Good word from Kirk Franklin

I was a little surprised at this, but very grateful. Please Mr. Franklin, talk to your contemporaries in the gospel music industry and tell them the truth.


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  1. Excellent indeed! Prayerfully, the rebuke does not stop there. Much has been said and documented regarding the often questionable behavior of those in this sector of music, and the time has finally come to turn the mirror around for a thorough examination.

    The time for grand opulence is over, and too many people have and are trading hell for their endorsement and involvement in heresy and sin. I am glad, too, that the rebuke was also extended to those that give “fake prophecies” that continually focus on all things “positive” and constant increase.

    I’m glad Kirk Franklin spoke up. Good show!

  2. I’m glad to see this you could still almost knock me over with a feather!

    Accountability? who’d a thunk it?

    We all must stand before the Judgment seat, but the wicked will stand before the White throne jugdment.

    It’s enough fallacies out there not to be enticed by our supposed former lusts.

    Good find, I only wish that this is the beginning of a new trend, that would help clean-up the lies that have been told.

    Your ship is coming in, Puuuuulease!

  3. good post..

    the problem i have with kirk franklin is that he is all talk and no action…. he says alot of good stuff but his performance says another….

  4. Hmmm. Six months, 1 year, 2 years from now, I like to see a cosistent change in Bro. Kirk’s stage presentation reflective of his words here. The simplicity of the Gospel? Wow? I’d like to think that includes not mixing the world and its music with the sacred music of the church like he has done.

    He makes some very valid points. I am glad to see someone like him, in the industry, is finally taking a stand to call what is unclean, unclean. Call me cynical or skeptical, but I’ve heard messages like this before with little to no action afterwards. I pray this is the NEW Kirk Franklin.

  5. Wow, Kirk! I say Amen to all of that! I believe he sees himself in the “mess” he is speaking about. I hope the LORD is speaking to him about not mixing secular and sacred music together, just like HE has spoken to me about eating too much junk food. Y’all pray I stop doing that and all of the other wicked things HE is not pleased with.

  6. 5:28 – “GOD is not as concerned about making you happy, as HE’S concerned about making you HIS…”

    5:37 – “You hear that? And HE says that every branch that bears fruit, HE prunes. HE prunes. Could it be that we’re in a season right now that HE’S pruning? So that we can bear more fruit?”

    Ya’ hear that?!?!?

  7. Me too, Eld Carl. Hope to see and hear this more. I truly believe if KF really availed himself to God, he could be a catalyst for change the gospel music industry so desparately needs. Then again, they could reject him and keep on sangin and sinnin’.

  8. Excellent!

    I’m glad he touched on how folks are so worried about losing congregants…friends…etc for putting Christ first. So many pastors are trying so hard to please people they’ve forgetten God! We need more boldness from all of us!

    Great to hear Kirk Franklin speak on these issues!

  9. It sure is nice to here Kirk Franklin speak with such boldness and conviction. I really believe God is working in that brother life. My prayer is that other Christian artists would get back to singing songs that would minister to the spirit oppose to this carnal gospel music which entertains the flesh. Please keep this brother in your prayer

  10. And all the while, Paul Crouch was pulling out his lacquered hair, screaming “Who let that man say such things on my network?????” I was glad to hear him say that sometimes, the answer to our problems isn’t getting a check in the mail or a better job.

    This reminds me of about 4 years ago, when I used to love to listen to CeCe Winans. When my wife and I first started dating, I bought tickets to her show, and couldn’t wait to see her. Then, in the middle of the performance, she starts talking about “blessings” and how someone “just gave me a Rolls Royce.” Her CD’s went in the trash the next day.

    May God use this man to bring some sense back to the gospel music world!

  11. Can’t we just enjoy the music, and through prayer continue to allow God to effect a powerful change in their lives. I now realize that ‘I’ must continue working towards getting my own house in order, before nit-picking at every move that a gospel performer makes. I leave that up licensed clergy. Because I now realize I don’t have a right to point out the flaws in others.

    Yes, I am struggling with my sexuality, which is why I visit this site. I don’t have the energy nor theological training to engage anyone here in Bible discourse. I am here for the wealth of information, which I try to apply it to my life walk.

    However, I do know ONE thing, it’s not about us or them (gcm), but it’s all about Jesus.

    Thank you in advance for reading.

