Prophetic affirmation from Alan Keyes?

Listen very closely at what former Ambassador Alan Keyes says at 3:01 point of the video. I’m not sure if he is aware of it but he comes astonishingly close to what God says in Isaiah 3:1-9:

For behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole store of bread and the whole store of water,
the mighty man and the man of war, the judge and the prophet, and the prudent and the ancient,
the captain of fifty and the honorable man, and the counselor and the skilled artificer and the eloquent orator.
“And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.
And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another and every one by his neighbor; the child shall behave himself proudly against the elder, and the base against the honorable.”
When a man shall take hold of his brother in the house of his father, saying, “Thou hast clothing; be thou our ruler, and let this ruin be under thy hand,”
in that day he shall swear, saying, “I will not be a healer, for in my house is neither bread nor clothing: Make me not a ruler of the people!”
For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen, because their tongue and their doings are against the LORD, to provoke the eyes of His glory.
The show of their countenance doth witness against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! For they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

I dont believe we’ve even begun to see the hell Obama will plunge this country in. And more and more I believe God did put him there to bring about severe punishment on this nation because we have forsook HIM and went after abominations. Note in the passage Isaiah clearly says God will take away everything we count as valuable to our daily existence.  He will remove wise men and able leaders and allow reckless children to rule.  He calls out the pride and says that like sodom the people “declare their sin” or in other words people are openly proud of their abominations.  We are facing widespread chaos and upheaval: poisoned food everytime we turn around, people are being scammed out of life savings, the church is a cesspool of sexual immorality and mammon worship, murders and crimes are so heinous its stunning, identity theft is common, increased cases of parents murdering children, not to mention a financial crisis which has impacted the entire world.

God will not be mocked and a day of reckoning is at hand.

Update: 02.23.09

Here’s another interesting take on this scripture passage by Pastor Patrick Wooden. Remember him?


49 thoughts on “Prophetic affirmation from Alan Keyes?

  1. I believe Alan is talking sense and telling the truth, for the words, “coming down” has been in my spirit for about two years now; it will not go away. Stuff is literally going to come down all around us, for I believe “time” is about up!

    I have looked at countless pictures of Obama, and seen different expressions that range from a huge smile or grin (with all his handsomeness), and some pictures where his eyes look “sinister” or mean. There may be a side to him that we haven’t seen or heard yet; and it may even shock those closest to him. I’m not prophesysing, just observing.

    I recommend reading the 1998 books “America’s Last Call” and “God’s Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression,” both books by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church in NYC. It’s like he wrote them “yesterday!” He says he’s not a prophet, but a watchman. If he isn’t, then he is the most “prophesying non-prophet” I’ve ever seen! 🙂

    Also, has anyone noticed how fast time moves now? I think it’s supernatural; everything seems to have sped up and we’re racing toward the end of all things as we know them; Christ is on his way! And the new heaven and earth are on the way, too–perhaps soon!

    God bless you and give you the desires of your heart in accordance with his will. -GNP22

  2. I really like Alan Keyes. Here is a man who in his debates with Obama had no fear of preaching Christ on TV. He is a true pillar of truth.

    People lauded over Obama how articulate he was. Let me tell you something. Keyes can articulate a point better than Obama any day especially when it comes to the truth of Christ.


  3. Alan Keyes!?? just feel that statements like what Mr. Keyes makes insight fear and violence and the people who hear it are not just people who have been washed in the blood, and take comments like this to generate hate and violence….Don’t care for him at all… but but in response to “He will remove wise men and able leaders and allow reckless children to rule.” Are you saying our previous rulers/leaders of this country were wise and able? This country is/was already plunging into hell; All of these issues we are facing didn’t just come to the forefront. God is judging the world, and why is it that America feels it is God’s chosen.

    Just my thoughts…

  4. I’ve never seen the word “creepy” associated so many times with any man, such as this new President.

    google youtube’s PPSIMMONS. watch a few vids there entitled ” 7 STRANGE COINCIDENCES”, “THE ONLY ONE” and ” A CATALOUGE OF BLASPHMEMIES” or cut and paste below to get started.

    I wonder if the church is asleep while God is truly telling us something. Apostacy rules and the church is deaf, dumb and blind.

