The Prop 8 List: Somebody's missing in action

Under Dr. Fred Price’s leadership, California’s African American (and some Latino) pastors and bishop joined together speak out against homosexual marriage. Here’s the list of those who despite the threats from homosexual activists, still stood up and out and encouraged people to do what’s right. There are also some very prominent names who did nothing and said nothing in defense of Prop 8.  I’m not going to call any names, but look at the list and you can see for yourself who’s missing in action. I dont know about you, but I’d like to know why. [source]. 

Bishop Frank Stewart Zoe Christian Fellowship-LA
Pastor Craig Hays Crenshaw Christian Center
Pastor Ed Smith Zoe Christian Fellowship-Whittier
Dr. BAM Crawford Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Center
Pastor Jim Ortiz My Friends House
Bishop Virgil Patterson Crusaders Ministry
Pastor Charles/Gwen Patrick Sunago Christian Fellowship Church-Compton
Trina Williams NAACP
Dr. Charles Nauden, Sr. Pastor The Holy Way COGIC COGIC
Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Crenshaw Christian Center
Pastor Fred Price, Jr. Crenshaw Christian Center
Pastor Kenneth Sesley Kingdom Advancers Family
Pastor Marcelo Alvarado Igelsia Misionnera Hispano Americana
Covenant Church
Min. Trena Thompson The Dwelling Place 
Pastor Carlton Lincoln
Pastor John Mendez
Min Alice Gier
Dr. Delores Jones
Pastor Robert Bolden
Pastor Robert Cummings
Min. Gail Riley
Pres Daniel y Susana Torres Vision De Futuroag
Pastor Mario Medio Mision Cristiana Intl
Netz Gomez Houses of Light
Min. Henry Lein Christian Mission
Pastor Carleton Lincoln The Dwelling Place
Reverend Dr. Raul Pacheco FCCI Ministries
Dan Herron Zoe Kingdom Seeker
Min. Leonard Radomskiy World Outreach House of Prayer
Tran M. Lewis Jr. Full Gospel COGIC
Lydia Gutierrez
Minister Terrance Richmond Calvary Christian Center
Pastor David Gray Bible Fellowship Community Church
Richard & Corrine Cardoza The Lord’s Church
Neftali Zazueta Grace Harvest Fellowship
Pastor Lawrence Witherspoon Fortress Community Church
Rev. Buckle Tree of Life
Min. Erica Arceo
Patricia Arnold Calvary Christian Center
Pastor Ray Telles Hope of Glory Fellowship
Pastor Joe Casnova
Pastor Leonard Dodonsky
Min. Claudette Matthews
Reverend Ralph Pacheco
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson BOND Action
Dr. Johnny Dlakley God in our Midst
Paul Deverses
Pastor Chris Ward Ward International Ministries
Phillip Goudeaux Calvary Christian Center
Richard Braxton ” ” ” Plumas Lake
Fred Simpkins Clear Voice Ministries
Don Proctor Impact Church
Richard Prasad Zion Global Outreach
David Gray Bible Fellowship Community Church
David Audrusyok Spring of Life
Roy Larry Sure House of Faith
Garth Buckle Tree of Life
Bill Krause Family Community Church
Alex Flores Life Changing Reality Christian Center
Joel Pappas Oasis Christian Mission Center
Ronnie Walton Jubilare
David Foster Greater Grace
Tillman Wade Unity Baptist
Jimmie Fazil New Direction Christian Center
Jacob Collins Life Bridge Church
Sherwood Carthen Bayside South Sacramento
Samuel Thompsen, Good Seed COGIC
Hirmand Askari Living Hope
Itasker Hollins Sr., All Nations COGIC
Pastor Glenn Cole Capital Christian Center
Greg Smith Valley Grace Community Church
Mike Higley Wesleyan Christian Church
Sean Morgan Grace Community Church
Mitch Keyes Firebaugh Faith Fellowship
Richard Cordoza The Lord’s Church
Tray Frederick New Direction
Alvaro Medina Casa De Oracion
Alvin Armstrong Church of the Redeemed
Pedro Cintron Candeloro de Oro
Robert Lambert St. Thomas Holy MBC
Esley Simmons South Sacramento Christian Center
Joe Mejia Miracle Christian Worship
Bishop Donald Green SF Christian Center
Bishop George McKinney, St. Stephens COGIC


16 thoughts on “The Prop 8 List: Somebody's missing in action

  1. I don’t see Bishop Clarence Mccendon’s church, Bishop Ulmer, and that guy that invited the Homosexual to speak at his rather large Church, hmm, I can not think of that preacher or his church’s name.

