Top Black entrepreneur analyzes gay activism

gwenrichardsonGwen Richardson of Houston, is co-founder of, the world’s largest African-American Internet retailer with over 20,000 products online. Through a press release entitled “True Intentions of Gay Activists Now Revealed“, Richardson is saying what many African Americans –both Christian and non Christian— have secretly believed for some time but felt reluctant to voice. Homosexual activists give new meaning to the phrase “two faced”.  But is it too late?

In the wake of the shocking racist bile spewed by white gay activists after it was reported that African Americans helped to push Prop 8 to its win, many Black Americans saw the real face of homosexual activism in America.

Like many blacks, Richardson had observed the growing gay rights influence from a distance, “unsure” she said of their real intentions. But not any more:

Ten years ago, gay activists claimed they had no interest in pursuing gay marriage. They asserted that all they wanted was equal protection under the law, hospital visitation rights and the right to transfer property in the event of a death — all of which I support. It is now obvious that their goal all along was the advancement of gay marriage. How else can one explain the methodical way in which they have worked to change marriage laws in small, liberal states initially, and later in as many other states as possible.

Richardson couldn’t be more right. A recent AP article called the current political climate an “opportunity” for Democrats to push the homosexual agenda forward at warp speed. Indeed, the possibility of homosexual political, social and religious gains under Obama and the Democrat’s oversight looks to be stunning. But how ironic that groups (blacks and the black church) which were largely responsible for Obama’s victory are also indirectly responsible for the rising victories of the homosexual movement.

This costly error, whether intentional or not, is certain to usher in a persecution of the [true] church since it is the homosexual movement’s most pronounced enemy. Richardson believes the outcome is both sinister and potentially deadly as homosexual activists gain concentrated and influenced power in legal, media, political and social arenas.

…the claims of gay lobbyists that their rights are somehow linked to the freedom struggle of African Americans have slowly taken root in many sectors. They have even adopted some of the language of the Movement, referring to their cause as a struggle for “civil rights,” and charging that those who oppose their crusade are either motivated by hate or are simply bigots.

But, after years of close observation, I have now uncovered the true intentions of gay activists: To silence, demote or excommunicate any individual who dares to disagree with the unbridled promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage.

As more states fall to homosexual marriage attacks, the threat against the church will increase exponentially. Richardson accurately pinpoints the real reason the church has failed to be more effective at preventing this creeping decay.

Another falsehood told by gay lobbyists is that the Bible does not address the issue of homosexuality. This cleverly-crafted claim often succeeds because gay activists realize that few people actually read the Bible in depth, even those who are regular churchgoers. It is true that the word “homosexual” does not appear in the Bible for obvious reasons (the word was not in use at the time that the Bible was written). However, both the Old and New Testaments discuss sexual acts between those of the same gender and, in every instance, these acts are described in negative terms; in other words, these are acts in which believers are admonished not to engage.

Thanks to popular leaders dumbing down the importance of doctrinal study and the widespread neglect of personal bible study, most church members are biblically illiterate. The illiteracy rates seem to rival those of the dark ages. If you don’t believe me, just browse any  popular Christian forum and look at discussions on the bible and homosexuality.  As a consequence, such neglect and ignorance of God’s will breeds spiritual weakness which allows false teachings on homosexuality to gain credibility in the chuch. And for the people of God, its spells certain destruction (Hosea 4:6).

You who are wise and will hear what the Spirit is saying to the church, prepare yourself. Within the next generation, should the Lord delay his coming, all Bibles as we know them will be collected and destroyed. This God-hating world system will attempt to obliterate even its historical record.  The Bible will be replaced by generic “inspirational” writings from a collective of false religious teachers. The book will stripped of any references of sin, hell, satan, judgment and sexual standards.  In short, it will bear no resemblance to the Holy Word. Now, more than ever we should diligently “hide the word in our hearts” so that we will not sin against God (Psalms 119:8-16). No, the physical bible is nothing but paper and ink. But destruction of that physical book will have a damning effect on those who only view it as iconic.  October 7,  2005, The Lord revealed to me in a vision that a famine for his word would sweep this nation. He told me that the re-election of George Bush was a sign that it would surely come.

