An unholy covenant: our response to Bishop Blake’s defense document

What struck me as particularly disturbing about this 22 page document produced for Bishop Charles Blake was that it contained nothing from Charles Blake himself. We expected to finally hear from the leader, but once again the voice of the leader is silent while others speak for him. Moses would have never allowed Joshua to speak for him in times of crisis or controversy.  This document appears hastily thrown together; a hodgepodge of angry reactions from carefully selected Blake proxymen. But like the fiasco Blake has created, it is an utter embarrasment to the Church of God in Christ and its historic advances within the last century. Because individuals like David Hall have erroneously cast me as some sort of fringe political operative, its necessary that I share my background.


Although I consider myself COGIC diaspora, my church will always be a beat in my heart, because I still believe it is a great organization. My grandfather Elder Ezekiel Fredrick Foster, Sr. (1901-1980) was a COGIC pioneer in Texas who was sent by his bishop in the late 30s into areas where the Klan was open and notorious to establish a COGIC. When other preachers flatly refused to go, he and my grandmother, Pearl, went and preached holiness and birthed a work which initally bore homage to his service but was in later years renamed. He was a fierce advocate for righteousness and with little complaint raised 13 children through the depression and beyond. His sermon notes which were given to me after his death revealed  a man deeply concerned about current events and how the church should see those events as central to our mission on earth for the Kingdom of God. Further Ezekiel Foster accurately viewed the events of his time as a signal challenge to our identity as “called out” people. Thus, I am no outsider or as David Hall branded ” a good political christian”.  I am a son of the church who refuses to stand by silently and see injustices perpetrated in our church’s name. Ironically, though Blake and his proxy spokesmen argue that COGIC is a fresh voice against injustice, they attempt to mislead people when they are the instruments of injustice.

I was birthed into the COGIC with this heritage of standing strong and speaking God’s truth in a world hostile to his authority.  It was also in the COGIC at age 13 that as a young boy I was sexually molested. Fear and confusion replaced the happy times of shouting, dancing and singing praises that were common to our church. At Power House COGIC in little Marlin, TX I struggled to understand why God or the saints seemed to be oblivious to what was happening to me for 4 years.  At age 19, I decided that I could no longer remain in the church I’d grown to love with all my heart which left me to deal with this devastating problem on my own. I left it, God and for all practical reasons my own family to embrace a false identity as a gay man. I detail this period of my life and beyond in my book, Touching a Dead Man.

When I had radical return to holiness 11 years later and subsequently began sharing my testimony of freedom in the COGIC, I found out that it was not a popular testimony to share. I was shunned, rejected, ostracized and minimized. I endured much just to say that God was a deliverer. I also discovered there were ministers of various ranks in the church which were secretly involved in homosexuality. The stories I began to hear from other young brothers (and sisters) caused a heavy burden to be placed on my heart. Consequently. I answered God’s call to minister freedom and deliverance to these captives openly. Yet, I was met with more rejection from the church. Since 1996, I have done so openly  and to the glory of God.

God is faithful in that no matter what is against you he gives you supernatural ability to press forward.  I owe that to God and not the church. The evolution of my call is to be a watchman and reformer like Nehemiah, a sentry to warn the church that we are called to be holy, not universal.  Like Nehemiah the work to rebuild walls torn down by decades of sexual immorality comes with a call to fight those “sanballats” who attempt to derail the work. Thus, in this spirit we are called to be unique, not common. Called —not to hold hands with world and sing kumbayah— but with a clear voice call them to repentenance. Like my grandfather, God sent me into an area where I faced open hostility but I have no fear because the Lord is with me.

God’s way or Blake’s way?

The document released by Bishop Blake is unsettling because as a leader of the nation’s foremost holiness church, the church of my birth, he (or rather his proxies) are actually arguing that we are not called out, but called to conform.  Our article was notan attack on COGIC, it is an attack on the insiduous doctrine of ecumenicalism. Never before have I seen a more strategic door of entry for doctrines of devils to invade the church, than I have seen with this ideology. The collusion of Bishop Blake (known or unknown) with homosexual religionists seems to be always answered with “official positions” and unconvincing claims of ignorance. Please read for yourself.

Although the proxies of Bishop Blake argue the literalist point of view in regards to the unholy covenant they endorsed, they fail to acknowledge what it obvious. They cannot control a secular document nor its interpretation. As one of the proxies mentioned, “it is a trap” set by homosexual activists. What is clear is that doctrinally COGIC –the organization– is against homosexuality and homosexual marriage. And we commend and agree heartily with that position. We noted that this point was belabored in the defense document. But we have documented here multiple times how this is a hollow position when there are glaring examples that position mean little if there is no active effort to make it wholistic. Like most black denominations COGIC is notoriously “dont ask, dont tell” when it comes to homosexuality.

We have in the spirit of Isaiah 58:1 cried out only to be rejected again. This time, by an adminstration bent on defending an ideology which was imported into the church by enemies of the gospel.

Are the two documents cited affirming of homosexual marriage? Of course they are.  One would only need to survey the activist terminology of the contemporary gay movement to see that. We are surprised that all of the educated pundits writing for Bishop Blake either refuse or cannot see this. If you doubt our word, look for yourself and read what homosexual activists say, believe and expect of the UDIHR. And by extension the Faith Statement is simply a religious version of it.

The IHEU will jointly with its member organizations endorse, defend and promote gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people’s interests in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a regular element of their overall endorsement, defense and promotion of human rights. …afford same-sex partnerships full protection of the law, equal to marital and other legally recognized mixed-sex partnerships, with regard to pension, inheritance, taxation, social security, custody and adoption, donor insemination and other services, in which discriminatory policies and practices currently exist.

This was noted in our original article and completely ignored by Bishop Blake and his proxies. They argue that there was no literal mention of sex, sexuality or sexual orientation in either of the documents. This is an immature and dangerous position for any preacher of the gospel to advocate because what is not written  is as important as what is written. We apply the same principle to sound hermeneutics. Logically, the absence of a word or phrase is irrelevant to its bearing on an cited text. For instance, the word “trinity” appears nowhere in the Bible, yet this is a cornerstone teaching of our faith.

Collusion and Inclusion

Despite the passioned arguments of Bishop Blake’s proxies, there exists no conceivable reason for any holiness people to join covenant with any group of people who outwardly despise our God and his Christ.  Perhaps we could conduct a simple test. Invite all of these “world religious leaders” to Memphis and let the people see and hear exactly what they have been yoked to by their presiding bishop. Beyond the expected “touch not mine anointed” rhetoric, there are multiple levels of serious biblical, ethical and perhaps administrative violations created with this unholy covenant. To be clear, signing this document is not the same as signing your child’s sick slip for school. This is a monumental yoking of an entire group of people birthed out of the sincere prayers of our forefathers, to men who bow down and feed bananas to statues with 8 arms.

Dr. Hall claims that “religion must stand for peace, reconciliation, universal values, mutual respect and upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms.” When did our relationship with the living God and his Son get downgraded to a social religion? Dr. Hall maybe practicing religion, but I am called to be a lively stone in the building, a living epistle and a holy nation. What’s more, how does Dr. Hall’s weak defense of his actions compare to the Word of God:

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?  Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 2 Cor 6:14-16 

There is no context biblically which ordains and sanctions collusion with the world (and certainly not false religions) to accomplish the work of God. Using Jesus as a prop element for inclusionism and ecumenical idolatry is disingenuous at best. Blasphemous at worst. Carlton Pearson would be proud.

Dr. Hall claims that he never heard one person bring up homosexuality nor was there any homosexual related items within site. Has he ever heard of deception? Does he not know that we must not be ignorant of the devil’s devices? Isn’t he aware that satan has ordained his ministers to infiltrate and deceive the church? For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.  No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds. 2 Cor 11:13-15


Bishop Blake has yet to openly endorse Proposition 8. Why is there no tangible record of his calling for support of this human rights effort? Why does the Bishop always defer to the COGIC marriage statement instead of outright calling for support of Prop 8? Why is the Presiding Bishop silent on issues of sexual crimes against children committed by COGIC clergy? Where is his outrage? But here he is outraged, not because people IN HIS OWN CHURCH have suffered grave human rights abuses by COGIC ministers, but because we dared to expose this unholy covenant he has drug the church into.

