Obama must be reading this blog

bum_obamaLast week, we wrote America may well be approaching  a day of reckoning with God. Due to America’s compounded sins and rejection of God as a sovereign protector of this nation. That includes the church’s obvious embrace of a false messiah.

Perhaps Barack Obama has been reading this blog during his down time. Tonight, in his first address to the joint houses of congress, Obama declared “a day of reckoning” had arrived and he would lead [us] out of it into a brighter future. [source]

The speech seemed to embody what many have cynically called Obama the “anointed one” and “messiah”.  Obama seems to set himself up as the savior of our country. A day of reckoning is indeed upon us, but whether Obama will lead us out of it as he promised remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Mr. President, if you have been peeping at this blog, keep reading. There is a lot you need to learn. While you are vowing to save America, please understand:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Prov. 1:7)

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9:17)

Update 02.24.09

This information is for all those horrified at the “disrespectful”  picture of Obama/Soetoro with a cigarette photoshopped in his mouth.  Please note the date.


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  1. Since the word of God warns us not to speak evil of kings, rulers and dignitaries I will not speak against the President. I will give him the honour of his office as the word says give honour unto whom honour is due.
    We know a day of reckoning is coming and the wrath of God Almight will be poured out just after the children of God are quickened in the twinkling of an eye.
    There will be no time to repent and confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
    The word of God says that two or three witnesses shall establish every matter.
    We can see that the spirit of antichrist is indeed sitting in the temples (human bodies) shewing himself that he is God. Mny who heed that spirit blasphemy the Lord God Almighty openly in unawares and sadly many are church members calling themselves Christian. Some do it fully aware of what they are doing.
    There will come that second witness when an individual does indeed sit on a throne calling himself christ and messiah.
    When the latter happens those who have been deceived with the prosperity movement will have a choice to make. Lose everything or be damned! And if they do not have enough love of God, fear of the Lord or temperance to live a humble and modest life now there is no way they’ll have what it takes to endure then.
    The mainstream church world is in for a very rude awakening very soon and i would do them well to come out of this mess calling itself christianity and seek the faith originally handed down unto the elect of God who are willing to follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth even if it means losing everything.
    The Pearl of great price is far too precious than to be handled the way he has. That word that was established in heaven at the right hand of God is not to be toyed with.
    If President Obama is a Christian I hope that he too will seek the Lord with all his heart and soul and spirit and mind. That he will prepare himself for the day in which the clouds shall part with the sound of a great trumpet and the Lord shall come with his Father and holy angels to gather the elect from the four corners of the world. That day when the righteous in Christ are quickened by the Spirit and put on immortality.
    If he is not a Christian I hope that he will seriously consider the gospel of Jesus Christ and that the Lord in his mercy will open his heart to the faith of God’s elect.
    If President Obama is reading this blog he has indeed heard the gospel as David said in Psalms “my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”
    From the abundance of the heart speaks and the hand writes.
    That which was spoken from on high by the Father, the Son or revealed by the Spirit make up the King James Bible which the Holy Ghost never fails to use to manifest the glory of God.

  2. I am appalled at the level of disrespect that you’re showing towards Obama in this post. There’s nothing wrong with you not preferring him as the choice for president, but to manipulate photos to show a cigarette hanging out of his mouth is uncalled for, and very immature.

    But more importantly than that, it is in direct opposition to what the bible instructs us about leaders who have been appointed to office.

    Romans 13:1-2
    Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

  3. Paul,
    Obama is a known smoker, no “manipulation” or photo shop required. Say you’re sorry!

    …and your exegesis of Rom 13 in relation to this post needs some major help.

  4. Paul please produce evidence of where you went around to blogs that trashed, bashed, disrepected, ridiculed and bore false witness against the last president and quoted scripture to them with warnings of divine judgment. Make sure you cite the ones where you told them how “appalled” you were at their words against the president. Make sure you cite all the times you attempted to chastise people for manipulating photos of the previous president. Especially those where he was photoshopped to look like a monkey. I’ll be waiting for that Paul. 🙂
    (Use the email so I can fact check).

    Until you can provide that, Im going to restrict your remarks about Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama. And while youre at it, could you please point me and other Americans to the official documents showing his name change? Or maybe tell us why Barry refuses to make them public?

    FYI I put nothing in Barry’s mouth. He is a smoker. Im a little shocked you didnt know that. Here’s another picture of the anointed one smoking.

