Gay christian clergy call part of antichrist plan

clergy_call_logoIf there was ever a clearer sign that the spirit of the antichrist is actively at work in the earth, this is it. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual rights organization, issued a “Clergy Call” May 4-5 in the nation’s capital.

Slow and methodical, deception creeps forward

Don’t be deceived, satan is methodically working to usurp power in the earth through  three avenues headed by three powers.

1. The beast – a consolidated one world government or political system.  The beast has significance because he is described as the “lawless” one. Not only does he revel in breaking God’s laws, but will make new laws which will criminalize any action previously in agreement with God’s law. In this context, the UN is our foremost example of the scope and power of this conduct.

2. The antichrist – a false christ equipped with lying signs and wonders. His physical identity will not be revealed until after the church is raptured. But spiritually, he is influencing nations, people and cultures as we speak  (2 Thess 2:1-7).

3. The false prophet – the mouthpiece of a single,  state controlled false religion comprised of diverse religious beliefs. This was chillingly played out by the union of world religions which pledged to a “Faith in Human Rights Statement”. We reported on that here. The false prophet’s mission is to coerce men to follow the antichrist. Initially, this is accomplished through agreeing to false unity, programs and events which glorify human achievement while quietly minimizing God’s authority.

These three will attempt to dominate every facet of human existence from currency to church and everything in between. In fact, Revelation tells us that under their brief but murderous reign “no one will be able to buy or sell” without having the sign of the beast ( the consolidated government) visible in their forehead. The best foreshadowing of this is the WW II Nazi requirement that European Jewry wear the star of David in public. If you will study the origin, deployment and execution of the Nazis death and domination agenda, you’ll see stunning parallels of what is to come.

The antichrist is the key to satan’s attempted final solution to murder the righteous and enthrone himself in Jerusalem as king. The other two are stepping stones deployed to (1) deceive the world and (2) control the world, in that order. Premeditated deception is crucial to unrestrained dominance.

Its no accident that religion will be the primary portal and device of deception. What we are witnessing right now in this country and on the world scene is phase one of satan’s plan. Deception takes time to cultivate. Like a viper waiting for the precise moment to strike its prey, satan is preconditioning people to accept false religion and rid themselves of  “intolerant, bigoted, hateful” people (and the bible) who stand in the way of unrestricted sexual immorality and other brazen sins.  But to hastily remove such people through acts of violence would prematurely betray his real intentions.

Can God get  a couple of witnesses?

That’s why God’s truthtellers and witnesses are so despised today. We won’t get with the program. We won’t praise the false ministers who are doing “good deeds”. We won’t dance to the beat of the idolatrous music piped into the churches today. We’re in the way of “progress”. We are stumbling blocks and unwanted road signs. Yet, we’ve been commissioned by God to document and warn. We have been called to cry aloud and speak out boldly even at the risk of losing our own lives and well being (Rev 12:11). There is a purpose in this. The scriptures tell us something powerful about witnesses.

1. God will not do anything until he first reveals it unto his prophets who in turn are to speak what he has revealed (Amos 3:7). Its also important to know that “his prophets” are not just anybody with a white clergy collar around their necks, but those who walk in agreement with God’s word (Amos 3:3).

2. Anything that God does, is not without witnesses. By the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every thing be established. Witnesses are essential to justice and judgment. When the judgment of God falls, it will be his witnesses who will attest that he is  just in his destruction of the wicked and his punishment of the disobedient. Eyes in heaven (angels) and eyes in the earth (saints) are on duty recording, reporting and warning that God will not strive with man always.  When the wicked reached their fullness, God will call heaven and earth against them as witnesses and then release full, merciless vengeance on them (Duet 30:19).

3. Although people will for the most part reject God’s warnings, laugh and mock, we are required to speak without fail. We are witnesses and that’s what we do. Perhaps now seeing what we see, we should interpret Acts 1:8 with a duality of meaning beyond just evangelism.