We stand 100%  by our headline and story content as a truthful exposition of what our research revealed.


Tom Charlier, Projects Editor with the Memphis Commercial Appeal did verify to GCM Watch that a “blurb” about the event appeared in the paper. Charlier said due to the size (174 words) and the date it could not be accessed by external searches. Thus our honest search for the article yielded nothing. We do apologize for inference that the Tri-State Defender was the only communication venue used to disseminate the information.


62 thoughts on “An unholy covenant: our response to Bishop Blake’s defense document

  1. Excellent rebuttal. May the GOD of all that is just and holy support you in all you do in His service. Blessings to you varied and multipled in Jesus’ name.

  2. The 22 page rebuttal is a joke. Come on… regurgitation from by laws, stated preambles, Quran tie-ins. I mean, this from a supposed godly man and leader, about something so simple as to use a little apologetics to discern some against humanism.

    Blake and any part of putting this defense together did a very, very poor job. Lots of rhetoric and bold talk. And notice the fine font and purple borders. This is insane!!!.

    I don’t know…Blake’s got a long way to go to catch up to Mother Teresa. He may even surpass her as he fights so passionately for human rights around the globe. But keep in mind, Mother Teresa testimony’s was not a good one in the end.

  3. gcmwatch:

    Ummm … sermon notes? Did you say sermon notes? Do you still … have them? If so … we gotta talk. Ever hear of Xulon Press?

  4. Hey Job…hmmm that sounds real interesting. Yes, I have them all perserved in good condition Maybe you and I can talk what I can do with them. Blessings,

  5. I think your topic and methods are good and definitely to the edification of the true church, by bringing dialogue and discussion to sin in the church. I have learned a lot from this blog. But you are starting to drift too far and become destructive. You have made your point and there has been a response. If you are addressing Bishop Blake and Presiding Bishop, then respect him as Presiding Bishop. It is clear where COGIC stands and a the leader of millions, he cannot make everyone happy, but he has chosen to give you the dignity of a response. You have an active ministry, so perhaps a model that can be used in local, jurisdictional and national meetings to further this issue is appropriate. Perhaps an open forum on the radio, something other than going after high value targets.

    For all the good that you have done, you are at risk of being marginalized by using tactics that the active homosexual agenda uses; outing folks, tearing down respected leaders, trying to embarrass people. A saved church homosexual once told me that he knows who the active homosexuals in church are because they don’t respect leadership and try to stay “in the front”. You are doing that.

    You and your cause will go further and be more blessed if you get some spiritual covering and leadership, respect your leadership and respect COGIC leadership.

    You are coming off like you have an axe to grind with COGIC, or perhaps you want COGIC to be responsible for your personal guilt, you really need to work whaever it is out. You are doing some good work, but you need to think about your approach.

    GCMW: Thanks for your advice. Some of it is good, some of it is terrible.

  6. What disgust me is not that he wants equality and justice for all even gays…it is the fact that this is hypocritical! He nor this church does not work for or desire the safety, wellbeing and justice for the women and children that they allow to be raped, brutalized, intimidated and harmed by their pastors and Bishops every day. A COGIC church is one of the most dangerous places for vulnerable women and children. Pastors and Bishops believe they are privilege and they have a right to the bodies of anyone they approach. They have protection from the hiarchy in the church so they will never pay for the sin until they get to hell. And they will persecute anyone who exposes or tries to stop this abuse. So women and children who get target by their minister is like a woman on a slave plantation when the master would choose her cabin to come in for the night. She has no recourse.

    They even go to the extent that they cover and help protect the minister or help the minister terrorize and humiliate the victims of their crimes.

    Everyone is not lying. They know. They turn their heads. And they cover. This church is trying to protect their Presiding Bishop but they got it all wrong. It is the laity, women and children who should be protected first and then the leadership. They want to compare themselves to bible kings and priest but those kings protected the flock first and put their lives on the line. King David wasn’t a punk. He put his life on the line for the flock, not the other way around.

    These horrible men have stood by and watched so many children and women abused by the men they ordain and elevate. And when victims exercise their right to obtain justice, they do everything in their limited power to block them from having freedom and a right to life, peace of mind and freedom to worship without being raped or molested. That is the issue here. Why are they over in the netherlands supporting the gay rights movement while Sis. Jones at local tabernacle church of God in Christ is trying to comfort her 13 year old son or daughter after the superintendant had his way with them. And then comfort herself when the Bishops and the Boards and the General Board cast her away and humiliated her. Never will they help her.

    Everyone is not lying. All over the internet from Youtube to myspace are stories of people who went to the leaders and was kicked to the curb while their perpetrators were elevated to the next position he paid for.

    Pastor Foster while they are in the Netherland’s at their summit to support human rights, you need to hold a summit here in the states to make a declaration of laymen and laywomen’s rights. Right to worship without being harassed. Right to not be violated by ministers and Bishops. Right to pursue justice without being intimidated and tortured by the church. It is time for a new movement in this black church and in America to call for an end to the abuse and cover ups of these “Great Men of god”…their god. And that movement and summit should be held right here on the internet. We should email blast to all the thousands of people out there asking them to join in the push for layperson’s right and send their stories of their experiences and nightmares with COGIC ministers protected by the leaders of this church. Laypeople are humans too and are entitled to rights to happiness, peace and safety just like gay people.

  7. Excellent article DL. I can’t add anything else to your exhaustive presenation (which is necessary to rebutt those who continue to think that you speak in anger and are unlearned).

    One can clearly feel your angst when writing about Blake et al and the predators that now threaten to overtake COGIC. This church has no resemblance to the organization that your grandfather helped build. Grieve for it, but realize (and I believe you’re already there) that the COGIC of the past is a memory, probably buried in the coffin that GE Patterson was placed into.

    Not unlike the latest Paulk Family Hillbilly tales, this is a classic example of what happens when sound doctrine is ignored, then removed, and (eventually) replaced with a doctrine that pleases the masses but angers God.

    Keep the heat on this madness, and I’ll join you in prayering for those who are leaving this heresy behind – and those yet to leave.

  8. Lisa, I agree 100% with you. Its time for major serious reform. We called for a class action lawsuit against COGIC and that is still on the table. We are hearing from more and more people who are waking up to realize they have been told the same lies, endured the same dismissive arrogance and suffered the same hurt as many other people. Its systemic and it needs to be cleansed before another generation takes control and these sins become institutionalized.

    These men can duck and dodge temporarily but God is not asleep and he has marked them. I pray that they repent for this wickedness before the sheets are pulled off them causing great harm and shame to their families.

    Thanks, I will seriously consider organizing the People’s Rights Summit. With all this talk of protecting human rights, its time we made some declarations for victims of clergy sexual abuse. We’ll see who signs onto that.

  9. Lisa,

    I don’t agree that you’re right in any manner in this particular tyrade…It’s emotional but as the culture promotes totally irresponsible…Why?

    There is no part for any personal responsibility outlined in any of your comments…It’s all about “Look what they did”

    This part is especially a LIE:
    “A COGIC church is one of the most dangerous places for vulnerable women and children. Pastors and Bishops believe they are privilege and they have a right to the bodies of anyone they approach.

    I haven’t read a more inaccurate and irresponsible statement in my life and I read OFTEN and for a living…

    Look, the facts are these…sexual abuse exists in EVERY organizational church there is in America. FACT: half of the sexual abuse wouldn’t occur IF some of the women who claim such stayed OUT of men’s faces and weren’t so enamoured over positions, titles, and accolades to begin with…FACT, many children would never be abused in any way IF parents were as interested in being a parent and being a part of their children’s education and activities both spiritually and naturally…FACT: The predators that do exist would be in jail or under serious pressure , IF the abused would do what they should do in cases of criminal activity and report the crimes to authorities IMMEDIATELY…

    You overlook all these essential FACTS and elements to make an emotional appeal and I won’t buy it…It’s just as much hurtful garbage as the abusers who perpetrate and it, and it all must stop.

