Maya Angelou has a "solomon" moment

angelouMaya Angelou. Well what can you say? She’s been hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature and revered as a poet extrordinaire, the best of the best.  She’s appeared in movies as the wise old matron and read her churchified poetry at presidential events. But its strange how getting to a pinnacle can bring dizzyness and very bad conclusions about life.  She’s a self professed Christian who attends Mt Zion Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC.  Maya Angelou once wrote she “knows why the caged bird sings”, but now aging she seems to have become ensnared by false ideas. Like Solomon, who despite his unparalleled wisdom, fell off his rocker in his old age and completely went astray, Angelou is following the same path. One would think that with  years of such accumulated wisdom, advocating such an insipid concept as gay marriage would be anathema. But for some reason, this issue causes even the so-called wise among us to stumble into utter foolishness.

To the political liberals and gay religionistas who are rabidly pushing the idea that homosexuality is just  a form benign love, the news that Angelou wants homosexuals to be married was cause to dance in the streets. Calling one NY senator (who is opposed to homosexual marriage) Angelou reportedly asked her:

“I would ask every man and every woman who’s had the blessing of having children, ‘Would you deny your son or your daughter the ecstasy of finding someone to love?’ ” she said.

Ms. Angelou said she believed that society made gay relationships hard enough without the added burden of making marriage illegal.

What a completely illogical statement. So parents are supposed to give their children blank check approval to whomever they want to “love” (beware definitions in traction).

Let’s just take the above statement at face value. What if the person’s  grown son or daughter fell in “love” with a child and wanted to marry them? Would you approve and say, well if that’s who you love, then you have my blessing? What if the son or daughter fell in love with their blood sibling?  Would you tell your son its okay to marry his sister?  This is one of the more asinine aspects of  gay marriage arguments which defy common sense. The loaded accusation is a denial of the “right to love”. That a patent lie. There are millions of people in America who meet, fall in love, never marry and stay together for long periods of time. No “marriage equality” protests from them. What homosexuals are being denied  — just like all the other nonacceptable forms of coupling— is the privelege to marry who they feel is right.

Angelou and those like her who intentionally conceal or outright ignore the spiritual, physical and emotional maladies of homosexuality are condemning people to hell with whipped cream and a cherry on top. The father of lies has seduced them.

As I argued at Christocentric, there is no way the gay movement can claim moral high ground over pedophiles and incest-mongers when both use the same arguement to gain acceptance.  Gay marriage isn’t in pandora’s box, it is pandora’s box.

Solomon, in his latter jaded state declared “all is vanity”. That wasn’t altogether true. He filtered life through his disobedience, rather than the glory of God which had previously covered his life. When we reject the good and perfect will of God for our own foolish pursuits, life will be vain. That’s the real reason gay relationships are hard.  But if we accept what God has declared, life can be beautiful. And glorious.


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  1. I can see you have reductio ad absurdum down to an art, GCMW. If legalizing one form of marriage means that you must inevitably allow other forms, then wouldn’t polygamy and incest have been legalized centuries ago?
    GCMW: No, it wouldnt.

    If I can have one wife, why can’t I have two?
    GCMW: Because its wrong.

    If I can marry a woman, why can’t that woman be my sister?
    GCMW: Redundancy. See the above.

    If I get tired of my current wife, can I divorce her and find a new one, even if that’s a sin?
    GCMW: No, you cant.

    Oops, that last one has been legal for quite a while! Funny how “pro-marriage” Christians don’t seem to understand that the real threat to marriage is straight couples getting divorced, not gay couples getting married. But where is the Christian-led campaign for a ban on divorce??
    GCMW: There isnt one because divorced people are not trying to force legislation, society, education, church, arts, et al to accept it as normal.

    If same-sex marriage paves the way for legalizing pedophilia and incest, then why hasn’t there been legitimate advocacy for these things in Canada?
    GCMW: Were you 10 years old two days after your birth?

    Or South Africa? Or Spain? Or Massachusetts? Or really any other place that recognizes gay couples?
    GCMW: Redundancy, see above.

    Has there been an increase in pedophilia and incest in these places since they legalized same-sex marriage?
    GCMW: More redundancy, see above.

    Talk about illogical. One of the main arguments against marriage equality is based on nothing but the fear of what *might* happen, rather than what *actually* happens.

    Oh and when you said “there is no way the gay movement can claim moral high ground over pedophiles and incest-mongers,” I immediately thought about the Catholic church. For me, the day they covered up the sexual molestation scandals, reassigned the boy-raping priests rather than excommunicate them, and paid hush money to the victims’ families was the day they lost the right to lecture me about morality.

