Denominations struggle with gay christian attacks

Charisma Magazine summarizes what  summer conventions will bring to several msd (mainstream denominations). On the menu: intensified debates about the acceptance of homosexuality in the church. The Episcopal church, vying to be the most vicious of them all expelled 61 clergy who opposed homosexuality.

This past Wednesday, 61 Episcopal clergy of the Diocese of San Joaquin near San Francisco received letters from the bishop notifying them that they had been deposed from ordained ministry. The priests and deacons who received the notices had split from the Episcopal Church in 2007-disaffected by the liberal theology of the Episcopal Church, especially its permitted local blessing of same-sex marriages and its unsettled debate over the ordination of gay priests-and had realigned themselves with the more conservative Anglican Province of the Southern Cone in South America. The notices charged that they had abandoned the Communion of the national church.

In traction are the United Methodist Church; Evangelical Lutheran Church of America; Episcopal Church; United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church USA; American Baptist Church; and the Disciples of Christ. There’s no doubt about it, homosexuality is the most vicious attack the church has come up against since the slavery issue. It has already prompted a sexual civil war of sorts, dividing families, churches, communities and friends.

But the Methodists and Lutherans aren’t the only ones who are being forced to talk about this issue openly.

Perhaps it was our extensive reporting on this issue within COGIC which caused some to break the silence. According to one person in attendance, homosexuality was “topic of the day” during COGIC Women’s convention held in Denver last week.  “The COGIC attorney’s were educating the crowd to blow the whistle on predators and stop this madness. It was so good until people started getting up and confessing what they had experienced. Betty Nelson of Texas testified that her daughter who sings now was in a lesbian relationship for a long time and she continued to love her and pray for her and now she is delivered.”

That’s a very cheering report. Our prayers go out to the faithful in all these denominations who are fighting for right and righteousness even in the face of apostate leaders.

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  1. Isaiah 5:20 (New King James Version)
    20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  2. There’s no doubt about it, homosexuality is the most vicious attack the church has come up against since the slavery issue.
    I agree. And far from being “open” and “fair-minded”, these gay activists are very strident and unyielding on the issue. If you oppose them, as in some dioceses in the Episcopal Church, you are out. When Blacks were freed from slavery and when civil rights were enacted, it was not at the expense of another group. The gay crhistian agenda is pure tyranny disguised as “progressive”. It is an attack on our very religious freedom.

  3. they should be happy to be out of that den of demons, because that’s not a place where the God of Heaven dwells. God always removes his sheep from the goats

  4. The gay ‘crhistian’ agenda is worse as, but not better than AL-Kida, KKK, Black Panthers, The Black Liberation Theothey Cult Movement, Gangs, and Neo-Nazism. Homosexuality Movement is viciously attacacking the church as we speak! I don’t hate the homosexuals/GLBT people but they are trying to frorce us to accept their lifestyle that is against the eyes of God by wanting this co-called ‘hate crime’ (1913) bill to pass so we cannot tell the truth about their lifestyle in love. No doubt that their will be a greater persecution in the church in the USA as never before.

  5. “There’s no doubt about it, homosexuality is the most vicious attack the church has come up against since the slavery issue.”

    ….Nevermind the fact that slavery found much more support among Christians than does homosexuality.

    And it’s ironic that the churches who opposed slavery were considered by mainstream Christians to be “progressive.”

  6. “….Nevermind the fact that slavery found much more support among Christians than does homosexuality”

    Chrsitians? A man is not a Christian because they go to church or say that they are. A man who has be tranformed by the power of Christ would never endorse the abuse of another and would denounce such things. These churches who supported slavery were no more Christians than those who now support the homosexual agenda in churches of which we speak.

    Read this
    Matthew 7:21-23
    21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

  7. Paul, he’s referring to social christians, the ones like social drinkers.
    Nevertheless, slavery was dead wrong and people used the bible to justify THEIR sin, homosexuality is equally dead wrong and still people are using the bible to justify their sins. These denominations need to use the BIBLE as a SWORD and stop trying to butter knife their way through these attacks.

  8. I don’t think that the greatest challenge facing the church is homosexuality, because sexual immorality has always been around in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Our greatest challenge is dealing with the false prophet that has caused some to abandoned sound doctrine. It is because of the false prophet that the church is confused about truth and the will of God. Homosexuality is just the sin the devil has decided to use because the false prophet has led the people into sexual immorality. If I was to ask all of you on this site “how many people do you know in church today that are living in sexual immorality? We all would have to say a lot if we ourselves are not in it. The false prophet has led the people away from the truth of God’s word so that the wicked can plunder the church.

  9. This is the face of ‘hate’…
    He was just appointed to the Obama Administration as Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools.

    GCMW: There’s a link to this story in the left margins. Thanks Christian, but I dont want to get sidetracked on this post with it.

  10. Do yourself a favor Meg and actually read the Hate Crimes Bill. You are woefully uninformed.

    More than thirty states already have hate crime legislation that includes anti-gay crimes — and in none of those states has notorious gay hater Fred Phelps been arrested for his speech. I’m hoping that you won’t have anything to worry about either!!

    It’s clear what the GOP and the religious right is really concerned about is any perceived infringement on their right to discriminate against gay people.

  11. Pastor Moore, the false prophet was also very visible in both the Old and New Testaments. My point in making that statement was that —since slavery— which simularly divided the church, community, families etc, homosexuality is the greatest challenge of this season . The difference in what you stated (which by the way is true) is that the false prophet is an entity wholly enclosed within the church whereas homosexuality is a threat not only within (gay christian movement) but a substantial threat from without (gay political movement). This is why we need both polemics and apologetics in this season. We are being attacked on both fronts by one entity if you will. I hope you see the point I was trying to make.

    Many of these denominations are not aware of how heavily the gay political movement funds its religious counterparts to overthrown righteous rule within the churches. Once that is accomplished, you will barely recognize these denominations as “Christian”.

  12. I agree. Also, the marriage equality bills we’re recently seen in New England make it explicitly clear that churches will not be forced to recognize any marriages they disapprove of. Meg, your religious freedom is not in danger, and no one is forcing you to accept homosexuality.

  13. Rob:
    It is absolutely untrue that churches “will not be forced to recognize any marriages they disapprove of.” This is yet another example of falsehoods (I won’t use the word ‘lies,’ but it would be appropriate in this case) told by gay activists. Usually whatever they say they’re not going to do is the next strategic target for their efforts.

    In New England, gay groups have challenged churches tax exempt status for not performing gay marriages — and won. And there are other examples of religious organizations being forced to accept the gay lifestyle.

    Yeshiva University, a conservative Jewish university in New York City, was ordered to allow same-sex couples to live in its married student housing. Catholic Charities decided to discontinue adoption services in Massachusetts after they were ordered to place children with same-sex couples. A lesbian couple prevailed in their complaint against a psychologist in Mississippi who refused to counsel them. A Methodist retreat center in New Jersey lost the tax exemption on a building when they declined to allow a lesbian couple to hold their “marriage” ceremony at the facility. The tax exemption was challenged under the guise that the building was rented out to the public. Well, most churches rent out their buildings to the public to help pay for overhead costs, so this puts all churches at risk of losing tax exempt status.

    Do not be deceived. Religion is one of the major stumbling blocks for dominance of our culture by homosexuals, since all of the major religions teach against it. Gay activists and their legal teams are working day and night on dismantling religious organizations or making them “toothless” to fight against immoral principles.

  14. Dear John,
    I am not here to discriminate against gay people nor to hate them but I am giving more Infomatian in love.
    Have A Nice Day 🙂 !

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