My witness: With God all things are possible

Know that with God all things are possible. Just say yes to Him and believe that the sacrifice of Christ’s pure blood is enough to cleanse you, restore you and keep you until the day of his return.


10 thoughts on “My witness: With God all things are possible

  1. “It’s Jesus who died on the cross, not the Church…I don’t recommend the Church, I recommend Jesus.” Well said.

    Love the tie.

  2. I’m continually proud of you and your ministry, sir – and I’m even more proud to call you a faithful brother in “blogistry”.

    Praying God’s grace over you as you enlighten the faithful in Peoria this week!

  3. Praise the LORD!!! Bless HIS Holy and Righteous Name!!! This is a powerful testimony. HE has set you free indeed!!! What a way to start my day!! I would love for my cousin to see this, he is still trapped in the “lifestyle” and his health is failing him. He knows what the LORD has done for him and has turned away from it, trading it for financial security, which is false. He is in the hospital now but as soon as he gets out I am going to try to send this to him. GOD bless you!!

  4. Pastor Foster,
    it is ablessing to hear from a Godly man and helps me to reaffirm my faith. I have become so complacent in my walk and fell astray. You’re right to say christians are biblically illiterate. Scripture has to be studied each and every day in order to fight Satan who prowls like a roaring lion. I am a news junkie and became familiar with your site via Amercans for It has awakened me to the advancement of the gay agenda and how powerful it has become. There seems to be agay advocacy group for every cause to includeeven a “conservative” gay movement i.e the Gay,etc.
    God bless you
    Peace in Christ

  5. dtemple thanks for your comments and encouragement.
    You’d never get the gay movement to acknowledge their agenda. They say its fiction.

    But the proof is in the open. Let us go back to God’s Word and never let it become unimportant.

  6. Thank you, Pastor Foster, for being transparent and loving about what God’s word says. I can only imagine the attacks that you receive for expressing the truth about being delivered from sin: If we repent, Jesus will deliver us, but repentance is the key.

    Many gays claim that Christians are singling them out for ridicule. The truth is that gays are singling themselves out because they are the only group that is trying to legalize their immoral behavior. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But those of us who have challenges with other sins, be they sexual or non-sexual, or not petitioning the government to legalize our sins and provide the government seal of approval for what we are doing.

    Continue your work, which is so important to the future of our nation, particularly our children. I also appreciate you highlighting my recent column and I do plan to write future commentaries on this issue. I know in the depths of my soul that this is a fight worth waging and those of us who are Christians should not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Gwen Richardson

    GCMW: Thank you so much for that encouragement. I will continue to do as the Lord commands me as he gives me the strength.

  7. Should I try posting that comment again?

    GCMW: Rob, your comment is just too far off the track of this post.

  8. Really? That’s a shame. If you still have my post on file, could you please publish it on your last open forum article? I would do it myself but unfortunately I didn’t save it and I don’t remember exactly how it was worded. I think I raised very valid questions and would love for it to spark a conversation.

    GCMW: Unfortunately, its length sent it to Askimet spam based on my presets. Its not retained over 24 hours. You can use any open forum to restate it. Also please check your posting email.

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