    GCMW: There now, we’ve answered all your juvenile questions at a level you can understand.

  2. Pratically all of Hollywood has drunk the Kool-Aid that says that homosexuality is great, gay marriage is wonderful and there is no difference between a homosexual relationship and a nuclear family. However, if people really want to take their cues from Hollywood, they should think again. Hollywood actors and others are known for having the least stable relationships around. Marriage vows in general are not taken seriously, since these marriages, if they occur, have a shorter lifespan than the average car warranty.

    Alcoholism, drug addiction, wayward children — the list goes on and on for all of Hollywood. Rather than setting the moral tone for America, Hollywood has crippled the moral fiber through music, film and T.V. to the point where parents’ jobs of raising children with a moral center is 10 times as difficult as it was just a generation or two ago.

  3. That makes you, the pedophile catholic priests and Maya Angelou wrong. All of you are in the same boat and three wrongs can never make a right.

  4. Ms. Angelou’s is a relativist as it relates to her Christian faith. She accepts what she wants from the scripture (or is it merely Baptist tradition?) and then applies a brand of logic and cultural gobbledy-gook to the things she wishes to adjust.
    Hers is a misguided sympathy.

  5. “There isnt one because divorced people are not trying to force legislation, society, education, church, arts, et al to accept it as normal.”

    Nope, they’re not. The sad reality is that divorce already IS normal in this country; no forcing is necessary. But if Christians have taken it upon themselves to dictate how others should live and to legislate morality, do you think there SHOULD be an effort to outlaw divorce? Correct me if I’m wrong, but in addition to traditional marriage being between one man and one woman, but I believe it is also intended to be for life.

  6. youre absolutely right. Divorce is wrong, we’ve covered that here before in detail. Homosexuality is wrong, thus homosexual marriage is wrong.
    So can I expect you to now stop defending such an insipid concept?

  7. She is confused on many levels. Most importantly, she abandons the Bible and her God to support the policitically correct views on homosexual behavior.

    She equivocates on love, sex and marriage. Gays can find someone to love without having to have the government confer oxymoronic “same sex marriage” status upon them. They can also love people without having sex. It is called friendship.

  8. ‘Agnostic Rob’~
    Marriage is indeed designed by God between a man and woman for life. To divorce on grounds of anything other than what scripture says is sin. No one is contesting that. That does not change the fact that homosexuality too is sin. No matter how you try and drag all other sins into this forum, it will not cause God to give you a free pass. Any true regenerated born again believer will NOT tolerate sin…period. Those who do are hypocrites; they are the ones Christ refers to when He says they honor Him with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. You simply cannot lump all ‘Christians’ together, for many claim Christ yet they are unregenerate.
    As for being ‘agnostic’, what’s the difference between you and an atheist in the eyes of God? NOTHING. You deny the authority of God’s word from Genesis to Revelation, you discard the passages that ‘rub you the wrong way’, you search for loopholes to justify your pet sins, and you kick and scream every time someone gives you truth.
    Here are words of truth – Repent, for judgment is swiftly coming upon you, and all who dwell on the face of the earth.

  9. Ok let me see if I understand. According to you, same-sex marriage is wrong, therefore it should be illegal. Divorce is wrong, therefore it should…remain legal?

    Sorry, I still don’t get it.

  10. Where in scripture does God say divorce is legal? We who belong to Christ follow God’s commands, not mans. The only way out of marriage is if your spouse is unfaithful, or if they are an unbeliever and want out of the marriage. These are scriptural. God has called His people to peace. Dr. John MacArthur has an informative teaching on biblical marriage available at

  11. Agree with you Gwen regarding Hollywood. Actually I think Hollywood is the biggest device of the devil in present times as what we see and hear affects our minds “as a man thinketh so is he”, “ne transformed by the renewing of our mind”. Fact is the love of money cares not about morallity but more and more money.

    I am not surprised by Maya Angelou’s comments.

    Christians need to stop looking to people for inspiration, especially those who dont lift up the name of Jesus. I heard Maya Angelou speak and while everyone was so in awe, I was testing the spirit. You see to have such an audience and not present Jesus is a right waste of time if you claim to be a Christian. Most of the “wisdom” we hear today is focused on this world and “lets make the world a better place”, if making this world a better place does not lead to Christ?

  12. I would like to incourage us not to argue with unbelievers regarding spiritual things but lets try to show them the way.