  5. GCMW: Paul, we need your information via email. Take your time if you need to. Im sure it will take a while to get it together. Thanks!

  6. Let’s see what’s happened to date with Obama

    Economy destroyed…check
    All abortions fully funded…check
    Hate speech legislation in process…check
    Nationalized healthcare in process…check
    Businesses nearing nationalization…check

    Has he gotten his daughters the promised dog yet?

  7. Obama is reading this blog, the MSM is just now reporting that the dog will be acquired in April. After spring break.

    GCMW: LOL@Christian…you might be a prophet too.

  8. I’m with the poster who stated that we should pray for our leaders. That is what the Bible instructs us to do. We’re all entitled to our views & my view is that Obama is a man, not a saviour, but a man who was democratically elected to lead this country. As for the current state of affairs, we’ve been on the path of destruction for quite some time. The why I see it, Obama inherited this mess. He’s not the author of it. In my view, a lot of that can be placed a George W’s feet. You know, the one everyone said was a Christian?

    Again, the president needs prayer. Prayer for the salvation of his household & prayer that he will make good decisions & will be surrounded by people who wish to serve the people & not their personal interest. Antagonism & cheeky remarks are cute but totally useless & a bit immature. If you really do believe this man is as bad as you say he is, then you don’t have time to run your mouth or be a key board thug. Pray!

    This isn’t “Obama” worship, whatever that is, & I’m certainly not trying to stifle anyones right to be critical of our president. All I’m saying us while you’re talking smack, don’t foreget to intercede for our leader & our country. Whether you are pro or against him or whatever you want to call it, his soul needs a savin’ too!

  9. Musa, I hope Im not being misunderstood. I am anti-Obama but Im not discouraging anyone from praying for him. Youre right about what the Bible says and I agree with it. But I dont think that [biblical charge] negates, cancels out or minimizes our obligation to speak truth to (or about) power, especially when it is errant.

    And Musa let me add that you seem a bit riled only because it is Obama. You voted for Obama, not me. Its very, very telling that these ad hoc Romans 13 saints want to call everyone into sackcloth and ashes because of the man they voted for. That’s hypocritical at best. I’d like to know when during the last 8 years you called for the widespread intercession for the former president? You (and thats a general you) had 8 years to call for prayer and rebuke others for the wanton bashing, ridicule, hatred and much more of the former president. Call it what you want, but if you helped put an false messiah in office, you have to live with that. My conscience is clear.

  10. Believe me, I pray for Obama often, I pray for him to understand what abortion really means, I pray for him to understand when life truly begins. I pray for God to guide his decisions. Mostly, I pray for God’s will to be done. I pray for the revival of this country, too.

    If God is using Obama to bring about the end times, then so be it and come soon Lord Jesus. One thing for sure, God will work this all to His Glory.

  11. Pastor D.L. –

    I have been absolutely astonished at how some Christians react towards Obama’s evil political policies. It is as if they think we should just lay down our defenses (unfortunately) and take whatever this usurper dishes out – even though such policies are directly against what is written in God’s Word (as well as our U.S. Constitution)!


    For instance. I had an email message a few weeks ago where the author wrote this:
    “We must learn not to resist authority. Those who resist the authority are really against what God has commanded and they will bring judgment and punishment on themselves (Romans 13:2).”

    I responded with this:
    Please don’t be offended by what I am about to write, but I feel that this is too important to keep silent about it.

    1. You must remember that all colleges and universities are 98% liberal. The only ones that are not overwhelmingly liberal and are the Christian colleges and universities.

    2. I am sorry but I must disagree with your following statement:

    “We must learn not to resist authority. Those who resist the authority are really against what God has commanded and they will bring judgment and punishment on themselves (Romans 13:2).”

    When a person is elected to a place of authority by fraud, manipulation of the voting process, manipulation and manufacturing of an economic crisis at “just the right time,” the illegal acts of using foreign money for the campaign, money funneled to groups like ACORN where black men were stationed at voting areas to intimidate white voters into voting for Obama, and, as a usurper (Obama isn’t a natural born citizen as required by our Constitution for the position of POTUS) has made executive orders that have been very upsetting and harmful to people who have lost loved ones in the War on Terror (e.g. the release of the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing; closing Gitmo, stopping the trials of terrorists etc.)