    In over 27 years of ministriy I’ve observed young men and women grow to become strong and productive citizens because of my ministry…I’ve also observed famies that were on the brink of destruction unified through the word of God, the power of prayer and loving efforts of pastoral ministry…

    God has MANY more pastors like me in COGIC who haven’t “bowed or kissed” and we won’t because we love God, HIS word and value HIS people too much.

    There are many more like me that won’t come to your house for cofee or “spiritual discussion” because I’m busy being a father to my children and a husband to my ONE wife…God has plenty of ELDERS, who won’t give the time of day to “spiritual “groupies” to be caught up in lies and innuendo…

    So promote your cause…just know that you must promote it in TRUTH and from what I see, the TRUTH hasn’t been presented by you at least in these comments…

    Pastor and SUPERINTENDENT, Harvey Burnett
    New Bethel Ministries Inc.
    New Bethel COGIC
    Bethel Epiphany COGIC

  10. I think what is irresponsible is that sexist attitude that the victims are at fault . It does not matter what a woman does, if she says “no” she does not welcome the action by the minister, it is no. And no one has the right to cross that line. Furthermore, a married preacher should be like you, the husband of one wife. So she should not even have to say no. And to blame parents for what happens to their children is outrageous. There are many good parents who trust a good minister or deacon who work in youth ministry and has no idea that the trusted youth leader would violate that child. Since you are a pastor and certainly cannot relate to the pressure, humiliation and intimidation that as a woman I have seen from a child up by preachers, I don’t expect that you would understand the pain and devastation that the conduct of so many ministers cause. Rather than being in denial, you should listen, observe and read. And then as a pastor and minister of the gospel perhap think about the best way to reach so many of those souls who have walked away from this church and from God because the minister they trusted approached them, chased them, propositioned them…..

  11. Further, to say that sexual misconduct exist in every religious organization does not excuse or justify what is going on in this sanctified, holy ghost with power church. The fact is, sexual misconduct is three times higher in the church than any other secular institution. What is wrong with that picture? A medical doctor who sees exposed bodies daily have more control and power than these so-called men of God. If a doctor who may or may not believe in God can exercise self control, why can’t our ministers. It is not okay because it exist in other places. I know too many victims of rape in COGIC who were too frightened, too scared and too shamed to expose for fear they would be persecuted. And I know someone well right now who is enduring the persecution of the church because she did report the rape inside and outside of the church. If you do not know he pain, you cannot judge the pain. Just pray that you never have to feel what we have felt.

  12. What a valid point! It is hypocritical. It reminds me of the hypocrisy of the US in the 60’s leveling charges via the United Nations regarding war crimes and humna rights injustices on foreign soil and the American Negro was still not free here. This is embarrassing.

  13. Dear Brother, Rev. Scott,

    Your attempt at psychoanalyzing Elder Foster aside:

    How can one respect leadership that is unethical and immoral? This is how I view the lack of urgent and cohesive reform that needs to take place in COGIC. I have friends and co-laborers who are from the COGIC. I have no axe to grind. I believe you can be respectful while vehemently disagreeing with Bisho Blake. I think it is interesting to note the number of COGIC folk (Elder Burnett excluded) who have responded to this most recent post in defense of Bishop Blake; perhaps admirable. I wonder how many of y’all have stood up for the change that needs to happen in your church? I think Elder Foster does indeed have respect for the history and hertitage of COGIC and this is why he is compelled to speak.
    Lastly, who is Bishop Blake’s covering? Who is TRULY advising him? Please don’t tell me Jesus.

  14. Elder Burnett,

    Did you realize that you affix blame to the victims when you say that the abuse wouldn’t take place if the women would stay out of the men’s faces? The church is full of wounded, lonely, vulnerable and hurting women. If a minister cannot conduct himself in a godly and ethical manner around such women he should should not be there. It is this attitude that is apparent in the lack of action to correct this issue. “Aw, he’s aman ain’t he? Don’t ruin the man’s ministry over some tail.” (Actual quote). Perhaps this is the cultrue of the church which does act expeditiously around the sexual abuse and exploitation of congregants. I hope that you would check that attitude. I can hear frustration in your words and I hope you will recant them and repent of the attitude. Yes, it is true that many women who become sexually involved with preachers do so for the reasons you stated but the church MUST prepare ministers for just such scenarios. These days it certanly takes more than the call to preach to be a pastor. What is lacking? Preparedness? Morality? Accountability? A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. The church must put away from them the evil doer for correction and eventual restoration. Why do we neglect to rebuke the one who sins openly as the scriptures say we must? Openly doesn’t have to put all a person’s business in the street (Can you imagine the lawsuits?) but a part of the ordination can be that the candidates agree to the discipline of the church in that regard,

    Lastly, there can be no “groupies” if there were not the cult of celebrity that is so very popular in churches today. Pastors who conduct themselves like stars and icons with all the trappings. Show Biz all up in the Housw ‘a GOD. I know that you don’t even have to be a celebrity pastor for the women and the men to be chasing you but it sho’ don’t help.

  15. Regarding “The abused” reporting their abuse or abusers immediately: Many children don’t tell anyone what is happening because the perps threaten them with harm or their parents, etc., and the children are often filled with shame; so they don’t tell until later. In some cases many years later. There really needs to be some education on this subject. Holding the women and children accountable for men who are wolves in sheep’s clothing is not Kosher.

  16. Did you really expect to get a reply from Bishop Blake himself. These people don’t even write their own sermons or books so of course they aren’t going to say anything from their own mind, because it is CORRUPTED! Even if they did it would be scripted by someone else and a pack of rubbish

  17. Oh, thank you Eld. Burnett. Do you know what it means to hear a minister who understand the harm and the pain. Often, it is in times of vulnerability and confusion that the preacher who counsels her makes his sexual advance. I have chosen to go to professional counselors and therapist when I need counsel. They are bound by ethics not to cross that lines. Preachers on the other hand should be bound by a higher calling not to cross that line. Unfortunately, so many trust that they do have the ethics and self control and most importantly the Holy Spirit that they claim to have when they sit down to counsel and seek help in times of crisis and vulnerability. But what we really need in this church is for some strong men of God to stand up against these men for the safety of women and children. Sadly, men don’t cry out until it is their daughter or sister or son who has been violated.

  18. Lisa,

    I understand you but you made blanket statemnts that are not true. Noone ESPECIALLY MYSELF condones any type of abuse sexual or otherwise but YOU rested in ONE CHURCH and that was the COGIC….So your experience doesn’t give you the right to castegate one group and miss the big picture…The big picture is that SIN is running rampant through the body of Christ.

    The largest settlements for sexual abuse to date is on a minister from a “reformed” church. Whatever issues there are they are much greater than COGIC.

    Elder Jimmy,

    Now, your comments are full of self-righteousness…The point was clear…it takes 2 to tango…In MANY cases (not all) the women have added to whatever fire that rages….Simply put, everyone has a responsibility also…If you approach this as spiritually as you claim, you’d ask the first question, HOW DO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE GET THAT ALONE ONE ON ONE AND NOT BE MARRIED? I mean my wife knows if I’m at the store and has a good idea about how long it takes for me to get back…NOT TO MENTION she knows her perfume from others…How does that kind of thing happen??? I’ll tell you how, through irresponsible behavior.

    Listen, I have no business dropping my daughter off at the Bishop’s office so she can just “kick it”…What is that??? If I’m doing my job, SHE won’t have the opportunity to be molested either in or out of church…

    You can’t rationalize sin away. set up healthy standards and safeguards…that’s how it’s done. The sister that goes to pastor lust’s office for late night counciling is doing nothing but ADDING to the problem. even if nothing transpires suspicion looms…in fact the Pastor that sets those sessions thinking that he’s bullet-proof is ether stupid, or unwise and the spouse that allows it is bound too…PLENTY of responsibility and IN MANY CASES the victim made as many unwise moves as the perp.