Don’t forget one of the most powerful influences in our culture. The liberal media is drunk with obsession in its quest to flood the public communication portals with “positive” stories on homosexual activism. Already the media is releasing reports claiming the five year aftermath of gay marriage approval in Massachusetts has produced no change to “normal” life. In other words, they want you to believe “sky is falling” scenario never materialized and never will. The article even cited Harvard Law School professor Janey Halley who admitted she’d “advised gay couples not to strive for some idealized goal of family perfection.” What that means is that Halley tells gay couples that the heterosexual standard of marriage won’t work for them. Imagine what that will mean as homosexual marriage and culture continues to destabilize our nation and the world.

The message: There is no turning back and the Day of the Lord is at hand.


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  1. Good for her! The homosexual lobby will use anyone to advance its agenda. Sadly, they have duped many in the African American community.

  2. Neil, I was thinking the same exact thing with this. I am a Black woman, but I skipped out on voting in the last presidential election (something I seldom do). I simply could not reconcile voting for someone (historic significance notwithstanding) whose legislative record, views and personal history are suspect and anti-biblical. Thank God I did my research via this blog and others that took critical looks at President Obama prior to the election. It gave me the information required to help me make a well-informed decision whether or not to vote at all. (McCain was simply not an option for various other reasons.)

    To the point regarding the AA community bring “duped” you are definitely correct on that assertion. As I have mentioned for many months leading to the election, the primary push on Black radio and churches in getting Obama in office was the skin color. Further, it forwarded the flawed thought being that having a Black person in high political office would ensure that every Black person’s need would be taken care of (of course, there are numerous instances that this did not pan out that way). This is a false bill of goods sold to an uninformed demographic too unmotivated to enact deeper research of their own into their candidate’s history.

    The article is correct in pointing out the “irony” between Blacks voting for Obama as they pushed their favor for Prop 8 is pretty glaring. What’s even more of a gall for me personally is the aligning of their bogus “movement” with what was done in the ’60s for Blacks. Many of us know that there is no comparison of the two, yet there are too many among the masses that are being duped further in erasing the differences between hereditary composition and straight out disgusting behavior. “It’s our time…” (enthused Black voter) Yeah, it’s our time to get informed and stop being used as disposable fodder for another person and group’s bidding. It really must stop….

  3. N’Catina, thanks for these excellent comments. Ignorance and lazyness really is destroying the church and our communities. We might as well go back to signing our “x” on the line.

  4. Pastor Foster,

    that was a good article. Far too many people think that homosexuals are the persecuted minority fighting for “equality” against the bigoted Christians.

  5. I too agree this is a really good article. Thank you for sharing this information – it is thorough, enlightening, and look forward to reading more. I was a bit shocked at the Joel Osteen posting…I didn’t know he didn’t have the background to be a true minister…I think he is a good person, but you cannot earn your way into salvation. In the Bible it states that we cannot do anything to earn or deserve it, so we cannot do anything to get to the point of being able to earn salvation and trying to teach others the same is creating false conversions…something we really need to think about and be concerned with.

  6. Well let me start by saying that this is a fine article in its entirity, that shows us the progression of the devices that the Enemy uses. But we are not ignorant of his devices, atleast those of us that are willing to hide the word in our hearts (that we might not sin…….).

    The agendas of the sponsers of this movement, have a long table if not long wide then, that they hash out their plans to do the planet a disservice.

    Hopefully more will awake to this and hide the word in their hearts!

  7. Great article. Articulates exactly the viewpoints of many in the AA community. I think the more the media pushes the so-called “success” of the homosexual agenda, the more unsuccessful that agenda really is. Although gay marriage passed in Vermont and Iowa, the gay activists want the big states, CA, FL, NY and they know they won’t get them. Pres. Obama cannot sign an executive order if he wants a second term. Things are never as they may seem which is why I am hopeful that the gay marriage agenda will be defeated. The media is so out of touch, they don’t see the undercurrent of those who are anti-gay marriage, yet pro-Obama, (really meaning anti-Bush/Republican).
    The Lord is allowing gay activism to reveal itself in a most unflattering light, i.e., their vicious and hateful attacks against Miss California in the Miss USA pageant. Blinded by their own hate, gays are actually aligning themselves with those who wish to destroy the First Amendment of the Constitution, which will not earn them any supporters. We must stay vigilante and prayerful, but I am confident that gay activism re: same-sex marriage will blow up in their faces as a result of THEIR INTOLERANCE.