  5. I agree with oregonsistah. This mess started YEARS ago in this country. These Presidents have always been a unwise and unruly in their judgments. It’s kind of strange to me that it is only when this black man got elected that people started talking about anti-christ, wickedness and satan. I say to those people that your head has been in the sand and now you want to accuse one man for all the troubles this country is going through. You need to go back and look again cause Obama didn’t start anything. Most people in American turned their backs on God YEARS ago, and you reap what you sow. So I ask, who is anti-christ and who have the people in America been worshipping all these years? God or man?

  6. Great Scripture and what a prophetic observation you made DL!! You matched Alan Keyes words with prophetic warnings in Isaiah!

    What’s more, the people who went around “worshipping” this evil man Obama/Soetoro – rather than Almightly God who is the only One worthy of such worship – is the extreme evidence of the depravity and moral hazard we are in.

    Have you heard about Obama beating Jesus as top American hero in online Harris poll?

    Here’s a link to a WND poll:

    Look at the top three reactions:

    The Bible says every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord – that includes Obama 37% (1216)

    God help us if America chooses a vainglorious socialist over the savior of mankind 30% (970)

    I’m shocked after this one-month parade of tax cheats, incompetents and corrupt political hacks. How could anyone still view Obama as a hero? 14% (448)

    There are 103 comments to read, too!

  7. nan, I’ll ask you the same question.

    If there anything that Keyes said that is wrong, a lie, falsehood, etc.?

    We’ve already said clearly Obama IS NOT the antichrist, so you can drop that. Judge on the words the man spoke not whether or not you like/dislike Obama or like/dislike Keyes.

  8. Pastor Foster:

    He said he is a communist is that a fact? Can he prove it with data? He said he is not a natural born citizen; not true he was born in Hawaii and has proven it, the Supreme Court has already viewed this and let it go, so that isn’t a fact. He is in the White House, he has been sworn in, whether any of us like it or not. He said Barack is the reason the U.S. will cease to exist (that needs to be proven), so that is not a fact. He said President Barack doesn’t have the right to be President. This cracks me up and it is proven that McCain was born in Panama, no one had an issue with that. We know Arnold Schwarzenegger is not an American citizen, but he is the Governor, but oh, i guess it is okay since he is a republican

    What about Bush, Cheney and their deeds…It seems that the only reason that Bush get’s a pass is because he doesn’t believe in abortion (which I don’t either), but it’s okay to start an unjustified war for weapons of mass destruction and oil, and not care for the poor and disenfranchised (who the bible says will be with us always)

    The only thin factual about his statements is the President’s positon on abortion.

    I believe, in my opinion, and that is what most of are articulating is our opinions, is that Alan is bitter and has been an extremist since the 1970s. Also, he doesn’t rule his own household well, his daugter is a lesbian. He wants to be a leader, so he should clean around his own front door and focus on articulating and reaching his own daughter for Christ. I am not judging him because his daughter is a lesbian, just his rhetoric of attacking others and his own house is in need of repair.

    The only factual thing I heard was President Obama’s position on abortion. He is not honoring those in leadership and praying for him as the bible instructs, and refuses to cause him President. Disrespectful.

    @ the comment Jesus shouldn’t be in a popularity contest. People always want to worship the creature versus the creator…

    Also, he is a Roman Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus.(in a lot of Christian/Pentecostal circles (eventhough they are wearing all of the catholic near now,and love to be worshipped like the Pope catholicism is a cult with it’s practices of worshipping Mary and other of their “saints”)…I don’t know, who is he worshipping and what Jesus is he serving….

    Also I still would like to know, who are our wise and able leaders?

    Also @ Christnewjc, Jesus wasn’t an American, not sure who Harris is, but I have never participated in that poll and don’t know anyone who does, it is a sampling of people. I don’t look at the president as a hero, I just take issue with the fact that now everything is his fault, and he inherited this mess, and we judge him because he ran and won. i put my trust in God, and pray for him.

    Respectfully and in loving debate:)

  9. oregonsistah, I appreciate your differing views. Thats not a problem.

    Just a couple of points I would make in response to that. And people are grown enough (and hopefully spiritual enough) to decide what they believe. I would like you to know that my argument is not a political one per se.

    1. I am not blaming Obama in the sense that he created the problem(s). He didnt. What I am saying and I stand by this is that he was placed there by God as a punishment to this nation. To me, this is no reason to rejoice over his election as “favor”.

    2. Communism is an ideology. Of course if you dont think Obama is, then Im not sure any proof will change that. But here’s what communism is all about.