    In addition, what do I have to repent for??? For stating the truth that many of the assertions that Lisa made are wrong and irresponsible…SORRY my friend…I REPENT NOT… for truth. You shouldn’t even frame your fingers to ask me to do so…

    All I know is this, I have experience with my own eyes and certainly know more that a few individuals who have been damaged on both sides of the argument, and in most cases there is a consistent set of circumstances. Gullability on both sides…

    Oooh I acknowledge the problems IN ALL CHURCHES…not just the Grand Ole COGIC… So when you talk of repentance, talk of repenting to your condoning her statements against the THOUSANDS of good and godly men who stand behind COGIC pulpits at every opportunity, safrguarding the flock of God…As stated, she made a blanket statement that is a complete UNTRUTH.

    I’m a personal witness to that.


  19. Lisa,

    As stated I agree with your assessments in this comment 100%. Those are fruitful observations in my book.

    One thing of note…Concerning Shermann Allen and those at Shiloh. The thing that was consistent is that people placed their children in Allen’s hands like he was their god…they dropped of kids and he was steady molesting them…What kind of garbage is that? Totally irresponsible on the parents side to begin with. Yes, Sherman should suffer for his sins, but it was plain old unwise to place those kinds in his hands unsupervised.

    There are many others I can name but i agree, others MUST speak out and teach a message of accountability TO ALL…members and ministers.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

  20. Thanks everyone for your passionate defenses, points and counterpoints on sexual abuse. Truly, the time has come to have this discussion in the open. As such my desire is to educate as much as possible. If youre aware of any organizations, individuals and resources which could help victims and families of victims, please let me know. I will start a new page with those resource links. Particularly I am looking for denominational outreaches that are working well.

    Please suspend your abuse comments on this particular post in order to permit opportunity for others who may want to comment on the post content.

    I will ask that after my remarks if you have anything else on sexual abuse, please use this article.

  21. pastor burnett; I am very surprised at your following statement and doesn’t sound like you…”FACT: half of the sexual abuse wouldn’t occur IF some of the women who claim such stayed OUT of men’s faces and weren’t so enamoured over positions, titles, and accolades to begin with” This is a FACT???Where is the data??…FACT, many children would never be abused in any way IF parents were as interested in being a parent and being a part of their children’s education and activities both spiritually and naturally. This is a FACT??? where is the data???Blame the parents for trusting the men of God who claim to serve a holy God and who “follow holiness without which no man shall see the Lord” with their children when they are supposed to be learning about God. FACT: The predators that do exist would be in jail or under serious pressure , IF the abused would do what they should do in cases of criminal activity and report the crimes to authorities IMMEDIATELY “WHAT????” I can’t dignify this with an answer The operative word here is “abused” and the blame is put on them because of fear of reporting…and why did you capitalize SUPERINTENDENT…Respectfully….

  22. He is supporting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted by the UN the year my mother was born (1948).
    This was constructed on the heels of Hitler’s madness, and the desire for the world to be at peace. These are basic rights, and no one was attempting to allow homosexuals to get married.

    Now, one can say that at that time no one was allowing blacks to have civil rights either…but they have it now…so since blacks used it to obtain human rights…why can’t gays do it to get married? (This is the problem!!)

    however, Bishop can’t be castigated because of every Tom, Dick, and Lesbian who wants to use the document to justify their way of life.. Christians have always supported that document w/o reference to the endorsement of gay marriage.

    This is not the gospel of inclusion…the gospel of inclusion says you can be saved w/o believing in Jesus.

    Bishop supports the human rights document not because he believes that all people are saved
    (or will be saved for that matter) ..but because he believes that all people are made in the image and likeness of God.
    I should not kill a human being (christian or not) because that human was created in God’s image..theologians refer to this concept as the ‘imago dei’..which is in the doctrinal category of anthropology (what God says about humanity) …..the gospel of inclusion falls within the theological category of soteriology (salvation)…you see? two different fields.

    If you are an unbeliever I will proclaim vehemently and incessantly that you are on your way to hell…but equally so I will defend to the death your right to go there.

  23. I am always and often struck speechless when Church people begin to defend looking, acting, and thinking like the world. These things sound so good that Bishop is saying, but they are not good and sound.

    Thank you for taking the painstaking effort to address the fundamental issues that rest upon one premis: That is that the Bible is right and holds the answer to each of our questions when interpreted properly. The question I think is “should Christians align themselves with the “sons of Belial” to do ANYTHING? The answer to any believer is a resounding NO! So, how do these men and their followers justify these absurd and ridiculous assertions that God is ok with what “WE” want to do? Easy, ignore the Holy Spirit when he warns you.

    We are dealing with WILLFUL IGNORANCE here. I don’t believe that Bishop is “ignorant in the sense of not having the knowledge”, but he and many others are operating in a state of willful ignorance. (I don’t want to hear the truth, and you can’t make me!) They ask: “How do you know they are the sons of Belial ?” Answer: They are of false religions, serve idols, abhor the Bible as per their own words. Should not a Bishop question who he is aligning himself with? The Bible says: in Thess. 5 …”to abstain from the very appearance of evil” Does it not appear evil to yoke yourself to unbelievers?

    Saints, ask the LORD for clarity here. Don’t take Dr. Foster’s words or anyone else for that matter. God will tell you the TRUTH IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR TRUTH. Otherwise you too are being “willfully ignorant” .

    Thanks again Dr. Foster for a well written rebuttal. I have not had time to completely digest it all, but I am working on a presentation for my church on this very thing. I will pray for you in your efforts to present the error that is being accepted as truth. Look up! Our redemption is nigh!


  24. Quote:
    If you are an unbeliever I will proclaim vehemently and incessantly that you are on your way to hell…but equally so I will defend to the death your right to go there.

    I concur, but should we align ourselves with the world to declare this? As children of God this is our life anyway, and we don’t need a ‘document” to affirm our commitment to God. It is to God we answer and not to this world. So why even do it in the first place?

    The Gay marriage can and should be read into this documents intent today given the fact that it does not exclude this type of marriage nor was there an amendment to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. Legally, the gays will have a right to marry under this document.

    So again why do we as Christians need to entangle ourselves with anything that even remotely seems to be against the Word of God?

  25. The point of COGIC has been made and I appreciate it being made because the issue and natue of homosexuality in the church needs to be addressed. Now, the point of healthy, productive and respectful dialogue among believers needs to be addressed by GCMW. I know change is difficult, for GCMW and for COGIC. For this effort to continue to be relevant, GCMW should take a more productive approach. If GCMW can go on TVOne and sit peacefully with two active homosexuals, why can’t he explore a peaceful approach with fellow christians in general and COGIC in particular ? By the way, in the interview with the Stewarts, the fat gay guy called DL gay to his face and DL did not deny it nor speak up. The Stewaerts both professed not to be gay.

    To continue down this path af radial tyrades and endless accusations is not productive, it makes you guys look like all the other guilt burdened homosexuals looking for company for their spiritual misery. Do you know the power of God’s grace or perhaps the fruit of the spirit ?

    Bishop Blake is selected and elected Leader of the Church of God in Christ, he has overwhelming support.

    God has obviously shown grace to GCMW, for restoration and for edification of the kingdom. GCMW should move on up a little higher, have a broader voice and respect leadership.

  26. churchgirl, Im not sure that I can follow you because like Bishop Blake and camp you are arguing a non sequitur point.

    There is 100% agreement on my part that humans are deserving of human dignity as created in the image of God. We get it that people should not be killed and violence is not the way of the Lord. Got it and agree.

    But you have failed to address or refute THE EVIDENCE we provided to prove our assertion that Blake endorsed a document that is inclusive of homosexual marriage.

    Picture a coin with a heads and tails. You are basically arguing that tails doesnt exist therefore it isnt applicable. I am arguing that both heads and tails exist and in the context of our article Blake was wrong to endorse tails while claiming he only saw heads.

    The UDIHR and the Faith Human Rights Statement endorse and are inclusive of homosexual marriage as a fundamental human rights. My challenge to you is to read the evidence presented and if you still argue that there is only one side to a coin, at least I know youre not being logical and realistic.

  27. Rev. Scott, I get the loftier points of your mini-missive here, but specifically what are you objecting to? Secondly, who determines when a point has been made? Who decides when we should move on? You? Or do we continue speaking out until we see change and resolution to these issues? Does Isaiah 58:1 hold any meaning to you or do you subscribe more to Ghandi style procedures. Be honest.

