Morehouse prez gives gay advice to straight men

Morehouse President Robert Franklin must be feeling some behind the scenes heat from gay students at the HBCU in Atlanta. What else could explain this weird advice he offers to straight men about meeting and learning about gay men.

“As an all-male institution with the explicit mission of educating men with disciplined minds,” said Franklin, “the great challenge of this moment in history is our diversity of sexual orientation.”

“Why don’t we,” he asked the students, “use this opportunity to model something our community needs?”

“Straight men,” Franklin said, “should learn more about the outlooks and contributions of gay men. Read a book by a gay author. Have an intelligent conversation with a gay neighbor.” Franklin reminded the Morehouse students: “At a time when it was truly scandalous to have homosexual friends or associates, Dr. King looked to Bayard Rustin, a black gay man, as a trusted adviser. And, Malcolm X regarded James Baldwin, a black gay man, as a brilliant chronicler of the black experience.”

“To my straight brothers,” he said, “diversity at Morehouse is an opportunity that can enrich your education if you are courageous enough to seize the opportunity. We cannot force you, but we invite you to learn from your environment.”

mhThe greatest challenge of the moment in history is our diversity of sexual orientation?
Keep in mind Franklin isn’t from the apostate United Church of Christ, he’s a Church of God in Christ official. [bio].

I’d like to ask Dr. Franklin, exactly how does homosexuality “enrich” one’s education? Would he advise the same thing about students who are into pornography, drugs and other illicit behaviors? Why is Franklin trying to portray homosexuality as a morally neutral lifestyle?

When homosexual church organizations held their first political meeting in Atlanta in 2006, Franklin was interviewed by Atlanta’s gay newspaper, The Southern Voice. He had only critical words for “homophobic” black churches for voting against gay marriage. Our bold.

Churches continue to be the custodian of values for many African Americans, Franklin said. And while numerous civil rights groups such as the NAACP and black colleges are embracing gay rights and touting marriage equality, black churches — the central point in the civil rights ­movement — are lagging behind on this issue, he said.

“And if people are oriented by the church to be, frankly, homophobic, this is translated into the community,” Franklin said. “And this also makes us vulnerable to political manipulation — we just couldn’t think through [the anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives] clearly — we had an emotional reaction.”

But black churches and their pastors are not alone in their anti-gay stances — churches with predominantly white memberships are also anti-gay and many preach against marriage rights for same-sex couples, Franklin noted.

But black churches should play a significant role in defeating “homo-hatred” among African Americans by seeking tolerance and love for all people as Christ teaches, Franklin explained.

“The right hand of fellowship has been withdrawn. We need to listen to each other and stop preaching to each other,” he said.

I may be wrong, but I think Franklin will, within the next several years become rabidly progay. Its unfortunate and a bit tragic that a man of his educational level would pass out such poor, unbalanced and illogical advice to young men who are led to believe the homosexual lifestyle is just about reading great books and nice social contributions. I guess that’s just more of his evolving “liberating vision” philosophy.

Let no one deceive you with vain words, for because of these things cometh the anger of God upon the sons of the disobedience, Eph 5:6


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  1. Unbelievable…I could understand it if this man was from some liberal apostate denomination but he isn’t…..

    Do any of these folks ever read their Bible????

    Dev in Canada

  2. Dev, if they did that it would mean they could no longer hold onto or espouse the trash they currently spit out of their mouths. Another shame for COGIC. Its educational elite are helping lead the church in the arms of the enemy.

  3. Seems that Dr. Franklin is slyly acknowledging what many of us in the ATL (or have friends and family who are Morehous alums) already knew: Morehouse has an arguably hig population of homosexual men in attendance. So much so that the straight men who attend the school lash out violently at those whom they deem to be gay (remember the stories in the newspaper over the past few years about students attacking other students?).

    Like Eric said, follow the money. HBCU’s are bleeding money (and students), so Franklin is doing his share to keep butts in seats.

    GCMW: He’s trending to the gay side for sure. You think MH has a heterosexual minority? Maybe that’s why MLK was so chummy with the gay guy. Thanks MH, youve really churned out some winners. And I wonder if parents really want their sons to be placed in that environment just to have the MH name on a peice of paper.

  4. IST, I agree that that HBCU’s are bleeding money and, just as the church, will do what is necessary to pander to garbage to help boost their coffers.