    3. This isnt a compare and contrast with Bush and Cheney. I know its a huge temptation most Obama supporters jump to but, no one forced Obama to seek the presidency. He isnt a dunce and he knew the inherited problems he would have to face, just like every other president before him. So a c/c defense simply isnt valid.

    4. Even if you hate Keyes, attacking his personal life is unfair. He said nothing about Obama’s wife, children or family. He attacked Obama’s ideology, positions and policies. Moreover, there is no contention on my part that Keyes is perfect, the question is based on what he said in this video.

    5. Wise and able leaders? Thats in God’s eyes. The point is he said he would remove them and allow a novice (child) to rule as a punishment rejecting Him. Four years ago Obama was an UNKNOWN in the political world. Now, he is a central figure on the world stage. Do the math.
    I pointed to the scriptures, because I choose to look at the world through God’s eyes. His eyes tell us the truth even when we dont believe it. My major point is that Keyes reference in his video was very close to what this passage details about the spiritual health and subsequent downfall of a nation. Perhaps you dont think it applies, but I do.

  10. Nan, Oregonsistah,

    Nobody implied that other Presidents were not men of questionable character. The point of this thread is that Alan Keyes who by all means is a saved, sanctified, holy ghost filled individual is questioning the current Presidents ideals. Plain and simple.

    Now for all this nonsense about Barry O’ is black and this is why he is being criticized is nonsense. May I point out the obvious of what race Alan Keyes is?

    The fact of the matter is that President Barry O’ is a flaming liberal who is Pro-gay and Pro-abortion to such an extreme it would make Bill Clinton seem like a prude.

    So in closing we need to look past the color of the President and listen to what Alan Keyes is saying about someone who is far to left of center.


  11. pastor foster:

    Please forgive me if it is perceived that I have hate for him and was attacking his family, not my intentions.
    I have no hate for Keys…He has done nothing to me personally, I am just callling what I see; and him stating that Barack is responsible for this country to cease as we know it; wondering what authority he has to say it; and him being tthe torch to be a leader to prove disprove his citizenship and wonder what is truly driving him.

    You asked me to to give my opinion if I thought anything he said was fact, put in my opinion and why I don’t believe what he is saying is credible…

    I don’t think I attacked him personally, just saying that while he is trying to save the country he has problems at home that need tending, and I haven’t said anything that hasn’t already been said or written.

    In your blog, you call out church leaders, etc. things that are in the news and give your viewpoint as you believe the Lord leads you; I follow your blog and respect you as a leader. I hear you and get your point, and don’t disagree about the state of this nation and its decline, but using this particular video, in my opinion, as an example of a prophesy about the spirtual health and subsequent downfall of a nation, may not have been a good one.

    There is the natural viewpoint (Blacks glad to have someone that looks like them in the whitehouse based on them being excluded in the past, and my children and children’s knowing what is possible), and the spiritual (God’s Word, and the end times), so even more so, our goal is to preach Jesus and his salvation that will change people’s heart to turn from their wicked ways, and perhaps the Lord will turn away his wrath as we individually repent of our sins and turn to him and heal our land…


  12. Yes, we all have business to attend to at home, but I would daresay that disqualifies a person to speak truth. Truth isnt relative to a person’s qualifications, it just is.

    For instance, when God anointed the donkey to speak to Balaim, he became offended because of the source of the message. But the donkey still spoke truth.

    So lets paint Keyes as a donkey. Should we reject what he said because we dont like him, he has a lesbian daughter, he’s a member of the RCC, etc.

    Thats why I am concerned because most black folk (it appears) reject any truthful criticism of Obama because of the source of the criticism. Perhaps I can understand the world, but saints….?

    I get it and do understand that some blacks are glad to have someone who (almost) looks like them but that could easily be a negative should they be confronted with the truth about the individual. Some call that cloudy judgement.

    One glaring question why is Obama’s birth certificate sealed? Is he THAT special? He wont explain it so citizens have a right to question that pursuant to constitutional laws. I think that Keyes was keying in on this as a fundamental controversy about this president. His evoking of the phrase mentioning being ruled by children certainly struck me as prophetic given the scripture cited and the times we live in.

