Tell the whole truth about God's love

Did Exodus President Alan Chambers misrepresent God’s love when responding to gay activist audiences? In a statement to the exgaywatch website question about his previous promise not to  involve his organization in politics Chambers said,

“My overwhelming message will be that God is deeply in love with the most adversarial of gay activists and that as these groups [political conservatives] do battle over policy they must never forget that fact.”

Is God deeply in love with adversarial gay activists? Im a little wary of language that romanticizes God to sinners. The scriptures do speak clearly of God’s love for humanity, prompting him to send his Son to die for our sins. Paul writes “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly”.

But clearly attached to God’s agape –which should not be confused with phileo or eros—  is a penalty for rejecting that love.  Read John 3:16-20. If we dont present the entire message of God’s love, arent we shortchanging those who we claim we’re trying to help? Accepting God’s love means you acknowledge your sinful condition and follow God’s plan of salvation.

Chambers is right about the conservative political action groups, yet we have to understand that “conservative” isnt a set parallel to biblical. Its problematic  to evoke the “treating people fairly” issue when homosexual activists equate being treated fairly to acceptance of their  destructive political and religious goals.

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2 thoughts on “Tell the whole truth about God's love

  1. This is a loaded message in a few short paragraphs. I am probably angered most by this type of behavior. I leave many services these days with an unsatisfied feeling, almost like I got robbed of another opportunity to hear a real Word from God, or that someone preached something totally contrary to scripture. The saddest thing is people hear what sounds good to them, and say Amen regardless of whether it’s sound doctrine or not.

    The gospel is just so incomplete these days – men simply won’t tell the whole truth. And ultimately it boils down to their selfish desire to make the scriptures comform to their sinful lifestyle. If they told the whole truth, they would have to repent according to God’s formula, and also caarry the message according to His biblical examples to reach the people.

    The truth is God’s love is also his chastisement, and most are not even thinking of preaching how our heavenly Father gets angry over our disregard for his instruction – because he loves us. He is only “married” to the backslider to get him to repent, not because he condones his pitiful state. And God destroys the unrepentant after they have continued to ignore his call and warning.

    But preachers are not calling sin, sin anymore so we have acquiesced to this hoax that God’s favor is on the unrepentant, and even the so-called saved that live in error with no desire to change. Too many God loves you, and you’re fine the way you are, and no repent, come out of sin mesages these days. You get a pat on the back nowadays for sinning, and not being ashamed of it. And don’t get in a group of people that support your behavior – that just strengthens that ignorant spirit.

    And the cost is too great to measure. Many souls won’t come to a flaky church, and the ones there are barely saved if saved at all.

    LORD HELP US!! I want to write so much more, but I’ll cut it here to keep from giving you a 122 page book.

    God Bless

  2. Oh how I do share your angst. Let us be faithful to preach righteousness and the whole counsel of God.

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