    1 Corinthians 2:14
    But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    They cannot understand truth, so what I would encourage us who know to do is pray that God will remove the darkness as he did with us who believe.

    Ephesians 5:8
    [ Walk in Light ] For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.

  13. Rob,

    You are right, divorce is rampant. It is a huge key to the destruction of the family as God intended. Homosexuality is an off shoot of it.

    Many homosexuals were sexually abused as children, it knocked them off track for normal development. Ellen Degeneres was sexually abused actually by her stepfather…do you see a cycle? Yes, there is one.

    Pedophilia is a driver to homosexuality. It’s all tied together. Not all homosexuals were sexually abused as children but most had this experience. And it’s increasing. As the family unit breaks down, more and more children are at risk. 😦

    The basic issue is we all have this empty space in our hearts, something is missing. People try all sort of ways to fill that yearning. But there is only one thing that truly satisfies. It’s Jesus.

  14. good point christian,

    since homosexuality is an off shoot of divorce, then it seems to me that we’re fighting the wrong fight.

    What we really need to focus on is divorce, so that the family unit can stop breaking down…putting our children at risk.

  15. Henry we’re not fighting the wrong fight. If someone is trying to break down your front door and rob you, you dont go back and try to stop the toilet from overflowing. We have to deal with what is most pressing and in front of us. One of the symptoms of our failure to follow God’s commands has risen to attack us. Let’s face it with courage.

  16. I’m not surprised…I remember a lot of her new age blabber on Oprah for Christmas. She created a poem that deleted Christ from the ‘peace on earth’ pronounced in the bible at his birth. It was like a reinterpretation of the whole story of jesus birth without jesus. It creeped me out.

    So I am not surprised to hear her make these comments. Its’ unfortunate to hear that many of the older figures in the black community are going the way of Coretta Scott King…where right before her death she starts to pick up the ole-gay-marriage-is good-for-everyone banner.

    I don’t know if it’s senility, desperate attempts for publicity (Al Sharpton has that covered), some desire to be relevant given their age or what? But it is annoying…

  17. Rogers:
    For many of the leaders, old and middle-aged, in the Black community, they have been compromised by accepting money from the gay interests groups, which are well-heeled. I am working on an op-ed, which I plan to distribute some time next week, which includes some of my research on this subject.

    80% of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus receive campaign contributions from the Human Rights Campaign Fund (HRC), the most powerful and best-financed gay rights lobbying group in America. The HRC wouldn’t be giving them money if these politicians weren’t singing from the HRC hymn book. There is an old Jewish saying, “He who pays has the say.”

    I don’t have the research yet to prove it, but I’ll bet that both Coretta Scott King (when she was alive) and Al Sharpton are financially supported by gay groups. How in the world can they be objective, or protect the African-American historical legacy, when they are being paid to do otherwise? And anyone who says that campaign contributions don’t make a difference is being flat-out dishonest. That’s how our country got in a lot of the financial mess that we are in — our politicians at the highest level were paid to look the other way.

  18. Well I can’t say I am surprised about Maya in the least…lets face it, she was always pretty liberal and far left…this latest nuttiness is simply the logical conclusion of her new age moral relativism!

    Sad nonetheless…she still has much influence ……..when even so called christians like Tony Campolo and Ray Boltz are apostasizing, it cannot be surprising that someone like Maya coming out in support of this ‘doctrine of devils’….

    Truly evil is good and good is evil in these latter days!

    Dev in Canada.

  19. Wow! Given what has ensued in politics and hollywood in the last decade, I’m not sure how anyone can say they are christian and an actor or senator or whatever (it’s becoming almost oxymoronic); even if you wanted to be loyal to God, there are too many interests in the picture to stay on the straight and narrow.

    As the word says, the love of money is the root of all evil. And the enemy knows how to use the cares and currency of this world to snuff out Godly influence.

    I’m definitely looking forward to whatever editorials will come from these ideas…

  20. Lyn,

    I didn’t say that divorce is legal in the Bible. I meant that it’s legal according to United States law. Which apparently means nothing to you since you “follow God’s commands, not man’s.”

  21. Christian,

    No, actually, I do not see a cycle. I was not sexually abused as a child, yet I turned out gay. Also, many people who experienced childhood abuse are not gay. So that sort of puts a hole in your theory.

    When you say that more and more children are at risk, I take it you haven’t read the multitude of studies that indicate children raised by same-sex parents grow up the same as kids raised by opposite-sex parents. Many of these same studies find that kids raised in a single-parent home (i.e., the product of divorce) are much more at risk for developmental and emotional problems than are children of either same- or opposite-sex parents. That’s why divorce is the bigger issue, and the one that Christians should be up in arms about.