    Of course we all want “productive, peaceful, nonconfrontational” dialogue but are you saying there is no place for direct, confrontational sharp rebuke? I’d like to see your scriptural defense if you disagree. You call our well documented writing “radial (sic) tyrades (sic) and endless accusations” but perhaps that is because you have predetermined Bishop Blake can do no wrong, thus any legitimate complaints about his leadership decisions are immediately redefined. Nice tactic, but nonetheless transparent. Perhaps we are not concerned with “how we look” but concerned with righteousness and justice for COGIC members and families who have suffered grave injustices. Those same families are currently being ignored by Bishop Blake while he saves Africa’s children and signs documents (according to his spokesman) which have little real life application. I wonder if John the Baptist was concerned about “how he looked” as he sharply denounced the religious leaders and Herod for their wrongdoing? RevScott, if this is your perspective it is truly shallow.

    I concur, God has shown grace and mercy to me and it isnt for naught and only he can take credit for that. Consequently, my life is an open book, and a living epistle. If you suspect I am on the dl, you have the freedom (invitation and challenge) to conduct an exhaustive investigation and publish the results. Its really not that hard to do. Let me know when its completed.

  28. I’m suggesting a more productive approach, consider the context. Consider the context of scriptures and the context of the church, then consider the context of whatever method you are using for the cause of Christ.

    GCMW: Yes, I agree all these should be considered in context. This method (polemics) is needed in the body just for these purposes and in the season we live in. Thus, it is appropriate. If you dont agree with our method, I ask that you respect it as I believe God directed me to do so.

    The Church (read New Testament Church) stands in Grace, evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit. God has used you for edification and God has used the Church of God in Christ. Specifically concerning a productive approach: a brother pulled me aside after a Youth Forum where the issue “came up”. He said he appreciated my stand, then he shared with me that he had been strugging with getting to the root of his homosexual behavior. He said he tried to be gay, but was rejected. He tried to be straight, but was still effiminate and misunderstood. He then shared that he was born out of wedlock, and that his father was a prominent deacon and did not want him to ruin his reputation. Him and I talked at length and he shared that he was “turned out” in church, the church that his grandmother took him to.

    At the sametime, another friend of mine shared with me her experience with a bi-sexual, divorced Preacher, who was turned out in church by an older man as well.

    I could go on, but what was impressed on me was three things:

    1. Homosexuality was being preached against hard.
    2. Abuse was occuring and I was blind to it (like most others)
    3. Noone was doing anything about it, specifically some were hiding and turning away from it.

    So we prayed and what it has become is a network of Lay persons, Pastors, Ministers, Parents, Law enforcement and churches who offer spiritual support, prayer, guidance and intervention where appropriate, all focused on restoration, confronting Homosexuality and especially confronting abuse. in short, where there was denial there are now open doors.

    GCMW: Wow, this is great news! Can you provide some more specific information so those in COGIC struggling with homosexuality can see that the church is doing more than just “preaching hard”?

    I would suggest not arguing scriptures over a blog, non-believers read all this as well. I would suggest, researching the book of Acts, for how problems and different approaches to ministry were dealt with constructively and guided by the Holy Spirit. Specifically, to the point of your chosen tactics, read about when and how Paul confronted Peter (to his face), when Paul found fault with him.

    GCMW: Non believers already know much more than I can say on this blog. That’s the problem. Dont blame the blog, blame those who are walking contrary to the Word while claiming the name of Christ. If they werent doing this OUT IN THE OPEN, this blog wouldnt exist.

    I mean this with all sincerety; You are chosen and have earned favor to have a voice, to make a difference, don’t mess it up.

    The radical flames (no pun intended) that you are fanning will continue to react emotionally. See how they and you attacked me ? But these are tactics that the active homosexual agenda uses, emotional and short term at best. Your thrust has drifted too far and become destructive. You and your cause will go further and be more blessed if you get some spiritual covering and leadership, respect your leadership and respect COGIC leadership.

    GCMW: RevScott, please stop embellishing things. No one “attacked” you. You sound like the press release “COGIC under attack!!!!” Hardly. Sorry if you think that calling CHRISTIAN LEADERS into accountability, exposing the unfruitful works of darkness and fighting open false teachings in God’s church is reacting “emotionally”.

    For context, You know how you went and had that sit down with those Gay guys and the Stewarts ? Did you argue scripture then or did yo consider the context ?

    GCMW: Yes, the context was it was entertainment and I had to use wisdom. There was no arguing of scripture because none was allowed to be argued. There’s only so much you can cover in one hour with such a broad topic and 5 black men who all want to talk. That’s the context. However, this blog is not an entertainment venture. Read the about us. And we have time to work it out and like the Bereans research what people say and compare it to what the Word says.

    Keep the fire burning, but don’t argue scripture, it is sacred. Consider the context and what you are trying to accomplish, don’t get fixated on one person, get some sprititual covering and respect leadership.

    GCMW: Again, thanks for your advice. I suspect you have not ventured beyond this particular post which is one of 430 posts written in the span of almost 2 years. Take your time and read. There’s no fixation on one person.

  29. The Church (read New Testament Church, read body of Christ) stands in Grace, evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit as a body of many members joined together. God has used you for edification and God has used the Church of God in Christ, both as his body. Well, I’m Protestant, and I protest (PRO-TESTANT) against the idea that God will direct one man to do something that is contrary to scripture, by any method that single man desires. Grace is not a license for a body of one member. Consider the book of Acts, in the context of the body of Christ. There are ways to do things, without sitting Ex-Cathedra.

    To shed some insight on our ministry, let me give you some background. What we have done has taken about 2 years to build, based on trust and cooperation. The same context, respect for leadership, knowing when to confront, knowing when to reason, all these things I’m discussing with you, I discussed with others, and it took much, time, prayer and insight. Some of the same suggestions I have for you, others gave me. The same attack, “God called ME” process you are going through, others went through. Change is hard and there was much rejection. Basically, your approaches won’t work in an spiritual environment of trust and cooperation, because you are doing what worldly homosexuals do to promote their agenda. Considering how you have confronted and found fault with the Office of Presiding Bishop and your obvious rejection of Godly Leadership. My question is, what if you found fault with something you didn’t like and took out your radical license and proceeded ? What we have done is agree to work together and to handle the issues that will arise together as one body of members, not as individual members or a collection of bodies. If you really want to know, we can find a way to take it offline, I’d be glad to talk, maybe a conference call or something.

    My faith protests against the idea that God will direct one man to do something that is contrary to scripture, by any method that single man desires, without any leadership nor accountability. Where is your open door to leadership ? Honestly, do you have any accountability to anyone other than yourself ?

    Funny thing is that your blog came online the same time these other events unfolded. I’ve been reading it, and yeah it is starting to drift. If I were to take your methods and steps one step further, I could start a blog, “Entertainment Christian Watch” and highlight Christians who profess Christ and lose their “radical” and “biblical” identity once they have an opportunity to go on TV. You AGREED to go on a Gay themed entertainment show and not discuss the Bible. Is that what you are saying ? You could be in the same Christian entertainment light as pretty high profile people. Maybe, you could be in a Tyler Perry movie or on Bobby Jones Gospel if you keep agreeing to entertainment venues. Yeah, just agree not to discuss the bible and you can blow up.

  30. Elder Foster…

    ok, I’m just a member of the congregation here… I’m a broadcast entertainment marketing executive working at a radio station in Los Angeles. I heard about this through an email… I have to say I was shocked at the headline of your original story…

    You can’t be serious.

    I have read all the related posts and I have read the documents in question. I just do not see how you got support for gay marriage out of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights document nor the Faith in Human RIghts Declaration. I actually think it is a good thing that the COGIC participated in the signing of these important diplomatic tenets.

    As a broadcaster I realize that the issue of gay marriage is an intense discussion taking place all over the community. And in our communties, institutions have to make a stand on it… Me? I voted yes on 8. While I believe that the issue is really amoral question, I am of the opinion that if you ask me to vote on it I will vote against it everytime.

