NAACP join gays to overturn Prop 8

The nation’s oldest black civil rights organization has just turned a historical corner by officially advocating for homosexual marriage.  At the time of this article’s publication, no response has been given by the many NAACP local, state and national officers who happen to be African American pastors who supported Prop 8.

Previously, only the former president of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Julian Bond had supported homosexual marriage. Bond, who remains chairman of the board,  insisted on many occasions that it was his own personal view. But with the election of new president [Benjamin] Todd Jealous, things have changed. Jealous said in a statement last Monday that Prop 8 “strips same-sex couples of a fundamental freedom”.

Consequently, the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund filed an amicus brief with the California Supreme Court to invalidate Proposition 8.

“It is imperative that the Supreme Court of California recognize that by allowing Prop 8 to take effect, it is setting a dangerous precedent that allows a bare majority to strip minority groups of their fundamental rights. We are joining this challenge to ensure that the rights of all minority groups are being protected,” said John Payton, LDF President and Director-Counsel.

The official support for homosexual marriage seems to be part of a re-imaging of the NAACP  which in recent years many viewed as a civil rights dinosaur riddled with scandals and plagued by poor leadership.  Perhaps that’s why homosexual rights groups paid one NAACP official to use her position to convince blacks to vote for gay marriage.  Alice Huffman, president of the California state NAACP took nearly $200,000 from white, gay groups. In order to appear independent of the NAACP, the money was give to Huffman’s private company.

Still out of touch with reality

As mentioned, support for homosexual causes mean instant cash flow, something the NAACP has had little of.  Jealous, Huffman may be operating against NAACP policy which prohibits endorsing any measure without majority vote of members.

Trina Williams, Vice President of Inglewood’s NAACP Chapter, said today that “no endorsement of ANY proposition is ever authorized without a resolution, a vote, and a majority vote of its members.”   Williams indicated that to date, “the Inglewood NAACP has yet to receive any word from the national organization telling us to vote NO on Proposition 8.”  Huffman appears in print advertising and mailers for NO on 8 along with one or two civil rights leaders supporting NO on Proposition 8.
Alice Huffman has used her position without support of the vast majority of African American people and interfaith leaders in our communities in Los Angeles or California.  It is very disappointing and misleading to say that she is representing the African American community or the NAACP, which is and has always been passionately in support of traditional marriage and traditional families,” said Williams.

Channeling his inner Al Sharpton, Jealous is attempting to steer the NAACP back into the limelight with provocative statements and positions including taking on Barack Obama.

Jealous, 35, also said he intends to hold Barack Obama accountable for his promises on civil rights, regardless of Obama’s status as the first black president.

“The president being black gives us no advantage,” said Jealous, who took over in September, adding that Obama’s background as a community organizer and civil rights lawyer may make him more receptive to the NAACP’s agenda.

NAACP members today are not satisfied with simply having a black president, Jealous said. “What they want to know is: ‘What problem in my life will he be solving? Dad’s out of work, Mom’s not getting paid enough, the kids’ school is an embarrassment. What is he doing for me?”

Kind of reminds you of this woman.

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UPDATE 2.28.09

Jennifer Roback Morse found the link to the actual payments to  Huffman.  They were listed only as “consultation”.


16 thoughts on “NAACP join gays to overturn Prop 8

  1. Homosexuality is a choice, not a minority status. Their cause lines up more closely with cigarette smokers than with minorities. Unhealthy lifestyle choices do not make you a minority class. People choose to smoke and the likely outcome is cancer. People choose to engage in homosexual acts and there are some devastating health possibilities.

    Minorities are not going to lose any rights because gays can’t marry. Gays have the same rights as everybody else, being pre-disposed to a particular lifestyle choice should not be given special status or rights. Sad to see the NAACP not go the other side and be outraged that gays would liken their cause to the civil rights battles of African Americans. No comparison.

  2. We’ll see how many blacks will continue to support these people. I quit decades ago. This is no surprise to me at all. They cannot say much about racism anymore with the first black president. They have to have a reason to exist. Anything to get money and keep in the public eye. I hope this seals their doom.

  3. Pam I think that the membership was already waning.
    But you know those $$$ signs make some organizations do almost anything. Most black folk dont know it but the Congressional Black Caucus has a 100% affirmative voting record of gay rights issues.

    Oh, for the love of money.

  4. I also ended my membership years ago, because I always felt that they were on a collision course with Truth and Scripture. Today they officially threw down the gaunlet and lined up with the principalities and powers of this world. Now it is time for those black preachers and Christian members who still profess to stand on the rockbed foundation of God’s Word to show themselves strong or forever face the prospect of having “ICHABOD” written on the doors of their lives and ministries.

  5. I smell a mass exodus of members coming up! Most black people just don’t support homosexuality and why the NAACP is ignoring that fact is puzzling. This move made by the NAACP will hopefully be the move to wake folks up to get out of that organization now!