  22. Christian:
    I have had some gay people make the same argument when I made the point that there are many homosexuals who were abused as children, which challenges the theory of the disproved gay gene. There is no “hole in the theory” as you state. To simplify things, the evidence shows:

    1) SOME people who were abused as children become homosexual, since children can become confused about their sexual identity if abuse occurs.

    2) Not everyone who experiences abuse as a child becomes homosexual, but SOME do.

    Regarding the “multitude of studies about children raised by same-sex parents,” I would be interested in seeing this data. My questions would be: 1) Are the people conducting the studies biased, meaning are they homosexual themselves (or supporters of gay marriage) and, therefore, asking questions in such a way as to get the results they are seeking? 2) Because the phenomenon of children raised by same-sex parents is fairly new, how could the data be conclusive? There hasn’t been enough time to determine the full developmental result. 3) Against which standards are they measuring the development of these children? If they are comparing them to children from single-parent homes which are unstable (I am not saying that all single-parent homes are unstable, but that the measurement may be against the unstable ones), then the data may be skewed. If they are comparing them to the nuclear family, which has already been proven to be the ideal environment for raising children for the past 5,000 years, then I know the development would not be comparable.

  23. Maya has bothered me for a long while now and I’m not surprised at her statements on homosexuality.

    You’re so right DL that homosexuality IS the Pandora’s box and the closest I’ve seen our nation at one another’s neck since the slavery issue – I totally agree with you there!

    My visit in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago had my sister corner me about my why I would support gay marriage knowing her child – my nephew is gay. I told her she’s making the mistake in thinking she was supporting him by telling him God accepts him and his homosexuality. I told her she’s only influencing her child straight to hell!

    Our discussion was quite heated as i challenged her that if she truly loves her son, she would want what’s best for him and the truth does sometimes hurt. I’m praying for my sister to do the right thing.

    Just one example of the family fighting that’s going on because of this Pandora’s box!

  24. Angelou, like many other fine orators that I’m finding out of late, did not let me repeat NOT, have the spiritual fortitude that I presumed that they had! Was reading earlier today that Coretta Scott King held a very similar stance when it came to gay marriage.

    The pedestals that I’ve had for the likes of MLK, his wife Coretta, Jesse Jackson (that sorry Mrs. Jackson episode that he had with his mistress, while advising Pres. Clinton during his marrital indescretions, talk about a real hypocrite!, Al Sharpton and so on……..

    My point? My hero list is dwindling by the day, which in reality is good for me!

  25. Gwen,

    These are just a few, but the bibliographies on some of these sources refer you to even more data. To be fair, this is a relatively young field of study and of course there is bias (as there is with many types of research). But these sources should show you that just as there is no evidence proving the existence of a gay gene, there is likewise no evidence to suggest that children of same-sex parents fare any worse than children of opposite-sex parents.

    But if you insist that same-sex parenting is detrimental to children, feel free to prove it.

    GCMW: Gwen, if you want these links, post your email address for AR to send them to. I dont want them on this site.

  26. Maya has been hanging out with Oprah for years, and evil communication corrupts good manners. She’s speaking Oprah now.

  27. GCMWatch,

    I don’t see how a robber outside of your door connects to an overflowing toilet the way that divorce connects to homosexuality…That’s quite weird honestly.

    But since you used that analogy, I would venture to say…to keep the robber out of YOUR house…don’t open the door. period.

    oh and calling the authorities may be a good idea since they would know the proper procedure in which to deal with a robber.

    We have a high priest in Jesus Christ who can handle the sitatuion just fine.

    GCMW: Sorry, I know when I wrote that it was going to go over your head, but it is what it is. You must live in a crime free area. How fortunate for you types.

  28. Rob:
    I will await the arrival of your data. However, your statement that: “To be fair, this is a relatively young field of study and of course there is bias” makes me skeptical.

    You can’t have it both ways. You cannot argue that data is conclusive and then admit that it is relatively young, which I already knew and stated. If the field is relatively young, then by definition the data cannot yet be conclusive. It would take about 15 years to track a child’s development to adulthood to determine behavioral, social, attitudinal and moral development.

    In addition, if the science cannot withstand the scrutiny of normal scientific procedures, meaning that there is little if any bias in the methodology or analysis, then it is not true science and the results cannot be relied upon. To obtain the most accurate measurements, it is best that the scientists and analysts involved do not have a stake in the outcome one way or the other.