    Obama’s father was Kenyan and never a citizen of the U.S. Plus, the Soetoro adoption and move to Indonesia could also mean that if Obama was a citizen [still not natural born] then he may have even lost his US citizenship! Then “We the People” have the absolute right to “resist the authority” of such a person.

    I know that you don’t like to get involved in political matters. So be it. However, I think that making a broad statement like that to your readers might be unwise.

    God allows evil people to be rulers. But I don’t think that this means that He wants Christians to just stand by and watch the persecution, brutality, and misery that dictators inflict upon people.

    If we had that attitude when Hitler took power, France and many other European countries would be speaking German today – and who knows what else would have happened to millions more Jews, Christians and all of the others targeted for the deathcamps.

    I was watching a T.V. series on Saddam Hussein. The years of brutal torture, gassing of the Kurds (Christians) in the north for no reason, and the deaths and burying of 300,000 people in dozens of mass graves shows what inaction by the U.S. (after the first Gulf War) can do. Despite those that suffered from “Bush derangement syndrome,” the fact that he was a great President because he liberated 50 million (guess) people from Saddam, will one day be recognized as an honorable act.

    I wish you well, XXXXX. But I must caution you not to get too involved in the “coexistence” movement that is often pushed by many of the liberal (with some being staunch neo-Marxist) professors at the university. They are very good at subtlely brainwashing (more like brain-dirtying) the students into their way of thinking.

    I would recommend that you get the DVD’s called “The Truth Project” from Focus on the Family. You will see much more clearly that what I am sharing with you is good, biblically-based information and advice.

    Again, I do not mean to hurt you by saying all of this. It is just that so many people are falling for the “change” mantra and placing their “hope” in Obama – an ordinary man who has an extremely evil worldview.

    Perhaps you have been too busy to keep up with the postings and links at my blog and other blogs. That is where you will get the REAL, GENUINE news about Obama. The media is still too busy fawning all over the fraud because they helped get him into office.

    I have been in touch with dozens of people who are noticing the “change” that Obama wants to inflict upon us IS NOT GOOD – by any sense of that word.

    I know that you disagree with me regarding political action, but I see this as a time where we need to do all we can to fight against Obama’s awful policies. If you don’t – then so be it. But please realize that there are many, many people who actually voted for Obama and now deeply regret their vote!!

    I see that you wish to show respect towards Obama. That is certainly your choice to do so. However, would you have shown respect to Hitler if you lived in 1930 – 40s Germany…knowing his evil intentions and what he was doing to the Jews?

    I believe that respect must be earned – especially when it comes to human leaders. It is hard to respect anything about Obama knowing his history and radical pro-death-to-unborn-babies worldview.

    OK…I’ll step away from the microphone and go about my day.
    May the Lord richly bless you XXXXX.
    In Christ’s service, your friend and sister in Christ,

    The response? “Your message yesterday did not offend me. It did concern me, because your words sounded very angry.”

    When making a point, words can be interpreted as being angry. Perhaps they come across as angry to readers here, too. However, it isn’t a sin to be angry – especially when we are seeing our nation slowly being destroyed from within by our current government! John McCain said it well when he stated that the StimuWASTE bill is “generational theft.” Should we just stand by like dummies and let this happen?

    Perhaps this is the end times. So be it. But our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did not tell us just to “wait and watch.” He told us to also “WORK” until he returns for the Church!

    We are also told to “redeem the time, for the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:1-17 says it well.

  12. “But I think that [biblical charge] negates, cancels out or minimizes our obligation to speak truth to (or about) power, especially when it is errant”

    Could you please explain that part of you comment? Did you mean that biblical charge “does not” negate…..cause if that’s what you meant, I agree. Respect for leaders, political or spiritual, does not mean we can’t be critical of them, especially when we think they are wrong. I said what I said because it just seems that a lot of people want to talk about what they feel the problem is but that’s usually as far as they take it. If we really do believe that our country is in the hands of a godless man (I certainly felt that way about Bush, Jr.), all the more reason to pray.