    I have heard and participated in forums on the radio discussing the issue. At the center of my opinion are my spiritual and moral precepts which drove my decision at the ballot box. Precepts solidified and backed up through the Word of God as it comes to me through the West Angeles Church of God in Christ. Yes, Bishop Charles Blake is my pastor.

    I am very very clear on Bishop Blake’s and COGIC’s policy on Gay marriage and I agree. That said, I just cannot see how you linked Bishop Blake’s action as Presiding Bishop to send an emissary to participate in this global demonstration of the preservation of peace.

    The headline is inaccurate.

    It is the church that remains the beacon of hope in this world even as we face adverse conditions. Aren’t we supposed to “Love One Another” and isn’t “Blessed are the Peacemakers?”.. As a layperson, I see this action by the Church as a way to directly follow those tenets of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    How did you connect it? You didn’t.

    I have to agree it sounds like you have an ax to grind with COGIC.. It’s kind of slanderous to establish your opinion with such an inaccurate headline. Bishop Blake endorse Gay Marraiage Declaration”??? How did you deduce that???

    This is what we called in the military, misinformation.

    I agree with Rev. Scott when he says you should extend much more respect to the Presiding Bishop when expressing your opinions. That’s just what’s up.

    Now as for Prop 8. I have heard messages and commentary that made the point of Bishop Blake’s and the Church’s stance on the issue. At the same time, I am of the mindset as an active member that the Church should keep it’s distance from political issues. We need to maintain our moral center which is based on our spiritual conviction and politics will take care of itself.

    Yes, I believe that the issue of gay marriage is a moral issue; a morality founded in and driven by the Word of God. I walk in the world as a man with a spiritual center. A Center that is energized by the teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And as we walk in the world, we know that moral issues will become secularized and ineveitably we will be asked ot vote on it. The will of the people is at the core of our political system and our people, the people of the Lord will vote according to “whatever things are true, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are pure………” And then let God do the rest….

    That, my friend, is faith in action.

    And in the end, we have to do SOMETHING to promote goodness, decency and morality in this world. The international movement to maintain and promote peace is needed.. and the Church – my church(COGIC) needs to be a part of that.

    Knowing that the issue of gay marriage is a moral issue – not a civil rights issue – nor was it even considered during the drafting and issuance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights… so then how can it make it onto the stage of Human Rights??

    If I don’t read or detect any inkling of an affirmation of gay marriage in the document then certainly a scholarly leader like Bishop Charles E. Blake can…

    So again, how do you infer such an association?

    You can’t.

    You guys have big words and scholarly dissertation on this issue, but to me, the working guy, the member of the church, the educated average joe…. you missed it…

    I support Bishop Charles Blake. He is to be respected and you need correction… He’s talking peace in this world while you err and convolute his actions….


    God Bless You…

    Greg J.

  31. Rev. Scott: You are in error. You are making puny
    excuses for sin in the camp. Quit trying to make brownie points with COGIC. Stick to the Word of God as your template to discern error. No one is being marginalize. That is what sin does. You obviously want to maintain some comfort level with either COGIC or
    the homosexual community. You can not serve God and try to please man. If you detect sin, you are to shout about it and not worry about someone’s reputation being tarnished. When that tarnished person is looking up from Hell, he or she would have wished that someone pulled them out of the fire when they could have done so.
    Bishop Blake is in clear errot and he does not have the guts to make a clear stand for the Word of God and for that you would come out and give him comfort?
    Too many people are still dazzled by titles and pomp and positions that they are no earthly good and are clueless about discerning and contending for the faith.
    A contender fights for the faith.
    “Rev” Scott take a stand on the Word of God and quit worrying about who is covering your back.
    P.S.: There is no Bible basis for the use of the word Reverend so why are you using a phony and false title?
    You are not to be revered (that is what the word means)…only Christ. So, why are you seeking glory due to God by the use of that man made title?

  32. Pastor: I would like to know when and where you made a clear stand on this abuse in the COGIC organization or are you playing safe or possum for fear of you losing your perks and benefits with your bosses? You sound like one would defend such abuses at the costs of saying…Oh well, you enabled this pastor to abuse you…so you must be liable! Such
    gut rubbish!
    COGIC is on the hot seat and as well as it should be since their abuse is well known and now they are running for cover and issuing tepid PR statements via their spokespersons…such as you.

  33. Lafe,

    My answer is that the body of Christ is one body with many members. In order to not have confusion in churches, such as is going on right now with all of these emotional responses (Fosters included) is that God created leadership. If there is a problem in the church, it should be brought with witnesses to leadership for a response. If leadership does not respond, it should be brought to council and escalated, for a response. If the matter includes laws being broken,church leadership is responsible to uphold the law of the land.

    COGIC has mechanisms to respond to all of the issues you are addressing, sin, leadership, etc. COGIC has a position and the Office of Presding Bishop has offered a response. There are going to be issues in the body of Christ, and COGIC has mechanisms to respond to avoid confusion. If you and Foster and not happy with the response, as a member of the body of Christ, it does not give you license to respond another member any kind of way you want.

    Foster has a problem with leadership, so he tears it down. Sounds like you have a problem with titles ?

  34. Pastor Burnett,

    Some of these folks are hurt to the point of not yet ready to be helped. They have some valid points, some not so valid and they grind their axes, but why have they seemed to narrow the scope on COGIC in general ?

    Generalized COGIC is at fault ? Every COGIC church ?

    What is up ?

  35. I had a chance to read the document in its entirity and I could not find one statement that mentioned the words Gay, Lesbian, Homosexual or Same Sex Marriage. Can you please point out in the document wher it is. maybe I read too fast and just missed it. While you are at it please show proof that Bishop Blake’s signature is on the document. I’d like to be able to form my own opinion about what has transpired based on solid evidence.
    Thanks and keep up the good work you do.

    GCMW: All the links have been provided in the articles, including the evidence we presented to support our claims. You’ll need to go back and read.

  36. No Lafe, you are wrong. If you have not tried to take a matter through the COGIC process and experience their refusal to properly carry out their own procedures and policies, you are in the dark. Because they police themselves, they do not police themselves. The injustice that occur because they will not break rank with their report payers is unbelieveable. I pray you never have an issue that requires justice or a proper response from this church because if it means one of the good ole boys have to be exposed, it is not going to happen. You will be disillusioned like many others. And just so you know, some people speaking have suffered some very bad offenses,even criminal. You want to believe that the men of the cloth will be righteous and just when no one else will but often they add to the offense and hurt you have suffered at the hands of one of their ministers.

  37. One thing we have to keep in mind. Some of us are born into this church because our parents and grandparents were here. But often it is weaken, troubled, broken, vunerable people looking for help who come to the church. And sometimes they are not the strongest spiritually, mentally or emotionally. Some people want to trust so bad that they blindly trust. I agree that it is just not wise to leave your kids with anyone but so many people lack wisdom for a number of reasons. And for that, they deserve to be protected as well. That is why, this church requires a strong prayer force. I hear the cry for the lawsuit but in addition, I think we should launch a nationwide consecration and prayer against this predatory spirit that wants to destroy the church that God established 100 years ago. God is able to make them all walk away from their positions in order to raise up Godly leaders. God is able if God’s people pray,

  38. ok.. I’ve read your comments to churchgirl “My challenge to you is to read the evidence presented and if you still argue that there is only one side to a coin, at least I know youre not being logical and realistic…. ”

    I must be illogical and inrealistic because your citations, and the document itself do not contain real evidence of the endorsement of gay marriage. While your citations are obscure news reports that say the world body is embracing same sex marriage, they do not however, reveal the actual words used in such a declaration.

    It is not there… I still support Bishop Blake because I am there and have heard and seen the deal…. and what you are talking about just isn’t there…

    illogical and unreasonable… I guess that’s me….

  39. WOW!!! What a cheap shot to say that Pastor Foster said nothing on Black Man Revealed.

    It is almost ludicrous to even write his statement and a last stab at that.

    All this man (Pastor Foster) has done was to testify his deliverance (publicly I may add), minister to many who struggle with the lifestyle, inform may of God’s people about the evils of this movement and it is a movement, ect. ect.