  13. Pastor Foster:

    Will agree to disagree… I am not above criticizing the President, he is just a man, and don’t agree with a lot. Also, you know we blacks are of many colors and hues, and the historical definition of what consitutes being black in America…

    I am not trying to gender any strife with you…Here is a link to some information on the birth certificate, No more arguing and strivings about the “law” i.e. Alan and President Obama,

  14. GNP22, what you have mentioned concerning the seeming speeding up of time, I believe, is true. This is something I have distinctly noticed over the last decade. There are far too many details from years past that I can remember to this day (where I was for New Years 2008, how I got there, and the weather conditions for that evening, for instance).

    As far as Alan Keyes’ statements, I believe they do reflect the scriptural passage listed. Obama is helping to lead the charge of all things reckless, promising all manner of aid with no details concerning funding. This country, as far as I’m concerned, is already financially bankrupt; and pledging additional money to banks that have already over-extended themselves is beyond stupid.

    I also believe the hastening of Christ’s return is upon us. Far too much is happening in very short periods of time to be just mere coincidence.

  15. GCM, I am so with you on this…even up here in Canada, Black Christians are as blind as their counterparts in the States….Obama the messiah can do no wrong….it is nauseating ….

    The man is the most pro gay pro abortion prez in history…that alone should open any Christians eyes…thankfully, their a few sane and discerning brethren out there…funny thing is, the Caribean and West African brethren I know see right through the danger that is Obama…it seems that really it is North American Blacks that are blinded by this dolt…

    And to be fair, I have encounterd more then a few White Christians that seem blinded by the Obama silliness….

    I expect the world to be stupid…I do expect much higher discernment and intelligence for the Body of Christ ….

    I have in my 44 years never seen anything like truly is amazing the slobbering over this radical leftist in the Whitehouse!

    Its sad because we all want to rejoice that America is the first Western Democracy to have a Black person leading it…..that is cool….but NOT this man…not a liberal….these are such dangerous times, that you couldn’t have a worse person leading the most powerful nation on earth…probably the most left wing President ever…and that is scary when you have economic collapase facing you and Islamic terrorists the world over baying for blood.

    Regardless, let us pray that Pres. Obama gets saved and that he will change his views to a more Godly view of things….

    Blessings from Canada


  16. I personally don’t believe Obama is the Antichrist, but I do believe that his worldwide appeal (particularly when he won the election) was and is a “signal” that the “Man of Sin” (Beast, Antichrist) is not far off!

  17. Many Black Americans (and many white Americans) engage in Obama worship, but it seems to me that Keyes and others engage in just the opposite — Obama hatred.
    When Keyes talks about Obama and immigration or Obama and the budget — John McCain’s ideas were very similar. I voted for neither man because it is the system, the departments and the structure which are corrupt. The president is only the figurehead. Keyes almost touched on this when he spoke of “6 mos. we have 2 trillion dollars allocated to the budget, etc.” He then he shies away from making the point that this is just a continuation of the fiscal policy of Bush/Cheney. This is why no matter how “brilliant” Keyes is, he always winds up being a tool and a shrill for the right. We can only pray for our leaders and ask God’s guidance for them.
    As for Obama’s birth record — there are other theories why he won’t release the hospital birth record: (1) his father was really the Black Communist Frank Marshall; and (2) his mother was an unwed mother. That may not seem like a big thing now, but in 1961, it was a big thing.

  18. Ina, your very first statement is a lie. Many Americans *do not* worship Obama. I suggest you look up the definition of worship before you make such a rediculous and self-depricating comment. 🙂

  19. Because of reason which are very good, I have personally kept myself off of this site. My like is better for it. Yes I am been delivered from this sin but this to me is just site that gossips on people. God put every President in the White House. Pres. Bush was put there and you see where our economy is right now. It’s not just about morals. I didn’t read any of these nor do I want to. I wish that you all would just stop hating on Obama and celebrate the GREAT things that he’s going to do. You’re just mad that the good ol’boys didn’t get in and destroy our country more.

    GCMW: jysuper, just a bit of advice and my best suggestion. there are sites that I dont agree with so I dont post or comment on them. Perhaps if you truly believe this is a “gossip” site, you should do the same. If that’s your opinion of this site, then if you cant extricate yourself, I can certainly provide assistance so that your life can be perfect and stress free.

  20. Jysuper, I am intriuged….what exactly are these ‘great’ things Obama is going to do?? More abortions in the Black Community and worldwide…more pro gay legistlation….burdening future generations with huge taxes….further ruining the economy for years to come with big spending etc etc…

    What could a radical leftist like Obama possibly achieve in the next 4 years that I am not aware of????


