Bishop Larry Trotter “in revival” at gay church

We’re not surebishoptrotter what to make of this yet.  With all the falling away from the faith going on all around us, it shouldn’t be surprising that more and more of these once prominent ministers would begin accepting engagements from homosexual churches. Perhaps they just need the money and gay churches are a new source of revenue. Or maybe we really are in a free fall away from the truth. There are quite a few supporting links in this story, please check them out to get the full picture.

A commenter (Dee) mentioned this and it bore checking out.  And it does appear Bishop Larry Trotter (pictured, left) will be “in revival” April 23rd at Greater New Heights Christian Church in St Louis. The church is a member of Yvette Flunder’s gay denomination, The Fellowship and pastored by Bishop Wyatt Greenlee who serves as the “Episcopal Assistant to the Presiding Bishop”.

Like other black gay churches in The Fellowship, Greenlee moved his congregation into Christianity’s most extreme left wing denomination, the United Church of Christ. The UCC was Barack Obama’s “home” denomination for 20 years under Jeremiah Wright.

Trotter is pastor of Holy Spirit Church in Chicago and presiding bishop of United Covenant Churches of Christ. Trotter’s itinerary lists him at the church for two nights as well as his past engagements at Noel Jones’ church.  We have to confess, this is strange. Trotter was appointed head of the UCCC by its founder Bishop Delano Ellis. If you remember, Ellis was the leader of the quorum of African American bishops who first declared Carlton Pearson a heretic.

On August 22, 1992, the First Pentecostal General Assembly of the Church was convened during the Third Session of the Holy Convocation of the Pentecostal Church of Christ, at Cleveland. Bishop J. Delano Ellis was proclaimed the first General Overseer and President of the Reformation.

After fifteen years of excellent labor, Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II exercised wisdom in the Lord and deemed it necessary for health reasons, to relinquish the office of the presiding bishop and grant a faithful son, Bishop Larry Darnell Trotter, his nomination for succession in the Episcopal Office. After much prayer, the College of Bishops of the United Pentecostal Churches of Christ convened on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 and unanimously elected the nomination of Bishop Trotter to the office of Presiding Prelate of the reformation. Bishop Trotter’s Pentecostal roots, tenacity, wisdom and 21st century technological style prepares us for the continuation of the foundation, as well as propels us to the next dimension…which caused a word in our name to change from “Pentecostal” to “Covenant” for our global agenda.

Does Ellis know that Trotter is trending towards fellowshipping with homosexual churches? In fact, fellowshipping with the same organization that welcomed Pearson’s heresy? Pearson is now a “ecclesiastical board member” of The Fellowship. Does this mean Bishop Larry Trotter is now homosexual affirming? We don’t know, but GCM Watch will seek to find out and keep you updated.

UPDATE: 3:15pm EST A spokesperson for Bishop Ellis said that they have had no association with Trotter or the UCCC for over two years. She did not elaborate on the reason, but suggested GCM Watch contact Trotter’s offices in Chicago.

UPDATE 04.21.09 A reader of this blog who knows about this situation informed GCM Watch of the following:

First, Ellis was retiring and Trotter took the organization and was reestablishing it and changing it and many of it’s practices such as baptism etc.  During this, Ellis took his organization back (churches) even if Trotter kept the name (that I’m not as familiar with). By the way, Trotter was disfellowshipped from COGIC because he was caught with his minister of music and wanted to continue pastoring but the Chicago churches said NO.

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  1. i thought J. Delano Ellis back in COGIC..Bishop Blake said something about Ellis being under his leadership at West Angeles during convocation…

  2. This isn’t surprising at all considering the bitter divorce that the Trotters have been going through the last year.

  3. djenk, I dont know if this means anything but Blake is now on the board of Ellis’ Joint College of Bishops. Reciprocity? There’s also another name on there which I wont mention, but the bishop has several sexual scandals attached to his name.

    @sugacoles: Im assuming this (fellowshipping with homosexual churches) isnt surprising because of the reason for the divorce?