4. Satan parodied the witness principle in the illegal trial of Christ.  Two false witnesses were called in the night to lie on Jesus (Mt 26:60). Based on their lies, the Sanhedrin falsely convicted Christ of blasphemy. To counteract the lie, God spoke to Pilate’s wife and told Pilate he was innocent.

The  Call of the Frog

The aforementioned needed to be explained so that you understand what the Human Rights Campaign’s “clergy call” represents. God is showing us something and it is a marker of what is to come. The Clergy Call event is wholly controlled by a political organization which happens to be a homosexual political organization. If you look at the list of speakers you’ll see the false, one world church represented and arrayed in all of its darkness. Mystics, christians, buddhists, muslims, jews and secular humanists united in one goal to destroy God’s law of sexual morality.

Note that in Revelation 16:13 the false prophet is possessed by an “unclean spirit”  like frogs which John sees coming out of him. One of the characteristics frogs are most noticeable by is the distinctive sound of their call, which can be widely heard during the night or day, especially during its mating season. Thus, John’s exposure of the false prophet’s frog spirit is one who seeks to seduce the church with its voice, particularly during a certain season when the frog’s lies are most fertile. This is why we are only to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. All other voices are demons in mating heat.

If you haven’t been convinced that any support or affirmation of this demonic inspired movement is wrong, think again. You just might have already been deceived.


21 thoughts on “Gay christian clergy call part of antichrist plan

  1. Heck, I guess after they’ve gotten rid of God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, they’ll be coming for “Amos & Andy” the world is getting uglier by the minute.

    Blessings & Peace to Everyone

    Big Sadie

  2. I recieve this message as truth dear brother. This is part of satans plan to attack the true chruch of God. But halleujah satans time is almost over and we shall behold our redeemer face to face!

  3. on my Lord! Today I was coming home from work and saw a HRC sticker on the back of a car – with everything else I had been dealing with (loved ones rejecting God’s word) I was feeling outrage, pity etc….

    I pray your voice and message is heard brother – you are indeed a watchman on the wall!

  4. “The other two are stepping stones deployed to (1) deceive the world and (2) control the world”

    This passage in the article was right on point. One blatant example of this tactic we’ve seen before in recent years is the Bush Administration’s (not to make this political, but just an example) drum up of the Iraq war. Fear(deception) and surrender of rights (control). They executed this to perfection to get our elected officials to get with the program so to speak. We found out that their claims and play on immenent danger was falsely portrayed which led many to fear another attack like 9/11, and people under this hoax willingly allowed wiretaps, torture, etc. in belief that it would make them secure.

    The gay movement seems to be employing the same tactic. Get everyone fearful, or afraid to come against their agenda. Smear campaigns, false information, etc. to get the church to forfeit its mandate from God to speak truth. And then to wrest control away from the church through forcing them to stay silent through legislation, threats to money, or in this instance getting the weak leaders to join their ranks and follow their agenda.

    This is a loaded article. I hope and pray it will wake the masses in the body of Christ, and help us stand firm on the Word. Thanks again Pastor Foster for another great article. God Bless All.

  5. Excellent post! As always, Pastor Foster!! I have linked to your essay today.

    The parallels between the acceptance (and nothing less) of the homosexual indoctrination agenda disguised as “rights” and how it all fits so nicely (unfortunately) into the plans of the coming antichrist is unmistakable to those with biblical knowledge and discernment.

    The following statement:

    This was chillingly played out by the union of world religions which pledged to a “Faith in Human Rights Statement”

    reveals exactly why the gay indoctrination (especially within so-called “gay-affirming” churches – which are promoting sin disguised as “rights”) agenda can NEVER exist along with true biblical Christianity unless the people in these churches repent.


    Because they are at opposite ends of the TRUTH spectrum. The “gay” churches promote a lie. Bible based Christian churches promote the TRUTH.

    The gay “rights” and their “faith” in human rights show an obvious denial of God’s laws, morality, object of faith (Jesus Christ), God’s purpose for our lives, and God’s authority over believers. Thus, it propels these deceived people right into the direction of the lying false prophet!

