Christian business owners: WWYD

hotelLet’s say you are a Christian business owner which provides services to the general public. But if you were to provide those services to certain persons it would violate your fundamental faith beliefs about that person’s lifestyle. And let’s say a law was passed stating that if you refuse to provide such services because of your beliefs, you would be liable and could be sued. And let’s say you owned a private hotel and a homosexual couple wanted a room there. Knowing the potential threat to your livelihood, what would you do?

1. Give them the room and violate your beliefs about homosexuality.
2. Don’t give them the room and risk being sued.

Well this is no fairy tale, its a real life scenario for a husband and wife business team in England. Peter and Hazelmary Bull are being sued by two homosexual men for 5,000 pounds under Britain’s new Equality Act law. From Religion News Blog:

The pair, from Bristol, booked a room at the Chymorvah Private Hotel [pictured top] in Marazion, Cornwall, last September, but when they arrived were told that only married heterosexual couples could stay in the same room.However, under the new Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007, it is unlawful to refuse a person goods or facilities on the grounds of their sexuality.
Mr Preddy and Mr Hall (the gay couple) told the hotel manager, Bernie Quinn, that he was acting illegally before leaving the premises and reporting the incident to police.

How long do you think it will be before this is law in America? And what would you do if you were the business owners? This also happened to a man in the Bible. Read about what he did.


13 thoughts on “Christian business owners: WWYD

  1. America may take a little bit longer than England. Too many evangelical fundamentalists around and they pretty much control the Republican party.

    However, I don’t think I have ever heard of a couple of men or women being refused a motel or hotel room for the night because they were a couple. Maybe happens in the deep South, but never heard about it.

    At this point in time the American public is against homosexual marriage, but its close and before long it may pass and that will be the end of the problem.

  2. This is appalling but no surprise…the gay agenda marches on and on….

    God be with those Christians that stand up against this evil…

    We truly are just about at the level of depravity of sodom and gomarah….

    You can be sure that this insanity will be here in North America before too long!!

    Dev in Canada
    BTW, Love your blog!

  3. Assuming that there’s nothing unbiblical about two men or two women simply sleeping together [“I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.” Luke 17:34], on what grounds is there such a rule and how can it practically be carried out without prying? What are the boundaries of accountability in such situations?

  4. To what extent could that go? “Oh your honeymoon? How nice… so, how lovely to have found each other after waiting so long… oh, you’ve found new love after bad marriages… interesting, uh, I’ll need to know if there was a biblical basis for your divorces before showing you the room.”

  5. What would I do? Well, refusing services to someone based off of sexual orientation–whether it’s sinful or not–would generate a lot of negative publicity, possibly enough to run me out of business. I’ll admit that I have my own personal values, but it’s important to remember that not everybody shares the same values, so for the sake of my business and maintaining a level of professionalism, it’s not my place to deny services to someone based off something trivial like someone’s sexual orientation, even if it conflicts with my own beliefs.

  6. Do you think its OK for Christians to ‘play God’ and ‘force’ their concept of morality on gays?

    In other words, God clearly could ‘force’ heterosexuality and Godly-morlaity on humankind, but instead elected to give humankind freewill, even to their peril. Yet, conservative Christians want to force everybody to either be safed (through my brand of Right Division of scriptures) or get lost!

    The reality is businesses exist inside of the real world. The real world is governed by secular law. If you want to “play god” and trample on the rights of others to live peacably, then maybe you should be sued out of business.

    What’s king in all of this, in the context of faith, is that people must be allowed to live as they will as long as they aren’t hurting someone. Let God do the judging ( or condemming in this case). If conservative Christians would get this one, Christianity wouldn’t be rapidly decreasing as the leading choice for ‘spirituality’ in the western world.

    GCMW: Are you responding to someone in particular?

  7. I know by bitter experience christians in Cornwall continue to promote hatred, but I did not know christians were above the law in the UK?

  8. Not necessarily anyone. Just posed questions to the forum. Pastor DL, I just see the divine construct so clearly. God could have forced his holy will onto us but instead chose to allow us to choose.

    Christians, however purpose to reverse course from this design. They would FORCE those they perceive to be lost in sin to confirm to their way. Yet God being sovreign, decided to let people choose — even to their own destruction.

    So does Christian mean:
    a) Forcing people to accept Christ through the lens of one persons / organizations “right division” of scriptures?

    b) Give individuals the right to deny people access to lodging or accomodations?

