Grace and clergy sexual abuse

GCM Watch has covered clergy sexual abuse here and here as it has become necessary to advocate for victims of church predators. Many times there is no one in leadership who is willing to “stick their neck out” and go to bat for sexual abuse victims. And today “victims” are everybody: men, women, boys and girls. There are predators of every type. Granted, we dont talk about this enough because the predators bank on periods of silence where people will forget what they have done…until it happens again.

But there is a really great resource we want you to check out. I love its opening page and there is a grace that welcomes those who have been broken by unwanted sexual violation. Please visit if you are struggling with the after effects of church-based sexual trauma.

Visit netGRACE –  Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment


5 thoughts on “Grace and clergy sexual abuse

  1. I understand that there have been abuses. To say the least none of us are ignorant to the fact that there have been sexual abuses in all churches. However, I feel that when the abuses occured it should have been reported to the police, not to the saints first. Police, then Prayer. If the Lord has delivered you, and this is the ministry that he has given you, the Lord will also hold you accountable for what you report if it is untrue.

    As to this panel you were on, as you can see there are quite a few people disturbingly distorting the fact that God is against this type of lifestyle for his people, and his practices. For instance the pastor with the Gay son, who seems to try to cover up the fact that love is more important to him than the fact that someone in his family, church or community has somehow influenced his son inspite of his teaching the word of God and being a man of God. If you look into the scriptures at some of the Greatest prophets, their children were absolute wrecks top say the least. but they never excused their actions and the one that did, Eli, fell off a stool and broke his neck. There will be many of us broken by Christ for our actions and teaching if we don’t repent. I am Church of God in Christ too, but not caught up in personalities, only in Jesus and his teachings. No the bible does not say Homosexual, but it does say in the old testament that men and women should not lay with one another as a man and a women should. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that, the next time direct the lady sitting in the middle of your panel to those scriptures please.
    There will be many of us broken when Christ returns.

  2. FYI You may be interested to know that your previous blog about Bishop Blake’s support of the UDHR initiative has provoked someone that says they are COGIC to create a group in Facebook to discuss the matter with other COGIC members. I think the group is a new one since there are only 12 members. I found out from seeing a status message about one of my friends joining the group.

  3. I was NOT addressing HER comment but yours. If your are detecting indignation (as opposed to self righteousness) then you are abosolutely correct. You need to check your own thoughts for self righteousness. I did not post to defend the comments made by the sister who made the blanket statements about how dangerous COGIC churches are. I did not agree with her statement but you addressed that. I posted to address your unbalanced and uninformed attitude regarding the issue (also check your response for blanket statements.)
    Your assessment about my attitude of self rightoeus ness is as incorrect as your response to which I addressed my previous concerns. I am of the same opinion, still. You miss my point. I was not addressing individual actions of some pastors and women etc. where there is complicity on bioth sides but rather the apparent attitude in your response. Did you not say “half” of the sexual abuse cases would not take place if the women stayed out of the faces of the ministers. Is that a statistical “FACT”? Or is it your anecdotal information and conclusion. I did not have to answer the womens assertion against COGIC because I am not personally offended by her comments. I took them for what they were worth. Perhaps if she had not had the experiences she had she would not have made the statements that she did.
    I notice that you didn’t anser the more pertinent issues of my post.
    I did not mention repenting of addressing the unfair comment but of your uninformed and ignorant rant about whose responsibility it is to rmeain ethical and moral in a situation we are discussing. It takes two to tango is a worldy idea and does not hold the minister to te higher standard of holiness. Those who are leadership are held to a higher standard. You failed the addressed the weightier issue of my posts and chose to attack the fact that I didn’t come to your aid regarding the attacl levied against the COGIC. You are still blaming the “sister who goes to the pastor’s lust study” at night. Who asked her to come the lustful pastor. The point is whose more responsible . She or he? The real issue of this whole train of thought is what is COGIC DOING about the issue? What is there to defend abaout that. YOu are addressing tangental issues, truly. Even in your commments about your wife you hold her as the detective you should know her “perfume” from anothers. What id the victim is a 15 year old boy? Would a woamn know the smell of a boy from the smell of a 15 year old boy. ALL OF THIS is tangental and truly irelevant from the point. What is your church doing about it. Isn’t that really the issue? I had to laugh as you wrote I should not have even “framed my fingers” to suggest such a thing. Well I did, I do and I will continue to do so. I, as a minister for more than 30 years (since you made tenure an issue) have had to repent many times for wrong attitudes, thoughts, words, ideas, and actions. Whether you can acknowledge it or not you still need to repent of your archaic and passive aggressive view of this issue. I am blessed by your site and blog and will continue to visit and comment but on this issue, Dear Brother, you are WRONG! Can you truly answer what is COGIC doing about this issue?

  4. Oregonsistah,

    The answers to your questions should be obvious based on Lisa’s initial remarks which was incediary, and my responses addressing the isses involved.

    That’s notwithstanding that there are REAL and SUPPORTABLE claims of abuse that occur but her statements that COGIC Pastors and bishops “are doing this everyday” are over the top, irresponsible and emotional. I am ONE of those Pastors and Superintendents (IN BIG LETTERS), that she refrences and NONE of those things has ever happened in either congregation that I oversee or ANY of the fine pastors with whom I fellowship or associate…

    Then the FACTS I mention are both experiential facts of 27 years of seeing and knowing about this sort of thing and also from the outcome of many of these cases which go together to suggest that all things ARE NOT as though they seem all the time…

    In fact, I KNEW PERSONALLY of a lady who confessed to ME that her allegations against a particular minister were to “punish the pastor” because he wouldn’t give into her whims…Another involved a woman who conspired WITH HER HUSBAND to try to financially bleed the pastor and church through extortion…What hit the news???

    Not so much that she had fabricated the story and had been held in contempt by the court (because that was the outcome) All that people were interested in saying was “look at how wrong he (the Pastor) was” and HE was NOT wrong in any way….

    What’s the answer? PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! 100% OF THE TIME…That will eliminate much of the problem and leave families, churches and supporting individuals to focus on the TRUE instances where individuals have been taken advantage of…

    So don’t paint a picture like she did…There are thousands more like me (IN COGIC) that Love God and HIS church!


  5. I would like to clarify a garbled comment I wrote related to a comment previously made by Elder Burnett regarding sexual abuses and the complicity of women in that regard. The aforementioned comment can be found on “An Unholy Covenant: Our Response to Bishop Blakes Defense Document.” The following is the clarified comment: “What if the victim was 15 year old boy ? Would a woman have to know the smell of a 15 year old boy from a woman?”
    May I say that I do believe that Elder Burnett’s intention is honorable with respect to the subject matter. I am of the opinion that his posturing and commentary related to this issue on this post reflect an attirude inconguous with his apparent intention. I think anyone who can read observes this. I think it is a part of the culture of every church not specifically the COGIC; that being so, does not at all diminsh COGIC’s responsibility to address the issue in a timely, fair, godly and equitable manner. His rhetoric around the issue in the post to which I refer is unfortunate and defensive, perhaps understandably so; yet not excusable. To not acknowledge this is even more infortunate and disappointing in my opinion hence the use of the word repent. To repent means to “change directions, or mind” ( one definition) which is exactly what I meant. I still mean that. Respectfully so.

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