    Big Sadie

  12. Fourpointer,

    That was hilarious what you said about Paul! I was thinking when I watched the clip this morning that it’s not likely to hear this kind of message on TBN, especially during the Praise-a-Con, I mean Thon. I also hope Mr. McClurkin was convicted by the message as well.

    I don’t know what Mr. Franklin’s motive was in him saying this, but I pray it was done in the right spirit. God has truly delivered me from being entangled in the Word of Faith doctrine. I pray He has delivered Kirk from the lie Satan had rigged up to snare him in and that he now walking in the real truth.

  13. I appreciate Kirk Franklin speaking out, but we must be ever mindful of the tactics that the gay activists are using. Two attorneys, David Boies (Democrat) and Theodore Olson (Republican) have joined forces to try to get the gay marriage issue heard at the Supreme Court level. Their entire argument is based on a comparison to Blacks in the 1960s. In fact, the entire argument for gay marriage has been based upon using discrimination against Blacks as a trojan horse for moving the ball forward.

    Consider this: Two parties are injured in separate automobile accidents. One of the parties stubbed his toe; the other was rendered limbless and is now wheelchair bound. The party that stubbed its toe is arguing that because another party was rendered limbless, the same remedy should apply to him because, after all, he was injured too.

    That is the argument that gays are making. Because Blacks couldn’t vote, use public restrooms, drink from the same water fountains as whites and marry outside our race prior to 1965, that somehow that means two men (or two women) should be able to marry each other. Even without the additional 250 years of slavery and discrimination that Blacks have faced in this country, the comparison with our legacy and homosexuality is not only inaccurate; it is insulting and despicable.

    There is already equal protection under the law as any male of age 18 and above can marry any female of age 18 and above, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or national origin. A person who is gay can marry, they just cannot marry someone of the same sex.

    There is no constitutional right to marry whomever one wants, as there are restrictions in every state regarding marriage. One cannot marry their sibling, nor someone who is not of the age of majority. I believe that in some states one cannot marry their first cousin, although it may just be discouraged rather than illegal. One can also not marry someone who is married already, so the idea that there should not be any restrictions on marriage is bogus.

    I believe some of these people (i.e., Boies and Olson) are well-meaning, but they are so blinded by their guilt about what happened to Blacks in the 1960s, that they are not using logic or good judgment in this case. To elevate homosexuality and gay marriage as the equivalent of traditional marriage between a man and a woman will fundamentally alter the next generation of children. Once being gay is promoted as fun, cool and no different than traditional relationships, more children and teens will experiment with it and engage in this behavior. It has nothing to do with an orientation and everything to do with increasing the numbers of homosexuals since, after all, they cannot reproduce and must recruit the young in order to maintain and grow their numbers.

    We must be vigilant regarding this issue. The challenges will become more profound in the days to come.

    Gwen Richardson

  14. Fourpointer:
    I still like CeCe Winans’ music, but I must admit that I used to attend the church where my former pastor gave her the Rolls Royce. I won’t mention the name of the church, but I attended there for 13 years. Everything became so money focused that I could no longer breathe and was no longer being spiritually fed. Too many pastors have decided to preach about money, rather than salvation, helping our fellow man and living a holy lifestyle.

  15. Kirk was okay, I guess. I too think his music is very, very worldly. Just to ask a question…did you all see any fire or real passion from Donnie?

    I don’t know ya’ll, but it appears to me that that message might have been a little to strong for Donnie.

  16. Good point Rob, but the other side of the argument is that it was void of the histrionics that are so prevalent among that crowd, which are employed only to get the sheeple into a programmable and pliable state. Maybe he was just trying to “season it with the right amount of salt”?

  17. Gwen, not many people really see this for what it is. This is one of the most concentrated and vicious attacks against the kingdom of God ever launched. Although our voices may be feeble and minimized, I will not let history —and even more importantly heaven– find mine silent. This is not about homosexuality but satan is using it as a convenient tool push rebellion against God’s will. You explained in your other comment the uniqueness of this sin in terms of it demanding nature. We can look to sodom to see that same spirit. It has no intention to compromise, only to dominate. I dont know all the answers but I do know that God is not asleep and he is in control. The wicked will pay an unimaginable price for their rebellion unless they repent.

    Thank you for swimming against the tide.

