In the shadows of secularism?

shadowEaster is more about the easter bunny than the supernatural resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is more about presents from santa than celebrating the supernatural arrival of the Messiah

Thanksgiving seems to be more about what’s for dinner than giving honor to God.

Are we slowly but surely losing our foundations? Some churches have begun competing with halloween by holding “hallelujah nights”. One pastor said “the kids need something to keep their attention”.

Just a few holiday examples, but is it a sign of what’s to come? Many Christian churches incorporate the more secular components of the holidays or “Holy Days” in order to appeal to people who arent religious. However, some believe that this is only helping to hasten the time when our faith will be a footnote of a period of intolerance and exclusion.

Just this week, the American Religious Identification Survey released their findings which revealed continuing declines of  people who self identify as “Christian” or “evangelical” while those who claim no religion at all and those who embrace pagan religion, have risen. Pentecostal religion grew by 3.5 percent.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair told a UK paper  that Christianity is at risk of being sidelined in England’s increasingly secular society. Charisma Magazine reported Blair “said he agreed with church leaders that Christianity is in danger of being viewed as a “personal eccentricity” rather than a significant influence on the nation.”

In short, Christianity is in danger of becoming a something akin to women who still like to wear their hair big like in the 80s.

True and given, God has a remnant that “hasnt bowed the knee to Baal” and his word will never fail. But what of this organization called the Christian church? Is it destined to be swallowed by a one world system?

In an earlier report, we looked at how the harlot church is developing right alongside the true church and at some points threatning to overshadow it.  Many false ideologies are  slowly merging with biblical concepts and creating a new thought stream throughout the church. Like the holidays mentioned, these concepts sound good, feel good and even look good on paper, but where is it leading us?  In recent years, we’ve experienced surges of extentialism, humanism, hybrid ecumenicalism, extreme pacifism, universalism and diaprax. That’s just to name a few. Some of  them are old heresies with new names. Though there are many questions, what’s clear is that we’ve got much to contend for as well as against.

5 thoughts on “In the shadows of secularism?

  1. There was a man who wrote a book entitled, “The Great Falling Away Today” . It was released in the 1980’s. In that book he told about how the church was going to become like the world and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. He talked about how they would be more interested in teaching how to have wealth and corporation rather than saving souls. He talked about the greed and selfishness that was coming. How getting wealth and celebrity was going to be more important to these preachers. There was some skepticism surrounding his death. My husband and I heard him speak at a church in Ft. Worth, Texas back then and we purchased two of his books. Most of the people there including the pastor were not pleased with what was said, but my husband and I knew he spoke the truth about what was coming. He wrote a letter of retraction a few weeks later apologizing for his supposed false statements he made and about two weeks after we got the letter he was dead, they said from a heart attack. We were skeptical then and still are regarding that, but he made a LOT of people from the pulpits to the pews angry with what he was teaching. He told what is now being done in the churches across America. His name Milton Green. This is a book you might want to find and read. He also has tapes on the website his wife set up. He talked about people being more into the worldly things than into God and His Christ. As we see there is truly a Great Falling Away Today!

  2. You are so right Pastor D.L. All of this compromising the Word of God is slowly but surely watering down the power that it holds. I have this argument with my sister every year at halloween. She takes her children to a “Harvest Fair” (I maybe using the wrong term) at her church on that night. I ask her why in the world would you need a replacement for a demonic celebration? She said it’s because the other kids are out doing something and she doesn’t want her kids left out. I tell her that’s exactly our problem; we no longer feel comfortable being set apart. We are different; uncompromising, and faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ and that means we do not follow the world. It’s the most frustrating thing…instead of taking the opportunity to teach our beliefs, we just fall in toe behind everyone else. I had the opportunity to have them last year and I sat down with them and explained why halloween means nothing to us but maybe an opportunity to witness to those who knock on our doors. We didn’t do anything special and guess what…the kids survived! They didn’t whine or cry about going to the church. Now, the oldest, no matter what, will not participate. She tells her parents what the Bible has to say. She’s nine years old. I praise GOD! Hallelujah!

  3. I read this article and wow it is a great read. I have some disagreements with some of the statements but they may be just semantics.

    I guess my main issue is with who “evangelicals” are and how they are defined. I dont consider myself and evangelical especially if he is saying they are a political group.

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