    The “gay” churches are, indeed, celebrating an abomination (according to God’s Word) and therefore glorifying man and his “achievements” over God’s laws, purpose, and sovereignty.

    Have you ever seen the movie “Judgment” starring Corbin Bernson, Jessica Steen and Mr. T? That fictional account of the end times is looking more and more like reality today!!

  6. I went through the list of speakers expected to speak at this event. Jaw-dropping…the effect was just chilling. We need to pray church. For real. We need to pray that we don’t get sucked into this vortex that is gaining steam..

  7. Ahhhh…the smell of apostasy in the air! No other smell like it. Tony Campolo running off the deep end
    and having fellowship with unbelievers.
    The other speakers, all in defiance of God’s Word, are going to lend their voice and credence to an agenda that mocks the Word of God…as if they even care about the Word of God.
    Brothers and Sisters….stay in the Word and prayer and worship and contend(wrestle) for the faith! How long? Not long! We shall behold Him. Be encouraged…God is not mocked. He knows the intents of the heart and is not taken by surprise by these modern day Baal worshippers. Neither should we. Times shall get worse but the church will not suffer wrath…tough times yes…but not wrath. It is a good fight of faith and we read the back of the Book (Revelations) and WE WIN!

  8. Good Lord, what is Tony Campolo doing on there??? I mean I knew he had some liberal tendacies but he is openly associating with forces of complete evil here…he should know better….

    Unless Campolo is going to be pointing people at this conference to Christ, we may have to accept that he has joined forces with darkness….and that is horrific….

    I cannot believe that roster of evil on that page…

    GCMW: Campolo’s wife is 10 times worse than him Devon. I guess she finally got him to eat the poison fruit too.

  9. I knew about his wife Pastor….she is indeed quite evil…but I thought Tony was holding the line against some of her insanity…..but alas, it looks like another christian has compromised himself…unbelievable…..a little leaven is all it takes and before you know it, you are working for the evil one!

    I continue to be amazed at how bad things are getting and how quickly it is all going down….

    Thank you Jesus for rescuing me…

    Dev in Canada.

  10. The gay movement is in direct opposition to Christ and His Bride, and is the worse attack toward Christ that I can imagine. It’s sickening. However, praise God for our redemption draws nigh.

  11. Romans 1:18-28 tells what causes people to be gay in detail. How can anyone who says they are believers in God’s word can outright deny the word that goes against perverted sex; called unnatural affections.

    Why don’t all of us march for all sins that the Bible openly rebukes. We are all born “that way” sborn in sin and shaped in iniquity; however, we are also born with choice. Otherwise none of us are what we are born. That means Whites are really Blacks, Asians are White, birds are actually dogs, horses are fish, and so on. Just like that sounds absurd so does a person saying they are not female/male as born.
    By golly, I am not poor I actually rich. Come on Rockerfella give me my share!!!!!

  12. Oh my Lord, check out this url of Tony speaking at the conference of these apostates the other day!!!

    Incredible…he is right there with them….I thought mayby he would back off but he if fully committed to this evil??

    This is Shocking???!!! He has joined forces with the anti christ….another big name in the church…my Lord, my Lord..

    One part of me is stunned and sickened…the other part is excited because we truly are living in amazing times that the Bible foretold of….

    Dev in Canada.

  13. Devon, these folks —Campolo included– practice political religion. Its all about rights and equality. They have no concept of what God requires. Unfortunately people like Campolo have sold their birthright for a bowl of extra sweet porridge.

    This gathering is creepy…this is a good picture of what doctrines of devils look like in the flesh.

  14. Dear friends in the Lord.
    Greetings to you thrugh the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. pl z pray for us as we minister o alot of Young people in Colleges and Universities who have been experiencing Gay life for some god times . We need your help to show them the Love of Jesus Christ . God less you Richard http://www.alyf.sprcom

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