  8. Thank you for posting portions of my recent op-ed and for providing supporting documentation. Since the release of my editorial, I have received numerous e-mails, most of which are supportive and encouraging. Of course, I have received insulting e-mails from gay activists, which I expected. I have also been labeled “an anti-gay bigot” by one gay advocate, which only supports my original premise: Anyone who challenges their agenda is subject to being vilified.

    For African Americans, I believe it is imperative that we make restoring and retaining our historical legacy a priority. Since our history is not taught in public schools, many people simply do not know our horrific, unique legacy. I believe our legacy should be restored, not as a way of making our country’s citizens feel bad, but because, after what our ancestors experienced, they deserve for their sacrifices not to be forgotten.

    The history of African-American discrimination is not a distant memory either. I personally integrated an elementary school in the South at age 8 and remember road trips down South as a small child where I was unable to use a public restroom, instead having to relieve myself on the side of the highway. The fact that we have gone from where we started to having an African-American in the White House (whether one supports Obama or not) is truly remarkable.

    Again, thank you for posting my editorial. I believe in the depths of my soul that this is a fight worth waging for the next generation. Despite what gay activists would have everyone believe, our children are being influenced by the sanctioning of homosexuality. Experimentation is rampant in the public schools and the future generations are at risk.

  9. Gwen, thank you for speaking out. Had you went the other way in praising the homosexualization of our children, schools, culture, churches and government, you would be on the front page of the NY Times.

    This tactic of minimization is used effectively by the liberal media to present a false picture that only right wing white men who hate gays are against this growing catastrophe.
    Youre right! It is a fight worth fighting and though the battle seems to be falling in the enemy’s win column, let us all remember the words of the warrior David

    Psalms 37:

    1Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.
    2For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.
    3Trust in the LORD and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.
    4Delight thyself also in the LORD, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
    5Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.
    6And He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.
    7Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.
    8Cease from anger and forsake wrath; fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.
    9For evildoers shall be cut off; but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth.
    10For yet a little while and the wicked shall not be; yea, thou shalt diligently look for his place, and it shall not be.

    Let us not be weary in well doing. Keep speaking out and standing up for God’s truth. In his own time, he will shut the mouths of those who hate his law.

  10. Thank you Gwen for taking a public stand on the issue that is an embrassment to the church and African Americans. I’m very vocal on the connection between gay rights and civil rights. Our people suffered for centuries because of racism and hatred. Not because we were confused over what to do with our body parts.
    The homosexual community insults and demeans our race everytime Dr. King’s name and civil rights are used for their benefit. Shame on every black minister that supports the homosexual movement-you are not speaking for Jesus Christ. And you aid in slandering an entire race of people. Gwen, please keep speaking out, may God strengthen and proctect you.
    Keep pressing the battle to the gate~

  11. This article is EXCELLENT!!! I would like to have further correspondence with its writer. She has an EXCELLENT grip on today’s climate. Considering the recent labelling of Christian Fundamentalists along with other previously harmless groups of Americans as potential threats by the department of Homeland Security, I also see how the persecution of the REAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH seems to be coming down the pike. It is now illegal to even say that being homosexual/lesbian is a sin in Canada (just across the border from the U.S.). Members of the Supreme Court are also becoming dangerously interested in laws from OTHER COUNTRIES instead of being experts on the U.S. CONSTITUTION. I am afraid the future looks dim. But in these times the real church must stand up and be counted. We MUST START A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT TO EDUCATE THE MASSES. That is why I am so grateful for this forum on this website. Kudos also to Pastor Foster.

  12. I want to make folks on this site aware of some of the tactics of gay activists that are coming down the pike. To paraphrase the Word: We must never be ignorant of the enemy’s devices.

    With the passage of gay marriages laws in Iowa and some of the northeastern states, gay activists are now espousing the air of inevitability, asserting that the nationwide passage of gay marriage is a foregone conclusion. Yes, 5 or 6 liberal states may pass these bills, but they will have tough sledding in the mid-West, South and West (except perhaps California). Those of us who believe that moral traditions should be upheld must stand firm and state our position with humility and sincerity, having facts readily available.

    The other falsehood they are espousing has been alluded to earlier: That the states which passed gay marriage laws suffered no ill effects. One gay advocate was on MSNBC today saying that New York’s gay marriage law would result in no changes, even though the law had just been passed. Again, they have no evidence of any information they release will be based upon the false notion of an “impact on traditional marriage.”

