America will cease to exist. True or false?

The real question may be how long before America is no more.

AmericaglobeWhat about the “land of the free and home of the brave” in a prophetical context? After reading several articles about the future of this country as foretold in scripture, the impending spread of homosexual marriage, impending financial ruin, terrorist cells embedded on our soil, national rejection of God, uncontrollable violence and many other things it may mean one thing. The ground we stand on is on borrowed time.

There’s no doubt the political, economic, and military influence of the United States of America dominates world fluxes.

With the election of Barack Obama, we may have just witnessed an apex in our nation. The world looked with unprecedented expectation to a political neophyte to solve the world’s problem. Just recently at Obama’s visit to the former Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany,  a famed but aging Elie Wiesel turned to President and said:

“Mr. President, we have such high hopes for you because you, with your moral vision of history, will be able and compelled to change this world into a better place, where people will stop waging war — every war is absurd and meaningless; where people will stop hating one another; where people will hate the otherness of the other rather than respect it.”

Wiesel isnt alone in attributing god-status, savior-level qualities to Obama. But even with that, Obama is simply a sign. A sign that we’ve crested into national idolatry: a pride devoid of God. This is truly a looking glass moment not only for America, but more importantly, for the church in America.

The church is (1) a thermostat which should regulate the spiritual temperature of the earth while simultaneously acting as a (2) thermometer which gauges the temperature. Both have a significant bearing on where America is headed prophetically and what may lead to its utter destruction which some believe will rival the fall of the Greek and Roman empires.

Too much, too little, too late?

Interestingly enough, Jesus characterized the church as salt, a significant dietary supplement.

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Matthew 5:13

The scripture applies both to you personally and to the church corporately. If you dont have Jesus in you, you are good for nothing spiritually. But let’s focus is on the corporate aspect of his teaching.

Thus, as the church goes, so goes the world.  Salt not only serves to preserve and flavor foods, it is a necessary dietary ingredient. Too much salt or too little salt can cause health problems in humans.  It can give good flavor/bless and it can make barren and worthless.

Jesus spoke of the church losing its positive attribute, which is to add good flavor. In other words, what happens to the world when the church loses or forfeits its preservative quality?  And what is the earth being preserved from and to?

(1) The church is to perserve the earth from the decaying effects of sin.  Just like unsalted meat, it would soon spoil. By living clean and holy lives and encouraging others to do likewise, the effects of sin (violence, sexual disease, etc) is minimized. We are to also fight against decay by refusing to support activities and lifestyles which devalue humanity.

(2) The church is to preserve the earth until Christ’s return.

Good for nothing? That’s what came out of Christ’s mouth. If it is lost, the same salt that was a blessing now becomes a curse of barrenness.  The question is will the church actually lose it preservation abilities? You may say no, but consider this:

We do know the church in America is at teetering at the brink of an apostate free fall. Doctrines of devils, mammon lust, idolatry of all forms and sexual immorality along with multiple other blasphemies are common, widespread and go unchallenged in many quarters of the contemporary church. Apostasy itself is a major sign that decay is spreading.  There’s an abundance of evidence that the great falling away isnt coming, its at our doorstep! Some prophesy “endtime revival” but are they misguided?  The church doesn’t appear want revival. Corporately, it lusts for political power, prestige and influence. What it once was in this country, is but a shadow of itself. We have grown numerically and perhaps socially, but spiritually we are a blinded Samson.

That is not to say there are none holding fast to true faith and practice, but as indicated in scripture these are certain to become a remnant.

I believe a season of great persecution (being trampled under the foot of men) is about to fall upon the church in America because eventually it will lose its ability to add good flavor. But I also believe from this persecution a stronger, leaner more committed church will arise.

Thus, I have no reservations that we are quickly approaching a salt-free church. Do you realize what that means first for the church and secondly for the culture it is housed in?

Does this contradict Matthew 16:18? And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

I dont belive it does.  Contextually, Matthew 16:18 is not about the church’s longevity but rather the church’s power. The church —the ecclesia— will cease to exist at some point in future. That’s been prophesied in Thessalonians 2. Thus when the “power to preserve” is removed, the man of perdition will be released with full power in the flesh upon the earth. But guess what? A “church” will be here and those who remain will believe it to be a legitimate church.