  29. Same-sex parenting is a sick experiment that once again puts the wants of adults over the needs of children. When divorce was being rationalized in the 70’s they said it would be good or irrelevant to the children. Now there are lots of 40-somethings who are still impacted by their parents’ divorces.

    The ideal is a one man / one woman marriage. It couldn’t be more obvious.

  30. Hi Gwen,

    I emailed the sources you asked for.

    If the research is as inconclusive and biased as you say it is, then why do you take the position that same-sex parenting hurts children? If you claim that my conclusion is not supported by the evidence, then you must admit that yours isn’t either. You can’t have it both ways.

    If you insist that children suffer when they are raised by same-sex parents, then you should provide data that proves it. Unbiased, conclusive data gathered by scientists who do not have a stake in the outcome one way or the other. Otherwise, all you have is an opinion.

  31. If a child is raised in perversion it is quite obvious that their thinking will most probably be perverted. A child does not have to become a drug abusing psychopath in order for something to be wrong. The fact that the child will think that same sex relationships are ok is sickening and abuse enough. They will most probably defend that lifestyle further lowering the moral standards of society, well what ever moral standards that still exist.

  32. Ron:
    The research is already in that would cover same-sex relationships. Children born to single parents are much more likely to become members of gangs, get arrested, go to jail, be suspended from school, be put in special education programs, be molested as adolescents, get pregnant before the age of 16 and drop out of high school.

    Research has shown that children who live absent their biological fathers are, on average, at least two to three times more likely to be poor, to use drugs, to experience educational, health, emotional and behavioral problems, to be victims of child abuse and to engage in criminal behavior than their peers who live with their married biological parents.

    Since a same-sex couple cannot be the biological parents, the data has already been collected. And I agree with the posters who said that the experience of living with same-sex parents already means that the children will believe that homosexuality is morally right, which will result in sexual confusion. That in and of itself means that their moral standards will be lowered.

  33. Rob:
    I did want to make one other point. You are the one who said there were a “multitude of studies that indicate children raised by same-sex parents grow up the same as kids raised by opposite-sex parents.” You mentioned the studies as evidence of your point, so the burden of proof is on you.

    What I have said and written publicly is that the jury is still out on the effects of the promotion of homosexuality on children and teens. But I suspect that, unfortunately, it will lead to an increase in homosexual behavior in children. This is common sense and already occurring. Children are like sponges and they adopt the behavior in the environment they are in. Not all children will adopt all behaviors, but the ones who are most vulnerable with the least amount of parental guidance stability in their homes will be among the first to do so.

  34. It all a series of dominoes…what set off rampant divorce? It goes back to the theory of evolution, you teach people they evolved from animals, they start acting like them.

    God has written the truth on our hearts but people search out other ways, lust, drugs, workaholics, media, internet, homosexuality, pedophilia, on and on and on. You are going to serve somebody, you are either a slave to sin or a bondservant of Christ.

    Christ is the only answer to true freedom, otherwise you get more and more involved in your pet sin. You reap what you sow.

    The answer is Jesus.

    Have you seen the movie Time Changer? It shows that the absolute authority of God is the only truth, otherwise it’s all arbitary nonsense. You can rationalize any evil under the sun.

  35. Gwen,

    Have you checked your email yet? It’s all there.

    Should I bother asking you to share a few of your own sources?

  36. Rob:
    After an examination of the information you sent, I have determined that my conclusions are accurate:
    1) The field of study is too new to provide any conclusive data.
    2) Most of the researchers conducting the studies have a bias in favor of gay marriage and, therefore, their analysis and results are skewed in this direction.
    3) The comparisons are made with children of divorced heterosexual marriages, and decades of data have already proved that children of divorced marriages fare worse on nearly every measure than do children from intact, nuclear families.

    Some things are just common sense: If you place children in an environment of sexual confusion, most of them will become sexually confused.

  37. Here is a sample concerning homosexual parenting from

    ‘According to a paper published by Professor Bradley P. Hayton, there are serious concerns about the effects of a homosexual lifestyle on children.