    The primary ill effect is going to be an increase of homosexual activity among children and teens. Of course, gay activists see this as a positive — recruitment of children is the only way to increase their numbers. Is this really what parents want for their children, even among the misguided? Besides, if homosexuality is the result of a “gay gene,” as they argue, there is no need to promote it in the schools since people who are gay would, under their scenario, automatically adopt homosexual tendencies.

    Those of us who are fighting the good fight must share information and keep each other encouraged. This is a war. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  13. I stand in agreement with the Word of God, and with you, GCMWatch. The previous passage of Scripture was a blessing! I love this blog! God’s blessings and peace be upon you and everyone who reads this blog in order to know and understand the truth and to discern it from the lies we are constantly being bombarded with.

  14. Besides, if homosexuality is the result of a “gay gene,” as they argue, there is no need to promote it in the schools since people who are gay would, under their scenario, automatically adopt homosexual tendencies.

    Oh my gosh! This is really an enlightening statement and goes against the nature argument of homosexuality. The gays are really trying to recruit people in their evil lifestyle. We as Christians must stand up to this principality and show people Christ’s truth and love as you mention above. These are truly wicked times.

  15. Mercedes,

    I happen to be one of “the gays,” and I can tell you that no one “recruited” me into this “evil lifestyle” when I was a child. What, do you think we visit elementary schools and hand out brochures to first-graders to teach them how to be gay?

  16. GCMW,

    Regarding the Day of Silence, perhaps you could explain how calling attention to anti-gay bullying in schools is the same as encouraging children to be gay.

  17. Great Article!

    Proverbs 14:34
    “righteousness exhaults a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people”

    As a black man, I stand rather ashamed by what the “black” Church has endorsed and empowered. I have found myself questioning the validity and sincerity of many elders who have “mentored” me or spoke to me at times. It is obvious that most voted for President Obama because he is “black” and also the recent financial struggles! These things I find detestable in Christ!

    We are Christians first and not a gender or race ;Gal 3:28 – “no greek or jew,male, female,…”, also Jesus himself told us that our Father sees every sparrow and has clothed the lillies and how much more would He take care of us(Matt 10). My hope is in Christ not the economy!

    I am still very disspointed and most confused. Many I know have no knowledge at all of what our President has said or even how little he esteems the bible on which they claim to stand. He mocks the word of God and also used the sermon on the mount to endorse homosexuality and called romans 1 obscure, regarding homosexuality.

    I have no ought against him, but how The “Church” of Jesus Christ can endorse this, and say look what The LORD has done for us! who, black people? I am more than my skin colour and it is never about colour but good and evil, the devil uses any difference to set up divisions of superiority (Pride).

    God Bless and be strong in The LORD and in the power of His might!

    I suggest we pray for our President Obama, according to the word of God and ask God to give President Obama a true experience with the true and living God and not church and religion!

  18. Gay groups are only concerned about so called gay children. Bullying affects all children, but I have yet to hear them make a fuss about that.

  19. GCMW,

    You are absolutely wrong. The Day of Silence is about bringing people’s attention to anti-gay bullying regardless of the victims’ sexual orientation. You may have heard about Carl Walker-Hoover, the eleven-year-old boy who killed himself last month after being harassed with anti-gay remarks. He did not identify as gay, yet gay groups have cited his story because it’s a perfect example of how this kind of bullying affects everyone.

    Also, insisting that gay groups only care about gay children still does not explain how the Day of Silence is a “recruitment tool.”

    GCMW: Yes I did hear about Carl and Jaheem too.

  20. It’s good that you have heard about Carl and Jaheem, because their tragic stories demonstrate that anti-gay bullying is NOT just about gay people. And hopefully the link I provided will show you that gay activists are fully aware of this fact (which contradicts your false claim that gay groups only care about gay children).

    And since you continue to ignore my question, I will ask you for the third time to explain how the Day of Silence recruits children into homosexuality.

    GCMW: Your question was answered before you asked it. Sorry you dont like the answer. And I didnt see anything in Day of Silence about bullying of overweight children, poor children, foster children, foreign children, et al. Maybe you can point that out.

  21. Right. Since your blog puts a nearly exclusive emphasis on homosexuality rather than, say, genocide, war, poverty, disease, hunger, human rights violations, and many other issues that true followers of Christ should be concerned about, would it be fair of me to assume that you don’t care about any of those things?

