‘Gay demon’ church may face investigation

demonThe video of a Bridgeport, Connecticut church allegedly casting a
“homosexual demon” out of a young black man may be under investigation for the events occurring in the video someone posted to Youtube March 15th.

The tag on the video read: “This young man came seeking deliverance. And we worked with him untill [sic] he got delivered. And he became a member.”

The tag may indicate the man entered into the casting out service voluntarily but the service was nonetheless disturbing.

Although the video had been lying dormant two months on the site,  GCM Watch first broke the story to a larger audience.  After appearing here, it was widely discussed on blogs and forums across the internet.

GCM Watch has been contacted by a media outlet seeking comment on the story.

While we believe there was no criminal activity going on in the video, it is a very poor reflection upon the church and Christ to film this as it were some entertainment and treat the young man in the manner in which he was treated. We call on Christian churches to stop sensationalizing this issue in this manner and follow clear biblical examples both in dealing with the demonic and members of the church who struggle with unresolved same sex issues. See our Doctrinal Statements.

All  videos on the service have since been removed from Youtube.

06.12.09 Update: The videos have returned.


14 thoughts on “‘Gay demon’ church may face investigation

  1. ya know – these types of “church” actvities will be illegal some day, maybe even a “hate” crime since it was a “homosexual” demon. Nothing here was illegal that I saw, unless drinking too much at home and vomiting on a family member on your back porch is illegal…I can hardly see a difference. 😉

    The crazier the MSM makes “christians” appear, which we know is a nice little additive towards a Truthless society, the better for them. I almost can’t watch TV without seeing some nut job “christian” making a mockery of Truth and Christ. Maybe this will be a good thing – opens the door for a real conversation..

    Was it youtube that removed them or the church? Had to be the church – google is google, they love this kind of stuff.

  2. What exactly was the point of putting this on youtube? and even if, why not a follow up video of the young man saying that he was delivered? what a waste of time (posting it on youtube) as this has edified no one and proves nothing at all.

    The part I hated most was the guy pulling the young man up by his arms as if he gonna suplex him!

  3. Mark, this was all on them. They placed that video there and the msm didnt need to make them look kooky, it just was. In ignorance? We dont know. I dont think youtube yanked it, I think they did.

  4. gcmw,
    Exactly who is doing the investigation of this church? Law enforcement? Just curious. As i have said before, the way they treated this young man is shameful. that is why we need to stop this foolishness in our churches. Paul N makes a very good point. These “deliverance” ministers remind me of carnival hawkers! step right up, and get your deliverance!!!! the focus was not christ and his sufficiency, but on the bedlam that was going on in that “service”. notice how the woman pastor was ordering people around and making sure the camera was getting a good shot! it’s all about them and not about jesus!

  5. Aren’t we commanded in scripture to conduct our worship services in such a way that if an unbeliever walked in they would not think we are crazy? So much for decency and order!!

  6. gcmw ‘Sup dawg

    You said it all when you said “the focus was not Christ….”.
    That’s a good way to discern who is for real, and who his for themselves?

    Also I left a response for you over at the Districts.

    Dueces, feeno

  7. blkrepublican,

    You gave the most awesome statement. Jesus Christ should always be the focus. That will certainly rule us and our wicked motives out! He said “if I-I-I be lifted up, I-I-I will draw all men unto me.” They just wanted to promote themselves, but now it looks as if they are going to get a healthy serving of “humble pie”!

  8. While I agree that the video is disturbing, the only reason there is an “investigation” by the media is that it involves the issue of homosexuality and the idea that it doesn’t have to be a lifelong pursuit or the result of a genetic predisposition. There are all kinds of distributing videos on YouTube of all types. Why are they focusing on this one?

  9. I believe a demon must concede to the power of Jesus Christ. Never have I seen or heard the word of God describe to hold the person by their arms. I believe Jesus lifted his hand and said “Satan, leave!” and he did. This was disturbing. I never heard anyone giving Glory to God. What happened to the words of God that state that God gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believes in him shall have eternal life. So the fact that a gay person believes in Christ as his Lord and Savior is null and void. David was the ultimate sinner and boy do many identify with him. But his heart was judged, his committment and love for the Lord. He was a KING. He developed into a King and there is noone on this earth who can explain the will of the Lord. As if he had no idea there would be Gay people in this century? He is faithful and honors humble hearts that love him and he promises to love back regardless of how wretched we are. That is why he died because everyone falls short of the Glory of God. Everyone. I pray that this church focuses more on worshiping and honoring the one and only Alpha and Omega, the great I AM who knows all. God bless you all and don’t let anyone tell you that Jesus didn’t die for you and that his blood is not enough for your sin. Remember when the devil tells you the truth he is still LYING!

  10. Revivedmiri,

    I want to start my saying peace in the name of our beloved messiah to all.

    I just want to make sure I’m understanding you. Are you saying that a practicing homosexual will be saved? For instance, they never stop practicing homosexuality, even after joining the church and being baptized?

    Also, you said that David as the ultimate sinner – what are you basing that on? He surely wasn’t perfect, none of us are; but you almost make it seems as if King David was a wicked man.

    For the record this is not an attack – I just want to discuss, not argue.

  11. When I was a child, my dad was a tent evangelist. I recall that many people were delivered from chronic illnesses, blindness, smoking, drinking, etc. through the laying on of hands, and 30+ yrs later, many of these people are still free of their afflictions. Despite what Oprah, who I greatly admire, and others in the media believe, I don’t believe homosexuality is a life sentence. Sin is in our DNA, inherited from Adam. We’re all born w/ tendencies to do things contrary to God’s will, whether it be to lie, steal, gossip, commit sexual sin, etc., yet God is our source for forgiveness, healing, and restoration.

    However well intended, though, I don’t agree that this display of prayer prowess is the best way to go about it. You certainly can’t force someone to be healed from something they don’t want to change, but through personal prayer and a loving relationship w/ God, if a person wants to change their lifestyle, who are we to tell them that it can’t be done?

    I’d also like to comment on such talk about bringing hate charged against the church. I totally disagree w/ this! It totally contrary to our American way of life and the values we so dearly hold, including freedom of religion and free speech. Because it may agree w/ your views on the homesexuality topic, the idea may sound good to you–until the state starts legislating things than impede on your own freedoms. Because of what the Bible says, most churches do regard homesexuality as a sin, and they have a right to do so. If you don’t agree, find another church, or start your own. That’s the beauty of our freedom!

  12. I beleive it to be important to reveal the enemy to the world, because many people don’t beleive in demon possesion, and even scarier, they don’t beleive that it can happen to them. The people of God, need to wake up and realize that THE DEVIL IS NOT PLAYING WITH US! He wants to remain hidden in the dark, because if he is exposed to the light, then will be found out and his head will be crushed! I think its a good idea to show the world the attempts of the enemy…

  13. How on earth did they not try to exorcize the gluttonous demon from that woman. Her appearance should strike shame into that church!

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