  21. It’s more than just a couple of issues. You have to look at all of the issues. I never based my assessment of someone on a couple of issues. Very scary

    GCMW: The wanton slaughter of millions of unborn children is just a “couple of issues”? Hmmm very, very scary.

  22. Dev:

    Who is responsible for the current state of economy and all the ills you mentioned, who is responsible for getting abortions in the black community , who is responsible for having sex outside of marriage and not utlizing protection (individuals or the President’s, past present and future)…We all must give an account to God for the deeds we do in OUR body..People have choices.

    President Obama won’t be able to achieve too much with the hand that he has been dealt, even though he decided to take this on..

  23. those that want to view whether is birth certificate is valid, please click on the link, read the article and double click on his birth certicate which is not sealed and has been validated by the Hawaii Department of Vital Statistics…

  24. This post hits home for me. Like Keyes and many others, I am baffled to near depression and utter outrage at how ignorant, unaware, and out right shallow self professed christians have become. That would include specifically – Jysuper.

    In fact, any so called christian that voted for Obama knowing what he stands for – in my opinion is an outright enemy of God plain and simple!

    Obama may not be the anti christ, but I believe he sure is paving the way. Those who don’t see this today, probably are no spiritually blind and indifferent than those who rejected Isaiah’s prophetic warnings as well.

  25. I listened to pastor wooden, someone who I respect. His message did speak about the lord putting inexperienced people in leadership to judge the people for the sins they already committed, but not sure I understood that it was for a negative result; he mentioned that the preachers needed to step up and be available to help guide this country; so the preachers haven’t been the watchmen on the walls as they should have been either.

    When I think of young inexperienced leaders I think of David, Joseph, Jesus, the young man who spoke to Job, but they were led by God and weren’t so old that they didn’t want to change and not listen…As the bible says, I will pray for my leaders…and a child shall lead them….

    GCMW: Wooden said it was a “punishment”.

  26. nan, thanks my sister…Our sins have been the downfall of this nation and have set the stage for what is happening right now…All of this has been prophesied, so we need to draw near to God, so he can draw near to us and lead others to do so…

  27. Has anyone ever noticed how discussions about our new president always bring out strong emotions and reactions – not all of which are positive, affirming and Christ-like? I’m not only referring to comments on this site and this topic, but it seems that in any setting where Christians are discussing President Obama, tempers start flaring and emotions get hot. Why is this? It seems that the election of Obama has brought about such division (name calling, rudeness, suspicion, etc.) among Saints – between those that voted for him vs those that didn’t. May I suggest that we Christians look deep within ourselves and ask God to show us ourselves; then show us Himself. Lets “set our affections” (our hearts) on “Him” and His way – not ours or the world’s – as we look to “Him alone” as our only hope. Then, follow his command in 1 Timothy 2:1-4:

    “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”

  28. Tony:
    From what I have personally observed, worship is a good verb to describe emotions toward Obama. Based on the definition of worship in Merriam-Webster and what I have observed, worship is a good verb to describe pro-Obama emotions and hate is a good verb to describe anti-Obama emotions among citizens in this country. People may not realize it, but that is what I have personally observed.

  29. greeky, not to sound “negative,” but have you really had an opportunity to truly examine all of the political, social and spiritual dynamics involved with President Obama, his policies, alliances, stances and allegations regarding his origin? Your question is more akin to asking “why a pothole is annoying?”

    Given what you percieve as “name calling, rudeness, suspicion, etc.,” the times we are in call for a critical analysis on all elements. Examinations and diagnostics, by their nature, are not designed to be always “positive.” Only an accurate account of facts and seeing what the Word of God says will help to prepare those with an ear towards Christ to be prepared for additional forthcoming perils. While we should “set our affections above,” we need to be just as mindful of Ecclesiates 1:1 in the context of the days we are in: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” ESV

  30. N’Catina, thanks for you comments, and I agree with you. My comments were in no way directed to anyone in particular, but just a mention of what I’ve observed in the Church over the past months regarding a change in “tone” – although I must admit that the tone of this discussion is much more civil than what I’ve heard in other discussions on other sites. I understand that opposing views, by their very nature, create a kind of “tension” between those holding those views that can drive us to examine and re-examine, explain, and rebut, hopefully helping all of us to discover truth. However, in some instances and in various settings, I’ve observed a different kind of tension that is not contructive.

