Albert Mohler's finest

I had been meaning to get to this.

Its Albert Mohler’s post No Truth Without Love, No Love Without Truth.

It should be supersized, framed and hung in the foyer of every church in America.

The times demand Christian courage. These days, courage means that preachers and Christian leaders must set an agenda for biblical confrontation, and not shrink from dealing with the full range of issues related to homosexuality. We must talk about what the Bible teaches about gender–what it means to be a man or a woman. We must talk about God’s gift of sex and the covenant of marriage. And we must talk honestly about what homosexuality is, and why God has condemned this sin as an abomination in His sight.

Courage is far too rare in many Christian circles. This explains the surrender of so many denominations, seminaries, and churches to the homosexual agenda. But no surrender on this issue would have been possible, if the authority of Scripture had not already been undermined.

And yet, even as courage is required, the times call for another Christian virtue as well–compassion. The tragic fact is that every congregation is almost certain to include persons struggling with homosexual desire or even involved in homosexual acts. Outside the walls of the church, homosexuals are waiting to see if the Christian church has anything more to say, after we declare that homosexuality is a sin.

Thanks Dr. Mohler for being clear, honest and balanced. There is no truth without love and no love without truth. Please read the entire article.


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  1. I’ll tell you what I told Neil (who slyly blocked my comment):

    Within a few short years, a major dividing line has become evident–with those churches endorsing homosexuality on one side, and those stubbornly resisting the cultural tide on the other.

    This comment, arguably one of the most important, and certainly the most pronounced statements he makes, destroys everything he says afterward. Why? He seems to imply that holding back the co-called “cultural tide” is a good thing.

    Of course it isn’t! Society cannot stagnate; it is always pushing forward in order to advance itself. One of those advances is entitling gays to the same rights as straights, which, honestly, shouldn’t be a big deal for heterosexuals in any way, shape or form, since it does not affect them, unless they, they decide to get their pants in a twist about it.

    Gay marriage will never affect you unless you choose to make a big deal about it.

    GCMW: Fox unfortunately you have squandered your opportunity at this blog. I’m changing your status to read only. I have grown excessively weary of seeing your bigoted nonsense pop up here. Its not even worth discussing for three reasons (1) you have no biblical compass, thus all your arguments cant help but run counter to the discussions here. This only serves to weigh down and if not obfuscate our goals of educating the church. If you are unable to participate in stated biblical conversations, your input will always be a handicap and a liability which causes others reluctance to engage you. (2) Like most homosexual activists youre emeshed in the adulation and defense of your sexual conduct, consequently you have zero ability to see truth. Everything you say is filtered through your defense of your sexual conduct. Again that is particularly counterproductive to our conversations here. (3) It appears you are somewhat arrogant as to think we haven’t heard and answered all your accusations already and personally, I have no obligation that which is already settled. Take some time to read. My earnest suggestion: go somewhere and learn to diversify your knowledge.

  2. Pastor Foster wrote:

    “Like most homosexual activists youre emeshed in the adulation and defense of your sexual conduct, consequently you have zero ability to see truth. Everything you say is filtered through your defense of your sexual conduct.”

    Perhaps this is what the LORD God meant when he led and guided Paul – through the Holy Spirit – to write “God gave them up” and “God gave them over” in Romans 1.

  3. Fox I disagree with you. The good doctor is spot-on in his commentary. I shall share with you the effects of this so-called ‘cultural tide’s negative impact on innocent lives.

    Let’s talk about the children of homosexual parents shall we.. here goes. I’ve seen with my own eyes and heard with my owns ears first person accounts of the devastating effects homosexual parenting has had on the lives of children.

    Many of these problems begin to surface around the early to late teen years, when children begin to come fully into their own personhood. And let’s not even mention the physical and emotional abuse they endure in the school yard. Some of the negative side effects of homosexual parenting are; poor school performance, sexual identity issues, low self esteem, intense anger at God or themselves, sexual promiscuity (trying to find where they fit in), drug and alcohol abuse, gender confusion, falling in with the wrong crowd, vulnerability to sexual predators, trouble with the law, and sure enough trouble at home. I am not saying that ALL children of homosexual union experience some these problems, however many do.

    Now most of today’s mental health professionals would be quick to counter my statement, however i have been around these kids for four years. And often their ‘parents’ would share with me the ‘problems’ their child is experiencing.

    Yes, some children of traditional households do also experience some of the same difficulties. However, the propensity for their child to choose the homosexual lifestyle is much lower than those of homosexual ‘parents’ and also the daughters of lesbian unions are more likely to be sexually adventurous than those who are reared in a traditional home…. Paraphrased from a scholarly paper written by a gender specialist at;, yes I am backing up what I am saying with sound source material because I am not here to deceive you.

    And to compound the problem how about those who are ‘raised’ in so-called ‘affirming churches where they really have NO one to turn to for support or counseling should they have questions. More often than not they would be encouraged to ‘explore’ their sexual identity. And God forbid should they express their discomfort with the lifestyle of their parents.