The late, great America

Prophecy scholar Hal Lindsay contends America is not even a “bit player” the eschatological timeline.
“In Bible prophecy everything orients from Israel. John’s vision of the apocalypse is from the perspective of Israel, during the time of Jacob’s trouble, not America’s. But the most conclusive reason is given in Revelation 17:18. John says Mystery Babylon is really a woman — that great harlot who will reign over the cities from earth. But John wrote that the great city was clearly Rome, and that is the city that will reign over the earth in the last days.”

There are several theories as to the fate of America —now the world’s only superpower— in the future. Some have said that America is blessed now only because under freedom of religion, it has given unprecedented sanctuary to the Jews and and aided Isreal since its prophetic birth in 1948. This is said to be a “living out” of Revelation 12:14.  True, but what of freedom of religion when its practice is dictated by government interpretation?  The rise of hate crimes laws foreshadow such a possibility.

I don’t know if America as a nation will cease to exist, but its clear that the church in America has pivotal significance on how the country will fare in the coming years.

14 thoughts on “America will cease to exist. True or false?

  1. Praise the LORD! Part 1.

    Pastor Foster, Awesome Topic: America will cease to exist: True or False? My answer is True! I had one of my numerous grand awakenings in this very month, to this exactl date, June 27, 2006, 3 years ago! I literally started to hear different spiritually. I could discern the fakes from the real. I am going to give an example, 90 to 95% of major Christian television is fake! It's a machine to make money! The only ones who prospered and still prospering from the prosperity gospel were the pimps putting this stuff out! I truly believe most of these people are reprobate in this area. The overwhelming majority of American Christians equate gain is godliness! 1 Timothy 6:5. Many have bought the lie from Baal. They preach/teach a popularity message or feel good message WITHOUT ANY PREACHING AGAINST SIN! Can I get a witness out there, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HEARD A MAJOR TELEVISION MINISTRY PREACH AGAINST SIN? And make it personal, When was the last time you heard SIN PREACHED AGAINST on the radio, local access channels, etc.

  2. Part 2.
    I started hearing the gospel call of repentance again in 2006 and have never looked back. By divine connection, I came across a ministry that I am going to promote that preaches, teaches, and prophesies this very subject, the Fall of America by The Prophecy Club. I am a personal witness to the sincerity and genuiness of this ministry by Apostle Stan Johnson and Wife, Prophetess Leslie Johnson. When GOD closed the door on the corporate world to me in 2006, everything was up! Housing, Banking, Economy, Auto Industry! Everything was great in America. I had to get fired from the Banking Industry in order to be away from cares of life, work deadlines during the day to be available to listen to little christian am radio station at 2 O' clock in the afternoon to HEAR THE DIVINE WARNING FROM GOD that America is going to fall. These people were prophesying that this economy was false and was going to CRASH! This ministry that I am referring to is in my humble opinion, the FOREMOST EXPERTS and FRONTRUNNERS on the endtimes and especially concerning the USA. They present STRONG MEAT, but if you can receive it…you'll be blessed and stronger for it. Website:

  3. Part 3.
    I have some of their teachings on the Fall of America. I have the witness of the HOLY GHOST, that these people are telling the truth about this country. They are not the only ones. with Rick Wiles is another voice proclaiming the Fall of America. Both of these ministries say that America is the Babylon in Jeremiah 50 and 51 and Revelation 17. And as a matter of fact, has a recent broadcast dated June 16th that speaks about this very subject.

    So I say YES and TRUE, Amercia will cease to exist. Our country is gone! Ask yourself the question, Do any of us, see this country repenting? The judgement is set against this nation. We see it everyday! Estimates of anywhere of 50 million to 70 million aborted babies. Men marrying men and women marrying women. There is NO WAY GOD is going to overlook this stuff! This is not our home. Our home is NEW JERUSALEM!

