Biblical Lutherans form CORE response group

Is it time for a new reformation? Perhaps the church in America should revisit the life of  16th century reformer Martin Luther. Because of the eroding doctrinal positions of the church, reformation is fast becoming a word we need to pay close attention to.

The ungodly acceptance of homosexual sin is a major issue in just about every denomination in America today. Despite the fact that homosexuals comprise a small demographic, several factors have pushed the issue to near religious civil war status. The issue of homosexuality is causing the church to fracture into two clear divisions: those who believe, accept and adhere to God’s Word and those who do not.

As faithful Lutherans struggle to contain and push back against rising homosexual ideology within their denomination, some members have organized a reformation response. One News Now reports that recently “an ELCA task force released recommendations in an effort to change Christian teaching on homosexuality and to allow pastors to be in same-sex sexual relationships. The denomination could allow individual churches to decide whether to allow homosexuals and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy.”

Just a short 50 years ago, even the thought of homosexual clergy was foreign concept. But now look at what our tolerance has rewarded us with. For the record, no self professed homosexual should be in any leadership capacity of the church regardless of their sexual activity status. We dont discriminate so no person, leading a life of unrepentant sin, should be in any leadership capacity in God’s church. Word of Truth Ministries has an excellent exposition on this subject!

Minister Mark Chavez, director of Lutheran CORE (Coalition for Reform) said opponents to biblical standards are oblivious to the destruction they are causing.

“The people in favor of these changes, that’s their primary goal, and they’re focused on that.” They either don’t see or don’t want to see the damage that will be done to the ELCA and many of its congregations.”

Factions within the ECLA who are pushing for acceptance of gay marriage and ordination of homosexuals published a error-ridden report entitled Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust. Thankfully, two pastors in the organization have stepped up to the plate and carefully refuted the document with both scripture and reason. The pastors said they were “deeply troubled by the document and the threat it poses to the unity we hold in the Word of God.”


2 thoughts on “Biblical Lutherans form CORE response group

  1. I don’t even know how I found this blog over here but…..Wow…..

    This blog has a lot of good information. I didn’t really know this was such a problem in other churches. (But being a young deaconess and a very conservative church, I probably have a blind-spot.)

    Well, the problem really comes down to people not using the BIBLE ONLY as their guide in life. People prefer to follow men and not God but I don’t understand why its so hard to just follow God and his ways. How is obeying God difficult? Strange.

  2. This is the same unfortunate direction that the United Methodist Church is going in, and it is going to backfire.
    My concern is for the sheep, who sit and listen, and take the Pastor’s word as ‘thus saith the Lord’

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