Christian pollster Barna surveys gay christians

trojan horseGeorge Barna seems to be going the way of many who are finding ways to merge sin, contemporary culture and the bible and then convince us that somehow its wrong to call wrong…wrong.

Barna recently released the results on his poll on gays and their religious beliefs. He said the results were “surprising”.

Says Barna: “The gay population, which constitutes about 3% of adults, has generated headlines related to a variety of lifestyle and moral issues over the past few years. In the wake of those controversies and the spotlight aimed at gays, Americans have developed numerous assumptions about the lives of the homosexual population. The latest report from The Barna Group explores the spiritual life of gay people. Some of the survey outcomes may surprise you.”

Surprise indeed. For those who are discovering the gay christian phenomena in the church, Barna’s interpretation of his facts will george-barna-203serve to further lead them in a path away from God will. Thus, the problem here is not with Barna’s findings —it is what it is—, but rather how he frames what we should think about his findings. Barna takes his findings out of a biblical context and places them within a socialized mentality which he then uses to call traditional beliefs “stereotypical”. That’s odd for a Christian figure not want to discuss such a clearly sinful proclivity apart from what the Bible says about it. It reveals how the poison of gay christian theology is seeping deeper and deeper into the veins of the church. Its been pointed out before gay christian theology is but a trojan horse. Its a strategy being pushed by gay bishop Vickie Gene Robinson as one effective in overcoming the church’s traditional stance against homosexuality.

Noted entrepreneur Gwen Richardson wrote that it is the same strategy being implemented in full force to legalize gay marriage.

But Barna sidesteps the increasingly violent tone against the faithful church in America and instead follows a now worn path of criticizing honest assertion about the realities of homosexuality.

“People who portray gay adults as godless, hedonistic, Christian bashers are not working with the facts,” declared the best-selling author of numerous books about faith and culture. “A substantial majority of gays cite their faith as a central facet of their life, consider themselves to be Christian, and claim to have some type of meaningful personal commitment to Jesus Christ active in their life today.

By claiming that the “faith” of  homosexual christians should be accepted by the church prima facie, Barna is contradicting what he told Christian press in early May. He decried “moral degradation” and claimed the church was being destroyed “from the inside”.  He is right on both accounts, but why doesnt he see that the acceptance of homosexual theology is a significant marker of such degradation?

The Word vs the facts

Do you believe the Word of God? Let’s see how it stacks up against Barna’s poll “facts”.  Among Barna’s survey results:

60% of gays say faith is “very important” in life

Barna doesn’t identify what this faith is or how it is defined or by what standards it is defined by. And is this faith important enough to abandon all sin including their false belief that homosexuality is natural?  The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Cor 13:5Examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith. Test your own selves. Know ye not yourselves how Jesus Christ is in you, unless ye be reprobates? Faith was defined as a deep abiding, obedient relationship with Christ. Anything other than that is the workings of a reprobate mind. Living in unrepentant sexual immorality while calling oneself a Christian is not the faith of the Bible, but the mentality of a reprobate.

70% of gays self-identify as Christian.

Again, Barna fails to define “Christian” leaving the interpretation open to one’s personal desires. In contrast Jesus stated in Luke 9:23 that no one was worthy to be his disciple unless they first denied themselves. The denial of self (and all of its fallen desires) is the principal determinant in of a true Christian. Yet so-called gay christians violate the principal in substantial ways. Whether one “self identifies” as a Christian is irrelvant to what the Lord Jesus requires to actually be his follower. The Lord knows them that are his and let every one who name the name of Christ depart from iniquity. (2 Tim 2:19).

40% of gays are “absolutely committed” to Christian faith
58% of gays claim an ongoing “personal commitment to Jesus Christ

I think you get it by now. Whose definitions are we to accept? Who defines committment for the Christian? Is is left up to the individual or does the Word of God set forth the requirements for committment to Christ? Is the servant greater than his master? Can the clay tell the potter what it takes to be perfected? Another issue with the Barna statement is that being committed to “Christian faith” is quite different than committment to Christ. Some define such committment by broad context such as regular church attendance and believing that Jesus loves everyone. But in reading the scriptures faithfulness and devotion to God include adherence to his word and obedience to his all his commands. Jesus said in John14:15 “if you love me you will obey my commands.”

27%  of gays qualify as born-again Christian

This is like  the old shell games run on unsuspecting tourists in Times Square. There is only one path to a new birth in Christ. Except a man be born of the water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

15% of gays surveyed attend a church service, read the Bible and pray regularly

While such things are components of Christian living, doing these things on regular basis does not indicate relationship with Christ. In Matthew synoptic narrative, Christ’s response to people he tell him what they “did” is that he never knew them.

Barna’s findings may be new to those who havent encountered the gay christian movement, but not to GCM Watch. The only reason the gcm has made the strides they have on the inside of the church is by portraying themselves as benign members of the Body when in fact they are false brethren who are corrupting the foundations of the church. Instead of holding homosexuals to the same standards of scripture like everyone must adhere to, Barna shuffles the cards and calls it something other than what the scriptures tell us.


3 thoughts on “Christian pollster Barna surveys gay christians

  1. I was watching “My Two Cents” a while back. Keith Boykin (who is gay) and one of the other ladies were hosting. One of the two guests was an elder, long time pastor of a certain large church and the other was a pastor/professor. One of the arguments being made by the elder ex-pastor was that “morality is determined or dictated by the culture”. Keith Boykins was of course in agreement with the elder ex-pastor who was for same gender marriage. The pastor/professor stood his ground and preached truth.

    Politics are politics and polls are polls. The world does what the world does, but it’s such a wonder that the body of Christ has allowed that “trojan horse” inside and have been blindly turned to politics and the polls as a compass for our belief system and morality. It’s a shame that anybody (homosexual, adulterer, thief, liar, etc…) can sprinkle in some good christian verbage, say a little christian venacular and be accepted as real christians. I think the latest polls says that 90% of Americans believe in God. That’s good and fine, but what percentage of America believes the gospel of his son Jesus the Christ? What was the “litmus test” used (so to speak) that qualified the 27% of gay people as born again?

    I think if christians, and especially christian pastors, would just sit down and honestly think about these things and ask some simple questions, the holy spirit of God who lives inside of us will convict our hearts and minds and lead us back to truth and not to polls.

    Israel wanted polls and politics in 1 Samuel 8. God gave them what they wanted and it became a thorn in their side ever since. Even David, a man after God’s own heart, caused judgement upon Israel. Politics and polls or Jesus and his word ?!?!?

  2. Are you talking about the one with Sheryl Lee Ralph and E. Bernard Jordan?

    See this

    Very true about polls. Its dangerous and wrong to use them as some sort of litmus for what is right or wrong according to God’s word. lol 100% of demons believe in God…and tremble!

  3. GMC,

    My wife tells me I’m mean sometimes with my words, so I’ve been trying to be just a little more softer with my choice of terms. You almost got me to let one out on that E. Bernard Jordan, but thank ya Jesus I held back…THANK YA !!! :O)

    I think I saw that episode of “Meet The Faith” also, but I’m referring to an episode on “My Two Cents”, which in my opinion is all it’s worth anyway!!!! If I find the link I will definitely post it for all to see.

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