COGIC hit with $100 million lawsuit for sexual abuse

The Southern Maryland News is reporting that COGIC is now in the legal crosshairs following a sexual abuse case we told you about in January:

A woman has filed a $100 million lawsuit against a Waldorf church, claiming her son was “sexually harassed” by one of its ministers. The woman faulted the church for the conduct of Tony Ray Malbrough, who was charged in January with criminal offenses for allegedly molesting a different child.

The victim told police that Malbrough, 44, formerly a minister of music at the New Community Church of God in Christ, sexually assaulted him on numerous occasions during keyboard lessons at Malbrough’s Indian Head home, court papers show.

After the 14-year-old victim came forward, three more people reported being sexually abused by Malbrough, said Diane Richardson, police spokeswoman. Richardson didn’t disclose whether the woman’s son was one of the victims who reported being molested by Malbrough.

“There is sincerely no amount of money that could heal the wound for the damage that has been afflicted,” wrote the woman in her civil complaint. The Independent is not identifying the woman because to do so would identify a victim of an alleged sex crime.

The woman is suing the Waldorf church for pain and suffering. Also included in the lawsuit is the national Church of God in Christ Inc.

“The New Community Church of God is responsible,” wrote the woman in her complaint, adding that parents trust the church with their children. “We are not expecting that our children be violated by sex offenders whether known or unknown.”

On March 10, the New Community Church of God in Christ filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The church’s pastor, Willie Hunt, asked the court to dismiss the complaint because his notice didn’t contain a case number or writ of summons.
Malbrough has been charged with second-degree child abuse, third-degree sex offense, two counts of fourth-degree sex offense and filming child pornography.
Hunt and the woman filing the lawsuit couldn’t be reached for comment.

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12 thoughts on “COGIC hit with $100 million lawsuit for sexual abuse

  1. Pastor Foster, this is only a confirmation of what you and I have been fighting for over the years. Recently we brought to light the UN Document that COGIC denies helps the Homosexual cause but the confirmation of this lawsuit shows the truth even the more.

    I am surprised that this has not happened at West Angeles, but when you pay the victims they just go away silent. This lady and her son will do what I have said would happen years ago, they will be exposed through law suit. They will settle after a long wait in hopes that we will all forget and let it go away, but guess what this is not the last suit that will come forward. Many more will come forward and expose the darkness that they refuse to admit and deal with.

    So God is about to expose it.

  2. I dont think any amount of damage control can control this. Its a deeply saddening thing.

    But it was inevitable. There’s nothing God can do with pride except break it and rebuild.

  3. Praise God! It’s about time. I hope others will come forward for the complete healing of the church. This dirty little secret has destroyed too many.

    Let’s all continue to pray for the victims, the assailants, and the church.

  4. I didnt notice at first but this degenerate was also filming child pornography. I pray it wasnt his victims,but it seems like thats the case.

  5. These COGIC sexual abuse and child molestation cases leave me COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS! Although God showed it to me in a dream some years ago, its SHOCKING that they would use the words “Board Room” because that’s where I saw the offense occurring. SO, SO SAD. This, like nothing else, can totally devastate and destroy a person and their future. Its totally changes a child’s life – like it somehow reaches and literally changes their DNA! As an adult, your primary job is to PROTECT children (whether they are yours or not), and now they are prey? Christian PARENTS need to at least listen and be watchful, and not be so trusting just because somebody turned their collar around backwards and declared themselves to be a minister, decon, Bishop, priest, or otherwise! Carlton Pearson is still wearing his “clergy outfit,” and he is as crazy as cat doo-doo! He sat on television last night and said there is no devil or hell, implied that basically, ignorant people that don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions blame their actions on the devil, and said that if there is a hell and if he’s leading people there, he, himself, deserves to go!

    Carlton must not remember that HELL has no EXIT SIGN! Eternity is for a longgggggggggggg time! lol Thank God that LIGHT still EXPOSES the darkness!

  6. Well, well, well. Let’s see what this will bring forth. I hope a policy regarding these issues will come about in many other churches.

  7. Well it had to happen and this is probably the beginning. There will be much more.

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