Black church needs to stop sexual predators

While we have been documenting sexual predators in COGIC, this is far from being the extent of this blight in the black church. No matter what denomination youre in, you should refuse to be quiet and complicit when the innocent lives of children are being brutalized. These degenerate predators and the evil spirits in them need to be exposed, not after the child has been ripped apart, but before. Simply put, this is about protecting children. From WJTV, Jackson, MS:

An Adams County pastor is accused of having sex with a girl, 14, and fathering her child. Rev. Freddie Parker, 51, is charged with statutory rape. He was arraigned Monday and released on a $10,000 bond.
Authorities say the victim, who is now 15, filed a complaint against Parker in February claiming he got her pregnant. A DNA test was performed and based on the results police issued warrants for his arrest.
Parker is the minister of True Bibleway church in Adams County. The teen claims she was involved with Parker sexually for several months. She says it started when she was 14 and claims they had sex at the church and at each of their homes.
“He’s lower than a dog in my book,” said Adams County resident E.J. Rankin. “When you got a pastor that do something like that, I got no use for him whatsoever.“

Another pastor in Delaware was arrested on charges of sexually molesting a boy beginning when the child was 12. According to Delaware Online:

bensonHarry Benson (left), 40, of the first block of Hillcroft Road in the Windy Hills development, was charged late Tuesday with one count of first-degree rape, 12 counts of unlawful sexual contact and one count of sexual solicitation of a child, said Cpl. Trinidad Navarro, a New Castle County police spokesman.
Navarro said Benson is a senior pastor at the Eastern Pennsylvania United Methodist Church.
An investigation in the allegations began Tuesday when the victim, who is now 18, disclosed the abuse to his high school counselor.
Detectives learned that Benson had allegedly been abusing the teen since he was 12. Benson was committed to the Young Correctional Institution in lieu of $126,000 bail.

At least the UMC bishop over Benson had the integrity to respond to this. Bishop Peggy Johnson released a statement just 2 days after Benson was arrested.  The same cannot be said of Bishop Charles Blake and other COGIC bishops about the numerous documented cases of sexual abuse by COGIC pastors. Its been 7 months since gay COGIC pastor Ronald Paige was murdered and still Blake is silent.  According to Blake, neither he nor COGIC will say anything until they are forced into court. That statement will finally be put to the test with a 100 million lawsuit filed against the church. He did however,  find the time to send out a nationwide email and expend substantial effort against GCM Watch when we exposed his UN universalism.

As you can see these sexual wolves are not going to stop until somebody with Holy Ghost boldness and concern opens their mouth to say something. If you go to church leaders and nothing is done, press the issue. Document who you told, when you told them, exactly what you said and exactly what they said in return. Avoid phone calls if possible because people can deny what is said over the phone. If there is no response, document how long it was since you first informed them.

Most of all, watch and pray. Children need us to watch out for them. Whether your child or someone else’s, be concerned enough to ask hard questions and demand answers.


2 thoughts on “Black church needs to stop sexual predators

  1. Well, well it took a woman to say something. Well, maybe now, hopefully, (yeah right) the men will stand up. Oh, sorry, you have to have the men first, maybe the embarrassment of this woman standing up first will cause the church to toss out those cowards in COGIC and put some real Godly men in position.

  2. I definitelty disagree when pastor or leaders in any church don’t response. Apparently it’s not just the catholic church that’s having problems.
    These are suppose to be heterosexual people so lay off the gay communities.

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