    Professor Hayton states:

    Homosexuals… model a poor view of marriage to children. They are taught by example and belief that marital relationships are transitory and most sexual in nature. Sexual relationships are primarily for pleasure rather than procreation. And they are taught that monogamy in a marriage is not the norm [and] should be discouraged if one wants a good ‘marital’ relationship.
    The reason that same-sex parenting is detrimental to the well being of children is due to several factors:

    1. Higher Incidence of Violence

    There is a higher rate of violence in lesbian and homosexual relationships than in married, heterosexual relationships. A study in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence examined conflict and violence in lesbian relationships. The researchers found that 90% of the lesbians surveyed had been recipients of one or more acts of verbal aggression from their intimate partners during the year prior to this study, with 31% reporting one or more incidents of physical abuse. This is verified in a number of other studies. According to the homosexual authors of Men Who Beat The Men Who Love Them, domestic violence affects half of all gay couples. The vast majority of violent crimes against homosexuals are committed by homosexuals, and are not considered hate crimes. According to the leading US gay magazine The Advocate, 75% of its readers admit engaging in violent sex, 20% in sadistic sex and 55% are using painful objects.

    to be contd…

  38. 2. Higher Incidence of Mental Health Problems

    There is a higher incidence of mental health problems among homosexuals and lesbians. These include problems of substance abuse, as well as a greater risk for suicide. Homophobia is often blamed for the high suicide rate of young gays but this cause is only one among many, such as prostitution, broken families, sexual assault at a young age, disappointments in love affairs, and premature homosexual labeling.

    3. Reduced Life Expectancy

    Male homosexuals have a significantly reduced life expectancy. A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology on the mortality rates of homosexuals stated as follows:

    In a major Canadian center, life expectancy at age twenty for gay and bisexual men is eight to twenty years less than for all men. If the same pattern of mortality were to continue, we estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently aged twenty years will not reach their sixty-fifth birthday. Under even the most liberal assumptions, gay and bisexual men in this urban center are now experiencing a life expectancy similar to that experienced by all men in Canada in the year 1871.

    4. Higher Incidence of Same-sex Orientation

    Same-sex parents are inclined to influence their children’s sexual orientation. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, stated as follows:

    …there are developmentally important, statistically significant differences between children reared by homosexual parents compared to heterosexual parents. For example, children raised by homosexuals were found to have greater parental encouragement for cross-gender behaviour [and] greater amounts of cross-dressing and cross-gender play/role behaviour.

    to be contd…

  39. Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for the article. Do you know if Professor Hayton’s findings are corroborated by other researchers? An important part of science is consensus, having your peers review your work and determining if your methodology, data, and conclusions are valid.

  40. Rob, I know that I can attest to what was said in much of this article, living a homosexual life for over 13 years myself I know firsthand what it’s like. The finding of violence in these relationships is very true. I experienced that myself in my own perverted relationship { I also witnessed this in other lesbian relationships}. There was much verbal abuse, as well as physical violence, and abuse of alcohol as well as drugs. I think speaking from experience is the GREATEST testimony of all when it comes to relaying truth.
    As for ‘valid data, etc….again, I reiterate my testimony of living this perverted lifestyle for 13+ years. You can dispute findings til you are blue in the face, it won’t change the fact that those who have been freed from this perversion by the power of God and are honest will speak truth about this sick, twisted, perverted way of life.
    The findings by the homosexual magazine speak volumes as well…{The Advocate} ‘75% of its readers admit engaging in violent sex, 20% in sadistic sex and 55% are using painful objects’. This too is true, but I will NOT go into detail. I will say this, whether homosexual or straight, what kind of parent are you when you engage in somewhat of an ‘animalistic’ behavior in the bedroom?
    IMHO, the most disturbing find was this, ‘According to a study published in Adolescence, 29% of the adult children of homosexual parents have been specifically subjected to sexual molestation as a child by a homosexual parent, compared to only 0.6 percent of adult children of heterosexual parents. These findings were confirmed in a study published in the American Sociological Review.’
    ‘Nuf said.

  41. P.S. – as for the ‘validity’ of Prof. Hayton’s research, I lived it, I know what takes place, and I tell all, it’s true. By the grace and mercy of God, I have been pulled out of this perverted bondage. I am raising the daughter of my former perverted partner. This child is ten, and she absolutely DETESTS her mother, her mother’s current lesbian lover, and this whole homosexual lifestyle. I have had NO bearing on this, this child felt this way when I was still dead in sin. I assure you, this lifestyle is very damaging to children.

  42. Lyn,

    I have to disagree (surprise!). Speaking from experience is the most subjective testimony of all when it comes to relaying truth. You identify with that study because it describes the thirteen years of unhappiness and misery you chose to live. You would probably not identify with or accept testimonies of gay people who lead happy, healthy lives because that’s so contrary to what you experienced.