    I’m not trying to start trouble. Essentially I am posing the following question:

    a) When do we let people choose their own path? Yes… even to their demise. Does Christian mean authoritative tyrant, or dogmatic elitist? Where is love in the equation? Where does freewill enter the equation? Finally, do Christians have the right to oppress non-christians and violate their God-given right to make life choices, even those believers disagree with?

  9. I would have done the same thing. I would also refuse heterosexual unmarried couples. It is difficult to institute because people can say they are rooming together for any reason. If I were forced by law to allow this, then I would close up shop. I can’t stop anyone from doing what they want, but I will not provide a place for it to happen.

  10. If you run a public business as a Christian you are there to serve the public. What is a private hotel? Is it a Christian retreat? A resort? Aren’t all hotels privately owned? I may be ignorant.
    Would this Christian couple allow unmarried couples to sleep in their hotels? Do they check for marriage certificate? HOw do they know what is going on in any of their hotel rooms? THis seems beyond reason to me.
    Many years ago “respectable” hotels or motels would refuse to rent rooms to couples who weren’t married. To get rooms people would have to sign as married.
    If you cannot keep your particular values as a believer you may have to cease from doing that business or reframe or redesign your service.

    If one owned a store that sold suits and teo men came in to buy new suits dor their marriage ceremony would it be alright to refuse them business because the owner disagreed with the purpose for the purchase of the suit.
    I believe if you are doing business in the secular market you are a Christian who is using the market to make money. There would be a way to reveal the love of Christ in that particular context. The hotel is NOT your private home. It is a place of business governed by the law of the land. If you don’t like the law then make changes to the law or leave that particular business.

  11. What would be your criteria for refusal? You may not be aware but two (heterosexual males) or two (heterosexual) females could conceivably be traveling together and desire to share a room. Your criteria for refusal would deny them accomodations. My point is it is adacious to suggest you can tell the purpose people decide to share a hotel room. Infact, you nor I can with 100% accuracy determine other people’s intentions. While we may fail in ascertaining the intentions of others, God will *never* fail in this regard. So why don’t we let God’s plan for correction and judgement reign in the land. It will never make a mistake.

  12. I have to laugh when I here about people speak about the gay agenda, folks there is no such thing and never has been. But then it really is not funny for it fosters continued ignorance and bigotry towards men and women who are gay. The couple who refused the right for two to be together need to think twice and I’m sure they will. And hey this is a business that caters to all peoples how can one say one’s life is better or more moral than another in the secular business world.

    Oh no, I forgot this is part of the gay agenda that I have heard about for years that we will seduce the kids and ruin marriages across the globe. Come on brothers and sisters Jesus is bgger than our misguided fears let’s get on with the true work of the kingdom.

  13. Well, Jeff we wont blame you for being ignorant. Many Americans are when it comes to homosexuality. The main reason is that they fear confrontation with gay activists. So let’s get you educated and up to speed.

    Per Encarta, agenda has three common definitions/applications:
    1. list of things to do: a formal list of things to be done in a specific order, especially a list of things to be discussed at a meeting
    2. matters needing attention: the various matters that somebody needs to deal with at a specific time
    i.e. What’s your agenda for today?
    3. personal motivation: an underlying personal viewpoint or bias

    Originally agenda was a plural word, a Latin term for “things [needing] to be done”. What is now known as an agenda is a list of individual items, each of which was originally referred to as an agendum.
    Now, according to the Human Rights Campaign, the nations largest representative of gay concerns its “list of things to do or get done” includes all of these individual items which together form a collective agenda acceptable among the vast majority of homosexuals.

    You said “there is no such thing and never has been”. But according to common definitions and the gay community lead organizations, youre dead wrong. Maybe you dont like the phrase “gay agenda”, but that’s your problem, not ours because we use it appropriately. In your ignorance you claimed that the gay agenda is “seduce kids and ruin marriages”. That’s trite phrasing Jeff. The truth is although its not on the “official” agenda, its nonetheless a product of this demand to honor and celebrate a perverse lifestyle.

    Finally, Jeff we dont have “misguided fears” about what the homosexual organizations in this nation and around the world. As a matter of fact, Jesus would not have us ignorant of satan’s devices whether they are overt, covert, published or in the planning stage. That’s the big Jesus we serve. Just make sure the one you are referring to is the one revealed in the scriptures. The true work of the kingdom incorporates warning people of danger and preaching repentance and holiness.

    Thanks for your comments.

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