  18. WOW! This is very surprising what Franklin is saying!This is a very first time that TBN aired that on live television! I wonder how Paul and Jan react about this because what’s Franklin are talking about, is the same actions displayed from the so-called ‘preachers’ aired on TBN, Donnie, and Paul and Jan themselves. I hope that Franklin are learning the truth from God’s word and to see what the people on TBN is all about because they are a fraud.

  19. I just love how I wondered into this website today. My church had a prayer and prophetic conference last week and the man of God who was a former moslem but became a Christian (hallelujah) was talking about how we need to speak out against sin. Homosexuality came to my mind. The church today has become complacent, relaxed. We care more about who is in the church, the money, the tithe, the offering, and not the sin. We do need to take a stand and say ENOUGH! I for one do not know who is doing what to whom, but they do need to know that per the Word of God, that is a NO NO. It is a curse. I’d rather change here on earth, after death, there are no more chances. God bless you all.

  20. To everyone, I say we pray for all, and talk to them. We honestly do not want another Sodom and Gomorrah happening in our time.

  21. Has Kirk Franklin openly repented for the countless, open violations of the Word of God he has displayed over the years?

    I ask this only to gauge whether his comments are in sincerity, or just a means to gain the confidence of those that don’t take open disrespect for God’s Word lightly. Principally so more cd’s will be sold.

    This speech reminds me of the preachers that speak it, but don’t live it. Paul said he rejoiced in that Christ was preached, but do you think he would encourage the sinner to continue preaching while in error? He didn’t want to do that himself, be a “castaway” while teaching the truth.

    I’m interested in who his audience was, and what else was covered during the show. It just doesn’t add up to me. Just a couple months ago, he was on stage in the tightest pants you could find shakin’ it, and now he is admonishing the body of Christ to live right, and put God’s desires first.

    Even in his example with Nathan and David, David has humility enough to repent of his sin, and suffered the consequences. I can’t say what’s going on in Kirk’s life, but somehow his speech is just too convenient for me to accept. He needs to openly repent, and account for the open disrespect which has led many astrayif he has not already done so. And pull those compromised cd’s off the shelf.

    What he did at home, or behind closed doors is one thing, but his actions have damaged multitudes’ confidence in the Word of God, and the church’s credibility. I think that level of disrespect warrants a higher level of accountability to the body of Christ. After all, I would have to openly repent for deeds done against the church in open. Why shouldn’t I expect the same from someone of his stature?

  22. That man straight preached. Look at the other part of the interview, where he called out people gossipping about each other instead of holding each other accountable.

    Pray for Kirk, and ALL in positions of prominence, that they would be challenged by conviction and speak for holiness. Pray that there would be people in their arenas who are serious about the Lord and will encourage each other to stand strong…. Pray that their relationship with the Lord, however nascent, would take root and grow, choking out th weeds of sin and complacency. Especially pray for each other on gcmwatch that we might be salt and light in our OWN arenas of influence.

    Balance your time clicking on this site with taking a moment to talk to somebody face-to-face. Ask them how they’re doing, and wait for their reply. Ask them if they have a prayer request. Take somebody to Denny’s (or someplace healthy LOL) and let them pour their heart out across the table from you. If a man would have friends (influence), he must show himself friendly (give an indication that you care about the PERSON, not just their words and behavior). Selah.

  23. Yes, sister, the sad and perverted Americanization of the gospel has made material gain equal to GOD’s blessing. Show business is seductive, carnal and based on popularity and the ability to make money. So many of these people have sold their souls to the company for whom they work and are no longer exclusively His. Like Samson, they still think they have the anointing but they are only shaking without the power. It is like a prinicipality has taken over the church. Mammon and Jesus annot rule the same heart. The music is becoming more and more devoid of the ability to bring conviction to the hearts of listeners and it is so tinged with the world’s philosophy it can’t even comfort the hearts of the saints. It’s entertainment that occasionall mentions something about Jesus.
    I hope Kirk Franklin’s words have some import though I fear not. I hope to see him bring his insight into his stage act (approach to ministry?)

  24. @ P28nine,

    Kirk was speaking truth in this video. and the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth and it’s still the truth even if you don’t buy it.

    You mentioned that he needed to openly repent, but my question would be…what consititues as openly repenting? Where is in the open?? A blog? A newspaper? His local church? TBN?? Maybe he has openly repented and you weren’t there or maybe you don’t catch that channel??

    and you want the man to pull his CDs off the shelf just because it doesn’t fit your flavor of music?