    Everyone knows that shows, especially on BET, like BMV are edited. I wrote in to Pastor Foster and he admitted that he could have said or done some things differently. He should great humility, at least in my mind. But I’m no fool to know that TV (again, especially BET) is anti-Christian and would have shown a bias slant against Pastor Foster’s views anyway.

    In my guess, the whole debate around Blake’s actions boils down to two ideas:

    1) should Christians join the world to change the world? or, 2) did Christ give us enough to transform the lives of people, apart from the world?.

    I’ll just mentioned a few verses and let you decide:

    Psa 98:9 “Before the LORD; for he cometh to judge the earth: with righteousness shall he judge the world, and the people with equity.”


    Isa 13:11 And I will punish the world for [their] evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.


    Jhn 1:10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.


    Jhn 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.


    Jhn 8:23 And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

    Jhn 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.


    1Cr 6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?


    It is so ironic that BLAKE speaks from the post of the Pentecostal Experience of the Acts of the Holy Spirit in the transitional BOOK of ACTS. You all know the verse:

    But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Act 1:8

    This verse, the foundation of Pentacostalism and the COGIC. along with verse 18 –

    “These all continued with ONE ACCORD in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren” – set the church in motion.

    Yet when you go on to read about the church and its leaders throughout the rest of the book and the epistles (and even Revelations), YOU FIND NOTHING OF THESE SAINTS ALIGNING WITH WORLD(LY) LEADERS TO BRING ABOUT GOD’S PURPOSE AND PLAN.


    And before anyone asks an asinine or immature question like “Should a Christian work in the environment with a non-Christian” and want to associate working with unsaved people with what BLAKE is doing, I’ll just say… call yourself Reverend, Christian, Church Lady, Saint, all the fancy heading to match Blake’s decorative response in his letter of defense to Pastor Foster accurate claim of his sinful and sorry action, YOU ARE INDEED IMMATURE!!!


  40. Pastor Foster, isn’t it obviouse that the strong reaction by Bishop Blake’s lieutenants stems from the charge in your original post that signing onto the UDIHR is simply an endorsement of gay marriage. They have argued (persuasively, to my thinking) that such an endorsement was never their intent. And even the links you provided showing how gay and other liberal human rights organizations perceive the UDIHR as implicitely supporting same-sex marriage beg the question, as these advocacy groups by their own admission are reading the document expansively to find this support… specifically, gay marriage isn’t discussed or alluded to in the UDIHR.

    You also make what seems to me to be a false equivalency between coalition with groups from other faiths and “ecumenicalism.” Collusion on social agendas is what Bishop Blake champions, not an ecumenicalism that promotes doctrinal unity with other faiths.

    Your criticism of Bishop Blake’s actions in this matter seems to rely on sensationalism and exaggeration. That’s too bad. There is a genuine danger in the partnership approach the Bishop has envisioned for the church’s international outreach, and that issue is worthy of careful and scrupulous examination.

  41. Quote:
    “And in the end, we have to do SOMETHING to promote goodness, decency and morality in this world. The international movement to maintain and promote peace is needed.. and the Church – my church(COGIC) needs to be a part of that.”

    Can’t the Word of God do that independent of the human rights document? Does it matter at all that the other religions who joined in signing this document preach against the teachings of Jesus Christ in every other way? Does it matter?

  42. Quote:

    “Collusion on social agendas is what Bishop Blake champions, not an ecumenicalism that promotes doctrinal unity with other faiths.”

    Did he specify that in the document? I was unable to find it. Intent and actuality are two very different concepts. Could you also please elaborate on Pastor D.L.’s sensationalism and exaggeration. Reading his post and response, I was able to clearly follow his logic in the Word.

  43. Lafe,

    I don’t believe you have the foggiest idea of what you’re talking about in fact I KNOW you haven’t a clue as to me my stands or what I’ve done PERIOD…

    At any rate my points are clear and hopefully understood…like many subjects in order to get a full understanding of all issues involved and how to resolve them emotions have to be checked at the door and all persons must think rationally…”Knee-jerk” reactions will only go so far but they will not solve problems…I think Elder D.L. has undertaken to try to solve problems and he knows my efforts to do so also. Yes, we want the same thing, greater accountability, but we have varying opinions on how to best accomplish this in ALL churches.

    Thanks and this concludes my comments here.

    GCMW: Anyone who doubts Supt. Burnett’s very active efforts to assist in areas of reform and education on this subject is clearly mistaken. Once again, replies to this subject matter, should be addressed in this post only. If you post responses here, they will be subject to deletion. Thanks.

  44. My questions is this? Why is Bishop Blake signing anything that Jews, Catholics, Buddhist, Muslims etc. are signing and in agreement with???? What is the foundation of COGIC??????? Whatever is going on in this world, should be solved through PRAY,FASTING and STAYING IN THE WORD OF GOD. The Holy Spirit himself will direct us to what needs to be done. We should never be yoked with other religions? The reason we can not accomplish anything for the LORD is because everyone wants recognition. No one wants to take the back seat and let the LORD work.

    We as the body of Christ need to fall on our knees and repent and ask the LORD to show us what in us is hindering people from coming to Christ. What in us needs to be slain so that the Holy Spirit can work through us. We need to also ask the LORD for discernment so that we can discern the things of GOD. We should never be in agreement with satan no matter how much truth is in it.

  45. Despite the postings, links and other “proofs” you claim to have you do not show me where there is any such mention, explicit or implicit that shows that Blake knowingly signed or directed his emmisary to be a signator on the document.
    I am a rational man of reasonable understanding and I would not like to denounce any person when there is not sufficient proof. I think you owe it to the public to which you so adamantly claim to be a purveyor of truth to provide proof and not leave it up to inference and interpretation.
    As a preacher you know very well, especially with Scripture that two people can read the same writing and leave with a different interpretation depending upon their particular ethos.
    I am 100% in favor of denouncing homosexuality as an abhorent evil and more particularly a matter of choice rather than a human right or God given right, but to make the stretch you have made and rationalize it as interpretative is not in my estimation a purveyance of truth or even sensible.
    We do have the Bible to base our call for a holy and clean life from “Sin” , all sin not just homosexual sins. What about the churches that have deacons who right after church pull out a Kool, Viceroy, Pal Mal ( you can tell I don’t smote) and light up? Whay about the preacher who meets the young girl who is enamored with his gift at the hotel for a one-night-stand? What about prominent pastor couples who travel the country holding marriage Conferences while they are in the middle of a separation or divorce.
    Again, I am all for denouncing sin, but aren’t there other sins that are just as destructive to the Christian Community and the Body of Christ at large?
    Show me the proof that Blake signed or verbally supports homosexuality of any kind. For that matter show me proof that he supports any kind of sin and you’ll have my voice and public support.

  46. Pastor John with all due respect, Im not looking for your voice or public support. Maybe youre offering that because you think this was written to gain support. Not so.

    That being said, I have clearly explained, presented evidence to back up my original statements and honestly acknowledged any mistakes.

    Bishop Blakes proxy writers have made their points in a 22 page document.

    You said you are a rational man. Much more than rationale is at stake here, but it is a part of it. Its up to you to decide what you want to believe. Thanks for your comments.

  47. Duly Noted.. Yes… I got it….. Because truly it’s about our relationship with God and not the “Religion”…. You’re right, the Word of God should be able to Ihelp maintain and promote peace independent of some wordly document……in the end it doesn’t matter…… agreed…

    On the other hand, isn’t that a different argument than the debate here? The fact that he did sign it does not is simply not and endorsement of gay marriage ot gay lifestyles… …

    So why all this conjecture and argument?? What is the purpose of promoting misinformation? Where does the administration of the church belong on the world stage?? Does the administration of the church belong there??

    Do we fight the battles of injustice and tyranny by staying within our walls? Or stand idly by…

    I’m just asking….

  48. Taking the second point first, Growing, look at the title of the original blog: “Bishop Charles Blake endorses gay marriage declaration.” As Pastor Foster has admitted since, there is no overt “gay marriage declaration” in the agreement Dr. Hall signed on behalf of the COGIC. Prima facie, that headline is exaggerated and sensationalistic.