    Yes, I have examined President Obama’s policies and positions extensively, and am very much aware of and concerned about the implications of some of them for our nation and for him personally. Please understand that my comments were not intended to discourage examination and critical analysis, but simply to call to our attention a noticeably new level of tension at play among Saints when discussing this President. I, for one, believe the Church has become so ethnic-conscious relative to our new President, that we (to some degree) have lost our objectivity and willingness to examine his positions and their potential impacts.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading all the comments on this site. I have learned much, and found wisdom to help me on my journey. So, if I in any way implied that expressing views and examining issues are “negatives” and should be avoided, or in some way are not to be undertaken by Christians, please count it to my inability to perfectly communicate my thoughts – not to any attempt to stifle ideas. I believe that the strength and authority of the Church today has been greatly diluted because of our reluctance (failure) to point out “wrong” and to call for correction – at all levels. It is through the exchange and examination of ideas that we grow and discover truth.

  31. GCM: As regarding your comments about Obama
    wrecking this country and your agreement with A. Keyes, I think that you are to hostile to this man Obama and you have no direct reasoning or evidence to say what you did. For reasons not disclosed you profess an intense dislike to a man who professes Christ in his life. I do not worship Obama and you need to quit spreading that nonsense. You are inflating what is not there for purposes of sensationalism. I expect more factual reporting from you and not your simply dis engorgement of what right ringers say about culture and politics. If GCM wants to be a cover for Rush Limbaugh…then at least come out of your sanctified closet and so state. I do not see much submission of you to your governmental leaders.Even Jesus worse use of word regarding Herod was…fox. You are taking this political thing to a new level of rhetoric. Calm down GCM. The Lord is in control and Obama is not the agent of Satan and God is not using him to punish anyone. Get a grip and stop reporting third rate political hash as if it was credible news.

  32. To the person who wrote about Keyes being prophetic: A. Keyes is not a prophet and we should not entertain his biases as prophetic utterances from the Lord. That is good enough for starters regarding Keyes angst and bitterness against Obama.
    Somehow, Keyes thought he would be the first black president but his republican base put him in his place real quick.
    Keyes needs to repent, if he is saved, and quit stoking
    fires that are not there. GCM simply picks up any tattletale nonsense about Obama and runs it like it is a crusade or a fire drill. Not so. The real Christian church has nothing to worry about Obama. It is the Chicken Littles (like GCM) that are running around yelling out gibberish about Obama that is not true or is based upon the biases of GCM.

  33. Deb: You have been fed a line of bull about Obama.
    You are in Canada. What do you know about any so
    called Obama worship? Obviously, being a liberal is akin to a curse word to you. Somehow being convervative is next to God. What a joke. Neither political system is perfect and both have committed grave errors in policy and procedures. So please stop thinking that somehow if the president was a convervative, all would be well and hunky dory. Not!
    God rules the affairs of men and nations. Obama has not caught him offguard.
    Also, you presume that Obama is not saved. Wrong. He has professed Christ as his personal savior. His growth in grace and righteousness is dependent upon
    he following the Word of God. You can help. Pray for him and stop the tongue wagging.

  34. Lafe, Its no secret that I am anti-Obama and will continue to be. Take some time and read (feel free to use the site search) I have denounced him with more than sufficient evidence and documentation. If you dont like to hear the truth about your self appointed messiah, then perhaps you should troll in places where his worship runs much freer. Thats the best advice I can give you.

  35. Just for giggles, let’s take a look at the lies regarding the “new tone of bipartisanship” in DC that our new President King has told since his formal ascension January 20th:

    1. Make government open and transparent.
    2. Make it “impossible” for Congressmen to slip in pork barrel projects.
    3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public.
    4. No more secrecy.
    5. Public will have 5 days to look at a bill.

    Did any of you get a chance to read that pork-filled “stimulus” bill that was passed under the dark of night last week? The lawmakers sure didn’t have enough time to read through it. Let’s not forget that the stock market has tumbled 3,000 points since November 4th.

    And let’s not forget black america (and liberal guilt-ladden white america’s) utter adoration and praise of the new President King – and his “I can do whatever I want…I won!” attitude.

    But hey, who cares…he’s (half) black, so all of black folks troubles are gone away now, right?

    Yes You Can! (and by “you”, I’m referring to the lemmings who voted for this charlitan)
    6. You’ll know what’s in it.
    7. We will put every bill project online.