    Give the man a break already! That’s crazy…

    When his music doesn’t sound like people want it to sound, or when his pants are too tight, or when he dances too much…then he’s talked about and accused (Revelation 12:10) of leading folk astray.

    but then, when he goes on national television and speak the very things that address what this blog and others attempt to expose in the body of Christ of false teachers…those same people still don’t buy it….and even if he did go on that same show and openly repent and apologize for his ‘wrong’ doing and leading people astray, there will be some that will still accuse him of something…examples: “he repented, but he didnt’ look sincere”, or “he didn’t say Jesus enough times when he repented”…or they’ll say something like…He didn’t repent for everything…only some of the things…or “he looked too happy when he was repenting, when you repent, you’re supposed to look like you’re sorry, and not be smiling for it to be real.” LoL!!

    It’s a no win with some people.

    But thanks be to God who ALWAYS causes us to triumph through Christ.


  25. Thanks for sharing the video clip. His word is a good one. While he (Kirk) may be questionable or “speaks with a forked tongue” and talks out of two sides of the mouth as was implied in an earlier posting in this blog, the truth is never questionable. One good thing about the truth is that it stands alone by itself, whether the vehicle or carrier of that truth is less than righteous or holy; but that never excuses any of us from obeying God’s word and being righteous and holy in our lifestyles.

    May the Lord help all true believers in Christ to obey his every word and live by that (Mathew 4:4).

  26. This has nothing to do with how he looked (even though this is a great indication of his conviction). Nor does it deal with my perception of how he should repent, falling over with tears. It also doesnt deal with what he said in this video.

    It does deal with what the Bible requires of us. You cannot openly do things to destroy the kingdom, and then not account for that. As I stated, has he repented? If he has, then I applaud that and get behind him, and hope he removes himself from the mess he is/was? in ALL THE WAY.

    But if I repent, I give up everything ungodly, including my past life. If Jay-Z were to come to Christ do you think it would be ok for him to keep reaping the benefits of the cd’s he’s currently selling which are destroying our youth? Absolutely not. If he doesn’t have the power to remove them from the shelves himself, then openly advocating against them would be in order.

    This is not about not liking his type of music. I don’t like it because it’s unscriptural. That’s the point. There are scripturally based musicians I’m not fond of- I really don’t listen to that much music because I like the preached word of God better; just my preference. Even in that, I can’t listen to everybody b/c the ones living contrary to the Word I’m instructed not to support. I explained this to you HP before though.

    But Kirk came out with countless songs remixing and including secular music, remember his interpretations of Earth Wind & Fire. Remember Stomp (George Clinton)? This is ungodly and not about style. Is he still making money from these cd’s? Are his songs still in the rotation on the radio? Is that ok for a repentant person to do or allow (as much as he controls it)?

    This is why I pose this question. I can’t repent and keep selling crack because that’s how I’ve always made a living. And I don’t quit selling it, and give my inventory to the other dealers or crackheads, and just say it’s wrong to sell it and use it. It’s my obligation to destroy it and keep it from continuing to destroy someone else.

    And again, the truth is not the issue. It’s the message-bearer. The truth, the Word, God says will never pass away. So I can get Truth all day, but what I want for this man is to not die and go to HELL. Do you want the same thing for him?

    As far as open repentance is concerned, Kirk Franklin repenting for putting out foul music would, in my opinion, become open in a heart beat. If he said the music he made was foul, tainted, that anyone with it should get rid of it, and he was sorry for that, there is no way that would not make it primetime.

    Clearly he’s not on the same stage as Obama, but if Obama came to Christ and confessed his new life in Jesus, do you think this would go unheard in the world? I don’t think Kirk franklin with as large a following as he has would go unnoticed for openly denouncing his poor judgment in making some of the music he has made in the past. We saw a wonderful example of this in Mase when he came to Christ. That news spread everywhere.

    Is KF willing to do the same as Mase (without the backsliding)? Much given, much required.