    So while the truth for you, Lyn, is that homosexuality is miserable and perverted, the truth for me and many others like me is that it is not.

  43. GCMW,

    Just curious, why is Lyn allowed to post links for her argument but I am not?

    GCMW: Feel free to email me for a reply.

  44. Rob~ You cannot know truth, because you have a depraved mind. The bible speaks clearly about those who reject God’s truth, He gives them over to a depraved mind. Homosexuality is an abomination to God, all who continue in this perversion will indeed suffer the consequences of their choice. Regardless of your continual insistence that homosexual couples are ‘normal’ and ‘happy’, I say otherwise. I know from firsthand experience this is not true, and I witnessed this as well in other homosexual couples. There is much turbulence in these ‘hook-ups’, and rightly so. You may have what you call ‘peace’ at this present moment, but I assure you, according to God’s own word, all hell is about to break out against you, and all who refuse to repent and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You can believe your own deluded lie, and you will. It is part of the judgment of God, letting you go and allowing you to believe in a false sense of peace and security. How frightening that is!!

  45. Gwen,

    I absolutely agree with the part about divorce. Makes me wonder why Christians aren’t trying to make it illegal. The findings clearly indicate that it harms children, so what are you guys waiting for?

  46. Agnostic Rob:
    I am just curious about a couple of things. One, you keep asking why Christians don’t want divorce to be illegal. We’ve answered you with evidence that the Bible does allow for divorce in the circumstances of adultery and abandonment, but we agree with you that the ease with which people get divorced has had detrimental effects on children. Still you persist with asking about it being illegal. I think you are making this argument to try to show an inconsistency in our position regarding homosexuality. However, there is no inconsistency, because we are basing our positions regarding both issues on Biblical principles. Do you actually care about divorce or is this just a red herring you keep bringing up to change the subject?

    Second, if I may ask, why are you blogging on this site, since you appear to take the opposite position from the Christians who post here and you don’t even believe in God? Are you here simply to be argumentative? To learn something? To try to change our minds? To spy on the opposition? Of course, it is a free country and the Internet is open to all, but inquiring minds want to know.

  47. Gwen,

    I apologize for not being more specific. Why aren’t Christians trying to make *no-fault* divorce illegal? If marriage is so important, why can a man divorce his wife for reasons other than adultery and abandonment while Christians sit back and let it happen?

    I keep bringing up divorce because in my opinion, it reveals the overwhelming hypocrisy of the “pro-marriage” movement. While we have our disagreements about whether same-sex parenting is bad for children, we seem to agree that divorce is definitely harmful. If Christians perceive a threat to the institution of marriage, and if it really is “all about the children,” I would think that they would make every effort to make it illegal for married couples to divorce for non-biblical reasons.

    I think I’m beginning to understand though. “Pro-marriage” Christians aren’t going after divorce because, frankly, you’ve already lost that battle. It would be very difficult for an anti-divorce movement to gain any traction because the sad reality is simply that far too many people demand the right to divorce. I don’t think it would be impossible to reverse the situation (the passing of Prop 8 showed us that conservative Christians are excellent at taking people’s rights away), so my theory is that Christians choose not to make an organized campaign against divorce because it would make them unpopular. After all, how can you convert people if you’re unpopular?

    Having lost the war against divorce, Christians have set their self-righteous sights on the gay community. Why? Because Christians don’t feel like they serve a purpose unless they’re judging, condemning, or marginalizing someone. Also, Christian leaders must instill a sense of urgency and fear among their flocks (“There’s a storm coming! The gays are after your children! They want to take our religious freedom away!” and so on) or else the Christian mob will become complacent.

    As for why I blog here, I don’t have to explain myself. But thanks for asking politely!

  48. Gwen~ I wonder the same thing. Rob is agnostic, as well as living in direct rebellion to God. He chooses to live a homosexual lifestyle, then comes here for reasons unknown to you and me. At some point we must realize we are simply casting pearls to pigs. Has that point come?

  49. AR, despite my gracious allowance of your non-biblical perspective here, you have unfortunately chose to use it to insert red herrings into just about every post youve commented on. I defended your right to be on this blog once, but instead of discussing the material at hand you weeded out bits of conversations and derailed the whole process of discussion.
    I hope that you find time to ask God for forgiveness for your sins like all the rest of us have done or should do. Until that time, I think we’ve heard more than enough of your perspective which honestly has run its course.

  50. oink oink

    God will deal with Rob – he is no more a sincere seeker of Truth than a pig who seeks a clean pin.

