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Several readers had asked me about the set-up of Miss California on the Miss America Pageant the other night. Its a full fledged controversy thanks to the gay-focused blogs (I got that phrase from a journalist) who are predictably outraged. Manufactured outrage if you ask me.

I decided that I wouldnt throw in my 38 cents but rather I read a commentary on it so good, that I will let CNN host Roland Martin speak for me. You can read it here. I will say this isnt a necessarily religious controversy, but it does have overtones. Mainly its about honesty, hypocrisy and a gay faux celebrity named Hilton.

If you care to weigh in, do it here.  Please keep it on focus.


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  1. Viva Miss California! I applaud her not simply for what she said, but that she spoke at all. Ms. Prejean was was put on the spot to answer a question she was obviously unprepared for. Her response likely cost her the crown of a pageant she had spent years preparing to compete for.

    I disagree with you, gcmwatch: This is definitely a religious controversy. Ms. Prejean later explained that her Christian convictions caused her to answer the way she did. Some of the vitriol spewed her way is targeted toward the “intolerant” Church. Be clear: this is not just about a beauty pageant gone bad. Peace.

  2. I agree that it is not *necessarily* a religious controversy; yet on the other hand, since all sin is at its base a sin against God, then *everything* is a religious controversy. However, atheists and agnostics can disagree with homosexual marriage and sex, so I get what you’re saying about it not being necessarily religious.

  3. this is commendable. i feel like this is the little woman that stood up to oprah all over again. i hope and pray she sticks with her convictions on it. the media is something else. they will push and push, and it’ll take some strong will to hold on to what you believe. what a hypocritical stance from the gay community. freedom of expression until it comes against their goals. but what can you expect? its hard to kick against the pricks.

    god bless

  4. We are living inthe post Christian era here in the USA. It is no longer popular to hold a biblical world view;whether it is attributed to the bible or not. All traditionally held values regaring sexual mores are under attack. She gave her view and she is paying the price. This is the same America that was crying out to GOD for blessing after 9/11. GOD Bless America! America doesn’t want GOD’s laws just his favor and protection.

  5. We, thankfully, live in a country where we can speak our mind and air our opinions despite the popularity of such. I think that Miss California was perhaps clumsy in her delivery, and certainly what she said went against what many in the pageant world view as politically correct. However, it is her opinion and good for her for expressing it.

    SF Mayor Gavin Newsom said the following – “I want to challenge her on her point of view, but she spoke her conscience, I think she’s being a little unfairly maligned,”

    Debate is good and healthy. Stifling a person’s point of view simply because it doesn’t fit into some sort of political correctness is neither good or healthy!

    By the way charmedia, according to Miss California herself, she had prepared for this very question. So it was not unexpected which makes the clumsiness of her answer all the more fascinating.

  6. If you don’t want a truthful answer from a True Saint, don’t ask us those kinds of questions. Only those who stand for righteousness in the end will be with God forever. God already knew how she was going to answer and was laughing about it. Satan your time is up with the righteousness. We are going to stand for what is right regardless of the outcome. You go GIRL!, because your CROWN is in Heaven LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Jonathan. I’m *imagining* the pageant scenario was one in which contestants were told to prepare responses to a number of questions but did not necessarily know which one they would be asked, am I right? A shuffle of the deck?

    My point, as usual, is that posters seem to focus on the inelegance of her words instead of the Truth and boldness in which they were spoken. . Being a critic is but one tool in the toolbox. As the saying goes, to the person who only has a hammer in their toolbox, every problem is a nail…

    Again, this controversy may have started at a secular beauty pageant, but will definitely make its way to the church. Watch.

  8. Again, this controversy may have started at a secular beauty pageant, but will definitely make its way to the church. Watch.

    I second that! If it hasnt shown up already, its in the making for sure.

  9. Good. I’m proud that she stood for her beliefs. As a fellow Californian, I agreed with her and support her on this matter. Honestly, this is just the sign of the times.

  10. It’s expected that controversy would arise from a statement like that. Stating that marriage should be solely between a man and a woman is essentially a public condemnation of homosexuals. In making that statement, she was very literally saying, “I think straight couples should be entitled to more rights than gay ones,” even if that’s not what she meant to imply.

    Because that’s what this is about. It’s not about raining on the Christian parade, it’s about stepping up from being second-class citizens in the eyes of the law.

    What bothers me most about this, though, is Hilton. It was obviously a loaded question, and his behavior after her response is absolutely shameful. Just remember that his polemic doesn’t represent that of the entire gay community.

  11. I TOLD y’all this incident would make its way back to finger-pointing at the Church. From Perez’s site:

    Nicole Lamarche, Miss California 2003 and now an ordained minister at Cotuit Federated Church in Cotuit, Mass, is speaking out.