  4. Maybe I’m missing something here, but what exactly makes a church a gay church? (over 50% is composed of gay people? 100% of the people are gay?) As opposed to a straight church, or a drinking church, lying church…a fornicating church…heretic church, prideful church???

    Why are gay churches identified by a sexual preference and none of the others are?

    Just a question.

  5. Good question. I should have expected someone would ask that sooner or later. Based on our observations of churches in the gay christian movement the general characteristics include one or more identifiers:

    1. Accept homosexuality as normal against the teaching of scripture
    2. Associated with or in subjection to openly homosexual clergy or leadership
    3. Association with or in subjection to a self identified “glbt” religious organization.
    4. Self identify as “inclusive”, “affirming”, churches.

    There are also markers of “heretical” churches and apostate churches. Such organizations are commonly known not for their adherence to scriptures, but their divergence from scriptures on essentials.

    Some churches do have a spirit of pride, etc, but they dont “market” themselves as such. In other words there is no “fellowship of proud churches” or “national association of lying churches”.

    Yet, homosexual churches do indeed market their sin as a desirable common aspect of their existence. Their primary target audience is other homosexuals who want to live religiously while rejecting biblical standards for sexual expression. The secondary target audience for their message are “allies”. For some, 100% of their members identify as homosexual, bisexual or trans[gender]. Others have varying degrees of membership identification based on their sexual preference. Such churches almost always have homosexual pastors in charge. Check our GCM Adherents tab at the top right.

    Because of our vocal opposition some deceptively do not include the word “gay” in their name, just like some members of the SBC don’t include the word baptist in their names.

  6. Trotter’s latest status doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    His most prized minstrel, Vashawn Mitchell, left Sweet Holy Spirit for the stable of the Pimp of Hampton (GA) two years ago.

    Anybody with a pulse who has met MItchell can “discern” that he would be…um…very comfortable in one of these gay confessing churches. [comment edited by GCM Watch]

    My point is this: in addition to seeing the gay community as the money-making machine da-jour, the pimps are also exposing their homosexual proclivities since their lifestyle is becoming widely acceptable in society.

    It is becoming a perfect storm of apostasy…

  7. This is the truth. Thanks for bringing out this perspective IST.

    This collusion between the immoral men leading these churches and the immoral “minstrels” they employ to lead the “worship” is no accident.

    As I mentioned before the gospel music industry workers are a transient bunch, flitting from church to church whoring their gifts while looking for a bigger paycheck. The pimps are more than happy to get these broken people to release seductive music over the people to keep them from knowing God’s word for themselves. Look at the major churches today and follow the trail of money, ministrels and sexual immorality (Trotter-Mitchell-Landers just for example) and you’ll see something more organized than the Mob’s prostitution business. This people reccomend each other because they know each other filthy secrets and even worse partake with one another.

    Its a deadly church ponzi scheme and God is not pleased with this.

    People in these churches can do something simple. Talk to their pastor and tell him their concerns. Be specific, be biblical and be direct. If he refuses take your concerns seriously, then do not remain under his authority. As Jesus said, shake the dust from your feet and do not be a partaker in their sins, lest you become a partaker in their judgments.

  8. Since I was unable to locate the column in the suntimes, I jacked this column from another blog because it article no longer exists in the Chicago Suntimes.…

    Personal life vs. private persona

    Recently, I got a call from Jackie Stevens, the mother-in-law of Bishop Larry Trotter, the pastor of Sweet Holy Spirit Church on the South Side.

    Bishop Trotter also leads the United Covenant Churches of Christ International, an honor he claimed several years ago in a coronation ceremony that was fit for a king.

    Unfortunately, sometimes one’s personal life doesn’t quite match one’s public persona. In this instance, Trotter is going through a nasty divorce from his wife, Lady Celeste. The couple have five children. The details of the divorce are so explosive that it has caused a rift in the church.

    GCMW: Thanks Sc, I cut it. The rest really had nothing to do with our story.