  27. I’m sooooo glad he said it! That’s good word. Please people– all the comments about Bro. Kirk ‘mixing’ secular music with sacred music..if you know music history…ALL music comes from the church. It’s not the music that makes it secular…it’s the lyrics!!! Bro. Kirk’s style of music reaches people right where they are….You must remember that in order to fish, you must have bait. So when hurting, broken people are drawn in, give them the Word. It is the Word that saves, delivers, heals, etc. Music may be what draws…but it is the Word that will keep! So don’t be so harsh– I believe that Bro. Kirk is following God’s direction in his music ministry. Who are we to say that he isn’t? Much love to my homeboy from “Fort Worth, TX”. You’ve got a friend at NBCC-simply beautiful.

  28. IT IS the MUSIC that makes it SECULAR, especially since all music doesn’t have lyrics. Moses didn’t hear the lyrics but heard the NOISE of them singing when he came out the mountain. There was a different sound to the people. The Hebrew boys were told to bow to the image Pharaoh put up when the music was played. No lyrics there, but it wasn’t music glorifying God. So who does it glorify then? Did someone come to God in the example of Moses or did they turn away to the golden calf and many souls perish? Did the hebrew boys not get thrown in the fire for refusing to follow the music and bow down? But later they won souls for refusing to bow down, and God manifest himself and delivered them. So which example would you follow?

    No man comes to the Father unless HIS SPIRIT DRAWS THEM. You must understand that. NOT MUSIC. THE HOLY GHOST DRAWS, I REPEAT NOT MUSIC. Secular music produces secular people, secular behavior, secular atmosphere, and God don’t dwell in that; he inhabits the praise of His people. Unfortunately everyone is not his, so everything is not done to His glory, even if some have good intentions. And on top of that, if drinking, smoking, sexing, etc are done to produce the music then God definitely don’t want it. We must worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Can the devil-inspired jazz musicians on drugs worship God with their music? Is that music welcome in the house of God? No, it’s void of the Spirit.

    If the music is secular, which is made to serenade devils, which EW &F confess to doing in their egyptology-based music, then there is no way you can take that into the church and worship our Lord with it. That’s what KF did. Aaron”s sons got killed for offering up strange sacrifice. We serve the same God, the same rules apply spiritually. God will cut us off for this mess. We need to repent, and get this junk out of the church. Is that too much to ask? God doesn’t think so.

  29. since you say it’s THE MUSIC that makes it SECULAR…then what happens when a person who doesn’t confess Christ uses a real gospel song with the MUSIC only but add evil words to it…then what do you call that? Or if pagan worshippers decide to use a gospel music CD to play during their service….then is God still being glorified, even though it’s a pagan worship service?

    And how does all of your OT examples balance with the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ? Any examples after the Law of Moses was fulfilled by Jesus?

  30. WoW. You wrote alot! lol. I’m not going to write as much.

    But I would like to say that this is not about Jay-Z who is an identified hip hop artist. KF is not. to make that comparison is to compare apples to oranges.

    And why would the news spread everywhere for KF coming to Christ…he’s not a secular artist and he’s already saved. Mase was as Jay-Z an idenfitied hip hop artist….again. 2 different things.

    It is your opinion that Kirk has used bad judgement and led people astray…some of us who live for Christ don’t beleive that. I personally have been ministered to greatly by Kirk’s music….

    It’s not like he’s cursing and talking about sexing and smoking and the things you mentioned in his music. now that’s secular…not the fact taht he used a beat from earth wind and fire.

    I would admonish you to pray for kirk as I will also.

    God bless you.

  31. Fourpointer:

    A while ago, a dj on a gospel radio station in Houston, Texas announced to the listeners (of which I was one) that this Rolls Royce ‘blessing’ to CeCe Winans came from the pastor of New Light Christian Center here in Houston, Texas, Pastor I.V. Hilliard (otherwise known as the ‘Pimp of Houston’), therefore, this is common knowledge. I remember thinking that Ms. Winans surely has the means to acquire her own luxury car. I’d be willing to bet (if I were a gambler) that this man has members (you know, those who financially support his ‘ministry’) of his church/churches (he has several churches in various locations/cities, and even has a helicopter to get around), who must depend on public transportation or others to get them to where they need/want to go. Why not provide some of them with their own means of transportation? Hey, he doesn’t have to give them a Rolls, or even a new car! A good used one will do just fine!
    As for Kirk Franklin, what he said was ‘right on target.’ Just have to see if his actions back his words. I remember something an old preacher said many years ago, “Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy land.” That has just stuck with me all these years. Let yur walkin’ back yur talkin’! God bless…

