in Memphis, and I’m aware of the sexual abuse case. I will not defend anyone who abuses children. My question is, when this was brought to Bishop Walker’s attention, why wasn’t Pastor Paige removed?! And I understand there were more than one case against Pastor Paige! He should have been removed from his church, any auxillary or capacity that he served in the church until after the investigation. I am so sick and tired of these down low bishops, pastors, elders, and ministers in the church. In any church!!!! They have no right, no place to teach the word of God to anyone, if they are living unclean themselves. It’s not right, and someone needs to take a stand for HOLINESS OR HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I agree with you sister the bible says woe unto the pastor that scattereth my sheep if you ain’t living right how can you teach? and the holyghost ain’t gonna stay with you if you are in sin, God doesn’t anoint homosexuals or lesbians holiness is right. and someone is wrong

  13. “when this was brought to Bishop Walker’s attention, why wasn’t Pastor Paige removed?!

    Sis Gray, that is exactly the question no one seems to want to answer. And now that Bishop Walker is dead what proof is there that he did the right thing? People keep forgetting that there are real, actual young men whose sexuality has been violated. That’s not only criminal it is a heinous sin. And there hasnt even been a simple apology to them or their families.

  14. Each person is repsonsible for thier own ACTIONS. It is not the Church Of God In Christ as a whole, and neither is it the millions of members who love this body of believers. Truth be told, this happens in many denominations and faiths. Shouting and dancing and speaking in tounges is never described as power in the COGIC doctrine, dare you quote something that you don’t know anything about? The doctrine is still right, and sin is still sin. Before you or anyone else points a finger at anything that someone did or didn’t do, make sure that you are doing as you stated “watching and praying”. All of COGIC preachers are not panty chasers and boodie bandits. We love God, we trust God, we do have the anointing of God upon our lives, and a few bad apples and an attack from satan will not move this Church, nor the people who believe in God or the doctrine of COGIC. No flesh, no sin, shall enter into heaven and a man or woman regardless will face God and answer to the sins he/she committed.

  15. I agree completely with you Elder, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. People who don’t know the true history of COGIG will not understand that we were at one time considered a cult. This reformation was born out of prayer, and fasting and a true and right relationship with God. I don’t condone any act of violence to any degree against any one especially sexual molestation, further more I feel that if these men did these things then they should be excommunicated from COGIC because we most definitley don’t believe that this is God’s way. In saying all this, it is not these reprehensible acts committed by these individuals who are the face of COGIC, just as the men of the Catholic faith who committed crimes against others are the face of the entire body. It is an attack against a Pentacostal Body that has over these 100 + years that has done great damage to satan’s kingdom, and in these last days we live in he has turned up the fight against all saints, and anyone who is walking upright can see that this is a spiritual attempt to assaissinate COGIC. We still believe God.

  16. FYI ALL Pentecostal bodies were considered cults. The doctrine of sanctification or entire sanctification and the baptism in the Holy Ghost with the inital evidence of speaking in tongues set all churches with similar beliefs and doctrine outside of mainstream Christianity. Even the Baptists were once rejected as heretics.

  17. Please help me to understand your logic or COGIC’s logic since you are an ordained elder in the organization.

    (1)In your mind does there exist any situation or circumstance of malfeasance, wrongdoing, criminal behavior etc where the organization should be held accountable/liable for the actions of its OFFICIAL sanctioned representatives?

    (2)What is COGIC’s official position (not your opinion) on these matters.

    (3)What does the scripture say or do you believe the scripture addresses these incidences? If so, what scriptural justification can you present that sanctioning bodies are not liable for the sinful/illegal actions of its members?

    (4)Are you aware of what the law says about clergy who know of sexual abuse and do not report it?

  18. I have read all comments about the belated Bishop LT Walker. Most members of an organization have leaders. The bishop had a leader. Do we know what the Bishop Blake told Bishop Walker to do? With out the full story we are only one sided. I am a member of Arkansas 1sr Jurisdiction and Bishop Walker has been my bishop all of my life and usually there are more than one person involved in the decision making.

    GCMW: Sis Young that’s a good question. We will be publishing an update this week on this story that hopefully will answer some of those questions. Please check back.


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