  9. “…Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life found that African Americans are more religious…” “The study found that nearly 8 in 10 African Americans say religion is very important in their lives, compared with 56 percent among all U.S. adults.” These two items identify the crux of hte problem with the Black community. There is more of an alliance demonstrated to man versus God. “Religion” is defined as “the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices” and “something one believes in and follows devotedly.” Thusly, as long as we can fill the pews, put on a show, inflate the “pastor’s” ego and give money we don’t have towards something that has no earthly or heavenly benefit, everyone is satisfied. Although the study concentrated on church attendance or “alliance,” it is no measure of spiritual growth among the group.

    I agree with your assertion the specifric incident involving Trotter’s personal life as trifling. This is yet another example that, as a demographic, we need to stop being sooooooooooooo enthralled with pomp & circumstance, titles and other “accomplishments” and get into the Word of God!

    Thankfully, there are people waking up and separating themselves from this travesty. Yet, there are far too many people still stuck into dropping numerous hours a week in “churches” “gittin’ their praise on” w/o a CLUE what they are really involved in and what is really going on with those they are elevating in the pulpit. My God, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  10. I find it appalling how you can any church NOT to be inclusive.

    EVERYONE MUST BE INCLUDED in the Kingdom of God, if he,she, (insert pronoun of choice) trusts in, believes upon and cleaves to the Name of Jesus.

    GCMW: True, and add obeys

    What is your Biblical standard for sexual expression? Look at a woman with lust and you have committed adultery, gouge your eye and cast it into the sea, it is better for it to be cast out, than your whole be cast into the fiery pits.

    GCMW: Is this a serious question? If so, Id suggest you study the bible for yourself, its clear about what sexual expression is pleasing to God.

    What is adherence to scripture?
    1) Love the Lord thy God with all ur heart, soul, mind.
    2) Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    GCMW: Those two sum up the law and the law is fulfilled in them. However they are not statements independent of the whole of scripture, nor are they to be divorced from the rest of the scriptures.

    Herein are the sum total of the commandments. Do you also live in accordance to these two ? do you love thy neighbor? Or do you love only those who love you? What profit is there in such?

    GCMW: yes, yes and… huh?

  11. Magdalene~ I do hope that by quoting this passage you are not insinuating God has made the homosexual what he/she is!! Why would God make someone a homosexual then condemn them to hell for it? Forgive me if I have misinterpreted your comment.
    Homosexuality is a sexual sin, birthed from within the human heart. When the lust for what is forbidden is acted upon, it then becomes sin. Please consider these passages from God’s Holy Word, ‘Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.” James 1:13-14
    As a former homosexual saved solely by the grace of God, I can assure you, God did not make me a sodomite. I was acting out on my own lustful desires, I knew full well what I was doing was wrong, but I did not care. I suppressed that knowledge by ignoring the guilt. Then, the grace and mercy of God crushed me under the weight of my sins, and I cried out for mercy and forgiveness. He saved me, and washed me in His blood.
    There is hope for the lost sinner, no matter what that sin may be. That hope is in Jesus Christ alone!

  12. Just because you had a thought does not mean it is necessarily correct. In this case, uh, nothing you have said here bears any realistic merit. And should be ignored.

    GCMW: you seem to have fallen into the “pest” mode and its quite distracting. If you continue to devalue the dialogue here, I’ll simply block your access. Your choice.

  13. Fox, Sin starts in the ‘thought life’. Your lack of understanding your own sin nature and wicked sinful heart is why you lash out and call names. However, this will do you no good on the day of judgment. When you stand before a Holy God you will be without hope, guilty as charged, UNLESS you cry out for His mercy and grace now, in this life, and receive Christ and His finished work on the cross. If you continue in this life arguing against truth, it will cost you through all of eternity.
    You haven’t a leg to stand on when in comes to the Creator of the universe. He knows everything about you, every thought you’ve ever had, every hate-filled word you’ve ever spoken…and He loves you enough to die on a cross for you and grant you a full pardon. If you confess your sins and turn away from them, the Lord God will save your lost soul. Jesus Christ is your only hope in a world that has no hope past the grave.
    May the Lord God be gracious to you, may He open your spiritual ears and eyes and quicken your dead hate-filled heart…may He save you from Himself.