    Now Fox, you may try and attack me… however here is a little bit about me. I was ‘born’ attracted to women and for years I knew in my heart it was NOT right in the Lord’s eyes. Heck I even tried living as a man, until one night God delivered me into fully accepting myself as woman. However, He still lovingly held me as I struggled and struggled. He even saved my life after two suicide attempts, NOT the false prophets. I am alive today because of His unending love. And now with prayer and celibacy I no longer consider myself a lesbian, God does deliver on his promise. He even gave me a beautiful name…

    You see Fox, God does love and cherish me as one of His own. And I be dancing-on-hot-coals before I allow the lgbt cabal come between me and God or to infringe upon my right to testify of God’s life changing power to others who are still caught in the clutches of the false prophets.

    Fox, as I type i quietly ask God to forgive you. He does love you. I feel you would not be visiting this site if God was not actively working with you, why because He loves you.

    You see, dear one just a mere eleven months ago I too came to this site full of rebuttals defending the gay ‘christian’ movement, expecting my comment to not be posted. Well surprise, surprise, I received nothing but love from Rev. Foster the kind gentleman even posted my comment. And he gently pointed out to me in scripture where I had erred in jumping to defend the false prophets. That’s only the love of God.

    I hope my little testimony will give you hope in God’s power and not in that of the ‘cultural tide’ please don’t be bambuzzled by the ‘light’ of inclusivity, and other such rhetoric of the lgbt cabal. Because as soon as you turn from their ‘belief’ system to that of the Lord they will turn on you with a venemous hatred because they are snakes. But don’t fear greater in He that in you than he that is in the world.

    I pray that you’ll be guided to the true light of God’s everlasting love. Thank you for reading.


  4. Christine, I pray that you are wrong. Thats a terrifying place to be in. When God “gives you up” there is no more hope or opportunity. I would like to think this is temporary blindness on his part and one day the scales will fall from his eyes.

  5. God bless you Sadie and I am deeply grateful to God for what you said. All the glory belongs to God for his –as you said– unending love. Even when we do not want correction, he will speak truth to us. He said his desire is that no one perish. I too thank the Lord that he never lied to me about my spiritual status. He didnt condemn me, but he spoke truth into my heart with massive love. If we accept his truth and his love, that’s the only thing that will stop us from falling headlong into eternity without him.

    Dr. Mohler was on point.
    There is no truth without love and no love without truth.

  6. To Sadie Tamillez, Thank you. Although you wrote that was a response to Fox, I was blessed by your t estimony. God bless you.

  7. Great post gcmwatch. Dr. Mohler is a giant in advocating historical biblical Christianity. He is certainly spot on in this commentary. For all of you (us) who Twitter, you can follow Dr. Mohler to get his up to the minute commentary (he “tweets” alot during the day, and even includes pictures).

    To Sadie, God bless you sister. The Lord used your comments to convict me of my sometime bitter retorts when going back and forth with detractors on my blog. I praise God for men like gcmwatch who lovingly contend for the faith, because people like you are the fruit of his labor. I will do my best to never compromise the Gospel truth, but to be kinder in my defense and presentation of it.

  8. Re Fox’s idiotic statement that homosexual “marriage” cannot affect anyone who does not enter into it — first, I would give a big “thank you” to others who have rightly condemned it, but would add an analogy. By his reasoning, no one should oppose abortion, because unless you’re a fetus (which you cannot be after having been born and become old enough to become aware of such political and moral issues), it doesn’t affect you unless you choose to have an abortion. Or that no one should support laws designed to make certain drugs illegal. Because the fact is, what one person does has a sometimes tremendous and profound impact on other people as well as society in general. Divorce is one such issue — it affects that couple plus their children as well as their larger family. A single divorce may not be that much of a problem, if all other families stay together, but when society changes so that divorce is not a rarity, you can see the huge impact it has on society at large. Legalizing homosexual “marriage” will also have an impact on more than just those people who participate in it. “No man is an island.”

  9. Sadie,
    I read your comment early this morning, and it blessed me so and had me in tears.

    While I read most of my husband’s posts, I don’t always comment but fully support his work….

    You are the reason that he does what he does. People have said alot of negative things about him on this blog, from arrogant, cold, rude, hateful, etc…

    What they don’t see is the many hours he spends with men and women on the phone ministering to them until they get a break through.

    Working all through the night into the wee hours of the morning, writing so that the truth of God can enlighten those that are blinded to the truth.

    Researching to warn God’s church so that we will not be ignorant of Satan’s devices.

    He does all of this as a labor of love that compels him to tell the truth without compromise and without fear.

    I could have sent this email to Pastor Foster personally (Im away on travel), but I wanted to take this opportunity to let him know how proud I am (Godly proud) that he is consistent in the work of the Lord to snatch men and women from the pit of Hell.

    Honey, keep doing what you are doing, there are more Sadie’s that are to be reached. I am with you all the way… and more importantly, God is with you all the way,

    The good work that he has begun in you, He will complete.

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