    Matthew 12:34 (King James Version)
    12:34 O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

    Matthew 6:21 (King James Version)
    6:21For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


  32. Wow. That’s really deep. And I agree with much of what you said. Yes, there is a difference between secular and sacred music…I still say it’s the lyrics. But what I garner from you is that the intent of the music is as important.( i.e. the Hebrew boys bowing when they heard the music.) No–one can not produce God’s music while under the influence of anything other than the Holy Ghost and call it sacred! But–the chords are the same in secular music as they are in sacred music. I still say draw them with the music–if the Holy Spirit is not in the music, there’s nothing to worry about–they won’t be drawn. If the artist is sincere about his/her calling, they will realize that music does not save–Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God. So once you get the UNSAVED in the door, give them what they need. The Powerful, Unchanging, Immovable Word of God! Bro. Kirk’s music is not for everybody–we must ask what is the purpose for his music? If you’re already saved it may not appeal to you. But if one is unsaved–it’s purpose may be to draw you to the One the music is about.

  33. i call that blasphemous, or a blatant disrespect for God. What they add to it is exactly what makes it wrong. They add the world to the church. Ray Charles made a career of it, many others such as Raphael Saadiq do similar things; RS calls his gospel-delic. it’s still demonic. You can’t take and mix sacred with profane and get sacred. That’s the point. Putting good lyrics to demonically inspired rhythm and melody, or taking holy ghost inspired music and putting cussing and sex to it is wrong. People swear on Bibles in Masonic rituals but we don’t believe it’s Christian because the Bible’s there. You have to put the Bible into practice, not just have it. So songs with lyrics and melody out of line with God’s word should not be used for anyone.

    My Bible says all scripture is profitable. That means OT and NT. The examples are specifically about who is honored in the music, and clearly there are examples where the music did not glorify God.

    Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection is all the more reason you shouldn’t be involved. Because the scripture says those those that continue in sin after coming to the knowledge of the truth crucify him afresh heb6:6. So we are again to get rid of everything not like him. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid. rom 6:1. Don’t take God’s love for granted. He’s giving us time to get this right. Not giving us a free pass to live like we want or worship like we want.

  34. SB,

    To be clear, I am not talking about the 7 notes on the register that form the musical scale. I’m talking specifically about the arrangement of those notes in rhythm, melody, and harmony; and lyrics on top of that.

    The Word does the work all by itself. The music can’t contradict the Word is my point. If we appeal to the flesh of people to get them to the church, then the Spirit could not have drawn them. But we say, it’s only to get them in the door. How about fasting and praying so that we are in position for the Holy Ghost to perform miracles and healing through us? That would get someone to the church all day long. Because they know they can get delivered. The Book of Acts shows many examples of this. People flocked to the man of God demonstrating power.

    The flesh and spirit war against one another. And if they are stimulated in flesh, then that builds up a resistance to the Spirit and hinders them from hearing the Word as they should. And once you get saved, your flesh desires do not change, they must be brought under subjection. So even a saved person can’t listen to fleshly music and get spiritual results becasue that does not edify him spiritually. He’s feeding what he should be killing off.

    When the music is in balance and in line with the Word, it will serve to glorify God, and edify all Saints, and encourage the sinner to get saved as well. So any music to the Glory of God should not appeal to sinners, but should appeal to God. He does the work on them.

    If I remake a James Brown song (I feel good) and just change the lyrics, do you think the sinner’s mind will be on God or on James Brown?

  35. It’s not apples and oranges to compare secular music to secular music. The difference in it is that Jay-Z is not professing to represent Christ, and Kirk is. So Jay-Z’s transgression against the Word is not the same. Kirk is disobeying what he claims to subscribe to and pushing this to the church as ok.

    My opinion is not at issue here. His judgment is – that’s a fact. EWF samples among other secular groups is again clear evidence of that. So I cannot excuse that and say well some of it is ok. A little leaven…you finish that.

    Mase’s open rebuke of the hip hop industry spread everywhere because he took a stance against his former lifestyle. Kirk should do the same in the gospel industry and be honest about the body of music he has produced. I’m certain that news would spread everywhere as much as Mase’s rebuke of his past misdeeds. If this video is the start I hope it continues. But it must not stop short of cleaning out his own tainted music.