    She says:

    “As a pastor and a former Miss California, I am often asked to interpret what the Word of God has to say on a particular subject. I am quite confident that God prefers that we human beings stick to speaking for ourselves. And yet there are occasions when God’s Word is used as a weapon, and I feel compelled to speak.

    In the past few days, much has been made of the words of Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean. She stated that marriage is between a man and a woman. I write not in response to her opinion, but rather about her comments that followed: that the Bible condones her words. She said, ‘It’s not about being politically correct, it’s about being biblically correct.’ While this sentiment is shared by many who seek to condemn gay people and gay marriage, citing pieces of the Bible to further one’s own prejudice fails to meet the Bible on its own terms.

    Most people seeking to condemn gay people point to the Book of Leviticus, where we read that men lying with men is an abomination. However, we rarely hear of other verses found in the book of Leviticus that are equally challenging. For example, Leviticus also tells us that eating shrimp and lobster is an abomination. And that a person should not wear material woven of two kinds of material—an impossible mandate for a pageant contestant!

    In Paul’s letter to the community in Corinth we read, ‘For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church….’ And yet these words have not prevented Christian denominations from ordaining women, such as myself. Sadly, the Bible has been used to further prejudice throughout history. We have used it to permit ourselves to enslave people; to conquer and kill; and to denigrate the earth.

    The truth is that it is difficult to know for sure the intentions of the biblical authors, but we do know something about God. Those of us who know God through Jesus of Nazareth know that he went to great lengths to express God’s love to people who were labeled as outcasts. He spent time with children, prostitutes, and lepers, all of whom were labeled as outside of the grasp of the Holy. As we continue to seek God’s vision for us as a nation grounded in a love for justice, I pray that we might move closer to the cause of grace.”

  12. she’s done nothing but regurgitate the GCM company line….she shouldnt be ordained anything, not because she’s a woman, but because her Bible skills are lacking…

  13. I did look up her credentials and it says it all.
    –member of the United Church of Christ
    –graduated from Pacific School of Religion

    sadly, another false prophet spouting off

  14. Loved it… she rocks! Why can’t others speak up like this? You know, Osteen, Dollar, Jakes…hehehe. I agree, her crown is in heaven.

  15. Nicole Lamarche like so many others are giving their opinion. It doesn’t matter how many times the Bible stated it, it’s there.

  16. I’m sorry………….help me out, what about modesty??

    Am I missing something??

    Please someone respond and set me straight???

  17. So where is she wrong, exactly? Spoilers: she isn’t.

    GCMW: What “she” are you referring to?

  18. I think she should stand her ground. We live in a country where we fight for the right to speak our minds. I don’t feel she said anything wrong.


  19. No one has replied to my request to let me know about the MODEST factor.
    Here’s an article that needs to be considered.


    If someone is going to tell me about Rahab, please don’t stretch this that far, for Rahab hazarded her life. We are not there yet in regards to hazarding our lives in this country (not yet) so I don’t think it would be appropriate in this instance.

    Finally, I think the reason the immodest attire is overlooked is because we are starving for Christians to stand for righteousness so much that we are willing to overlook the obvious. Someone should at least end there praises of her with “go and sin no more”.

    Feedback please.

  20. A friend said, with all the media hubbub surrounding this, watch what satan does with his other hand…pastors will be researching this for their upcoming sermons, pastors who we know 40 % of have had problems with online porn…and look at the pictures posted with these stories. See what satan is doing with his other hand. Interesting because heterosexual lust has caused many problems for families also, that gay issue is just an offshoot of the basic problem.

    Anyhow, this link doesn’t have the provocative photos but a church’s response to the Prejean situation. I think of her as like the boy that says the Emperor has no clothes, the lone voice speaking out the truth and the world goes, oh yeah. Gay marriage was never voted in by the people but judges advocating law from the bench and when you disregard the ulitmate authority of Christ, you can rationalize any evil.


  21. villiam11
    I am grateful for your discernment! Most conservatives and many professing Christians want to exalt this woman as the new Christian voice in America! I say hold on a minute!
    She parades across stage half naked {she’d just had a breast augmentation six weeks prior paid for by the pageant-http://www.sliceoflaodicea.com/abominations/carrie-prejeans-gracious-boldness } and everyone is patting her on the back… for what? She speaks out {and rightly so} against one sin, yet flaunts another?!? Another thing, why would a Christian woman enter into a beauty pageant in the first place? Please everyone, pray for this young woman. May God convict her of her fleshly appearance, exposing herself in a way that should be reserved for a husband ONLY to view.
    There is a biblically sound article written by Sandy Wood concerning modesty that all professing believers should read, here is the link… http://www.injesusname.org/sandymodesty.html

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