Podcast with G. Craige Lewis

I did a podcast with G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries where we talked about issues related to the church and sexual immorality.

Take a listen if you desire. Its about 42 minutes.

Listen here.


Tuesday (May 19) at 4pm eastern, I will be a guest on WUVS 103.5 with host Paul Billings in Muskegon,MI. All this week, the station is delving into relevant topics in its “State of the Black Church” series.

You can listen online with free download of Winmap.


10 thoughts on “Podcast with G. Craige Lewis

  1. This is AWESOME!!!! I also follow G. Craige Lewis’s ministry. I’m listening to the podcast as I type this!!! I actually knew of you years ago (stumbled upon your testimony in Charisma or something). I found out about Lewis about 4 years ago (ironically, from Tonex’s MySpace page). I wasn’t “feelin'” him at first, but God opened my eyes (couldn’t deny some things that I was seeing). It’s awesome to see to dynamic, BOLD, ministers of the gospel together. Both of you be encouraged!

  2. That podcast was awesome and a real blessing to me. Both you and Min. Lewis are a real blessing and encouragement to me and others who are wanting more of God (his word, his truth…). God bless you, and I’m still praying!

  3. I follow both your blog and G Craige’s ministry. I was very excited this morning when I saw that the new interview was with you. I continue to thank God and for the both of you. You are true watchmen. I’ve already listened to the podcast twice. Please continue to stay on the wall. God bless you both and your families.

  4. Thank you both Jon and Miranda! Please give all the praises to God for his wonderful grace towards us. Its a privelege to serve Him.

  5. I thought that podcast was awesome and something that the church desperately needs. I found it extremely helpful in strengthening my walk in Christ. I have seen you on Youtube defending the Faith with the Word of God, in an interview / debate with a “lesbian” pastor. In which you did an awesome job in answering each question or situation with the Word of God! I just have to say Praise God for you and your stand for Righteousness! It is people like yourself and G. Craig that reassures me that I can live free from sin in Holiness unto God. I have followed G. Craig for a while now and I am so glad that he has you on this latest ExCast! Now that I know your website I will be visiting here frequently from now on. God Bless You!!!!

  6. Glory to God for your testimony, DL. Like Min. Lewis said, homosexuality is a difficult sin to minister to for those of us who have never been through it (although we can surely attest to our other sexual sins…), and I am continually amazed at how the Lord uses such a humble man to contend for His truth. You are a blessing to the Body, brother.

    Folks, I have had the pleasure of speaking and fellowshipping with Pastor Foster in person, and I can attest to his humble witness for the Lord. Both he and his ministry is the real deal – and I’m honored to serve alongside from my little corner of cyberspace.

  7. I’ve tried to use Winmap to link to the live broadcast, but was not able to. Please upload a copy of today’s broadcast?

    Thanks so much.

  8. Hey NC, the GM told me that you can also listen to it via Real Player. He said the show was recorded. I will find out exactly where it can be accessed and post it !

  9. Great podcast. I love both of you men of GOD. I really like the part where you said you were still starry-eyed over our LORD dying on the cross for us. If only we all were! If only the Body and Bride that is supposed to be HIS was as awestruck as you are!! If only we were as passionately in love with HIM as we used to be when HE first saved us! That is my prayer; to remember the depth of love HE felt and still feels for us, and to love HIM enough to forsake everything and everyone to follow HIM.

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