    Assuming, “Dr.” Franklin is well credentialed and educated, it would stand to assume that he can make the fine line distinctions necessary to distinguish “contributions” made by inherently different races of people determined by genetics, and homosexuals that are only seek to push sodomy at every turn on their own volition. Franklin’s motives, as far as I am concerned, are clear that money trumps everything else. He is not interest in the fact that he is yet another contributor to the insult of Black people by attempting to align the illicit and deceptive activity of gays to the very legitimate activity characterized during the civil rights movement. He is hoping to soften the heterosexual men, so as to make this “institution” more palpable to gay men, and it’s sickening.

    As scripture pointed out, God destroyed Sodom for this very behavior. If Morehouse (and other HBCU’s dumb enough to do this) goes down in flames, I would not shed a tear.

  5. I thought Morehouse is a Christian Private College. I know that it is a private, all male, black college, but it is also a Christian college also?

    GCMW: Meg, it was founded in the basement of a Baptist church, but it does not bill itself as a Christian school. In fact, Morehouse and Spelman welcomed the gay activist group Soulforce onto its campus this past summer. Something many of the Christian schools refused to do.

  6. Spaman also doing the same thing as Morehouse welcomed the gay activist Soulforce group too!!!? I am glad that I’ve never went to Spaman because I have thoughs about attending there in the near future. Thinks for exposing it because I won’t attend there. It is really shows me that this is hypocritcy of Spaman when they refused to let the Hip-Hop Artist Nelly to come to their campus because of his lyrics about degrading women but they are acceping the gay lifestyle! Thats messed up!!

  7. Morehouse has a well documented history of violence against gay or percieved to be gay men. They have been taken to task for not taking a more agressive stand against this. Perhaps this is Robert Franklin’s intention? As an employee of the college he must make sure that all paying student’s safety and interests are met. This school has recieved federal funding (I am sure) therefore they must make sure they are continually eligible. I am assuming some things, I know. If I had a gay son who was attending Morehouse I would want the same. This is apart from my feeelings, faith and beliefs about homosexulaity.

    As a Christian Mr. Franklin cannot impose his beliefs upon the college. As far as “contributions of homosexuals: Isn’t it true that some gay people have contributed to the betterment of the country? Politics, the Arts, Education, etc. I see this as fact. We certainly hold in relative high esteem other hetero heroes who’s sexuality also falls outside biblical guidelines; Dr. M. L. King is aglaring example of a serial adulterer who ‘s work did contribute positively to this country.

    As far a marriage equalaity goes: WRONG ANSWER! Marriage is to be between one man and one woman. It is tragicall laughable that the GCM repeatedly make reference to “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality” and then want to ignore what Jesus DID say about marriage. On this point Dr. Franklin is in great error.

  8. Elder Jimmy, point well taken.

    A few facts:
    There has only been one documented case (2002) of violence against a homosexual man at Morehouse. Although convicted, the circumstances were questionable.

    If there are others, feel free to cite them.

    If this is what Franklin was attemping to address its odd at best. Why not just come out and say it? Why play mealy mouth over something so important?

    Case in point, there was a recent flare up between MH men and Spelman women and he came right out and addressed it.

    I seriously doubt he was addressing violence against homosexual men at Morehouse. At least not in the comments from that story. In fact, I dont recall him ever being forward about the subject until now.

    On the marriage stuff, he’s 100% in left field and it makes the other comments suspect. Sure he’s MH prez, but asa minister his comments should demonstrate an allegiance to God;s word FIRST not social justice philosophy.

    Regarding the MLK et al contributions, that’s the world’s thing. People who do good deeds and reject Christ will end up in hell. In the eternal scope, Im not sure thats something to celebrate.

  9. Yes, you are correct. I should have said there were many allegations of bigotry and hate speech against gay students and those thought to be gay at Morehouse. I have read many articles regarding the incident in 2002. Having been a victim of that type of hate speech it is a type of violence but I am not trying to diminish my flawed presentation of fact. I stand corrected.
    Re: The MLK thing; it certainly is the world’s thing. Of course in the eternal realm it’s nothing to celebrate. I was just trying to bring some equity to the conversation around sexuality and contributions to the American society. Barbara Jordan is another Africa America woman who was gay who’s contribution to American politics and Education is laudable.

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