  14. Hello, Fox:

    Your preferred use of the ad hominem rather
    negates your misapplied quod erat demonstrandum.

    As to your behavior on this forum? My German mother
    would say to you, “Stell’ dich in die Ecke!”
    (Get into the corner!)

    Nevertheless, rather than instigating hatred and vitriol, all
    your have accomplished, Fox, is to put yourself on
    our prayer lists here in Pastor Foster’s corner of the ether.



  15. Fox, to your surprise, the Bible has no expiration date! As for ‘modern science’, I am not sure what your point is, but there has been no solid proof of a ‘gay gene’, just speculation…if that’s where you’re going with all this. As for the origin of sin in all of mankind, here’s the truth…
    All sin is bred from within our own hearts, ‘For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man’ – spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ, found in Matthew 15:19.
    The word ‘fornication’ means – [greek porneia] -adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, intercourse with animals etc…so the desire to lust after someone sexually and act upon it originates in your heart.
    Regardless of whether you want to blame others or not, that will not change the fact that YOU WILL be held accountable before God Almighty.
    As for calling Christians ‘morons’, here is what the God of the Universe says about all who deny Him and the authority of His word , ‘a fool says ‘there is no God’ Psalm 14:1. To deny His word is to deny Him, thus, you are a fool in the eyes of the Lord. May God have mercy on your lost soul while there is yet time.

  16. If you’re just going to brush that off as an ad hominem attack, then I see we have a long road ahead of us. (:

  17. someone wrote > ” a perfect storm of apostasy”
    very discouraging to read all this is happening in some churches in our land.
    Jeremiah Wrights church had a openly gay music ‘worship’ leader. This man was died a year ago the Chicago Tribune reported.
    Also Wrights church had a ‘dance worship leader’ who was gay, he died of aids not to long ago.
    How is this even possible that ‘pastors’ condone and encourage such lifestyles without a hint of repentence or thought of what the bible says sin is ?
    Just seems beyond any reasonable comprehension

  18. Phariseebuster,
    Heretic churches seldom if ever have a concise biblical doctrinal statement. Sounds good on the surface but if it doesn’t include the basic tenents of the body of christ( the church) e.g Jesus Christ is equal in the trinity and not separate, he alone came and died and rose again for our sins finally we are saved by grace through faith (with works). Cathedral of Hope has none of this and is a mega homosexual church in Dallas. they don’t even include many hymns as they are too exclusive of woman and therfore are not inclusive which is in accordance with their beliefs. View their website.

  19. AS A TRUE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN CHRISTIAN I read your website from time to time and I find it to be a true blessing and tool of the light of our Lord Jesus Christ in these last and evil days. Often times Satan has deceived nations and the church because we fail to consistently address sexual sins. My pray is that people caught in sinful lifestyles come to Christ. I hope that our ministers and christian leaders realize that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are the head of our lives not pop culture or people who refuse to deny themselves and take up their cross. These blind leaders should get out of God’s business if they refuse to obey His Holy Word. Please continue this website. God bless sister Jackie Hill and her testimony.

  20. Thanks for your comments and encouragement Melvin. I agree with you the church don’t address sexual sin in a holistic way, it “preaches” at it in a way that disconnects God and his care from people and their problems. The fruit of such dereliction is all around us.

  21. What a wonderful and powerful testimony of our God’s Grace and Mercy and his sustaining power when we come to the knowledge of his Love and what he did on that cross. I have a cousin and a brother who fights with this spirit only to keep losing this battle I can’t wait until they (and everyone else who are being held captive at satan’s will) come through. We have to get to the place that it’s not about us and what we feel and how good it feel to us. This body is nothing and it’s going back to the dust . My God’s love and my soul is much more important to me than my feel good flesh. The Lord’s word does not lie you will give in account of everything you did in this body and even the very thoughts.

  22. Why did bishop trotter get a divorce? I am new to chicago and was considering his church.

    GCMW: We only know what has been published ND. Personally, I would say if you are serious about your walk with Christ, avoid that church. Let God lead you to a place where sound doctrine is taught, lived and expected.

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