Exodus president calls ‘covenant friendships’ sinful

Exodus president Alan Chambers has finally heard about a new living arrangement some gay christians are accepting called “covenant friendships”. Apparently its some sort  of same sex relationship with no sex involved and its practitioners believe it to be acceptable to God. In a Charisma Magazine column he talked about it.

During lunch, my friend asked my views on “covenant friendships”. I’d never heard that term, but quickly realized she was referring to sexless committed relationships between members of the same gender. I immediately called them sinful. She was shocked. So was I. Apparently, we don’t share what I consider to be fairly cut and dry biblical position on this issue. So I asked her to give me a first hand account of such a relationship that she saw as healthy. She went on to share the story of a Christian lesbian who believes that homosexual behavior is sinful, but holds no hope of ever experiencing heterosexuality. The thought of living a single life was too much for her to bear and so she developed a committed non-sexual relationship with another woman. They held a commitment ceremony, bought a house together, combined their finances and are trying to live happily ever after. They live in separate bedrooms, but in every other sense of the word, they are partners. “What’s wrong with that?” my friend asked. Everything.

Although, we’ve disagreed with Chambers in the past on some things, on this one he’s right. There is nothing holy or biblically acceptable about two men or two women “committing” to a sexless relationship because they dont forsee themselves being heterosexual.

Early last year when I was asked about  a variation of this by someone I knew, I immediately balked. Something isnt right about it. For starters, its a compromise based on a false premise. The false premise is that there is no possibility of becoming heterosexual. Says who? But heterosexuality is not the goal of a follower of Christ in the first place and certainly its no indicator of sanctification. There are plenty of heterosexuals on their way to hell.

We talked abou that here by asking is “same sex romantic love” a sin?  And here we looked at the validity of “homo-emotional” relationships. We also talked about the whole “I cant be heterosexual” issue  here with some people who see that as a goal. To repeat and make matters very clear: the goal is holiness.

As long as people keep looking for excuses to live differently than how the scriptures tell us to live, satan will keep supplying these false relationship options.


6 thoughts on “Exodus president calls ‘covenant friendships’ sinful

  1. Be it “regular” or “diet,” a cola is still “cola.” You can usually tell regular from diet version. The diet version is chosen when one is trying to watch their caloric intake, so they satisfy the craving for real, sweetened cola by drinking the one with artificial sweetener. Most folks I know would prefer the regular, high-calorie version simply because it “tastes better.”

    Somehow, in a way, this posting reminded me of that. Covenant friendship seems really “close to the edge” and somewhere along the way, it could become what it shouldn’t.–an intimate same-sex relationship, because that is what they really want anyway.

    This may be a wierd analogy, but I think the point is understood. 🙂

  2. It is a cruel thing to enter a ‘friendship covenant’ when the person knows that he or she has sexual desires, and a definite appetite.
    It looks good on the cover, but really underneath it all, it spells death.
    I also think that it leads to thinking that there is nothing wrong with masturbation which is a sin. Anything that takes place of the affection due to God is sin. Masturbation is in effect setting up in your mind someone or yourself as the object of adoration, and acting out physically stimulating the sexual organ. Another word for this is Idolatry.
    So to enter such a covenant with oneself and another is a hard feat and similar to what God warns in Scripture:

    When a man voweth a vow unto Jehovah, or sweareth an oath to bind his soul with a bond, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth. [ Numbers 30:2 ]

    That person is putting a yoke upon himself that is hard to follow, especially when persons are coming together with same desires, even though ‘not acting them out’.
    All in all, ‘friendship covenanting’ is an evil practice that is not biblical and really comes out of a sense of piety, but isn’t pious at all. It is only surface. It is a form of legalism that one would see on the exterior, but when push comes to shove, in secret, the same things happen and it all turns out to be no covenant at all.

  3. C’mon, cut the comedy! “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”. It is MOVING INwith temptation. It’s like a sex addict moving accross the street from a porno shop. Like an alcoholic getting a job in a liquor store. All this is is an attempt to get around the truth of scripture. The sexual realtionship is a side effect of the heart’s intention. The real issue with the LORD is a pure heart and a pure heart wants to please the LORD in every way ;even if there is struggle and pain and disappointment involved. The way is narrow. In the greek the word narrow means “tight”.

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  5. This is …weird. Doesn’t the bible say something about shunning the very appearance of evil and something else about fleeing sexual immorality. Get real! A commitment ceremony? To what? Always being friends? That’s what the label “best friends” is for. This is a setup, nothing more than compromise at best and something…weird (evil) at worst. You’re playing games with sin and losing miserably.

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