Lecresia Campbell, Daryl Coley perform at gay church confab

More gospel music industry workers are coming out and embracing the seductive heresy of gay theology (marketed as inclusive, progressive religion) as the church in America continues its overall slide into apostasy. GCM Watch has documented the fornication of black gospel music industry with homosexuality for quite some time and now its illegitimate children are coming of age. But does it matter?

The latest to sign up for a gay church gig: Campbell and Daryl Coley, a black gospel music  industry worker who begin his career singing backup vocals for famed 70s drag performer “Sylvester”.  Campbell and Coley appeared at the first conference of the United Progressive Pentecostal Church (click photo to enlarge) held in Atlanta mid June.

Sources told GCM Watch that  former prophetess turned “empowerment” guru Juanita Bynum was present at a meeting of the same organization, but was unclear of her purpose there.

The UPPC as it is called, is an obvious scratch off name from the United Pentecostal Church (UPC), aping its apostolic doctrine and pentecostal church services but including a belief that homosexuality is acceptable sexual expression for Christians.

A Los Angeles music minister told GCM Watch he believes this is one of the crisis issues of today’s church.

“I think  they [black gospel artists] are continually pushing the envelope. I can even  see them coming to convocation to protest because they are gaining more emphathy in the church. And they feel justified. I’m just waiting for the day when a gospel artist will openly announce his or her same-sex marriage. I wonder what will happen then?”, said Rev. Rod Hines.

In a 2001 interview with GospelFlava, Coley decried the commercialism controlling gospel music.

“Sure it can be musical, it can be colorful, but it needs to maintain a separatism from what’s already out there. I think the industry, to be very frank, is embracing more commercialism than it is spiritual aspects. And I think it’s because those that are spiritual are not in charge. They finally realized that Gospel music is very marketable, they looked at the numbers and saw that millions were being made from Gospel. “

But shouldn’t Coley also recognize that the gay christian movement is under the control of something other than Christ? Perhaps all of this is just about a paid performance to them. If it is, then it should be called what it is: religious blackface shows.

Campbell is set to hook up with Vashawn Mitchell in August for yet another gospel music blackface show at Andre Landers church in the Atlanta area.

For those who think there’s nothing wrong with “ministering” at a gay church its a flagrant disobedience to the scriptures.
1 Corinthians 5:9-11
I wrote to you in my epistle not to keep company with sexually immoral people. Yet I certainly did not mean with the sexually immoral people of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner–not even to eat with such a person.
callenSome have claimed that if God says go, you should go. I would agree, but with several conditions. (1) We would need to first acknowledge that such individuals are living in open rebellion to the will of God (2) they are teaching false doctrine and leading others to hell and should be admonished to repent (3) acknowledge that God has never sent someone to such a group of people to enjoy VIP parties and get compensated yet no repentance occurs.  What’s more the Word of God is clear: two people cannot walk together unless they are in agreement.

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29 thoughts on “Lecresia Campbell, Daryl Coley perform at gay church confab

  1. I am not surprised at this information. As I was watching the BET Awards show last night (only to see the tribute to MJ), one performance came up with Queen Latifah and Mary Mary doing the song "God In Me." Quite honestly, I was like "Love of the world is enmity against God." If you view their video for that song, they have quite a few folks in their video that project unsaved lifestyles on tv. I understand being around worldly people for the sake of ministering, being light in darkness. However, with Mary Mary, it's hard to see the difference now. To me, there was a spirit on them last night at the show. I mean, I could be wrong, but something wasn't right. Queen Latifah, whom it has been rumored to be a lesbian, did her little rap during the bridge of the song. It was sad to watch.

  2. Daryl Coley?! Are you kidding?!! I have an autographed CD of his from when he performed for my former pastor's birthday back in 2001 on the Spirit of PHL. He had some of the most scripturally relevant music that I have heard (Oh, The Lamb, c 2001), yet I guess this is another sad example of the seducing spirits allowed to prevail in the "church." The camouflaging of one spirit appearing as another coupled with hoardes of undiscerning people is a dangerous set up indeed.

