The curse of postmodernism

postmodernYou may not know it or acknowledge it, but as a Christian in a contemporary  society, you have been impacted and influenced by postmodernism.  Not only has it influenced you, but it has had a profound affect on the theology, orthodoxy and worldview of the church. Some attribute it to the devil and in some instances it is an appropriate attribution. But the truth is that we have given place to the devil,thus allowing him to incrementally introduce new concepts which, though not alarming in the immediate scope of things, are certain detriments for the church.

Let me be clear, there is no ultimate defeat in store for the church.  That’s an impossibility, not to mention an oxymoron. Yes, we’ll lose some battles and we will experience seasons of oppression. There is persecution, judgment and discipline in store for the church, yet we are more than conquerors. The church is built on and housed in  an indestructible force, the Lord Jesus Christ himself  (Matt 16:18). As it is personally with the believer, so it is corporately with the church. Greater is he in us than he that is in the world.

To be honest, this is not new. As King Solomon bluntly stated there’s nothing new under the sun. The cycles of change are indigenous to the church; the seasons of growing, pruning and harvesting are embedded within our very fabric. Yet, within the context of what is and what surely is to come, there exists also a counter-intuitive resistance among us. It comes from satan, but but is allowed by God. I think that I understand it and then simultaneously it baffles even the most spiritually astute among us.  Why does God allow satan to sow tares (or false converts) among true believers? Its like allowing a convicted rapist into a girls school. I do acknowledge the wisdom of God is far above the finite knowledge of man. I know (perhaps intellectually) why God intentionally hardened Pharoah’s heart, but then again why? Would it not have been easier and less confrontational to just soften Pharoah’s heart and cause him to release the Jews with goodwill?

The will to fight

It should be no surprise to us that our God is confrontational and so was Christ. And so should we be. Our mission as sojourns on this earth is to confront the wicked, God-hating systems and declare the sovereign will of our King. Of course, that will bring us into certain conflict with the emissaries of satan who have falsely positioned themselves as loving, benevolent, peaceful and justice-oriented.  We shouldn’t be surprised to know that these individuals are not just in “the world” but they occupy positions of authority in the church. In fact, this is a desired place for them, because greater damage can be done from within than without. They despise the rule of God and are actively working to destroy anything that is created in his image and truly represents his holy nature. Remember the mythological tale of the fall of Troy? The city was impenetrable until the Greeks got inside through deceit.  A disease isn’t particularly deadly until it gets inside your body.

Some do not grasp the entirety of Ephesians 6. Ours is a life of wrestling, struggling and fighting. It is not one of peace and unity. Those are goals, but they cannot be achieved on our own and without the headship of Christ. What’s more, there will be no true peace until every one of Christ’s enemies have been eternally vanquished. All other “peace” is the peace of the world which is at its root is God-less because they seek to achieve human unity without God as head. The UN is the perfect example of this.

Paul writes in Ephesians that saints “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. Its important to understand the interlocking revelations of this verse. Some pull out the obvious: that we cannot achieve the goals of the Kingdom fighting people. But even that is to be understood in its context. First, satan (and his hierarchy of demonic subordinates) are not disembodied spirits. They can only work through people. Thus, while in the broader context people are not the problem, we must not be naive to think that people are not a major element of the problem.  This isn’t  jihad or a crusade against infidels. Those are and were tools of satan against mankind. Our struggle is one of living, proclaiming and upholding the righteous rule of our God.

Secondly, we miss this salient truth in Ephesians 6. That is that we do wrestle. It does not say we won’t or shouldn’t wrestle but that wrestling is embedded in our mission. It is unavoidable and critical to the success of the Kingdom of God on the earth. Here is where postmodernist subterfuge inflicts its deadliest harm on the church. Postmodernism eschews the fight; throwing it in favor of faux unity. The trickle down effect of this imposition on God’s intent is why we see so many people unwilling to be hot or cold; right or wrong; holy or unholy. The middle is cast as a comfortable and safe place, free from conflict. And this is where the great majority of people in the church reside.

Moving towards so-called “non-judgmentalism” is actually moving away from the heart of Ephesians 6. Satan is tempting us to not fight. The prize is favor with the middle majority. While church leaders pander to this group using self-centered prosperity messages, social justice issues and feel-good church programs, satan unleashes hordes of false doctrines into the life of the church which result in an inner weakening of our walls. A weak church is a powerless church and a powerless church is ripe for redefinition.

Although former gospel industry worker, Tonex (Anthony Williams) is talented, his own unfortunate misappropriation of God’s will is an example of what happens when postmodernism overtakes one’s thought processes. When asked who listened to his music, Williams told the Daily News Tribune, “I have a strong gay and lesbian following, and I think this is because, there’s no judgment here. Usually gospel is gay bashed. With me it’s just, “God loves everybody.”

What Williams means is that not having a purely biblical worldview facilitates the least path of resistance if you want to influence crowds of people. Its particularly effective with others who see the absolutes of scriptures as “oppressive”, “intolerant” and “judgmental”.

