Richardson to black church: "do more"

blkchoirGCM Watch is thankful for an emerging voice of Gwen Richardson. We first profiled Richardson’s essay on homosexual activism here.

Although thankful for what she has learned at GCM Watch and other outspoken ministries like P4CM in Los Angeles, it has come with a price. Those who have stood up and spoken out against the homosexualization of our country and churches know first hand how vile the reaction of the homosexual community  can be. Read what one white gay activist wrote he wished would happen to me. Because we hear so much from their “public face” about love, tolerance and acceptance, its rather breathtaking to experience the deep seated hatred seething among gays and lesbians when you dare confront their lifestyles. Even exercising your constitutional right to speak your perspective publicly is met with the same reaction.

“Since my op-eds were published, I have been called everything but a child of God by gay activists, including an anti-gay bigot, a right-wing nut, a cow, a sow, a liar, a supremacist, an opportunist, ignorant, uneducated, filled with hate, backwards, and, of course, the “b” word. One gay Web site added me to its “enemies list” and encouraged its cohorts to bombard me with negative e-mails and harassing phone calls, all for merely exercising my right to free speech.”

But Richardson, like a good soldier has persevered to write more and speak out more. In her latest oped published at Black Christian Network, she admonishes the black church simply do to more.
I have a slight disagreement here because after laboring intensively almost 13 years helping men and women overcome homosexuality, I can honestly say the “black church” has yet to reach the “do more” stage.  Nevertheless, I’m very thankful that for sound voices like Gwen Richardson’s and her call for action. We’ve had enough of meaningless platitudes and condemning hypocrisy. What we need now is Godly action.

Be supportive, be vigilant and be informed. That’s what Richardson believes is the key to doing more.

“As believers, we must offer homosexuals more than simply condemnation. Young people who are looking for a way out of the homosexual and bisexual lifestyles should be able to seek refuge and support at a Christian church. Just as many churches have programs for those who are seeking deliverance from alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking and other human frailties, a program for those who no longer wish to be bound by sexual sins should be considered. Those who have been delivered from sexual sins are going to be the best spokespeople to help others because they have the life experience to relate to those seeking help.”, writes Richardson.

Read her entire commentary here.

20 thoughts on “Richardson to black church: "do more"

  1. It is quite ironic how big of hypocrites those type of people like to be. This is why people like Adam time and time again validate EVEN MORE why the gay movement just should not be compared to the Civil Rights Movement. It is not the same, obviously.

  2. Mercedes you can just imagine what prison I would be in now had I wrote that about a homosexual. I reported to the police too but it only works one way. If you say something about a homosexual they dont like, they scream bloody murder. But when they do it, its rarely even blinked at by those demanding tolerance, “love”, acceptance and equality.

  3. It is totally hypocritical. I am going to joined college ministry and be discipled to really get God’s word out to people. I thank you for this website because you truly give out raw truth and wisdom against such a aggressive movement. I mean, it is just so hypocritical, I can’t believe that people can’t see what the gay movement is all about.

  4. Good for her! I admire her courage to speak out on this controversial topic. Sister Gwen and GCMW God speed as you continue to proclaim the truth & cry loud and spare not!!

  5. Your last point brings home a most crucial universal point –

    Those who have been delivered from sexual sins are going to be the best spokespeople to help others because they have the life experience to relate to those seeking help.

    If this is not true, then what? “This” being who Christ Jesus IS and what He is not. God does not change, but who He is changes us. That change is deliverance – and that change always has a human story (evangelism), and that story is always centered on Christ and God’s word alone, no matter what.

    In that alone, all are welcomed at the table of Christ. Absent that – you have the Adam Kautz’s of the world; a human face and story that claims God needs to change, not them.

  6. As someone who has had the struggle with homosexual tendencies and desires, am always deeply hurt when I hear people say it’s natural, ‘God made me this way’ and in recent times, the way the church seems to be accepting it is all but disheartening!

    When I do come across sites such as these, it warms my heart that some people are really fighting to see that there is a change. I think more definitely needs to be done, because there are millions of people struggling with these tendencies and honestly do not know what to do about, some people want to be saved, want to be free and like Richardson said, we do not need to condem alone but show them the way.

