Church music on lower ground

The refrain of the hymn “Im pressing on the upward way” extols the blessing of reaching for that which is above us as we reach for God’s standands.
I want to live above the world,
Though Satan’s darts at me are hurled;
For faith has caught the joyful sound,
The song of saints on higher ground.

But today, the saints are reaching lower and are standing on lower ground, barely discernable from the world. The songs are now beat driven “hits” performed by artists whose goal is to chart, not glorify God.

That may only be because the church is now officially an entertainment venue thanks to shows like BET’s “Sunday Best”. Sunday Best is the American Idol ripoff.  But are you ready for the So, You think you can dance church version ripoff? Ready or not here it comes, courtesy of Vickie Winans.


According to their website, “Dance Saints, Dance has been designed to Network and Promote Praise and Mime Dancers throughout the United States. Also, to provide them with a professional platform so that they can carry out there[sic] gift of Dance.”

I must have missed the memo about “church dancers” needing a “professional platform”.   Why is it that people need to be promoted when Christ said “If I be lifted up…”? Since the church no longer values the direction of scripture, its easy to slide into flesh shows.  Expect more as we continually shun God’s word for in favor of more entertainment and “talent competitions” with VIP mixers. What’s next, a preaching competition?

If you think DSD is ludicrous, you may want to gather up all your Clark Sisters music and burn it after reading this expose at The Dunamis Word.  The Sisters have  signed on to sing Franky Beverly’s tribute songs.  Pastor Burnett reveals the idolatry mixed in the music of Maze, a 70s soul group the Clark Sisters will be paying tribute to.


10 thoughts on “Church music on lower ground

  1. Wow this is hot mess! I like to show people how much flesh Sunday’s best is all about and not God but some just don’t want to hear it. All they want to do is clap and sing and now we will have a hot ham mess of show with dancing with the “god” label. DANCING! Wow, just wow.

  2. Yes, it all is a hot mess. I saw the last singing show and it’s all about entertainmant, because they sent the ones with anointing home. How can you turn God’s music into a contest. The show is ridiculous. Why not just have a praise and worship program with people no one knows about instead of making it a contest.

  3. Sigh, and this would have to be in my hometown, too. You’re right, these “christianized” rip-offs have grown tiresome rather quickly. The irony I find about this comes from my days singing in the choir and on the P&W team back in the day. The standard, tongue-in-cheek refrain to everyone was to ensure that we were serving to God’s glory, not auditioning for Star Search. Yet, look what’s out here! These shows all but go in the opposite direction, using the church service to “perfect the gift.” This then sets the stage (excuse the pun) for favoritism among singers, muscians and dancers by the “music ministers” for ithat same recognition they abhor during rehearsal and service time. Because these “shows” are tied to mass promotion and cash prizes, competition among the members is encouraged, and does nothing to address the sinful nature of those involved in these activities.

    You’re also correct that the church has turned into nothing more than an entertainment venue minus the alcohol.

  4. Didn't Jesus say you cannot worship the LORD and Mammon? This mess is the picture of the NT Church gone a whoring after idols. Mime is a spiritual gift? I have seen dance and mime interpretation that was inspiring and I have been blessed by it immensely. I view it as a talent My prayer if that the church will get back to making Christ the focus of our worship. I do not mean in a cultural way either. I mean returning to the Christocentric worship form. Everything pointing to what GOD has done through Christ. Much of what we do in church gatherings now is "make me feel good" today. If that means you dance for me or say an inspiring poem or "sang" me happy today with choir choreography from the gospel top 40. "There's no business like church business like no business I know….Oops, I meant "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name, Let angels prostrate fall." See? It's so easy to become confused now.

  5. Im beginning to think they could care less about uplifting Christ. Its entertainment and they know it.
    Sadly, the cycle is moving faster and faster. Soon, Christ will be some iconic figurehead trotted out like the ark of the covenant when the people want to "worship".

  6. A dance/praise competion to give a more professional platform? This is absolutely crazy. This is exactly why I do not but any more gospel music. It's all a bunch of mess most of the time. And it appears that the gospel artists want to be celebrity themselves instead of humble servants of the Lord.

  7. The black gospel music industry is as apostate as the pimps they are churning out music to please. The fact that most CHURCH people still buy their music is a major sign of the spiritual condition of the church at large. Its a consumer oriented organization. For bible readers that means what itching ears want to hear, false teachers and their pied pipers willingly provide. For a fee.

  8. I agree with James; if you listen to most of these artists, all they talk about is their next tour and "when our album is gonna drop". It's all about the money and the fame. Pick any "inspirational" artist you like and pick their "hit" song from their latest album. (I say "inspirational" because it is my contention that it is not Gospel). See how many times you can count the mention of JESUS by name. See how many times you can clearly discern the mention of HIS death, burial, and resurrection. I do not mean "he, him and his". Much of this inspirational music can be mistaken for secular music. Last thing: See how many times you hear the words "I, me, my, mine." Are you are worshiping GOD or man, or yourself?

  9. I know I’m a little late with this, but…..

    This gets sicker and sicker. This so called “gospel music” that these compromisers are putting out is just ridiculous. Kirk uses 70’s music, dances on videos with his shirt off lathered with baby oil, and grinds on stage with something called a Tye Tribett. Mary Mary sings on stage with Queen Latifah (a homosexual) and says, when asked about their homosexual fan base, that everyone has “bad habits” instead of calling it sin. Ricky Dillard is dropping it like he’s still hot and walks off stage with a twist.

    Now we’re getting “Dance Saints Dance” for more gospel entertainment. The only reason anything stays in business is because it is financially supported; business, schools, families, etc……It’s the same with “gospel garbage”. The only reason these sorry music pushers, pulpit pimps with their prosperity messages, and false prophets stay in existance is because they are being financially supported; and they are financially supported by so-called christians and christians who are deceived. If the support stops, they will either get right or get gone somewhere. Saints, don’t support this crap!!!

    These shows have nothing to do with Jesus, his gospel, salvation nor holy/christian living. They are all for entertainment purposes. No wonder the world thinks that it’s okay; the gospel artists are giving the world what they already are. The gospel artists are doing what they world already does. Music doesn’t talk about God anymore. They talk about my purpose, my season, my harvest, my vision, my breakthrough – my, my, my – sounds like like Johnnie Gill (and I won’t comment on him).

    Just a bunch of mess !!!

  10. We need to watch as well as pray. What’s wrong with the body of Christ today? We are not entertainers, rather We worship the Lord our God in Spirit and in truth. Where are the pastors who are after God’s own heart? We need to stop the madness and give God the glory that’s due His Name. Satan is still alive and thriving on the earth. His agenda is to destroy, distract, discourage, demoralize and confuse the very elect of God. Why follow Satan? He is a loser!! He knows that his ultimate abode is the lake of fire. Why would we follow him when he has nothing to offer us but a place next to him in an eternal fire? No man that warreth entangleth himself with affairs of this life; that he may please Him who hath chosen him to be a soldier (2 Timothy 2:4).

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