You can be free from lesbianism too

Via CBN, Diane Partain tells her story of how God saved her from death and sin. The freefall into sexual immorality, drugs, drinking and suicidal actions came after she was abused sexually as a child.

But God heard her cry. He will hears yours too if you call him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.


4 thoughts on “You can be free from lesbianism too

  1. Praise God for her repentenance and for His great mercy. My mother is caught up in this sin, and I feel helpless in helping her.

    If you are reading, please pray for her and for her partner, that Jesus Christ would shine His holy light into their hearts.

  2. Every time a sinner repents and accepts Christ the angels stop what they are doing in Heaven and rejoice!!!!

  3. I think that they need to start getting the FBI and all criminal justice agencies to start cracking down on these monsters who do this to children. They need to hold these people who did this accountable no matter how long the crime took place.
    i understand forgiveness but i understand justice aswell this can not go on. This also happens in so called christian churches as well.

  4. Praise God, praise His mighty name, praise all you who are free!!!! I come from exactly the same background as yours, am 36 now and have been set free 18 months ago. I found a solid, loving church and many friends that keep me accountable. Within a month my site: will be up and running.

    Jesus, thank You for the price You have paid… I love You I love You I love You I love You I love You I love You I love You I love You

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