    Which by the way you never dispute he has made. You just say that some of the other stuff was good to you. That don’t add up to allowing the remaining bad portions to remain. Destroy it all. Make an uncompromised project from start to finish. Kirk can do that.

    Pray that he does.

  36. proverbs28nine:

    I am in total agreement with your insightful explanation on the secular vs spiritual songs. You hit the nail on the head when illustrating the noise Moses heard when he came from the mountain top. What accompanied this music as noise was the worshipping of the “golden calf”. AMAZING the truth God reveals in His word.

    MUSIC is more than lyrics, despite with all these praise and worship leaders tell us and do. Simply put in “Eph 5:19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; ” The “melody” is the emphasis here.

    Many put a lot of the emphasis on the “lyrics”. And really, if you listen to the lyrics in many of these songs (sung by artists like Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, the Winans with their pop and R&B flavor), much of the lyrics leans more to the praise of men and his goodness and his acceptance to the call of God. The words are tilted to be made personal for men, rather that the reverence in worship for God and who He is and what He does.

    Believe it or not, there are many psalms and the thousands of the proven hymns and spiritual songs that are being produced today by godly men and women and groups where the reverence for God and His work are emphasized. It’s sad though that many are ignorant to the simple meaning of the verse in
    Col 3:16 “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. ”

    I had to respond to thank you for your insight and discernment. The devil has deceived many into believing that as long as the lyrics are okay, the music must be from God. I contend (like you) this to be a BIG LIE!!! Keep believing the truth as you do.

  37. proverbs28nine,

    I also want to let you know that I agree with you 100%! Praise God for giving you that word and for proclaiming it like you did. I’m sure a lot of Christians do truly love God, but we need to learn how to serve Him and worship Him correctly. God is a holy god. If He instructed the OT Israelites on how he wanted them to worship Him, how much more does He require from us that have the Spirit within us! The examples you gave above were plain and true. I also remember on of Min. Craige’s messages on Hip Hop when he gave the example of David playing the music and how it soothed Saul. No lyrics there, either.

    Satan was God’s minister of music. He was the one that ushered in the presence of God with music. He still has that gift, but is certainly being used for evil now. I was reading HP’s comment above about the swearing, drinking, smoking in lyrics. If that is the only way we judge music as secular, the devil surely has us where he wants us! It doesn’t take discernment to recognize that this kind of music is ungodly. We’re talking about the music that he has so skillfully and wickedly disguised. The kind of music that can get you to praise him and you not even know it! (Ooh, that gives me chills!) The kind that only God can reveal to us. His word says that he can come as an angel of light!

    I have a website you all can check out Be prayerful before you enter the site and watch the expose’s. Continue the good fight. God bless!

  38. I dont want to wade into the deeper disagreement, but I just wanna echo, that music is not supposed to draw. That’s something we created. Jesus said lift him up and he will draw.

  39. See Marylin’s comment below as to why CeCe’s music went into the hopper. I cannot in good faith worship the Lord of Glory with someone like that. These are people who think that our Lord Jesus Christ–the Lor of Glory, the One who bought my pardon with his blood–shed His precious blood and took upon Himself the wrath of Almighty God the Father so that we could have a comfortable life and they think of the cross as nothing more than an ATM.

    And how did Hilliard get the money to do give CeCe that Rolls? By fleecing his flock. The same way he managed to raise enough cash to pay the taxes so that Junie B (Juanita Bynum) wouldn’t lose her modest 30,000 square foot home.

    GCMW: Not to pile on CeCe, but I had my own reasons for letting go of her music. At least not purchasing it.

  40. Big Sadie this comment is to encourage you……God hears your cry for help about your struggle. A broken spirit and a contrite heart he will not despise. God is truly a God of wrath, judgement and LOVE! Jesus primary purpose for coming was to SAVE his people from their SIN! The Holy Ghost job is to lead us into all TRUTH and to do that it takes conviction to know that we have violated that TRUTH. Let’s stop trying to do the Holy Ghost job because none of us have the credentials. WE as so called Saints are to draw others not by degrading them or pointing out all their faults. We have no right to do that…..Big Sadie …God is Able to deliver u just as he delivered the men out of the fiery furnace…be encouraged to keep seeking your deliverance. Those of us that know how to put heat (prayer) on any situation , lets do our part!

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