Carlton Pearson handed rejection from ‘New Thought’ church

Very interesting development after heretic and former pentecostal false prophet Carlton Pearson assumed interim leadership of Christ Universal Temple in Chicago. Rev. Johnnie Coleman, the founder, retired three years ago. On May 4th, Pearson hyped his move coming in by saying he was “excited to move to Chicago and to join the Christ Universal Temple family.” He promised he would “make it a world class institution and take the ministry to new heights and assist people in living their best lives with a practical religious doctrine.”  But just slightly over a week later, the church is in full rebellion against his appointment. Imagine that.

Rev. Roderick Norton called Pearson’s leadership an “insult”.

The new thought movement is a patently false version of Christianity which interprets the scripture through a universalist perspective and emphasize metaphysical beliefs. Pearson utilized elements of universalism in his own ridiculous “gospel of inclusion” heresy.

According to Religion News Blog over 1,000 members at the 6,000 member church signed a protest petition against Pearson’s leadership. Pearson expressed surprise that he would encounter such staunch opposition from both members and ministers alike. Especially in a church he considered a far cry from the “hateful fundamentalists” who rejected his heretical teachings.

“New Thought is not an exclusive group that demeans other movements and expressions,” Pearson said. “I didn’t expect to encounter this in New Thought once I moved away from fundamentalism.”


19 thoughts on “Carlton Pearson handed rejection from ‘New Thought’ church

  1. this is definitely surprising…i thought for sure that he’d be welcomed with open arms..

  2. Add me to the “surprised” column on this one as well. Pearson was/is a perfect leader for this Christless heretical church cult. I wonder if the 1,000 people who signed this petition actually sit in the pews to listen to the drivel that is taught weekly?

    You know that we are in the last days when even a cult won’t let a heretic lead them 😆

  3. I am suprised they didn’t import Della Reese from Los Angeles. SHe was a mentee of the former pastor of Christ Universal Temple. Why would Carlton even consider going there? What happened to New Dimensions (formerly Higher Dimensions) in Tulsa?

  4. According to the news, New Dimensions church was merged with the All Souls Unitarian (Universalists) church in Tulsa.

  5. Being a single Christian single man in Chicago, I chanced upon meeting a small group of very attractive, beautiful, successful and intelligent single woman last summer in a Park. One, whom I will call “Mary” was 40, never married, very educated, gorgeous, and wanting to be married and have a child before it’s too late. Mary was heart broken her last relationship ended, the guy she was living with suddenly walked out. __ Mary attends the demonic FRAUD of Johnie Colemans fake Church in Chicago.
    I gave my testimony of being a bible believing follower of Jesus who repents of my sins to Christ. Mary proceeded to tell me to NOT talk about sin ! “Don’t talk about sin !” She liked me, but what a tragedy, this intelligent beautiful woman is so blind, she cannot see she was living in open sin, with a man before marriage, she can’t see the consequence of her sins, and she can’t see Jesus Christ as THE Way, The Truth, and The Life.
    Horrible heresies spreading across our land blinding and decieving people everywhere.

  6. What’s interesting is that if you took the time to ask the members of Christ Universal Temple how they feel about your interpretation of Christianity, they would almost certainly say that YOU are the false prophets and heretics.

  7. I pray for Mary that she would have the experience of Paul and see the True Light of God, and that she would accept Jesus as her personal Saviour and get OUT of that demonic place. In the name of Jesus Chris of Nazareth Amen

  8. One thing we know of a surety is that Carlton Pearson’s New Thought is from Satan himself. God’s word is the same yesterday, today and forever, it is NOT new thought . This we know of a surety. So Christ Universal Temples new thought preacher is NOT of God

  9. Scripture: “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3)

    So the “darker” heresy… can’t walk together with the “darkest” heresy!! One demonic belief/doctrine can’t walk in “harmony” with another demonic belief/doctrine.

    By the way, does Carlton Pearson still use the Bible to further promote this “gospel of inclusion”? From our understanding; the “new thought” doctrine doesn’t believe in the Written Word of God as the absolute authority.

    “For the WORD OF GOD is quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” Hebrews 4:12

    Could this be the real reason why “new thought” doesn’t want Pearson as their leader? He may start quoting scripture (out of context of course) to the congregation?? But the WORD OF GOD is still powerful…

  10. I don’t know who would be the judge of a little dark..dark…very dark…darker evil but I do know that Jesus said that a house divided against itself will not stand. Is satan dividing himself? Carlton Pearson is demonic & the new thought church that rejected him is demonic…Is evil casting out evil? If this is so then the fight is easy.

  11. Henry, I agree with you on this. I dont think that satan can cast out satan. Both new thought and gospel of inclusion are in the same sinking boat. Its like the classic kettle calling the pot black scenario.

  12. We as the body of christ should not be alarmed at what is going on. It is what the bible calls the apostasy, the falling away. That which was good is now bad and that which was bad is now good. this is what the lord says he who is clean, clean yourself more and he who is dirty, dirty yourself more.with sorrow and joy we live for the coming of the lord at any moment. Make sure that you prepare your ark for your family. I stand up boldly to hold these so-called leaders resposible and will continue calling sin sin and he that has an ear to listen to what the spirit of the Lord says shall listen and understand. I will preache the good news of the word and the lord will touch those that are looking and if I have to teach out of my home I will do so just like the rest of my family. Amen!

  13. I’m sorry that you had to encounter that. There are many so-called Christians that are living with the opposite sex- not being married. Boy, it is quite disturbing that many do know it is wrong but don’t want to give up their sexual pleasure for nobody or man just settle because they say “Isn’t everybody doint it” We are not called to follow people but Jesus.

  14. The statement you made “One thing we know of surety is that Carlton Pearson’s New Though is from Satan Himself.” …Couldn’t be further from the truth.

    First of all you have No way of knowing that, and the state itself is very judgmental on your part and strictly your opinion and interpretation according to the limited information that you have obtained so far.

    Yes Gods word is the same but he gives us insight into his word so that it would be applicable to our present lives. Truth is the world has changed and we have to allow God to be God and take him out of the box of our limited thinking and let him be as big as he really is and let his word apply to the changing world.

    All any of us can do is keep doing the best we can, and just because you may not need to hear a message delivered to you from under the New Thought umbrella, don’t knock it because it may just be the thing your neighbor needs to hear to keep him from breaking in your house and killing your family.

    If New thought is not for you need then keep what you have, but you cant speak for all. God is an infinite expression of many things so know one person or group of people know it all. We only know what he shows us so who are you or anyone else to say how God can show up in the life of anybody, he can do what he pleases how he pleases.

    As people we have a practice of NOT making room for new truth. To see all of God you must accept someone else’s perspective. It may or might not look like yours, but you will have to take that up with God.

    In the meantime we must stop discounting what we don’t understand and ask God to show us what we need to know and not jump to conclusions because of what we have heard or read. God is still in control, so why the fear to tear down another person, thats certainly Not his way of doing things and not our job to do. Let God Be God!

  15. I have just watched the WORD network with Lexi, while Carlton Pearson is her special guest. This man is clearly going to Hell! He is reprobate and has denounced the Lord, The Holy Ghost, and God the father. Therefore, I denounce him and declare that he will meet the devil and his angels in hell. I pray for those whom he have taught, especially his children that they find Jesus quick. There is no hope for Carlton. Jesus is soon to come!

    GCMW: We covered that, Icarg. Its pretty disgusting. Here’s the article and video.

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