Peoria Conference on Thursday

peoria09smThis Thursday, I will be joining G. Graige Lewis of EX Ministries for the Life Changers Conference May 7-9 in Peoria, IL. If you live in the surrounding area, and want to join us to proclaiming God’s truth and galvanizing believers in proactive resistance to error, please click the thumbnail for more details. There’s no cost to attendees.

According to Pastor Harvey Burnett, organizer and host, the conference will be held at several different venues around the city and will address the following:

  • Homosexuality, lesbianism and the church’s response to the rising GLBT (Gay Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender) church and cultural influence.
  • Teen promiscuity & violence, what you don’t know will hurt you.
  • Hip-hop inculturation and it’s devastation, dangers, influence and roots within post-modern churches and families.
  • Clergy and ministerial sexual abuse how to avoid it, report it, and actions that must be taken when it arises.
  • “Black Genocide” The effects contraceptive and on demand abortion on the landscape of our community.
  • The biblical view of the use of music and entertainment within the church.
  • The biblical reconstruction of the family. Providing sustainable solutions to the problems we now face.

The conference couldn’t come at a better time for Peoria. Last month, a city council member called gays a “protected class” as if they were some strange species of endangered animals.  We lodged a complaint to the mayor’s office.


12 thoughts on “Peoria Conference on Thursday

  1. (Sigh) If I had the money to travel, I would attend this conference. The topics are very interesting. Please let me know if these sessions will be recorded for web viewing and distribution? Thanks!

  2. Yes, would purchase if available. At least, give us a few clips on your site…Thanks!

  3. Pastor Foster

    I’ve an Interesting link for you:

    GCMW: Thanks Jonathan. The Life Changers conference will be nothing like this one in London. Reparative therapy is not something I endorse in its current construct. What’s more, I dont endorse NARTH. I did hear of the protests against them, but I stay out of that because NARTH is a secular organization and the people protesting them are sinners. What do you feel about it/them?

  4. yep, I would be interested in purchasing copies of sessions as well…used to live up there in Illinois; i’ll let my friends know about this meeting

  5. GCMwatch I was so overjoyed to see that you are teaming up with Elder G. Craig Lewis!!! He is one of my favorites, along with your annointed work that you do on this fine blog. May God richly bless the both of you guys, I hope God moves by His mighty power at your conference. P.S. Have you checked out Independent Conservative’s opinions on Elder Lewis? Please check it out, maybe he will consider your council, he totally blocked my access to comment on his blog. (I still admire his opinions on other subjects though.)

  6. I want to come as well. These issues affect us all: white, red, yellow and black, as the Body of Christ.

    Please let me know when you are doing one of these in/near the Atlanta area.

  7. Yes, I already shared with Pastor Burnett that they MUST bring this conference to North Texas…

    In these days of blatant apostasy “in the church” such conferences as this “should” be the norm, instead of conferences that tickle ears and tell you how to get to your “next level” and get your “financial breakthrough” and it’s “your season to bling”…blah blah blah!

    I’m not ashamed of the “Gospel of Christ”…for it’s the power of God unto Salvation…to all who believe…The Gospel of Christ is meant to save the lost, set a liberty those who are bound and teach us that it’s truly all about Jesus as we walk in love AND HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD…it’s not about us! And all these so called “tickle ear” conferences (Joel O.) are just the opposite of the true Gospel of Christ.

    Oh what I would give to find a “sound doctrine” church here in N. Texas…been here a year and “still looking!”

  8. Elder Foster,

    The conference was FANTASTIC and your teaching was both pertinent, thorough and exciting. Truly a Life Changing expereince. I’m adding a recap to the post regarding it but this was a blessing that will reap benefits for many months to come. Thank you for sharing and blessing both Peoria, New Bethel, the surrounding community representatives that came not to mention myself and how I was refreshed . God bless!

    Pastor Burnett

  9. Godlysoldier, when and if you find a ‘sound doctrine’ church in N. TX, please do share it with me and my family. N.TX churches are reminding me more and more of churches in Atlanta and Baltimore and others on the East Coast, waxing more and more worldly and amoral and less and less Biblical; you can find more Biblically astute Christians in the local homeless shelters than in these churches. It’s really sad. I would love for this conference to come to the Dallas area.

  10. OK gcmwatch – I read the glowing reviews of your sermons at this conference over at Elder Burnett’s website…when will there be audio of those sessions available? Also, I didn’t know you were a Dr. (as Eld. Burnett kept referring to you as…).

  11. My brother on the first portion of your comment: I am not aware that any audios were done. Maybe Pastor Burnett can answer that.
    On the second portion, I am “honorary” but I don’t make a big deal of it and probably never will. So, shhhhhh 🙂

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