    The church needs to stand up and be vocal against it, else our kids are going to grow up very confused! It’s a sin and like other sins should not be condoned, the world has glamorised pre-marital sex, but that doesn’t make it right and I don’t hear pastors saying ‘well it’s okay if you feeling like having sex with that lady over there across the street, God put those sexual feelings, urges and desires there, so you have to act them out!’ I don’t hear pastors tell kleptomaniacs, ‘Oh you can’t help stealing, c’mon God made you that way, you have to live with it.’

    We really need to stop lying to ourselves, and ministers of God who are in the limelight, really need to speak out, so they do not lead God’s little kids astray!!!!

  7. one thing that you all have to remember is the homosexual community are spirtitually dead. they have no revelation of light in them they dont have the holyspirit in them to convict or reveal truth to them. Yes as a chruch we should not accept the sin but the church will never ever reach a homosexual by judging them they have to have an encounter with Jesus christ just as we have to know for themselves that he is real through that God will begin to deal with this sin and change them not us. Are roll as beleivers should be to love them but behind the scenes go into warefare for their precious souls christ would never attack people he would attack the demonic influence working in them. We are too carnal as a church and have gotten away from what the cross really represnts which is salvation and deliverance. It’s not the church against the homosexuals come on now. What would jesus really do? anyone without sin cast the first stone. God knows the secret sin that we all have in are hearts he’s the real judge it doesn’t matter if you are helping people come out of homosexuality you too can fall with out the grace of GOD dont ever forget not by might but by his spirit. Is it too hard to pray for the people to fast on their behalf. Or is it easier to sit on this blog and gossip and talk about them what would jesus really DO! HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE PUT YOUR PLATES ASIDE TO INTERCEDE FOR THE SOULS OF THESE PRECIOUS PEOPLE WHO CHRIST BY THE WAY LOVES AND DIED FOR I BET NONE OF YOU PRAY THAT SOMEONE WOULD LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO PRAY FOR YOU IN YOUR TIME OF WEAKNESS BECAUSE BELIEVE ME YOU ALL HAVE THEM.We have put so much energy on attacking people that we have not demonstrated the real christ. WHERE IS THE REAL REPRESENTATION AT!!!!!!

  8. i know this isnt my site, but i jus really cant stand when people get on here and try to accuse people of gossiping and attacking gay people or any other sinner. the WORD says judge a man by his actions! so where, please tell me where did you find gossip on this site? i read it everyday and i get nothing but truth and insight on things that are going on in this country!!

  9. Robin hopefully you wont mind answering a few questions. Your main complaint seems to be that (1)people are just here to gossip and (2) that no one is “putting their plate aside”. You didnt cite any specific examples of either so, Im not sure what you are complaining about. At any rate, please tell me:

    1. How often and how long do you fast and pray for me as the writer of this blog?

    2. How often and how long do you fast and pray before God on behalf of the commenters you say are “gossipping”?

    3. When was the last time you “put the plate down” and interceeded for the homosexual community? For how long?

    4. Is it possible that God may have specifically called you to fast and pray and called us to expose the wickedness going on in HIS HOUSE thereby warning others according to Mt 7:15? If so, why are you trying to tell someone to do what God told you to do?

    5. Arent you judging people by accusing them of gossiping?

    And although youre out of order (you should have sent this to email per the comment policy) I will entertain one response from you publicly. Please answer my questions since you feel it necessary to accuse the good people who share their hearts on this blog.

  10. To Robin,

    From what I just read of your comment, I assume you’re a fellow child of God. This is a small suggestion of study:

    Jesus says:
    Matthew 7:1-2 – “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

    Jesus says:
    John 7:24 – “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

    Jesus says not to judge and then Jesus says to judge. Is Jesus a schizophrenic? I trow not.

    Paul says:
    1st Corinthians 4:3 – “But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you, or of man’s judgment: yea, I judge not mine own self.”

    Paul says:
    1st Corinthians 11:31 – “For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.”

    Paul says he doesn’t judge himself and then Paul says that we should judge ourselves. Was Paul in the early stages of Alzheimer’s? I don’t think so.

    Context is very important when interpreting scripture, especially with the scriptures that has accompanied this mindset of “thou shalt not judge”, which has crept into the body of Christ. There is nothing wrong with calling sin what it is, sin. Paul said in Ephesians 5:11 – “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather REPROVE them.” There are homosexuals, as well as other people who are outside of Christ who commit other sins as well, who want to make the church believe that homosexuality or whatever their sin is is okay, acceptable, and not to be mentioned. Why would a person come to Jesus Christ for forgiveness if he doesn’t know or believe that he’s a sinner, and why would a person come to Jesus Christ for life if he doesn’t know or believe that he’s spiritually dead? He won’t.

