POTUS bows to muslim monarch

Putting the US in an unsightly position?

This is President Obama at the G20 Summit bowing to Saudi King Abdullah. Since when does the POTUS bow to a foreign leader??? Doesn’t he know that if you are not a subject of the monarch you are not required to do obeisance?  Why didn’t he bow to Queen Elizabeth? What are your thoughts on this?

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Read Pastor Burnett’s fascinating commentary on the G20 and the mystery of iniquity at Dunamis Word blog

UPDATE: Little Green Footballs has found a picture of President Bush with the Saudi King and claiming “Bush bowed too”. But this isnt the same as the Obama photo. And Devon noted Bush was photographed holding hands with Abdullah. The lefties claimed this was latent homo, but the Arabs display male-male greetings (kissing, hand holding) differently than our culture and it has no sexual connotation. Bush is accepting a medal of some sort which is obviously a repositioning of the body, not “bowing”. Here’s the full scene. Notice Bush does the customary double cheek kiss and then shakes hands.  The Saudis are supposed to be our allies. Bowing sends a message that our leader possibly considers them more than that.


31 thoughts on “POTUS bows to muslim monarch

  1. No, that’s not what I mean. Bowing is one means to demonstrate respect, not a necessary one.

  2. Sure, I get that, but we are talking about sovereign heads of state and the bowing meaning more than “respect”. You can respect someone by simply shaking their hand and greeting them warmly as Obama did QEII. But why the extra “respect” for Abdullah?

  3. Pastor Foster,

    Given the historic alliance between the U.S. and Britain, It is a very healthy assumption that the Queen was [already] aware of Obama’s respect for her.

    Now lets consider the distrust G.W. Bush created by his anti-muslim or anti-islamic policies. I believe Obama was indicating not only to the Saudi King but to all of the muslim world – that he, unlike George W. Bush, *respected* the sovreignty of muslim nations. He wanted to make sure they understood this. Bowing was surely a political stunt. However, I believe it served its purpose which was of course to further distance him self from the tyrannical modus operandi of our former Idiot-in-chief, George W. Bush. 🙂

    That is it. Nothing more. Less we begin concocting muslim conspiracy theories born of a colorful imagination. 🙂

  4. Why not? Obama was respectful in both instances.

    Maybe it is because Abdullah is the head of state and Queen Elizabeth is not. Maybe Abdullah bowed first and he bowed in return. Maybe Queen Elizabeth offered her hand, thus preempting a bow. I don’t know. What’s the big concern here?


  5. This is bad…WE shouldn’t be kowtowing to the bloodiest most racist islamic nation on earth…..and to be fair, Bush did the same thing in different ways…

    Western Leaders have been doing this for years..

    ISLAM deserves ZERO respect and radical muslims the world over will take this as the President submitting to the cruel cult of islam….

    This is absolutely wrong…and wrong for all leaders to behave in this fashion….

    Islam and its leaders should be bowing and groveling to us for all the evil they have done for 1400 years…

    I respect islam as much as I respect marxism or nazism….that is zilch…

    Disgusting by Obama….but not surprising….Western Leaders past and present have been foolishly kowtowing to the Saudis all because of their oil….

    Remember when Bush was holding hands with the King of Saudi Arabia…famous picture of it on the net…same thing…sad….

    Dev in Canada.

  6. concocting muslim conspiracy theories born of a colorful imagination

    You mean like those “theories” recorded in thier “bible” that all Jews and Christians are to be killed unless they submit to allah of said “bible” or perhaps pay a tax so they may live?

    Get clue man.

  7. You’re really grasping at this one, aren’t you? Go to dictionary.com, look up the word diplomacy.

  8. Mark,

    Apparently you need to get more than a clue. Maybe you require bifocals or an actual education.

    We are talking apples and oranges. My point addressed the *actual* topic. Obama’s bowing before the Saudi King and not bowing before Queen Elizabeth.

    You are way off topic on fantasy island. So when you get a clue, please return to the forum topic:
    POTUS bows to muslim monarch.