  36. jysuper,

    Typical double speak. You can’t on one hand say that God puts everyone in office and then claim Bush is a bad President and then finally say CELEBRATE Obama’s great things without exposing what you are really saying. Just come out and say you voted for Barry and you think he is doing a fine job.

    Personally I didn’t vote this year nor will I vote again. We are a nation in decline that no longer worships the God in heaven and will receive our just punishment for all the things Keyes talks about including abortion, homosexuality, and other things.

    Obama epitomizes the extreme left views which clearly mark a fallen society. Now as for Keyes to point out the obvious does not make him a “hater” but rather one who stands for sound biblical doctrine. In fact, let me say that Keyes in his “Republican” debate clearly claimed to his other “Republican” colleagues that the only thing that could turn this nation around is to turn back to the God of the Bible.

    Therefore we can see that Keyes had harsh words for both the Dems and the Pubs.


  37. Lafe,

    You will know them by their fruits.

    You can’t in good conscience say that any person who is so pro choice and so pro Gay and Lesbian and IS outspoken about it could be a “saved” Christian.

    You need to check yourself against the word of God before you assume an individual with such abhorrent views is a Christian.

    P.S. We miss you over at PulpitPimps


  38. Kyle you have to feel really sorry for chaps like jysuper and lafe who have cast their lots into Obama’s swelling promises to save them. Its the cyclical promise of every false messiah. Promises, promises, promises and yet in the end they fall too. You have to feel sorry for these guys because they are caught in the moment of idolatry. Hopefully when their American idol falls on his face, they will not be bitter but turn to the living God.

  39. I am not so certain that Alan Keyes is saved, sanctified, or holy ghost filled not only because of his apparently envious, and noticeably hatefilled diatribe, but because he is a practicing catholic who honors Mary as the and the other saints as mediating for him before God. Of course, that role is expressly reserved for Jesus Christ, thus my questioning of his “sanctification.” Despite the cynicism and mean-spiritedness directed at President Obama we are still to honor (never to worship) him as our country’s leader. He needs much prayer to attempt to reverse some of the travesties that the (universalist) George W. Bush meted upon this country. He will not fully succeed because America IS being judged. Thus, he needs our prayers even moreso. Finally, we can bloviate and assign any numbers of social ills and apocalyptic warnings regarding ANY number of presidents and should the Lord tarry, we will be able to do so about future presidents. CHRIST is the ONLY answer.

    GCMW: I would agree that that Keyes may not be a raging saint, just like I would agree that Obama is not a Christian brother as some claim. In addition my post is not an apologetic dictum for George Bush, just a polemic against Obama. Christ is the only answer, not a false christ. That’s the point of the post.

  40. Lafe,

    Why do you so wantonly state that just because Obama claims he is a Christian that is sufficient? When Obama pushes for open sexual orientation in the military are you going to say the same thing? Barry supports abortion on demand for ALL trimesters. Is that a mark of a Christian? Do you really think God will continue to bless America with such sinfulness?

    My question to you Lafe is do you hold to those same beliefs or maybe a lesser form of those same beliefs? If so we know what side you are on.


  41. Lafe: You have articulated everything I was feeling and tried to express. I agree with you wholeheartedly. My concern from the onset was/is that, you get fringes of society like the ones who feel God tells them to kill abortionists; when you say things like “The President needs to be stopped”. Very surprised and disappointed

  42. We are so blessed that God has smiled on the African Americans to elevate to the position of Commander in Chief a black man, married to a full blooded black American woman. Good looking, intelligent, with an impeccable records, full of wisdom, and graceful.

    President Barack Obama is not a preacher and did not portray himself as one when he ran for office. Thank God he came forward as a member of a Christian Church, otherwise, he would have been associated with the radical side of Islam

    I think blacks, regardless of socio-political or religious aspirations should be grateful to God for making room for us, and we should watch our tongues about our leaders and each other. We must not continue to be the puppets of any groups that would exploit any of us to denigrate the MAN who is now serving in the highest office in this nation. They protect and respect their own, now let us help them to respect us. They always believed in our solidarity, so please, let us not break ranks.

    Let me conclude by saying, “Congratulations America!” Hats off to you, President Obama!
    Love, Honor, Respect, and felicity to all of the black race.”

    Now let us stay prayerful and loving so that we can show how well we handle responsibility and keep the door open for our future generations.

    Love in Jesus,

    Pastor John

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