Young black man shares his ex-abortion testimony

I was so blessed by this P4CM video I just had to share it with you. You RARELY (if ever) hear a young black man telling the truth about his involvement in this death industry.

“To date, no other populace group has been more disproportionately affected by abortion than blacks. In America today, almost as many blacks are aborted as are born. In 2002, there were just over 10,000 black children born in the five county Philadelphia area – in that same year and same area there were just over 9,200 unborn black children murdered [by abortion]. Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent.

Approximately every 32 hours, there are more black children murdered by abortion than there were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan from 1882 to 1968. Planned Parenthood operates 80 percent of its abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. While about 13 percent of America’s women are black, they are responsible for having over 35 percent of all abortions.”

Mychal Massie, chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21

Thank you JR of Cross Movement Records for being honest and for letting God use you to break the silence. Brothers, if you are like JR, help save this generation from death. Speak out and stop the destruction of our future. Its not just “between a woman and her doctor”.  That’s a lie which only serves to drive black men further and further away from their children. You as the father have an obligation to save the life of your seed.


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  1. This (abortion) is also probably behind the decrease in the male U.S. population over the last 30 or so years. According to U.S. Census data, there are as follows:

    141,228,000 – Total males in USA
    95,451,000 – White males in USA
    16,794,000 – Black males in USA (5.82% total USA pop.; 46.49% of black pop.)

    147,053,000 – Total women in USA
    99,423,000 – White women in USA
    19,327,000 – Black women in USA (6.7% total USA pop.; 53.51% of black pop.)

    5,825,000 more men than women in USA
    3,972,000 more white men than white women in USA (1:1.04)
    2,533,000 more black women than black men in USA (1:1.151)

    Something to think about…

  2. The Black church needs to speak out forcibly about the crime and
    sin of abortion…instead of being fearful of alienating its pew membership.
    Concommitant with speaking out, the black church will have to pony up some support groups and monies to assist black women and black teens who will forego abortions for adoption or raising their children.
    If black on black crime will not wipe us out, abortions will.
    Wise up people. The devil plan is to kill, steal and destroy.
    Abortion fits right into that scheme.
    Don’t fall for it!

  3. Powerful testimony!!! I too had blood on my hands, and God healed my brokenness. I know that my children are in heaven and one day I will see them. Abortion has a 2 edged sword and kills the baby and the parent.
    Why isn’t Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other self appointed leaders of the black community speaking out against the murder of innocent black babies? I’m not throwing stones, this is a serious question that needs to be answered. Thanks~

  4. Praise God Lady D! God is a forgiving God.

    But I seriously think Jackson, Sharpton, et al are profiting off this in someway which keeps them silent. Dont have proof but the bible say the love of money is the root of all evil. I would like to know the truth about their silence too. I do know at one point Jesse was prolife.

  5. Kool testimony i just hope the church would preach about divorce and remarriage is a sin and that to remarriage is adultery.
    The church is filled with people hooking up with people who are not their covenant spouse. A marriage is binding until death! Many people have gone to the alter with a divorced person and having illigitmate kids died in their old age and now are in hell!
    SO many kids are in families where mommy is married to someone who is not their daddy or kids are in a home where Daddy is not with their birth mother. Look at the black community look at the broken homes that divorce causes God hates divorce read Jeremiah chapter 3 verse 3. Also many so called christians state divorce but that the truth is Marriage represents Christs marriage to his church. Romans chapter 7 states a woman is bound to her husband for as long as he lives. If she chooses to marry another man while he husband she will be called an adulteress.

  6. Thanks for answering my question. I grew up in Chicago and daily witnessed the self destructive behavior of my people. I also witnessed self appointed black leaders that profited and continue to profit from misery in the community. The black church is ineffective in dealing with gangs, drugs and anything else that plagues the community-because they keep looking to man and following man’s plan for results that only God can give. Only God’s Word can save a soul, not programs, ungoldy leaders or the government.
    Leaders and churches will have to answer for allowing abortion to continue unbridled and un-confronted in black and other communities~

  7. I agree with Chris,

    Why aren’t the churchs and Christian leaders pointing out the fact that divorce is a sin? The true breakdown of Marriage is this “me society” that we live where divorce runs rampant and sets a horrible example to our children.

    Truly I am more appauled at divorce than a gay christian movement. Divorce and remarriage is just as much as a chosen lifestyle than choosing to be gay. But no one talks about that. No one has a Divorced Christian Movement website.

    Read Romans 2, I think we are too busy judging other people’s sins, than loving those to Christ. This forum is not a catalyst to Kingdom Building, but rather a method to tear people down and pinpoint the sins that we feel outweigh any others.