    If you want to discuss the error(s) of Islam, talk to Pastor DL about creating a thread specific to Islamic heresy. The heresy of Islam wasn’t even *remotely* close to the topic which was [again] POTUS bows to muslim monarch🙂

  9. It is a greeting, a salutation – the Salam/Salaam (it means peace). The person approaching is always the one to bow, it is a ceremonial greeting signifying peace. “A respectful ceremonial greeting performed especially in Islamic countries.” The Saudi King greeted this show of respect with a broad smile (not bowing back was not a rejection).

    It shows cultural awareness, not submission.

    Power Bow: “When you approach a man and lower your head like that,” said one unnamed CEO, “and you expose your unprotected neck, it’s like you’ve got swagger on steroids. If the guy had a sword, he could chop your head off and you’re saying, ‘I’m not afraid of you’.”

  10. American leaders NEVER bow to foreign leaders. That’s what America is all about. Obamanation kowtows to Islam because he has roots in Islam. He also kowtows to Islam because he wants to suck up to them. But when important moral issues arise, he is right there in the hands of Satan- promoting homosexuality and abortion. Yeah, real up on diplomacy!

  11. Tony
    King Abdullah’s Saudi regime spends billions of dollars every year promoting Wahhabism, one of the most exterme Islamic movements of which 15 of the 9-11 terrorists were part of – Saudi Wahabbis. Maybe you and Obama need an education like me, eh?

    The post Tony – asked for thoughts. Our Moron President “bowed” becuase he is a moron or perhaps a “subject”. I disagreed with your not so sublte implication one actually needed to “concoct” the obvious… Standing upright and shaking hands is what a President of the United States does, not lick the feet any leader, no matter how much folks like you view them has harmless. Again, get a clue.

  12. I saw the comparative videos. The Obamas also bowed to the Queen and her consort, just not as pronounced.
    Pres. Obama should not have bowed to either as he is a head of state and the Queen is a head of state. Certainly not to the Queen’s consort. The only one who should have bowed was Michelle Obama, as the First Lady is not a an actual head of State. My question is where is the White House/US Embassy – London protocol staff? Obviously not on their game.
    I do think the bow to the Saudi king might have had to do with some Islamic tradition. Perhaps Pres. Obama is employing some Islamic education he received early in life to help America. What do I mean by this?
    I am almost always on page with gcmwatch, but let’s not forget that, debate if you will, the Saudis buy our debt each day, as do the Chinese and any rise in oil prices will have us all in tent cities. Justification: no; Reality: yes. Next year, you will probably see him bowing to the Chinese just as markedly.
    Let us not forget that the Bush Administration flew the family of Osama bin Laden out of America when no planes were allowed to take flight for a week. And he supposedly killed 3,000 Americans.
    The Saudis have very protected status in America. Check out the security in front of their embassy in DC if you are ever there.

  13. To those on this thread who are offended by Obama’s bow to Adbdullah:

    Why does a gesture of manners indicate acceptance of, acquiescence to, or endorsement of any aspect of the Saudi regime, or even more far afield, of Muslim?

    Do I have to agree with everything a person stands for to shake his hand? Does Obama?


  14. I’m less troubled by this than I was when President Bush held hands with the Saudi king. We do not bow to the queen of England because we are emancipated former British slaves.

  15. Quote from Obama on his last stop in Turkey:

    “We will listen carefully, bridge misunderstanding and seek common ground. We will be respectful, even when we do not agree,” he said. “And we will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better — including my own country.”

    This is a Christian man praising the Islamic faith; the faith, not the people. Although I believe the bowing was a just that; a respectful way to greet those who customarily bows; Obama is surely being clear on his stance on the religion.

  16. basically it was inappropriate for a Head of State to do.

    It has nothing to do with “manners” or “greetings” or whatever. There is definitely a protocol (and Obama was surely well briefed before they ever left the country on the appropriate actions to take). So as to WHY he bowed, that’s anybody’s guess. We’ll never know his motivations but surely he was informed that the POTUS never bows to ANY other foreign leader. Plain and simple.