United against false unity

The so-called “emergent church”, the prosperity gospel folks, the gay christian movement and other religious anomalies are byproducts of postmodernism. At some point, they will merge or become allies because they all are formed from the same ideology. Biblical unity doesnt just happen, nor is by man’s devices.  Its defined not by physical inclusivity, but its unique spiritual exclusivity. Due to the obvious presence of double agents in the church, biblical writers needed to further define such unity (Amos 3:3, 1 John 4:1, 2 Peter 2:1).  It goes without saying there can be no unity with the world because it will always be hostile to the will of God. Compromising biblical unity for expediency works against God’s plan. We are now fighting another infectious disease called diaprax, which espouses expediency above truth.

As God works both in and outside the eschatological clock,  we are contending with the several streams of false teaching in the church.  Our tepid, excuse-laden responses (if any) to divorce, homosexuality, greed, idolatry, adultery, sexual abuse and powermongering is telling.   Do you think any rational person would prop up a dead, rotting corpse in their home and celebrate it?  They would if they were convinced doing so is good. Thus what is evil is now called good and what is good is now called evil.  Under divine inspiration, Paul showed us homosexual conduct represents the lowest digression of idolatry and rebellion against God. Yet people in the church celebrate and indulge this rotting corpse theology as if it were Genesis 1:1.

The cure to the curse of postmodernism is a strong return to the fundamental truths of God’s word. We’ve been inundated with all sorts of “revelation” from false teachers in the Body. But we need to return to basic principles and then hold fast. We should test everything and continue being vigilant against false teaching. We should not wait for a fight, but cause one. Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against our offense, but false teachers have turned the meaning into a defensive one. The postmodernist spins it into a defensive meaning forcing the church into a passive wait and see approach. It allows satan to advance his agenda while we stand still and “hold ground”. Militarily, that’s disastrous. Spiritually, its equally disastrous.

In my next post, I will attempt to answer some questions about postmodernism and the church posed by Bishop Jonathan Alavardo.

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6 thoughts on “The curse of postmodernism

  1. I would be interested in your opinion on this post…

    GCMW: cmr, first Im a little put off that you had nothing to say about this post, but instead dropped a gratuitious link by thineself here for comment. But hopefully this is a sincere request. Ive got the link and will send you an email response.

  2. Excellent work again. I was glad to see the part where you said we should sometimes start the fight. I truly believe that is such an important aspect of spreading God’s message. Not being afraid to start the fight…but that takes confidence in knowing the Word of God (our sword). We’re not reading our bibles the way we should and therefore are not ready to take up arms against anyone let along spiritual wickedness. I just thank God for you and this ministry.

  3. GIG, I second your assertion for God’s blessing to be upon GCMW. I read the blog entry earlier today, and now I’m back to give my valuable two cents. 🙂 As GCM eloquently pointed out, the modern day “church movement” is nearly void of all manner of righteous judgment. It has all been yielded to, as GCM pointed out, to a “man made” peace movement deliberately absent of God and His Word—the entire thrust behind the ecumenical events that we have seen for quite some time.

    I know quite a few people—one of them a minister—that have personally said they will not engage in “arguments” over what would be considered “trivial matters”; that in the end, all that matters is that “people are brought into the kingdom.” As such, while the primary focus is to get people saved, it is just as important to help new saints cultivate their newly-formed relationship with God by getting them properlyimmersed in His Word. Pair the new saints with seasoned ones, skilled with the Word, to help in this development. In doing so, saints would be brought to spiritual maturity to personify what is outlaid in Ephesians 6.

    Spiritual warriors are what is needed now, not pansies. I appreciate GCM’s illustration of Tonex’s immersion and degenerative transformation from a PK in COGIC to a strange concoction of nonsense to justify his present-day activities. He is the most extreme case, but not unique. It has become a given, providing the increasing parade of other “gospel artists” that have straddled the line for the sake of increasing fan bases that now include unrepentant sodomites disguised as “true Christians.” In turn, the “anything goes” musical influence has coupled with apostate teachings to produce spiritually illiterate people incapable of doing anything more than shouting in the aisles.

    Interestingly enough, the following recent recording from Apostasy Watch gives some perspective on how the lukewarm-ness of people in the modern church has come to be, giving rise to post-modernism. We all have a duty and responsibility to learn the Word for ourselves and carry forward its precepts with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Anything other than that is vain, susceptible to failure.

  4. Post-modern world indeed! This could be another politically-correct label, that the world uses to cover its sins? You know like profanity = adult language and
    pornagraphy = adult entertainment etc etc etc.

    The reality is that the world was in darkness until the light of the person and gospel of Jesus Christ came.
    Our post-‘modern’ world has been despising and disregarding this true light., but we’re so full of our ourselves that we refuse to acknowledge that when we reject or turn off the true light, what we really have left is DARKNESS. Natural, physical, spiritual, social,
    financial, mental, political ……DARKNESS .

    Darkness has a highly effective Kingdom with its own king, rulers, powers, authorities, and it has many works. The ‘best’ part about this darkness is that it masquerades as light, and multiplied many are deceived.

    Only the true light of the gospel of Jesus Christ can deliver us from this darkness.

  5. You’re totally right on. I think to some degree the variables produced by the post modernism base has already merged to some degree becaue in each there are elements of the other variables. We have to take what’s ous by force. Waiting for the devil or his children to give it to us is stupid but it seems like that’s what we’re hoping for in the body. It seems as if they body of Christ wields no real power in the world and is a joke. It’s like we really don’t trust God. In essence I believe the body of Christ is wimpy and weak. Because we let the world just beat us up and use us. It’s like we want the world to like us. This definitely change in my generation.

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