    If your house catches on fire and your family is inside, you’re not gonna stay inside the house and “pray about it”. You’re gonna tell everyone in there that the house is on fire and they’re gonna burn if they don’t start jumping out of windows. There’s nothing wrong with praying, but what good is it if that’s all we’re doing? Jesus said to go and talk to people. We keep wanting to talk to him.

    Everyone judges, including you. At minimum, when you gather facts about a subject or an issue and you come to a conclusion about it, you’ve just judged. And you have a God-given right AND responsibility to do that. WE SHOULDN’T CONDEMN, but we should judge. And we can’t judge righteously as Jesus said, unless we have knowledge of his word which gives us discernment. I hope you accept this with an open heart.

  11. Thanks again to Pastor Foster and GCM Watch for highlighting my words and the expression of my views. One thing I have learned is that the dissemination of information is very important for Christians in this challenging time. A lot of people get their information mostly from television news and we all know that the mainstream media sold out years ago to a pro-gay agenda. It is imperative that we all stay informed. I will continue to do anything that I can do toward these efforts.

  12. Praying and fasting is not for the other person, it is for you as far as I can see it. It is to get doubt out of the way from what I have understood from others. The disciples came up against something that was too big for their faith and they needed to get a little deeper in Christ.Christ said fasting and prayer would make them stronger in the spirit and they would have the faith to cast out such demons.

    By all means we must pray and speak to the gay community about the love of Christ, it is a very sticky situation as the problem we are facing is that it has become the norm. The statement is “gay christian” is very telling, it says I am ok and I have Christ.

    I don’t think anyone on here has a problem with homosexuals as being in need of Salvation, the problem is the attack on the church to accept it. This has been said many times, we have to watch and pray. We must be aware of what is happening.
    Robin, how do you know if people on this site pray for the gay community or not?

    Be Blessed!!!

  13. “but the church will never ever reach a homosexual by judging them ”

    Now that is not scriptural at all. Firstly, it is the word of God that judges a man, and the bible says if you dont trust in Christ for your salvation you are already judged.

    John the baptist came preaching repentance, repent from what and what is repentence?

    You see it is because of sin why we come to Christ and the word of God spoken by a minister makes us know we are sinful beings without Christ and in this I understand my need for Christ and how much he loves us.

    The homosexual needs to hear that their lifestyle is wrong as does a drug dealer, pimp, drunkard, well all sinners.

    Now what we must do is speak the Word in love and exemplify The Love of Christ to all.

  14. I’m plagiarizing….but its for a good cause.

    Robin, any day you see somebody throwing stones at anyone at all
    please please call the police! I don’t know what the statute of limitation is on stone-throwing occasioning bodily harm, but I still urge to report the offender, regardless of whom he or she may be.

    By now you are aware that stones are not words, and words are not stones. In Jesus’ day, they were going to throw stones at the adulterous woman, not words. Hence why Jesus said ” He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone. (NOT the first word)
    See that? Okay then!

  15. Iesha, excellent. Stones meant to kill, unless when we say something is wrong we have intent to kill them.It bothers me when Christians quite this scripture in error.

  16. Wow. Lesha. I never knew that scripture could be taken in that context but it totally makes sense. I am saving this one in my heart permanently.

  17. As believers, we must offer people who condemn homosexuals more than simply condemnation. Young LGBT people who are looking for a way to survive the condemnation they receive and should be able to seek refuge and support at a Christian church. Just as many churches have programs for those who are seeking deliverance from alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking and other human frailties, a program for those who no longer wish to be bound by their sexual sin of condemning LGBT people should be considered. Those who have been delivered from the LGBT condemning lifestyle they have chosen are going to be the best spokespeople to help other condemners because they have the life experience to relate to those seeking help.

  18. Pastor Foster, I don’t know if you heard of this case but please check it out here.
    It is a crime shame that this is not getting any publicity. Maybe because this will put gay adoption in a bad light and destroy te so-called coaling between blacks and gay activists.

    GCMW: Hi Mercedes, I know that AFT covered it. It was more appropriate to be covered there. It is shocking beyond belief, but you wont here the mainstream media talk about it much like they would have done had it been a heterosexual person.

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