  17. I tend to think it was inappropriate (a little bit), and think it is no big deal (a lot). As wannabereal says, we don’t know his motivations. Surely it is the hugest leap of speculation to conclude that he was signalling some kind of diminishment of US sovereignty. Maybe he was just nervous.

    I am curious, does anyone know where the tradition of the President not bowing comes from? Is that considered a binding rule, or a general custom?

    I mean these as questions of fact; I’d be curious if anyone knows. I do not, and I cannot find any reference material on this.

  18. I dont have all the facts but I think it may have something to do with our independence from the British, the obligatory bowing to monarchy system and what that symbolized to us Americans.

    We are, after all, fiercely independent.

  19. That would make sense, historically.

    Clearly Obama made a symbolic mistake, whether from nerves or habit or whatever. I do shake my head over the attention paid to a symbolic gesture that has no chance of affecting anything important, but surely it was a mistake.

  20. The truth of the matter is, Obama still holds to his Islamic idealologies. Obama claims to be a Christian, but I believe he holds to what his mother taught him, that all religions should be viewed as equal. Obama has more than just respect for the Islamic religion. Obama, in more than one way, is Islamic.

  21. @ Wayne: That is your opinion, and that’s fine. But do you really think there are any facts to back that up? What are those facts? Yours is a very ‘out-there’ viewpoint, in my opinion.

  22. Well Obama is a universalist…that is clear from his own words…I think Bush was too…sad to be sure….Both of them have said that all roads lead to heaven….obviously neither of them know the Savior of the Bible…We certainly need to be praying for our leaders…and be praying that they get saved!

    I can’t imagine what Obama was thinking with that bow…mayby it was just nerves…but his apologising to the muslim world is sickening…

    The muslim world owes the non muslim world apologies for 1400 years of murder, rape, and enslavement ….just ask India about the tender mercies of islam…..or Southern Phillipines….or Nigeria…or the Jewish and Christian minorities who have suffered horrifically for 14 centuries under ‘dhimmitude’……..

    Obama’s religion is liberalism…that is reality…and because of that, he will be doing stupid stunned things for the next 4 years ad nauseum….

    Lets face it…we knew what we were getting with this guy……

  23. Well one thing is for sure, he has an Islamic background, and that is a fact. His father was a Muslim turned atheist, and his mother tought him to respect all religions ( as equal ). He belongs to a UCC church which is a homosexual friendly denomination which is also fact. Those are facts that have nothing to do with my opinion.

  24. Yet, Mr. President cannot act like a bufoon and give “zero respect”. He must represent the interests of the United States and He is an ambassador for the political viewpoint of the nation. He is the representation of the nation as well as the Leader. He cannot act as you would. I fully understand where your emotions and words are coming from. THIS nation is not blameless. We have killed leaders in Africa, cooperated with subversives in other nations when it suited our national intersts and have our own history with terrorism right here on this continent with the Native American or American Indian (my grand father was a Native American). In fact the American Indian has been fighting terrorism since 1492; so to speak.
    Wickedness is wickedness in GOD’s eyes. America has also done some dirt. How about going to free fight the fascist Germans while oppressing the American Negro right here? And black folk fought right along with our opressors! Just becaus eit happened long ag doesn’t mean it’s not an evil done.
    President Obama cannot act like a fool. The issue is whetehr or not he crossed the line when he bowed. I understand the protocol is that he shouldhave done so. I wonder why he did?

  25. Elder Foster,

    Thanks for the reference.

    That was atrocious. OUR president bowed to the Saudi Arabian monarch??? That was horrible.

    Some said that was a sign of “humility” That was totally inappropriate for a President or head of state. I know his advisors had to have said and told him better than that…at least I think…

    One more thing, look who he paid hommage to…follow the money…the paper trail won’t lie.


  26. People, he was pushed by an invisible hand, and
    the goodly king reached out to help him.

    Either that, or POTUS was expressing his appreciation and honour and respect.

    POTUS is after all a man, and a man is free to bow to anyone he wants to …. Isn’t he?

    So now it is up to us to decide, when our turn comes, if we too are going to bow from the head, the waist, fall to our knees, or prostrate ourselves as Christians before the kings and gods of the earth.

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