P4CM ex-homosexual ministry making strides

The bold saints at Passion 4 Christ Movement in Los Angeles are about to break off another hot one. GCM Watch encourages everyone to support the work of P4CM. They are using new media to the max to counteract the lies of satan by simply…get this…telling the truth.

Special shout out to my girl Larell and all the sisters and brothers who are breaking the silence. I love these folks.

Gay magazine notes ex-shirt campaign
P4CM youtube channel


5 thoughts on “P4CM ex-homosexual ministry making strides

  1. I have these guys suscribed on Youtube…they are wonderful!!

    Great ministry!!


    Dev in Canada

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. I was unaware of this organization, but went to their web site and watched the entire video. Very moving and inspiring. This is the kind of ministry needed to help others come out of the gay lifestyle. These young people have the experience needed, as well as the testimonies, to lead others to Christ.

  3. Bless these saints. These people, including you Pastor Foster, provide evidence that one can be delivered from homosexuality. For gays or any other person to say otherwise, they are liars, plain and simple. Praise Jesus!

  4. I just want to commend you young people for standing up and telling the truth for Christ.

    The enemy will be out to attack you but know this, He will never leave you are forsake you, He is always in the fire with you.

    Love you all.

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