  22. This is a fairly expansive blog in terms of subjects we have covered here. There is an emphasis on or interrelatedness to homosexuality only because it serves a need not being addressed by the contemporary church. And for that purpose, it has to retain that uniqueness. Having said that, all the aforementioned social justice issues, save one, have been positionalized in one way or another here. However I would hardly compare the reach of this blog to the Day of Silence which maintains an active, physical presence in all 50 states. Additionally, DOS organizers self describe as “the largest one-day student-led grassroots action on LGBT rights in American history”

  23. Rob, these clubs are revolting and have no use in schools. They use the Trojan Horse of being anti-bullying to get them in. But why have sex clubs just for that? All you need is a simple and thoroughly enforced anti-bullying policy: If you physically or verbally harass other students on or off school grounds you will have swift and serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are bullying because they are gay/straight/fat/thin/smart/dumb/pretty/ugly/etc., or if it is just because you are a mean jerk. Training over.

  24. So in your eyes, encouraging students to care about achieving legal protections for LGBT individuals is the same as encouraging them to personally engage in homosexual behavior (i.e., “recruiting” them into homosexuality)? I don’t think that’s what the DOS organizers are saying at all, but you seem to see what you want to see.

  25. Neil,

    First, the Day of Silence is an event, not a club. Second, calling it “revolting” is a matter of opinion. Personally, I find fundamentalist Christianity to be revolting, so there we are.

    I agree with you that there should be policies that address and punish bullying in any manifestation. The problem is that many schools turn a blind eye to anti-gay bullying in particular.

  26. oh ok, Rob, so you gonna trot out that fake victim propaganda.
    Not buying that fake ticket here so trot it out somewhere else.
    Christians across America kept their children home on that day of silence to avoid this MESS !

  27. Chicago Joe,

    Maybe you should call the parents of Carl Walker-Hoover and Jaheem Hererra and tell them that their sons’ suicides were nothing more than “fake victim propaganda.” I look forward to hearing how they respond.

  28. Rob, you all are going to milk the 11 yr. old deaths the same way you did with Matthew Shepherd. Guess what? Those gay clubs and days of silence won’t help. The deaths of kids harassed at school are more of an indictment of public schools than anything else. They need broad anti-bullying policies and they need them enforced.

    Re. your revulsion at Christianity: Bad example, because we aren’t pressing public schools to have days where we share the Gospel all day with school support.

  29. There is no evidence whatsoever that those two unfortunate children who committed suicide were gay. In fact, since at their ages neither had reached puberty, their sexuality was more than likely hetero. These children were taunted and called “gay,” similar to the way people used to be called “sissies” when I was growing up. This doesn’t mean anything regarding the intended target’s sexuality and saying that it does is jumping to an extreme conclusion.

    I am wondering two things about these two unfortunate boys that says a lot about their home environment: 1) Why were they so despondent that their parents didn’t observe something amiss and get their children help? 2) What makes a child of this age even contemplate suicide for being taunted and how did they know to hang themselves?

    These are questions the answers to which say a lot about our American culture. I was teased for being super skinny as a child and adolescent, but I never considered suicide or anything close to it. I was hoping to eventually put on weight which, alas, happened on its own after I turned about 35. Now I wish I was skinny again.

  30. Gwen,

    All of the articles written about these two boys — even the articles written by gay activists — are quite specific to mention that the victims did not identify as gay. No one is disputing the likelihood that they were probably heterosexual.

  31. Neil,

    Christians aren’t pressing public schools to have days where you share the Gospel all day with school support? You obviously haven’t heard about the Day of Truth.

  32. I like to share a funny story, but true, in 1985 I interviewed and wrote an article on minority student groups at my college.
    A few days later a member of a gay club at my college scolded me for not including them, at that time our editors or newspaper didn’t care to cover them nor did I. Years ago gays were quiet, but I never thought I would see the sinful boldness of gays especially in churches. We need prayer, bible studies and power of the Holy Ghost in our present day churches like in the penecostal church of years ago. Today there is too much entertainment and mixing with worldliness and not enough of seeking God and his power. I was disappointed to see Mary, Mary on bet award show using a worldly remix, and I saw Bobby Jones, his choir, and Dottie People in the gay movie named dirty laundry on tv one channel. Anyways we need to pray that all who desire, wil be prepare for the Lord’s will and coming. This gay movement(movement of Satan) is crafty and supported by a lot of money, and the media have a love affair with them. I hope and pray that gay marriage never get legalize in my home state of new york.

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