    Yes, this will truly be the test for those black pastors and Christians who supported Prop 8 and are still members of NAACP. Do they leave or do they stay?

  6. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the charter rules of the NAACP was based on Christian principals? I was born to older parents who were in their mid 40s who were respective deacons, deaconesses, and trustees to their home churches(Black Baptist–which has many sects). There was not a pastor or a chairman of the deacon board that I did not know of in my home community that was not a life long member of the NAACP. Now granted, my parents were not baby boomers, they grew up with the Martin Luther King, Jr generation of blacks that experienced “jim crowe” segregation, fought for civil rights and access for the younger generations. The NAACP and the Civil Rights movement is almost symbolic to the “Bronze Serpent”. They served their purposes, good and godly purposes during that time and season, but these institutions(NAACP, the Jesse Jacksons, and Al Sharptons) become iconic(false idols), and ARE COMPLETELY USELESS TODAY.

    Now, a lot of the old timers that have passed away, like my late Delta Sigma Theta Eastern Star Deaconess School Teacher for 45 years Mother(she was saved-Praise GOD), WOULD HAVE NEVER went for this agenda that Julian Bond and this new guy Jealous and that sellout Alice Huffman. It just would not have happened under that generations watch. This generation of Civil Rights is, very heartbreaking to say the least, reprobate and heretics.

    GCMW: EW, I know “sellout” is a pejorative term, but in this case with Huffman, this is a literal sellout.

  7. I hope there is a mass exodus. Not only are they on the wrong side of an important issue, but they have abandoned logic. It just doesn’t compute that because gov’t was wrong at a point in time about a marriage issue that they are also wrong now.

    Skin color is morally neutral, but sexual behavior is not.

  8. Didn’t Julian Bond demand an apology from you when you exposed the Richmond “gay youth club” – ROMNY (?) for exposing adult homosexual relationships (sex) with minors?

    Sadly too many black folks, among many others, think any org that is “civil rights” focused equates to “righteousness”. I think Enochwalked nails it correctly – This generation of Civil Rights is, very heartbreaking to say the least, reprobate and heretics.

    1. High view of man
    2. Low view of God and His word.

    Ingredients for the rise of folks like Benjamin Todd Jealous – grew up believing that there was no higher calling than to further the cause of freedom in this country and in the world.

  9. I think this could be a real positive especially for an awakening amongst Black Christians that have been duped by organizations like NAACP and by the likes of Obama who no doubt is America’s most pro gay president ever…

    The Wheat and the Chaff is being seperated in these dangerous days…

    May Christ bless you all in this great work that you do…

    Devon in Canada.

  10. You know whats really interesting is that this development has been widely circulated among the gay community, but there is not the black community.

    Google “NAACP gay Prop 8” and look at who’s talking about it.

  11. Everyone,

    I think you’re missing the point here. The very reason the NAACP is going down this path “IS” because of the declining membership. The NAACP for a VERY long time now has been nothing more then a Political Action Committee for extreme leftist causes. Long gone are the days of sincere race matters.

    So why wouldn’t they endorse this abomination. In fact, I posted on here in the past regarding the very reason as to why such endorsements take place. Money and power of course! This gives the NAACP another target market plain and simple. Especially with the higher discretionary income of homosexuals coupled with the current wave of mainstream media attention this move by the NAACP is sure to be a great success.

    Do I support such actions? Of course not! My point is to clear up any logical reasons as to why they would do such a thing.

    Follow the money.


  12. Rev. Eric Lee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Los Angeles and civil rights icon Rev. James Lawson all support unnatural, unholy marriages. The problem is the Black Church community is unaware of our “so called” Black leaders assisting the gay special interests groups. It’s not publicized in the media and the churches hide their agenda. I bet the churches will not discontinue their membership with the NAACP, because their unaware or simply aren’t concerned. The NAACP doesn’t care about losing Christian membership, because gay special interests groups could/would pay more.

  13. So called leaders who ignored the voices of the people! What’s truly wrong with these people?

    Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League, Wade Henderson, President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Ron Woods, Executive Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

    * California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass
    * City of Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums
    * City of Sacramento Mayoral Candidate Kevin Johnson
    * California State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas
    * United States Representative Barbara Lee
    * California Assembly member Mike Davis
    * California Assembly member Mervyn Dymally
    * California Assembly member Curren Price, Jr.
    * California Assembly member Sandre Swanson
    * County of Los Angeles Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke
    * City and County of San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
    * City and County of San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris
    * California NAACP
    * Greater Sacramento Urban League
    * National Black Justice Coalition [black homosexual political org]
    * National Black Police Association
    * National Congress of Black Women
    * Black American Political Association of California
    * Los Angeles African American Women Political Action Committee

  14. I’m very proud of the NAACP for standing up for whats right. Everyone regardless of skin color or sexual orientation deserves the right to get married.

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