  4. Part 4. (LOL–I love the new website!, you know I am old-school when it comes to technology!)

    The ONUS on the true Church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST(not a denomination, but a spiritual holy people) is SNATCH EVERY SOUL that is 1. willing to believe the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST,2. repent of their sins, 3. Receive the the free gift of Salvation IN JESUS CHRIST ALONE, 4. be sanctified and filled with the HOLY GHOST, and 5. LIVE HOLY. TIMEOUT for building man's ministry, or men's kingdoms. IT's time to be REAL for JESUS and JESUS ALONE! Amen.

  5. Part 5.
    Last thing, I have to share this one from the HOLY SPIRIT. I have too many witnesses of HOLY GHOST filled men and women of GOD in the 5-fold ministries that concerning the Church…the true and faithful Church in America…not the Harlot Church…but the true Church. The True Church(not a denomination)…the True Church of GOD WILL GO UNDERGROUND! Whether its 5, 10, 15, or 20 or more years from TODAY, only GOD knows. But I tell you this, look at how much morality, mores, and Christian values have PLUMMETED in this Country the last 5 to 10 to 20 years! Things are happening at a lightning pace!

    The wise mature saints that I have been blessed to learn from all say this, "It ain't going to get better! It's going to get worse!" Excuse the Ebonics!

    GOD bless you Pastor Foster for shining light in a dark hour in this nation that is steadily getting darker!

  6. Thanks Bro Enoch, boy you preached your heart out in five parts. LOL. I changed the settings which should allow for longer comments. Hey thanks for the compliment and please dont be a stranger.


  7. Last year, I read the novel, Survivors, published by the Jesus Christians (, and written to be an answer to the Left Behind series. It posits America's destruction…and I must say, was a riveting read. I do not want to believe any of this, but am thankful to have been exposed to the possibility of what isn't being discussed, otherwise. It's full of Biblical reference. I would desire some more teaching in this area…especially since Billye Brim, Oral Roberts and the Copelands are prophesying/teaching on the Great Awakening, which they say will give everyone a chance to "straighten up and fly right!" Will it be one last act of grace, or certain & dire judgment? Help!! In the meantime, my focus is pressing more & more into Christ's image!

  8. America has been abandoned by God and it is ripe for God's wrath and destruction. Here is an excerpt of a sermon preached by John MacArthur who lays out a biblical case for this. But please, if you are able please listen to the sermon in its entirety (3 part sermon):

    The notes are here:

    Acts 14:16 says that God will allow a nation to go its own (evil) way. I am afraid that America has gone it's own way.

  9. BeeDub and CeeDee, I dont believe the false prophets who keep saying "favor, blessings and prosperity" when wickedness is saturating the church. Certainly the Lord is yet blessing (saving people from their sins) but I dont equate material gain as a sign of favor from God. He is patient and longsuffering, but his anger (discipline) will not be with held forever to this disobedient. It sounds way too much like the situation with Isreal when Jeremiah was the prophet.
    I will check out the links you shared. God bless you and I agree CD, in the meantime lets make sure we are not walking in disobedience. Also, dont the righteous suffer God's anger as well perhaps in a indirect way? What do you think about that?

  10. Thank you so much, this article makes great points about being salt and the decaying effect of sin. Very well put!!

  11. Pastor Foster, can I post this on a prophecy site? I'll include the link but would like to post it in it's entirety…not sure if that would be a copyright violation? Please let me know!


    GCMW: Hey Christian! I dont think there’s any cr violations associated with it. Feel free to post at will. Im honored you think it worthy. Blessings.

  12. The Lord God has given me more insight(as I requested)into this topic. We are powerful as Christians…made to be intercessors to hold back impending judgment, until the lost can be really reached. How many of us can say we’ve been daily witnessing with passion & urgency to the lost? Is. 60:2-3 encourages us to persevere until nations come to [their] light. We have the scripture, “If my people, who are called by My Name…” We’re called to, “Occupy until He comes…,” yet many in the body are more focused on selfish desires. I believe that that’s what this year of birth is about–the birthing of faith to be carried out by the remnant (& whosoever will) who believe God for power, for shift, for authority—and who will walk it out! Hallelujah! So, I’m clear now that I have no other choice: if I want to be pleasing to the Lord Jesus, then I have to walk in the Light, be the Light, talk like the Light, live like the Light, war like the Light (The Word says…”teach my hands to war & my fingers to fight; the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force…”. This is how I’ll be living! God bless!!

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