Gay church yanks Jaunita Bynum video off Youtube

Apparently, the false teachers at the UPPC (aka Vision Church) didn’t want anyone else seeing the video of false prophetess Jaunita Bynum (and her little dog Toto too) at their homosexual ordination service so they yanked the video off of Youtube. See the original story here.

Thankfully, a GCM Watch reader captured it before they tried to destroy the evidence. We are looking at several reposting options. Until then, if you want to see it email and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

Its hard to imagine why they wouldn’t want anyone to see Bynum at their church. After all she was gushing with praise for them. Or perhaps word got back to Bynum herself and she ordered them to take it down. No one really knows.

The video was posted by A E Ministries run by Candace Hardnett, one of the lesbian clerics ordained by the UPPC. Other videos of Daryl Coley and Lecresia Campbell serenading the church’s pastor remain posted, for now.

Update 07.20.09
Due to the more than average number of requests to see the Juanita Bynum/gay church video, you can now see the video here.


15 thoughts on “Gay church yanks Jaunita Bynum video off Youtube

  1. Hey there!

    Juanita Bynum has been teaching that God homosexuality and lesbianism is a sin… so I would understand why she doesn’t want video of herself at an ordination service but still…

    I teach that homosexuality and lesbianism is a sin too….but that doesn’t mean that I don’t attend any church events where gays and lesbians are because people know where I stand…

    I think there is more to this “disappearing video” story than we know about…

  2. BWBT, your guess is as good as anyone’s. 🙂 At this point, nobody from that camp is talking.

    Ive been to churches where gays and lesbians are too. I just didnt get up and praise them for being out of the will of God.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. With Juanita Bynum, nothing surprises me…
    and as for attending church with people who are gay, who does not?
    Half the pulpit is gay, and half the musicians, and praise team are gay, their Pastors know it, and they say nothing about it. See when the head is sick the whole body is sick, you eat from a tainted table long enough, and you become sick. These things must be called to the mat. I believe no one who is openly gay, nor suspected gay should be doing anything but sitting down until they are delivered from that “feeling doctrine”, God is not pleased with Pastors who look the other way, Pastors who pimp those with gifts and talents for their own gain, gifts and talents come without repetance, so they are their regardless. God is not pleased with the body parading gay’s across, in and around the pulpit. And I will not walk on egg shells concerning those that are gay, Im calling it out!!!

  4. I guess I’m trying to figure out why the need to yank the video off youtube. If you are bad enough to attend such services, which were public. Why would it be necessary to pull videos showing you attended such an event? To me it comes across as trying to hide something.

    Also, I respectfully do not agree w/ the sitting down idea of those suspected of being gay w/o actually knowing the truth of that person’s lifestyle. Would it not be better to ask the direct question to get the answer rather than just go off suspicion?

  5. Hi again!

    This comment is for Dorothy actually… I don’t think that churches need to start removing gays and lesbians from ministry work UNLESS they are removing all who are engaging in deliberate sins…hmmm… that would include all of the people who are not married who are sexually active… that would include all of the gluttons… hmmm…. pretty soon there would be NO ONE to serve in any ministry work at all…

    I am not saying that the church should devalue sin or should pretend that sin is A-OKAY with God… I am saying that it is ridiculous to even “claim” that Jesus Christ only allowed the sinless to serve with Him when He chose a couple men who were unabashed racists to be His disciples… read the Bible…there were disciples who refused to eat with other groups!! Hmmmm….

  6. I agree all people who are in unrepentant sin, should be removed and barred from any positions of authority and influence until they sufficiently acknowledge and repent of their sins.

    I dont agree with the “there would be no one to serve in ministry” statement. That’s short-sighted and assumes that GOD needs people living sinful and duplictious lifestyles to do the work of the Kingdom. It also assumes that everyone is living in sin which the bible says we should not because it mocks the grace of God. God has people who have never bowed the knee to baal. Removing unrepentant homosexuals from positions of influence and authority is a GOOD thing for the church. Further, Jesus the men Jesus chose DID NOT continue in their sins, save one whom Jesus said was ordained to be such. Yes,some of them had “issues” but hardly comparable to willful and rebellious sexual sin. That’s a false comparison.

    For those who openly declare their sin as “right”, which seems to be a practice of homosexuals, they should be removed from the fellowship according to 1 Cor 5.