    You also mentioned something about Barack being a false messiah. Please explain how you came to this conclusion. From what I’ve observed, there are a lot of people who are happy, exuberant even, that the man they voted for won the election. That’s pretty normal, right? There are pictures, calendars, posters, pins, wine glasses, & beer mugs, all bearing his likeness everywhere you go. Maybe it’s because his election as the first Black president of the United States is of historic significance & people are marking the event. True, you run the risk of ruffling some feathers when you are critical of their hero but I suspect you’d run into the same thing if you were in Alaska & were critical Sarah Palin. None of this indicates idolatry or worship. I don’t sense that Obama has a saviour complex either. I’ve heard the man say on numerous occasions that if things are going to turn around, we must work together. Now, regardless of what you think of that, that is his attitude. That’s a long way from thinking of ones self as a messiah. Even taking into account his stance on abortion & gay marriage (which I disagree with, by the way), I don’t think that qualifies him as an anti-christ. Totally & erroneously misguided at best, deceived into thinking he’s just being progressive at worse, but not anti-christ. I can think of many so called preachers & prophets of whom that title would be more fitting. If being pro- abortion & pro-gay marriage, as wrong as it is, makes one an anti-christ, then George “Dubya”, who started a war under false pretenses, is a mass murderer & should be charged with crimes against humanity.

  13. And let me add, gcmwatch, that I am not riled. All I said was pray for the man instead pontificating about what you think the problem is. For all you know, I did pray for Bush. And yes, I was extremely critical of Bush. I think he did way more to deserve that criticism than Obama who just started. And yes, I did vote Obama. What about it? If you (& that is a general you) can live with the fact the you voted for Bush ( or did you vote for Kerry? I doubt it), who in my opinion is a mass murder, then I guess I can live with Obama. My conscience is before God, not man.

    GCMW: Musa youre still being a really hypocritical. But I’ll rest my case of this one. I will have to warn you more Obama postings and “pontifications” are forthcoming.

  14. whether he still smokes or not the photo was intended to be sarcastic so let’s not pretend otherwise. I hope that no man thinks that he is the Savior, because only Jesus the Christ is. Anyone who thinks President Obama is, needs to get right with God and stop being like those disobedient people in the Bible who always put man before God and ended up in TROUBLE. If anything gets turned around in this country it will by the grace and love of God only and not man.

    GCMW: sarcastic or not, the photo is an accurate portrayal of Obama’s very bad and unhealthy habit.

  15. Well, I guess “pontifications” are as good as it gets from you. It’s all you ever do anyway & you really are so very good at it. As for being hypocritical, you don’t know the first or last thing about me so you can guess what I think of your analysis of me. I’m hypocritical because I disagree with you. I say pray for a leader & you say I’m riled up. Says a lot about you, doesn’t? I’ll rest my case, too. Fed into the madness way too much anyway. Love ya & do pray for me as I pray for you. Be blessed!

    GCMW: Thanks Musa…just as I expected. I would suggest you pray for yourself.

  16. musa,
    For some reason God blessed me with a gift – discernment. Your words are an uttter fraud and “nobody” is buying it, not even God – the one you pretend to know. In spiritual terms – your fruit is dead.

    btw Obama is as black as a “white” red-neck in summer. You do worship Obama – worship may include those “little” things you’re “not” ok with – like killing babies, sodomy, and…ya know the outright spitting on Christ while on the cross. But a vote is just a vote, and obscure scripture passages that cause divisions should be disgarded, right??

    btw – your conscience is surely not before God, it has been seared with your own God (idolatry). Jesus Christ does not know – how could He?

  17. Here’s someone who believes she’ll get gas for her car and her mortgage paid without worries because she voted for Obama…what?

  18. Musa,
    Just curious. You, as a believer still support Obama, who selected a homosexual/false prophet to pray over his inaugural weekend, and refused to invoke the name of Christ in his prayer for fear of being viewed as intolerant? The same “priest”purposefully refused to use any Biblical references for the same reason. A “priest” that is ashamed of the Gospel to pray over you, that is a revealing decision, isn’t it? I guess you also support Obama’s lifting of a ban to allow the financing and mass killing of unborn babies world wide? And what about his blatant lies that he continuously tells? Oh I know , nobody’s perfect, right? That’s what alot of compromising “Christians” are sadly saying. We are supposed to be “salt” and “light” and yet we fall right behind our worldly peers and support evil, because we are caught up in all this wayward and contrary emotional hysteria!This is precisely why ungodly men get elected; because of the wicked, compromising hearts of the masses who elect them. Just like Israel, we deserve the “wicked kings” who rule over us because we cry out to God FOR them to rule over us! And then we ask God to “bless this mess”, and then ask Him for deliverance when things go really bad.
    Yes, I do pray for Obama; that God will show mercy on him and allow him to repent and become REDEEMED! He must change his ungodly ways before he truly leads this country down that path of destruction.