    Pastor Foster also wrote the following in that original blog: “But much more than just an affirmation of basic human rights, the manifesto is a stunning snapshot of what a future one world government and one world religion would look like under the rule of the antichrist.” There is no skeletal structure of one-world government in the UDIHR. There is no explanation of how signors are to be held accountable for keeping their promises regarding human rights. There is no enforcement structure whatsoever. The document has all the practical authority of a Congressional resolution.

    But the broadest overstatement I find in the piece is the charge that, by endorsing the UDIHR, Blake is advancing the ecumenical movement. To your first question, I think this charge against Bishop Blake is clearly made. And I think it is a stunning overstatement.

  49. Joseph, so to sum up your biggest objection is “exaggeration, sensationalism and overstatement”? Is that your best objection because it really is rather trivial considering the whole of the information presented. I mean if in your perspective you see exaggeration, sensationalism and overstatement, that’s what you see. But it may be filtered through your own prejudices. But you are entitled to your prejudices.

    As we stated in our most recent report, Bishop Blake’s proxy writers have framed their entire defense on technicalities. Wow, what an impressive political move. Its just like the gay christian movement’s technical assertion: “Jesus said nothing about homosexuality”. So if you agree with the technical defense of Bishop Blake, you’d also have to agree with the gcm’s technical defense of their homosexual sin. Technically, they are both the same rationale.

    Also, I guess you didnt read the latest revision of COGIC’s response where they cited a case in Sudan where the UDIHR was used to enforce and issue an arrest warrant. If its just a benign resolution, why did a judge in Uganda cite it repeatedly in ruling against police there? How could an arrest warrant be issued off a powerless resolution? Something doesnt add up with that logic.

    But lets say your assertion is correct and the UDIHR is pointless and powerless. In his video presentation, Bishop Blake didnt seem to think that. He called it the possibliity of a “new epoch”. Said it would kill “intolerance and bigotry”. And why spend money to send Dr. Hall to something so insignificant? Im not sure how much but I think it costs money to fly from Memphis to Amsterdam. And why didnt he inform COGIC pastors before he signed up all 12000 churches? Isnt Dr. Leonard Lovett COGIC’s official ecumenical officer? Why wasnt he sent as emissary? Was he even consulted? Did Bishop Blake obtain even minimal General Assembly authority to do this in the name of the church? Why was he the ONLY protestant invited? Were they at all suspicious that this was conceived, organized and executed by a nation whose dubious distinction is that they were the first nation in the contemporary world to legalize homosexual marriage? I suggest you answer the serious ethical, biblical and administrative breaches attached to this rather than grasp at straws about alleged exaggeration, overstatement and sensationalism. That’s too much of a cop out considering the scope of this issue.

  50. Rob,

    I could have not said it any better. One thing this shows me is that there are quite a few bible illiterate Christians in the Church today. As a member of COGIC, I am deeply saddened by the actions of this Presiding Bishop and the Ecumenical approach that he is taking. It would be nice if one of the Bishops in the Church would speak out against his actions. The COGIC website used to have a comments section but they removed it after the Convocation in November because some of the members in the church were crying out against some the mess that was happening during the convocation.

  51. quote: Whatever is going on in this world, should be solved through PRAY,FASTING and STAYING IN THE WORD OF GOD. The Holy Spirit himself will direct us to what needs to be done.

    I know what the Holy Spirit says to me and it is not that we should sit in our pews and do nothing as world tyranny, poverty, atrocities and the like just run rampant in the community and the world. I mean, God is in me and when he says move, I move… I believe in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and in it I am directed to move about the community building peace, love and working to promote social and economic justice, and alleviate poverty as tangible expressions of the Kingdom of God…

    These days people are seeking God more desparetly than ever, isn’t that evidence that the Holy Spirit wants us to get busy in the direction of combatting the evil principalities in the world and promoting peace and love?

    quote: What in us needs to be slain so that the Holy Spirit can work through us. We need to also ask the LORD for discernment so that we can discern the things of GOD.

    what needs to be slain is complacency in the body of Christ. We need to get out of our pews, get from behind the walls of our churches and get out in these streets and advance Christ’s agenda.. Be demonstrative to the masses that which is the commandment of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – love one another. In today’s world, we cannot show love sitting up in our churches with our hats and suits, we have to hit the bricks whether it’s in our communities or on the world stage…

    As to the argument that we should not be associating with other religions, that in and of itself is an interesting conversation. Maybe we don’t need some document, that’s for you denominational scholars to debate, and judging by some of these posts, it feels to me like folk are reducing the issue down to spritual gangbanging….

    All I know is that you will not lose any portion of the light that burns inside you if you share it with the world… In fact it is that light that will attract the world to you so you can be a witness to the essence of God in Jesus Christ…

    For me, the symbolism of joining the world in making a stance against genocide, tyranny and injustice is powerful to me.

    And I stand with Bishop Blake…

    Greg J.

  52. “For me, the symbolism of joining the world in making a stance against genocide, tyranny and injustice is powerful to me.”

    I would just say be careful and stay prayerful about your cause. I have never found a time when I was directed by God to do something or help someone and I had to join the world to get it accomplished. Scripture says to be with the world is to be against God. I just don’t believe you need both; symbolism or not.

    Ironic that you have to join the world to rid it of it’s worldly behavior. All of the injustices you want to fight are rooted in the lack of Jesus Christ…

  53. Bishop Blake, Dr. Hall, and others may be convinced of the efficacy and significance of the various arms of the United Nations, but I’m not. Nonetheless, I wasn’t attempting to justify Bishop’s beliefs or assertions in this matter. The major sadness I have with your original blog (and with some aspects of the subsequent ones) is that the overblown language distracted from a real critique of the efficacy of secular and interfaith alliances to promote an international outreach agenda. Sensationalism is a non-starter… for example, it closes the ears of the Blake supporters and even neutral observers in the COGIC when you accuse him in a bold headline of endorsing a “gay marriage declaration” yet the document in question DECLARES nothing about gay marriage. I don’t believe you’re posting these articles merely to see your name in print–I think that you have a desire to persuade and convince readers about the challenges facing the modern church. Persuasive writing must avoid gross exaggeration, as it undercuts its credibility. And that, in my opinion, is not a trivial concern.

    As we all know, Bishop Blake is attempting to spur the COGIC into a new era of social action… trying to again put our faith into shoe-leather. He is very concerned, for example, with issues of poverty, hunger and disease on the African continent… and he wants to inculcate an urgency about these issues in the rest of us. But as a COGIC member, I have some trepidation about the alliances he has been willing to make to further these humanitarian causes. As you have excellently reported in past blogs, the Gomes fiasco was an example of such an alliance biting Bishop in the posterior. And there are more dire risks than just bad PR, obviously. At this pivotal moment, we in the COGIC need cogent, level-headed analysis to reference as we engage our leadership and other members about the dangers of a strategy of alliances. Sad to say, it will now be difficult to reference GCMWATCH, given how the exaggerated claims in the original post in particular made it easy for leadership to dismiss the messenger (if not the message).

    As an aside, do you really believe the UDIHR has practical authority? Sixty years after the UDHR was signed, have the signatory nations even made much of an effort to end human rights abuses within their borders?

  54. CT,

    I could only imagine some of what might have occurred at the “Holy” convocation. I am still somewhat appalled with the leaders inviting a known “ONENESS” in Jakes to plant his feet in the holy pulpit at this supposed sanctified and sacred event.
    Talking about “ecumenical”. I guess it was their (COGIC) ploy to usher in a new charisma so that a good time can be had by all. And for those who would support this garbage, I say like you – “There are quite a few bible illiterate Christians in the church today”. SAD!!! Heep the faith my brotha/sista.

  55. Joseph, please read the latest post.

    Your last couple of questions are indeed sidebars that I dont want to get into right now in detail other than to say in the context I have written the season we are in has caused an accelerated use of the UDIHR in key “human rights” cases on the international spectrum. To me it is a push pin in a broader eschatological (sp) framework.

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