  8. Kimberly, so some sins are worse than others in your eyes?

    Divorce is worse that homosexuality?
    Remarriage is worse that child sexual abuse?
    Judging is worse that sexual immorality?

    You have some really weird concepts of right and wrong, but that’s to be expected when a person is trying to justify one sin while condemning another.

    Maybe you can clear it up because it sounds like youre being hypocritical at best. Because if you feel so strongly that divorce and remarriage is the cause of the “true breakdown” of marriage and “no one” is talking about it, why havent you started a blog (100% free) to help fight against divorce in the church? Why are you waiting on “church leaders” to stand up for right? And here’s a suggestion, you can call it Divorced Christian Movement website!

    You probably already see how silly that sounds and is because there exists no such thing. There is no movement of Christians attempting to force the church to accept divorce as normal.

    I’d like to know does hypocrisy appall you?

  9. gcmwatch,

    If you don’t mind me giving my two cents, I think conservative Christians aren’t giving divorce more attention because, frankly, you have already lost that battle. Just as you have lost the battle against alcohol prohibition, interracial marriage, women’s suffrage, abortion, teaching creationism in public schools, making sodomy a criminal offense, keeping women out of the workforce, and many other issues over which conservative Christians have tried and failed to exert their control throughout history. And as steadily increasing public support demonstrates, the same will be true for same-sex marriage. You’ll keep fighting against it because that’s what you feel God wants you to do. But in the end, you will lose.

    I look forward to hearing Kimberly’s response as to whether some sins are worse than others. Personally, I absolutely believe that to be true. If you had to choose, would you rather be locked in a room with a murderer or a gay person? A rapist or a divorcee? A child molester or someone who worships false gods?

  10. Im not sure if youre referring to me as a “conservative Christian”, but to correct you Im not nor have I ever been.

    That being said you may be right but only in a political sense. Conservative Christians are not God who by the way never loses, nor has ever lost a battle.

    Make sure you remember that because thats who I trust in. And in the end, that’s who will holds the keys to where you will spend eternity.

    On another note, its strange how some people will talk about everything under the sun except the content of the post. I wonder sometimes if that is just because they cant refute whats in front of them, thus they begin chunking red herrings.

  11. As someone who has experienced this personally, and thank the Lord has been delivered and set free… I truly believe the Church handles the abortion topic the wrong way. First and foremost a woman who chooses to do this carries shame all her life until she is delivered from it. When I committed this sin I knew nothing about God and He was the last person on my mind when doing this… So to tackle the abortion issue to someone that has no God consciousness will see the sin argument as futile to what their circumstances dictate. The abortion industry almost forces you to complete the act, I can remember being told boldy that if I didnt show up for my appointment that they would send the police to my house, can you imagine being a teenager and hearing that, you already dont want anyone to know about it and then for them to send the police to your home to get you… fear pushes you to do it, even if you were to get a feeling of maybe I shouldnt do this.

    Instead of these mega churches purchasing Bentleys and large mansions for just two people to live in…They should be setting up programs to help young woman who see’s the abortion as her only choice because of her circumstances. We can preach about the sin of abortion all day long (which almost never happens, I have yet to see a pastor preaching about this) but until we start giving these women some options and educating them about the aftermath(Spiritaul and Medical) of the act they will choose what seems to be the easy way out… because believe you me planned parenthood sales the abortions as “no one has to know, you can go on with your life and be successful (they make sure they ask you if your going to school, your dreams, etc.)

    The shame that a woman carries afterward can be unbearable this is why so many woman in the Church who participated in this sin before or after they were saved almost never stand up to give their testimony. The fear of being looked down upon,is the central reason for this. It took years after I committed even after being born-again to tell my parents and siblings of my actions… So, please pray for our fellow sisters in the Church who have been through this, pray for encouragement so that they can go out and be a living testimony…We all know that their is power in the telling of your testimony.

  12. I heard a preacher call Abortion the fig leaf of the church. The reason the church ain’t talking about it, is because they are doing it too. Our society has become so anesthetized to sin, abortion is now seen as a type of birth control, when in actuality it is a quiet holocaust. The KKK doesn’t have to lynch and the chains of slavery are no longer necessary to destroy the black race, we are doing a fine job on our own. We refuse to acknowledge the Klan Parenthood parks itself right in our poorest neighborhoods and schools. Do a google search on Margaret Sanger and the history of Klan Parenthood and you will see why we should never allow not another tax dollar or any federal funding to go to this Nazi organization. This woman considered us so much weeds to be gotten rid of.


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