    In the context of this story, this isnt the case of a few homosexuals in a church ministry, this is an avowed homosexual church, run by so-called gay christians. Horse of another color.

  7. This comment is in response to the comment that Dorothy made. Why do we continue to feel so sure that we know exactly what pleases God? Your comment “God is not pleased,” how do we know that God can be pleased or displeased-that is a human response. We are so determined to transfer our finite emotions, feelings and biases on to an Infinite God. And we base it on a written account that came through people who had no idea their words would be taken as the “Word” of God We overlook so many people in scripture who was said to have been used by God whose lives were nowhere near perfect but God chose to use them in scripture for his own purpose.

    If we really believed that God is a loving, forgiving God that saves by grace, then his love, grace and forgiveness would only place our God above us if it was extended to people who are the seemingly worse in society and by all the comments that I have heard on this site and in all my years in church gay people are the worst folks in society.

    It would seem that our greatest shouts and dances would be in knowing that God has room for EVERYONE instead of us always being happy that only a “few” are going to have favor with God and the multitude is going to burn in hell. And another amazing thing, those people who are always discounting others as being the ones who are lost and evil and ruined are NEVER, EVER in that category but rather they are always the ones who are alright with God. Kind of reminds me of the religious elite of Jesus’ day. It’s funny how it was the self-righteous religious leaders that Jesus had the most problem with during his ministry don’t you think?

  8. From what I can tell, the owners of the website AEministries took the website down. Why are we assuming Juanita Bynum took it down. Does Juanita Bynum even know this video is online? or was online? How about the people of this forum asking the owners why it was removed. Especially if your going to write an article about it. Oh and this is a serioius question. What exactly is a homsexual ordination? Is it the opposite of a heterosexual ordination?

    GCMW: Are these serious questions or just “lol” types?

  9. Ok, here’s the answer to your serious question Kimberly.

    A homosexual ordination is a ceremony where a homosexual church ordains [officially sanctions] openly homosexual clerics into ministry while evoking Christ’s name.

  10. Look if anything is on youtube, quickly download it somewhere else.

    but Juanita is a loose canon, I am thinking about writing a letter to someone who thew me out of his ministry for no particular reason, but now I understand why.

    I want to tell him that they could have fooled me if they did not have the women in the ministry giving away the game. Juanita is one of those women, men can bluff well but females fail to do it convincingly.

  11. Ditto Dorothy. Biblically and historically speaking, God always has a remnant who are willing to obey him. So GCM Watch Author, I respectfully disagree. We need not fear that there will be no one to serve…God himself will provide, as he said to Abraham on the mount. A jackass did the job in the Old Testamnet and I am told that the rocks, that is to say, the hardened folks that we count worthless will one day raise up as lively stones and speak out!!!

    Leadershp positions are especially critical because whatever standard is set from those persons in head positions, becomes a standard in the church or a bad example. Jesus said it best, a little leaven leaventh the whole lump. The delivered demoniac man at Gadara wanted to follow Jesus in ministry…Jesus sent him home. Go figure!

  12. God always has a remnant even if He has to use a donkey, or a rock, which are hard individuals…somebody is going to represent that gospel of the kingdom!

    We need to stop being intimidated by the demonic spirit of homosexuality and preach the WORD being instant in season, and out of season. We must love the sinner and hate the sin, only the Holy Spirit can mainifest the two from inside you, clearly separating the hate of the sin form the love of the sinner.

    We must nurture them and start open ministries in these churches dealing with these issues, including deliverance ministries…this kind cometh out but by prayer and fasting!
    See the new controversial book coming out in August called, Sex And The Saints at

  13. This is in response to “BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet” comment where I assume it is a woman said that if we move gays from ministry positions than we have to move everyone who sins from ministry positions. gcmwatch Took the words right out of my Mouth and then some . If Anyone is in Unrepented sin than they need to be out of the church . U are not going to ruin the weak in faith or anyone else. We have to stop compromising in Gods church. This is not a country club. What God says Goes and what He says is Best for us. Jesus asked in Luke 18:8 when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Do we trust God s Word or the culture of Sodom ? Lastly we must warn people of their sin if we love them not cottle them in it. The blood will be on our hands and we severely pay for it

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