  3. ncatina, I wish I could just sit down and talk with these people, find out what in God's name motivates them to justify lending their God-given gifts to help promote sin which God has clearly condemned. But I guess that is why the Apostle Paul called it a "seducing spirit". We had better stay close to the real Christ and be vigilant. These false prophets and their false christs will deceive even the very elect if it were possible. This is no joke and I dont believe we have even seen the beginning of what lucifer is going to pull out of his bag of tricks in these last days.

  4. The guy on the left in the picture looks very familiar, but I can't think of any names at this late hour? Does anyone have a guess as to what his name is? Thanks.

  5. Is the pastor of the church that hosted the event himself homosexual or "welcoming"? My daughter visited this church while she was living in the area and called me to ask me several questions about it. She was invited by a friend. She is not a committed Christian though was reared in a Christian home. She said she new something was "wrong" but couldn't put her finger on it. She was unaware of their belief in SSA as being okay.

    Isn't Daryl Coley a man who has given his testimony as one free from SSA and SSB (same sex behavior)?
    We are seeing the great "falling away "right before our eyes.

    PS I believe Juanita Bynum would go to an envelope opening if it would garner some publicity and a chance to raise funds again. Sorry, my opinion.

    GCMW: I posted a picture of the pastor and his “husband” (referred to as the first gentleman) at the end of the story. This is a predominately homosexual church. And youre right about Bynum, she is an opportunist and this is an money harvest for her. I received two different confirmations that she is trending gay affirming.

  6. i saw j bynum on you tude at that gay church in atlanta call vision she talk at the ordian serivce that they holly wood preacher are falling

  7. im amazed that they dont see the inconsistency in using the Bible to tell people that they are God robbers if they dont tithe all while ignoring what the Bible says about sexual immorality….

  8. Yeah Djenk imagine that. And they are always accusing people of "cherry picking" the scriptures. But Ive learned even the apostate gay churches embrace pimpology to get the $$$$ in the coffers.

  9. "First Gentleman!"
    why on earth would they go there if they were not in agreement. If God sent someone to this Church why would be to sing? wouldnt it be more like John the Baptist crying out for repentance?
    This is frightening! Daryl Coley one of my favorite "gospel" singers! I just dont know!

  10. I'm not surprised at the singers, but Jauniter… Wow, now that's a shock. Something tells me that all three knew where they were going and didn't have a problem being there.

  11. I dont know exactly if that is Lecresia's defense or explanation, but I do know that its the same one used by BET Sunday Best winnerCrystal Aiken when she "ministered" at the same church…for a fee.

    Its also the same one used by Albertina Walker when she claimed she was tricked by Yvetter Flunders gay church sangfest in Chicago.

    This is becoming a pattern. Sing, get gay church $$$, claim ignorance. Hmmmmm.

    I'm curious to know what tricks these gay churches are using to hook these folks. I noticed you wont find the word "gay" or "homosexual" on the site. You will see ambiguous " sexual orientation" phrase which could mean anything to an unsuspecting eye. Intentional? You bet it is.

  12. So their defense is "I didn't know". This would lead one to believe if they did know, they wouldn't have accepted the engagement. If I were an artist, common sense would tell me to do my research before I accepted an engagement.

    I read the other articles on Aikens and the Caravans. You're right, it's a pattern. They go, then claim they didn't know where they were going. Come on, who does that. For one, what kind of artist will just up and accept an engagement without doing research on the ministry. I mean seriously, who doesn't know about Evette Flunder.

    I blame the ministries and the artists. Do these ministries tell the artists about their beliefs? Should any ministry tell an artist what they believe in? Do the artists do their research on the ministry before they accept the engagement?

  13. seems not, its all about the Benjamins! If the artist themselves do not research shouldnt there manager be doing it? some one has to know something and if not they only have themselved to blame and yes when they found out what the deal was they should have gave them the gospel and tell them that they are in blatant sin and bounce. Why not give back the money? or risk a law suit? So when they sing the gay Church happy "in the name of Jesus" who gets helped or saved? do the people come out saying we need to repent? MADNESS!!!!

