Gospel artist wanted gay club comment removed

Maybe its all about image with these gospel industry workers.

In late April, GCM Watch received a call from Casseus Communications the PR firm which represents gospel music industry worker Vashawn Mitchell.   Mitchell was mitchell2a former music minister under the employ of Bishop Larry Trotter.  At some point, he left Trotter’s stable and moved to the Atlanta area where he is now employed by Andre Landers at Higher Living Christian Center as minister of worship and arts.

Mr. Casseus informed us that a comment left on the article about Trotter’s gay church gig was in violation of our comment policy. He was right and I was all too happy to remove the comment, but at the same time I wondered if they wanted it removed because it wasn’t true, or removed because it had no substantiation. The comment made reference to Vashawn Mitchell being seen going into Bulldogs a popular Atlanta club for black homosexual men.

Trotter’s latest status doesn’t surprise me one bit. His most prized minstrel, Vashawn Mitchell, left Sweet Holy Spirit for the stable of the Pimp of Hampton (GA) two years ago. Anybody with a pulse who has met MItchell can “discern” that he would be…um…very comfortable in one of these gay confessing churches. And, there have been numerous sigthings of Mitchell here in Midtown Atlanta (don’t think I need to go any further on that one).

Mr. Casseus said that Mitchell had a new album out and didn’t want the negativity inter alia.

I found that very interesting that Mitchell didn’t want “negativity” because it might affect his album sales, but didn’t seem concerned about  deception while posing as a Christian minister. Although we called his church office May 12, it seems like he has no interest in clearing up the controversy. Mitchell’s PR guy gave  conflicting responses to our inquiries.

The new album Triumphant “is about victorious living whether it’s in your finances, your personal life, your spiritual life or your overall being it is imperative to having a triumphant life,” says Mitchell. “This project focuses on reminding one that we are more than conquerors because, “greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4).”

I agree with the reference, but wouldn’t it much better to actually live victoriously than to just sing about living victoriously? This seems to the the major issue with the gospel music industry. There’s a whole lot of singing, but the noise covers serious issues with sexual immorality and unbiblical practices.

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8 thoughts on “Gospel artist wanted gay club comment removed

  1. I agree with what is being stated here. As I continue to read the archives of this blog, I noticed that the gay christian movement have HIV support groups around the country and yet, they continue to preach a false gospel of “tolerance of sin.” In other words, they are killing themselves while trying to find a remedy for the consistences for their sin, while they are still in sin.

    The only remedy is deliverance through the power of the Holy Ghost. Now, I understand that these false teachers are God’s judgment to those who exchange the truth for a lie. Therefore, they will continue to be in bondage ( both spiritual and physical). They will never receive freedom, unless God opens their eyes. And then, truly then can they examine themselves and come to the Father.

  2. annmarie, I think you have about summed it up: they are killing themselves and dont even know it.

    Hopefully our continuing to speak out, advocate God’s work and passionately show compassion to those who oppose themselves will release the mercy of God on their lives.

    No stones to throw, but people need to be aware of the tricks these folks are playing with their money, time and spiritual growth.

  3. I was wondering if the PR guy ever contacted you again after his initial complaint, gcmwatch. I had my draft letter ready to send, just in case. As I told you, I am ready to provide a sworn affidavit if necessary, but we know that this matter will be ignored by Mr. PR Guy and filed under “blog hate” and summarily dismissed by Mitchell and his fans.

    All the while, the world – both secular and Christian – can see the true power behind the gospel music industry…money. Their homosexual lobby rivals any other seen today – and they will fiercly protect their own.

    Unfortunately, since most “Christians” love the beat and the “hip vibe” of this so-called “holy music”, they too will help further aid and abet the decades-long union between homosexuality and gospel music.

    Now I know how Elijah felt in 1 Kings 18:21.

  4. Youre right ST, money drives this industry, not God and not the Spirit of God. Its helped along by a spiritually illiterate crowd of church folk who are taught to stay dumb and happy by the pimps.

    Industry workers like Mitchell are just more proof that gospel music is no different than punk rock or death metal. At least I can appreciate the other two for NOT using God as a front to sell their junk.

    PS: keep that draft letter handy.

  5. Oh, this is easy to believe. These artists nowadays are just there to perform. They love the lights, the glamour, the glitz, the photoshoots, the travel, etc… I mean, I would not be surprised at all if dude was walking out of Bulldogs. I don’t think anyone encourages these folks to live what they sing. But hey, “God’s favor” just fell on them which is why they have a gospel album and we’re just hatin’…right?

  6. It is said that so-called ‘Gospel Artists’ are not stand for the truth and follow the $money$. I will never buy their junk nor listen their music.

  7. It is said that so-called ‘Gospel Artists’ are not stand for the truth and follow the $money$. Sad 😦

  8. Wow. There’s that word again: Negativity. When did the truth become negative? He didn’t want any “negativity” surrounding his album. Translation: He didn’t want any TRUTH to come out that might put a dent in his $$$. Because, it takes $$$ to get in a club like Bulldogs (LOL). Woe to those who call good evil, and evil, good. GCMWatch, continue to be negative..and so will I! 🙂

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