  51. So while the truth for you, Lyn, is that homosexuality is miserable and perverted, the truth for me and many others like me is that it is not.

    So Truth for you is just a matter of opinion. Surprise! even morons have opinions.

    Speaking from experience is the most subjective testimony of all when it comes to relaying truth.

    I agree – but after saying that, why would you say – the truth for me and many others like me is that it is not. since it is entirely based on your experience?

    Do you even realize what an utter contradiction you are in both word and deed? Trust me, most here do notice.

  52. You can read the first chapter of Romans, and I think you will get all the answers there, as it has given me, an ex-homosexual (not ex-gay because I was never happy about it), given me all the answers to the issues here raised–homosexuality, fornication, divorce, knowing ‘strange flesh’, doing what is NOT fitting etc.

  53. I do like reading the responses to Rob, lots of good apologetic arguments resources. A lot of us are facing these kind of Rob arguments in our lives, so grateful for the thoughtful christian responses posted.

    One question I would like to pose to Rob, consider if everything we are telling you is the truth. Think about standing before God and He is saying, I gave you every chance to repent, I led you to Godly people with the truth and you still chose to reject Me?

    Rob, what will you say to Him if everything we’ve said is true?

    I know you can’t respond but think about this.

  54. AR’s comments give this blog a much needed balance. It’s refreshing to hear another perspective from time to time. his most recent posting was emotional, but by in large, he’s presented some good points of discussion.

    90%of the people on this blog believe that all gay people are wrong, and that they are bad people and serving the devil and that they are bound for hell…we can read that in post after post after post…and that’s fine. We get it. Most of the folk feel that they’ve figured out all there is to know about the bible and everything that God was trying to say…and have arrived in their walk with God.

    But it’s good to hear from someone who is challenging those beliefs and asking the hard questions and looking at the situation from another perspective. and I believe that our God is big enough to handle every hard question and challenge that is posted.

    These conversations are very much needed in the Christian community.. He’s not a weak God…and maybe…just maybe..some honest dialogue will save someone’s soul.

    It’s easy to find a group of people that will get together and celebrate and comment on how righteous we are and how bad the world is and how gay Christians have a plot to lead the church to destruction, as well as our children, but to have someone questioning all of that and taking another perspective is often the challenge.

    I know he can’t post anymore, but just thought I’d say that.

  55. Just some data from your ‘about’ page I forgot to post in my comment from above.

    “GCM Watch seeks to facilitate balanced discussion regarding the “gay christian movement” and enlighten the broader Christian constituency through research, documentation and examination of movement’s various adherents and their beliefs in contrast to traditional Christian doctrine.”

    GCMW: please dont be selective. That’s not all it says. And if you have a problem with the administration of this blog, email me. You may have neglected to read the comment policy page.

  56. No, Rob’s comments dont give this blog balance. There’s nothing balanced about advocating sin. If you think the good people who post here and defend God’s word are “self righteous” please speak up. I’d really like to know and short answer will suffice.

  57. Henry:
    We already hear the other point of view about how wonderful being gay is everyday in the media, the amen corner for the gay activist movement. Every evening they celebrate gayness and all things gay (just watch CNN, MSNBC and the other news networks, with the exception of Fox), and anyone who opposes this view is portrayed as a religious fanatic or a loon. Prime time television and the movies promote this 24/7 as well. Gay activists can’t have the Christian blogs, too. They control enough avenues of communication.

  58. The only people who are portrayed as religious fanatics or loons are the ones who act as such….

  59. yes

    GCMW: thanks for your honesty. I pray that you and Rob will seek the Lord while he may be found.

  60. Gwen youre right. There is zero tolerance for other perspectives by these people. Yet, they constantly demand equal time as if they have just arrived from a cave in the lost jungles of the amazon. With all the FREE media portals available to the public, its nonsensical to argue here that I have to allow free time, equal access, etc. Get your own FREE BLOG and vomit all the trash you want. Henry, hope you read that.

  61. This woman isn’t even saved. I don’t think her opinion is all that important in the first place when it comes to this topic.. This is a spiritual issue, and the Word lets us know that the carnal mind can not perceive the things of the spirit, for they are spiritually discerned. She needs an encounter with Jesus Christ so she can get her mind right.

  62. Yes hollywood have drunk the kool aid of jezebel, and Oprah and Maya are stone drunk off of it. What church would openly welcome a homosexual marriage supporter. The only good thing about abortion and homosexual issues is that it reveals the Satan led churches and people to us.

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