Kids killing kids: the weapon of words

I dont know really what to call it: blessed? fortunate? survivalist?

When I read the stories of two young boys, one in Massachusetts and then another here in Atlanta who hung themselves after enduring vicious name calling and hate in school, a cold chill of remembrance ran through my spirit.

Its been decades since I was in grade school, but I have never forgotten the humiliation of being called faggot, sissy, girl and more and then summarily being excluded from normal games with other boys because I was called something that I wasn’t even aware of at the time. Trust me when I tell you it is pure torment.

For Jaheem Hererra and Carl Walker-Hoover, the same thing that happened to me led to a tragic end of their lives, each at 11 years old.

I didnt want to kill myself, but I spent many days at school angry, hurt and isolated. It was the grace of God that the same did not happen to me.

Last week, my little girl came home from school with a note from the teacher. It said her conduct was not good. When her mom asked her about it, she burst into tears and said that a group of girls had been calling her names. So she was acting out of character to defend herself. I immediately knew that feeling. Like you had to face it all alone. Im glad that my baby girl had a daddy who sprung into action, comforting her and promising that I would protect her. I also affirmed her against what she had been told. I asked her today if she knew about the boy who had taken his life. She had and she told me that she had not had any problems since I sent the teacher a stern and personal note about the situation.

Just as I wont tolerate sustained harassment of my children in school, I am equally adamant about my children not calling each other names like  big nose, stupid or ugly while at home. I flatly do not allow it. If a child becomes comfortable doing that at home, it can easily be duplicated at school with a weaker target and with deadly results.

My heart goes out to the families of these two boys and all the children who have had to endure unwarranted cruelty from classmates. The world is a cruel place and that evil has touched our children.  I wont go into all of the reasons, but life in this country has been devalued beyond belief. This country has made some foolish choices and this evil is a result of it.

I also want to say to any parent, do not stand idly by when your child exhibits signs indicating they are being harassed at school. Pray for them and rebuke the hand of the enemy.  Ensure that your voice is heard and understood by everyone in school with authority over your child. If it continues remove them from school until you are satisfied that something has been done.  I dont want to over spiritualize this, but we should know by now that the devil is a murderer and he has been so from the beginning.

I know much has been said about this being gay related because the term gay was used in a pejorative manner against the two boys. I dont believe the answer is to have gay sensitivity days in school. Neither is the answer to affirm homosexuality as normal. No child should have to endure such treatment just to get an education mandated by the state. And while we cant expect that kids will be perfect little specimens of respect and comraderie, we can be much more vigilant of both bullies and victims alike.

I know this isnt pc nowadays, but I remember when bullies were reprimanded and paddled by our 6ft 2 male principal, they seemed to change their ways substantially.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Great words, GCM. I am not familiar with these specific tragedies, but are familiar with the trend of bullying that leads to death (i.e. 10th anniversary of Columbine comes to mind).

    As for addressing the issues faced by your daughter, I wish I could have had that kind of an asset with my own father during my childhood. No doubt that similiar influence on my behalf would have made a tremendous difference in my life today.

  2. I agree: I still remember all of the mean words from kids, even though it was over 35 years ago for me since I’ve been to grade school.

    I cringe when my sister let one of her kids be laughed at by the others, as it hurt me so deeply to have MY brother and sister gang up on me.

    I’m with you: zero tolerance for bullying. Period.

  3. That was so well put and said. CNN showed the two incidents and had a comment from someone from GLAAD. I was disturbed not at seeing the GLAAD rep make a plea for tolerance, but I was more sad to know the child didn’t feel comfortable enough @ home to talk to someone about the issue so that something could be done.

  4. I agree with all the above. It hurts me that homosexual activists want to exploit the deaths of confused and depressed children and teenagers to advance their agenda. NO ONE should be bullied at any school for any reason–whether they’re straight, gay, black, white, or whatever. It’s sad that in their desire to protect children (a noble thing) they actually a) encourage deadly behavior by teaching homosexuality is okay and b)will likely encourage more bullying when these students embrace a homosexual identity.
    (I realize that it isn’t clear yet whether the students who killed themselves actually WERE homosexual. That is not the point. The point is that if these kids—all kids—were safe when they walk into the doors of a government run school, maybe they wouldn’t have done this. The answer, then, is not to endorse deadly sexual behavior and punish anyone who dissents, gently or otherwise. The answer is to instate policies that protect all students from bullying for any reason. And I agree—maybe a good slap on the rear would cut it down. Me, I’d aim a belt buckle at the perp’s mouth few times and see if that did anything. And yes, that was sarcasm. )
    Let’s pray for their families and for the bullies. They need Jesus.

    His bondslave,


  5. Thanks for your comments David. I dont think the activists care about children being bullied, just advancing the homosexual agenda in the schools. At the same time, that’s why the church needs to wrest this out of their hands but like so many other things they are too preoccupied with being “prosperous”.

  6. I think that the two boys had no one to turn too. If you look at some of the thing you say on this blog, some adults might consider taking their own lives. So, keep up the good work. That’s what God said to do… right?

    GCMW: If youre going to make off the cuff accusations, you will need to be more specific if we are going to accurately determine whether you are right or wrong. Otherwise, your remark wont rise above anything other than being snide.

  7. Rev. Foster

    It’s a beautiful blessing to know your children will grow into happy, healthy, well adjusted adults. We need more parents such as yourself and Lady Dee. You are blessed to have your children and they are blessed to have you and your wife for parents.

    Blessings, assurance, and constant peace.

    Big Sadie

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