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John Hagee of San Antonio decided to let the gay christian group Soulforce into his church to talk to him about “stopping spiritual violence aganst God’s gay and lesbian children”.

Story and pictures here.

An ultra liberal church (read:apostate) in New York City has forced its liberal pastor to resign for preaching that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.  Rev. Brad Braxton, a young African American, resigned from Riverside Church via email.

“According to dissidents, Dr. Braxton went about that by bringing elements of evangelical tradition into church services. They said he called on worshipers to come forward and bear witness to their faith, favored the gospel choir over the church’s traditional choir, and preached at times what they considered a Riverside heresy: that Jesus and only Jesus was the way to salvation.”

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The Kentucky Baptist Association banned a Texas church youth choir from it annual mission program because the church refused to take a stand against homosexuality in its local congregation. Homosexual members of the Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth  had wanted pictures of homosexual couples to appear in the church directory. After the criticism the church didnt follow through, but still refused to openly say homosexuality was sinful.

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  1. it really is a shame to see the amount of compromise in most churches today. im blessed to be apart of a ministry that will not compromise for the sake of making people feel good or for money or anything else. if its outside of the word then it must be absurd

  2. Wasn’t there quite a bit of brouhaha around Rev. Braxton’s annual salary of around $400k?

  3. Yes, that was also part of the complaint. According to the story, he was getting somewhere between 5-600K, which is outrageous.

    Trust me, Im not on his side. But its very ironic his actions juxtaposed against those of the “dissidents” who didnt like him. I wonder how many people that was in real time numbers.

    In one sense, he was only being a typical black pastor: altar calls, gospel choir, preaching Jesus (somewhat).

    Maybe white liberal racism had a part in the dislike.

  4. So…what do you think about what Pastor John Hagee did? Do you think he to is buckling?

  5. Gay Christian groups are so arrogant to me. So everyone else is a sinner but homosexuals get an exemption? I mean, I don’t really see adulterers or thieves remaking their own bibles saying that sin isn’t really a sin. This is a Luciferian spirit of rebellion. I don’t think we have groups like these in South Carolina, yet. If If I do come across them, I will not stand for them to tell me what is NOT said in the bible. We have to stand against this assault.

  6. “Some members of the congregation may believe that, said Constance Guice-Mills, a member of the church. “But his focus on personal salvation, on the individual, was diametrically opposed to the tradition of Riverside. Here, we believe you achieve salvation by doing social justice. Out in the world. And we have people from all backgrounds. Buddhists.”

    What a comment, do good to bring salvation, how on earth do “Christians” balance this with for by grace you are saved through faith, this not of yourselves, not by works so that no man can boast”?

    What is going on!?

    GCMW: That’s what apostate churches do Paul! 🙂 But as someone said to me, even goats have milk.

  7. “All these kids want to do is praise God with their singing and serve God by helping those in poverty. We’re not going to let denominational politics keep them from doing this good work.”

    “I’ve hyped (the mission trip) up since February, but they’ll be OK,” Patterson said. “As long as they are helping someone and, as we say, being Jesus to people, they’ll be OK.”

    Works seem to be the common theme, I guess I can have as many women as I want as long as I do good in the community.

    ah bwoy! a little jamaican style! or I could say Kiss mi neck!

  8. . A building for public, especially Christian worship.
    2. often Church
    a. The company of all Christians regarded as a spiritual body.
    b. A specified Christian denomination: the Presbyterian Church.
    c. A congregation.
    3. Public divine worship in a church; a religious service: goes to church at Christmas and Easter.
    4. The clerical profession; clergy.
    5. Ecclesiastical power as distinguished from the secular

    I looked at the definition of Church, the Church is exclusively the body of Christ. These people think they are The Church.

    As I said before, what is going on!?

    Pastor, “even goats have milk”, ha ha!!!

  9. Did not Jesus say that “we will have the poor with us always.”
    Did not Jesus say that “he came to preach the gospel to the poor.”

    God is concerned about the spiritual state of man more than the natural…that was the whole point of his coming

    I’m sorry but a Christless church is a very troubling sight.

    But the UCC has kinda been heading this way for sometime. As a co-worker who attends on in Boston shared with me: “in our church, the Wiccans have their own meeting group, the buddists have their own meeting group–whatever religion you’re interested in to supplement your faith has its own group…it’s all about your individualized search for truth…”

    So much for the individualized search for Jesus; apparently some churches are allergic to his name.
    all of it is quite sickening

  10. All together now……” and the walls come tumbling down.”

    As Paul said a long long time ago ” From henceforth, know we no man after the flesh.”………Holy Spirit discernment needed more han ever. Testing the spirits, not the strident condemnations of a particular sin. Aligning ourselves with the Word of God ONLY.

    Yes Sir, it’s fast approaching closing time ! Y’all ready to go
    home? Pray for me!

  11. Hi Pastor,

    Did you see what the lead Bishop for the Episcopalion church is saying???

    There is also something going on with a church in Gainsville, Fla. They’ve posted a sign against Islam that has the community up in arms.

    Also, could I please post your Harlot church article on a prophecy site? Again, I will link the source. Really astounding on the insight!!

    God bless!

    GCMW: Christian, feel free to post at will. A link back is all that is required. Are you talking about the “salvation is heresy” statement by the Episcopal bishop?

  12. Yes, that is the story I read. That praying the sinner’s prayer is idolotry. Hoo boy, wolf in sheep’s clothing!!

    Thanks Pastor!!

  13. The sign in Gainesville says “Islam is of the devil.” It hasn’t impacted the community THAT much. When something brings a halt to a Gator game, then the community will be up in arms.

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