Freedom from homosexuality

Hey after a pretty intense past few weeks, its time for a praise break! Be blessed by Kaliph Jamal’s testimony of deliverance and freedom from homosexuality. Its always good to thanks God for another overcoming testimony to break the silence. Kaliph’s book Hollywood to Holywood is set to be released April 1.

jamalA book about morality, dreams, redemption, faith, hope and recovery, based on a true story Hollywood to Holy Wood is a contemporary drama packed book. Set in the world of lights, camera and action, Hollywood to Holy Wood tells the story of a young man that was rejected from birth, abused and neglected at the hands of a woman that was imprisoned for drug use and prostitution. Kaliph Jamal, an adoptive southern church boy from North Carolina turned dynamic young aspiring talented R&B/Pop singer struggled to find his own identity as a struggling musician in Hollywood, a world that is built on lies and elaborate deceptions.

After landing in Hollywood Kaliph Jamal’s new Hollywood lifestyle was not his southern North Carolina church boy lifestyle but rather a temptation-filled life of sex, wealth, parties’ homosexual affairs and drugs. This lifestyle completely stripped him from his church boy character and integrity at a young age and birthed in him evil and worldly desires. It also completely distanced him from his family, friends, and most, and, importantly, God. Traveling the road to achieve the stardom that Kaliph wanted had its up’s and downs. Blinded by self pride, deception, fame, and the glitz and glamour’s life of Hollywood, little did Kaliph know that his road to stardom was a death trap trying to kill him.

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  1. Praise the Lord…Great news indeed!!

    Our Precious Lord can heal us of anything….

    Dev in Canada

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