    Perilous times!

  14. You're right, someone knows something. If they were so mad, why not correct them or give that money back. I'm not buying it, I think they are in agreement with their doctrine and afraid to say so publicly.

  15. GCMW: Thanks Djenk and Cedric for locating this and bringing it to our attention. We’ll do a series of posts on this now that we can see and hear what the “vision” is all about. First post is up.

  16. Earlene, they cant get around that Bible: How can two walk together except they be agreed? If they are not in agreement or were deceived, that can be resolved real quick by publicly denouncing this false doctrine and the leaders of this fake christian movement.

  17. well it seems like being politically correct for the sake of evil gain is much more important. They may not agree with the lifestyle personally but have no real problem with it, especially since money is not partial!

  18. Say it aint so, Daryl….say it aint so!!!!!
    I think Daryl Coley has the greatest voice of all, but using it to "confirm" and "enable" sin and false doctrine in the apostate gay church is a low blow. That goes for all of the other gospel singers/performers as well. "Will he find faith on the earth?"

  19. Pamela I remember reading it (his testimony) in a black gospel magazine back some 14 years ago. I dont recall the name of it and its now probably defunct. But his address was in there and I immediately wrote to him about what I had went through. He never responded.
    I dont know about his wife, but what woman would allow her husband who had been delivered from crack to go back to a crack house and hee-haw with the crack addicts? Simularly why would a man allegedly delivered want to go and hee-haw with homosexuals playing church?
    Makes no spiritual sense to me.

  20. gcmwatch, I totally agree with you. I knew nothing about Coley and only saw him once. That was enough for me to never listen to him again. It may have been during this time when the article you referenced came out with his testimony.

    I got disgusted with the black gospel scene long before this incident. By the time I heard about Coley I had quit listening to all of it pretty much. When I was in the choir from 93-96 I heard about these artists for the first time. Afterwards I continued my listening boycott of the stuff. How sad things have gotten these days.

  21. This does not surprise me at all about Coley. I never heard anything about his supposed testimony about getting free from homosexuality. He came to Carlton Pearson's church in Tulsa to minister when I was a choir member in the early 90s. I had never heard of him before but I just could not stand to hear him sing. He seemed a bit too sweet to me. One of my friends at the time was aware of rumors that he was homosexual and defended him stating that he was married. That was the only time I heard him sing and determined I would never listen to him again. Another gospel minister that had been invited was flaming really bad on stage. That one died the following year of AIDS. Needless to say when I started seeing this I ran from that church. That perverse spirit has been going through the church as a whole for a long time. You see this in many predominately white churches. However I agree that the impact on black churches is far more damaging since there are fewer Biblical options to choose from for those Christians that want to be in a black church. Christians need to know their Bibles and the voice of the Holy Spirit to teach them right from wrong.

  22. I am saddened about the state of Gospel music. I like most, grew up listening to Gospel, from the Ward Singers, to James Cleveland, the Hawkins, Andre Crouch, the Winans, Commissioned, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and plethora of artists and choirs that I do not have the time or space to mention. My mother was an accomplished pianist and minister of music at our church for 30+ years and I grew up singing in choirs. I traveled with the play called God is Trying to Tell You Something. It was during that tour when I began to see the "seedy "side of Gospel music. I saw greedy, jack legged, preachers try to strike deals to fatten their coiffures with "filthy lucre". I saw self proclaimed "saints" immersed deeply in sexual immorality (homosexual and straight) with cast members and patrons. In my travels, I saw top named Gospel artists, whose names you would surely recognize, habitually use foul language, get drunk and participate in lewd and lascivious behavior. I finally had to pay attention to the fact that this stuff had been going on for quite some time. I heard the unsavory rumors about James Cleveland, Andre Crouch, the Hawkins, and the blatantly homosexual den of iniquity they call Love Center (I had been there several times- former home of the apostate Yvette Flunder), the GMWA workshops, that all had compromised the Truth of their songs by their sinful lifestyles involving sexual immorality but I didn't want to believe it. I loved this music BUT I LEARNED TO LOVE THE TRUTH OF CHRIST MORE! And as I continued to grow in the knowledge of the Truth of THE GOSPEL, I had to be more discerning about the Gospel music that I listened to. I find my self being repulsed the messages that I hear: half truths wrapped in prosperity filled subjectivism, punctuated by secular world views! I also have to be careful of the "thumping" rhythms that I grew up loving, because the music alone can deceive you and make you "feel" that you are experiencing something holy that is completely void of Holiness. I loved this music but I learned to be discerning, listening very closely and throwing out that which didn't line up with Scripture.And God being merciful has given me an insatiable love for His Word and the sacred hymns written by the "real saints" who truly walked with the Lord. These hymns make my heart soar because they are predicated on the sound fundamental doctrine of His Word! Great IS Thy Faithfulness, Lord God to Thee! My Lord IS a Cleft for me that I can hide in. His Grace Is Amazing. It IS Well With My Soul!! A Mighty Fortress IS Our God! Say Amen Somebody!!