  19. GNP I looked at that video yesterday on another site. Can you believe that she would say Obama is going to pay for her car and mortgage??!! Its amazing that the media would even air that.

    So far the first historic “African American” president has ignored real African Americans. But he has put a lot of effort into helping homosexual activists and abortion activists.

    Just look at what his idea of “civil rights” is all about. And look who gets the MOST ATTENTION.

  20. I laughed when I first saw that a while back and then, I heard Obama speak of how he plans on bailing out/rescuing mortgages. The woman was dead on!! He IS going to pay her mortgage! Unbelievable.

  21. GCM,

    Why did you delete “Paul’s ” that he posted on 2/25? I happened to read them before you deleted them and he said nothing profane or vulgar. In the comments that I read he was simply making a point and further expounding on his previous comments?

  22. That may be a relative question. What does destroyed mean in real terms? I dont think it was. Is the economy in terrible shape? Yes. Has it been destroyed?, I would say no but thats based on my definition of destruction.

    He has spent over a 2 trillion dollars of taxpayer money in a 30 day period and pretty much nothing has changed economically.

  23. Wow! I’ll say it again: There’s something about the topic of Obama (pro and con) that really gets the Saint’s blood boiling. lol

    GCMW: LoL @greeky. You are right about that. But generally politics does that. Hopefully when we finish huffin and puffin at the end of the day, love still abides.

  24. Barak Obama is in need of prayer, he is lost in sin. So are many who look to him to ‘save this nation’. People will soon be awakened, rudely, that no mortal man can save you.
    We are to submit to authority, and pray for them. BUT, we are not to condone their agendas when they do not line up with God’s word. Barak Obama is God’s judgment against a godless nation, ‘give us a king!’, many cried, and God did. Read your bibles as to the warnings given when Israel made this same cry {1st Samuel 8}.
    This was posted earlier on Ingrid’s site, http://www.sliceoflaodicea.com/abominations/democrats-taxpayers-must-fund-forced-abortions/

    Democrats: Taxpayers Must Fund Forced Abortions

    Feb 26

    The horrors of the Democratic Party Death Machine just keep rolling out of Congress. Here’s a report from Lifesite News on the latest atrocity committed with your money and mine. God bless America, right? God has already spoken on America’s future, and all Obama’s horses, and all Obama’s men, can’t put America back together again.

    A fawning media pundit on CNN wrote glowingly of Obama’s address to the nation as his “Morning in America speech”, likening him to Ronald Reagan. I have news for the Obama-messiah worshippers. It’s not morning in America. It’s about 5 minutes until midnight, and the wise know it.

  25. I’m not certain if Obama is “the” AC, but I believe his “worldwide reception” was a “signal” to us that he (the AC) is not far off! I believe it is a “prelude” of sorts. As our Lord said, we are to “watch” (Mark 13:37).

    I know someone personally who is “watching”–watching what Michelle wears and commenting on her outfits either pro or con; they are so “Obama-fied!” 🙂

  26. Speaking of a “day of reckoning with God,” you should check out two books by David Wilkerson, “America’s Last Call” and “God’s Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression.” Both were released in 1998, but they read like today’s headlines. Though Pastor Wilkerson says he’s not a prophet, but a watchman, the books nonetheless have prophetic overtones. He shows through scriptures how God deals with a wayward nation through its economy. The latter book helps us to prepare for what is coming, especially spiritual preparation.

  27. GCM Watch,

    I am sorry if you misunderstood what I was trying to say.
    Heaven forbid that any of us sit by quietly while babes in Christ are led astray or a political figure claims to be the Messiah.
    What I meant is that I am very cautious about how I word things that I don’t judge another while pointing out sin and abomination.
    The err was probably with my wording and for that I am sorry.
    The part that does trouble me about this man is that I have never read or heard him repeat what John the baptist said when questioned as to who he was. He said “I am not.”
    The Lord will not share his glory and I pray that President Obama at least say “I am not the Messiah” for his soul’s sake.
    All of this political talk may enrage the Christians but they need to remember the words of Christ.
    “My kingdom is not of this world.”
    He didn’t say democracy, city, state, country, far right views, far left views, conservative or fundamental views.
    The Lord has a kingdom and the Constitution of the United States has no effect on Him. There is no place for politics in the kingdom of God.
    Or, as written, thou shalt not eat the blood with the flesh.
    That which is flesh is flesh and that which is Spirit is Spirit.
    May God bless,


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