  2. This is old news…Prop 8 won…This event with Dr. Price occured back on October 23, 2008 – Before the 2008 Presidential Election…This list is not a reflection of any current news as to where pastors in California stand on gay marriage. What’s the fuss really about?

    GCMW: Two things. Prop 8 won tentatively by a slim margin without the help of certain high profile black Christian leaders. Why didnt they say anything then and why havent they said anything since? Plus, Prop 8 has been contested in court. Still nothing from these MIA leaders. The courts have yet to rule and could overturn it. That’s the “fuss”.

  3. It wouldn’t be fair to the Bishops names that didn’t not appear on this list if I didn’t say that the names of those who do appear on the list look they are of the Word of Faith movement.

  4. We’re not saying this list is complete, just that it is one of the only public records that we have as to who made it known they supported Prop 8.

    SC, yes some are Word of Faith and some are not. However this point: if Price could marshal up his followers and represent, why couldnt the other organizational leaders if they didnt want to yoke up with Price?

  5. Is gcmwatch claiming that they do not know how some of these African American pastors in California of “mega” churches, who are not on the list, stand on gay marriage?

    GCMW: no, just that some of them are conspicously missing in action in terms of public support Prop 8. And the question is why? If you know, feel free to explain for them.

  6. If gcmw is aware of where these pastors stand on the issue of gay marriage, and if these pastors have publicly said that they are against gay marriage, why isn’t that enough.

  7. FC are your questions actually leading somewhere or is this just a casual fishing expedition? If I can be really honest with you, this is becoming silly real fast.

  8. In regards to any pastors of “mega” churches who are not on the list, you previously stated that you know where they stand on the issue of gay marriage…If you know that some of those pastors are against gay marriage, and you know that they have publicly said that are against gay marriage, then why isn’t that enough? Why do you feel that they must also say that they are in support of prop 8?

  9. Well, I always believed actions speak louder than words. I would think that if you are against homosexual marriage then when given a opportunity to stand up against this vile act in public, then you would do it. I do believe that one of the attributes of the Holy Spirit is boldness. Where is these Pastor’s boldness. But as I have said before, this is not surprising. He could be silent because he does not want to offend Magic Johnson who is against Prop. 8. Well It is good to see that we had one COGIC General Board Member who cried out against this legislation in the Public.

  10. Jesus Christ states in Mark 9:40 the following:

    “He who is not against us, is for us.” Please give a justifiable reason why we should create conflict in the the body of Christ, when there really isn’t a need to. If our brothers and sisters are saying that they are in agreement with us on the gay marriage issue, why must we demand that they bear witness in the manner we see fit? Why should they be judged by our standards, and no one elses? We are the Body of Christ. The hand doesn’t criticize the foot, and the mouth doesn’t pick a fight with the ears. Is this conflict really edifying the church? Again, I ask…What’s the fuss really about?

  11. its funny…i would have automatically thought that Bishop Blake was for basic human rights because he professes salvation…yet he felt the need to sign on to a human rights document….since he felt the need to state that he’s for human rights so publicly, why wouldnt he publicly state that he was for Prop 8?…seems fishy to me…

  12. Prop 8 Repeal Bid Begins

    This is why sodomy should be eliminate, gay legals disbarred, gay nonprofit charters revoked, CA legislature should be one house (Senate) per little Hoover commission, legislators should be part time as in FL, legislature should meet/vote electronically from their HOME/OFFICE WITHOUT STAFF, a state constitutional convention to reorganize the US into a loose confederacy so other states do not have recognize other state gay marriages, and CA should seek closer ties to China/Russia/Islamic nations vs the EU. Register American Independent Party.

  13. Wow…I am pleasantly surprised that Fred Price is on there and on the front lines….kudos to him….I know his teachings veer strongly into some of the Prosperity stuff but at least that hasn’t affected his moral judgement when it comes to gay marriage!!

    Interesting stuff to be sure….


  14. CT, I have to give it to Bishop McKinney, he has not been afraid to stand up and out on these issues. He seems to be the only one who seems not to care more about his general bored position than being an actual leader. Hat tip to him.

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