  23. BeeDub, I can only give an humble amen. You spoke the truth. People know this wickedness is going on, yet they continue to feed this monster by purchasing the music of these people and going to their concerts. They are working for satan's kingdom not God's when strange fire is released upon people with the intent to deceive them. Like you said this music isnt holy because the people singing and playing are not holy.

    I too woke up from my "gospel music" induced slumber. My spirit was being slaughtered by listening to and believing in these people when their lives were so antithetical to the standards of the gospel. Never again.

    I hope all you read your comment and are where you used to be will heed to your warning and QUICKLY turn away from these snake=eyed vipers masquerading as music ministers.

  24. Good grief. I stopped listening to gospel music quite some time ago. I actually picked up country music… I enjoy many of the stories behind their music. I know it is secular, but at least it is not secular parading as gospel.

    Can anyone suggest any decent gospel artist?

  25. Personally, I dont have any “artists” Im loyal too. Even though I may like the way they sing or like a particular song, I dont give them a blank check of support.

    For instance, I was really blessed by K Franklin, Mandisa, Toby Mac’s “Dont wanna lose my soul” but that doesnt mean I endorse them across the board.

    Im still waiting on the “decent” ones to speak up and let us know they are not part of the good ole boys club. They need to publicly make a distinction between themselves and the ones that are keeping up all the hell and deception.

    In short, I pick and choose based on several factors
    1. Is this song biblical?
    2. Is the person singing it involved in any known public sin or collaborating with those who disdain God’s word?
    3. Is the whole CD edifying or am I paying for entertainment?

  26. we christians need to stop judging people in which we are not under the old law. we are under the new covering. in which starts the new testment. in the new law God says love. and the only requirement is to keep the commandments in which are in the new laws.(read them and see.) we christians that have grown up in organized religion. allow these church folk who are no better than anyone of us. put these rules and regulation on us on how to live. and if we really listen to God then he will direct our path. now if u really want to say something we need to get the club up out of the church. and cover back up and quit coming to church in any old thing.
    and hidding behind the excuse of we need to relate to the youth.
    when God stays the same yesterday, today. and for ever more. we are the ones who change and comprimise. see when u start bashing people for who they love you judge. and only God can put u in Heaven or Hell.

  27. dt, psalms 150 is in the old testament too. Why does do the gay church which hosted Lecresia Campbell and Daryl Coley have organs, pianos, drums, etc when its under the old law? And why do they demand that members tithe? That under the old law too. And if being under the old law is your only argument of defense for this stuff, then please take some time to tell them to get all the electronic music out of their church and stop tithing so they can be a “new testament”
    or new covering as you say.
    Also, does a policeman hate you when he gives you a ticket for speeding and then warns you not to do it again? Just an example for you to see that just because we uphold God’s word doesnt mean hate at all or else God himself would hate us for allowing all these scriptures to be in his word in the first place.

    Please read 1 Cor 5 (new testament) and get educated on judging. It really is time to stop living in ignorance of God’s will. Thanks.

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