Smalltown Texas pastor takes big stand against homosexuality

gatesvilleNow, this is news!

Considering we just talked about the passivity of the church, this black pastor in the small town of Gatesville (near my hometown) bucked that trend, took a stand and the news is reverberating around the country. What a ray of inspiration!

Pastor Oen Dollis rented a billboard with the message “Gay rights are not civil rights”. And people started talking.

KCEN TV in Waco has the story.

A Central Texas minister thinks the notion of civil rights has been diluted.
Oen Dollins is the man behind a sign that reads “Gay Rights are Not Civil Rights” on Main Street in Gatesville
The sign is causing some confusion amongst residents, but Dollins says the message is crystal clear.

“It’s very poor taste for the gays to use, to try to infringe in on somebody else’s hurt and a group of people that were really hurt for years and are still being hurt.”

Dollins got the message from an article in Charisma magazine. It says gays are hijacking a legacy by comparing their agenda to legalize gay marriage to civil rights.

Darien Partee, who works in Gatesville, agrees.

“As a Black woman, because I have been through, I’m 50-something okay, so I know what it feels like and it’s totally different.”

But other residents say the message is just too much.

“It’s somebody’s opinion and they want to make a statement to get across to somebody, but I don’t think this is the way they should be handling it,” says Rose Wibbenmeyer who was born and raised in Gatesville.

Gay marriage opinions aside, residents say this is America, and that means freedom of speech.
“Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and this is no different; however, I think that taste, social etiquette comes into play when you’re doing these things,” says resident Cathy Barlow.

“If you want to pay to put that up there, if you believe in that, go for it,” says Lorretta Braucci.

City Manager, Roger Mumby said “It’s freedom of speech. We [the city] don’t rent the sign and we don’t control the content of the sign. And if we did, that would be censorship.”
The man who owns the board says he carefully screens messages and uses discretion before posting them. He also read the article and felt it was a valid argument. And the man behind the sign says to him, what’s right is right.

“It’s nothing to compare with the civil rights movement. No gays are having to ride on the back of the bus. No gays are being enslaved. No gays are being prosecuted in any way,” says Dollin.

The message was on contract to be on the billboard for three days. It will be taken down Tuesday night.

I will be working on getting more information on Pastor Dollis and perhaps an interview for GCM Watch.

20 thoughts on “Smalltown Texas pastor takes big stand against homosexuality

  1. I just thought of something….. Some of the largest churches in Atlanta have billboards of the pastor on each corner of the city and all in between. Moreso I see black pastors than any other. They’re cheezin’ from ear to ear…sometimes solo or with the “co-pastor, Mrs….” I wonder why neither one of these same churches have ever taken a stance like this particular Pastor. We live in Atlanta…the southern gay mecca for both black and white. Would it not be a righteous, bold stance for God to do something like this Pastor?

  2. James you know that! And these bbs cost thousands of $$$$.

    The one in the story cost a hundred dollars a day. I wish I could find one for that cost, you know what I would do. But also there would be considerable pressure against the BB company by atlanta gays to not put it up.

    What do you think?

    But this pastor is a giant in my book compared to some of these cheezin money chasers in ATL.

  3. Man, right on!

    Most of the billboards you see against homosexuality or sundry other perversions are from these small town pastors. They don’t have an advertising budgets like these big-head preachers, but they do have a call on their lives to put their faith into action.

    Sure some are cheesy like one I saw in Corsicana, Texas, reading “Stop the porn and get reborn.” And of course, it is less than 50 feet from a huge “adult-oriented barn.”

    Bet you that board has done more work for the Gospel than said big-heads have done in years.

    Interview this guy, Pastor. Would love to hear it.


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  5. Human beings with flesh and blood that possesses feelings and emotions are worthy of civil rights and civil liberties. The last time that I looked at myself and any other human child of God; I and they had flesh and blood and possessed feelings and emotions and they and I are worthy of all civil rights and civil liberties.

    What a representation from a soldier of God.


  6. Samuel the billboard said the two are not equal, not that gays didnt deserve civil rights as American citizens. The problem is that your idea of “civil rights” is much different than what other citizens enjoy. Homosexual marriage is no more a civil right than human-animal marriage.

    Gays who are American citizen already have afforded to them every basic constitutional right all other legal citizens of this country hves. Adding other alleged “rights” because one perceives themselves to be special is distinctly unAmerican and elitist at best.

    Plus the pastor has a constitutional right to openly express his beliefs without restriction from the government. Guess what? So do you.

  7. linked to gcmw…The sooner one’s skin color and sexual desires are considered the same thing, the sooner nobody will know the difference between the Truth and a Lie. Now I wonder, just who would benefit from a world filled with such undiscerning minded people?

  8. Pastor Oen Dollis will go on my pray list! He is a bold soldier pressing the battle to the gate! Arise O God and let Your enemies be scattered!

  9. Being gay is a choice, being black is not. I’m glad the pastor had the spiritual & mental fortitude to place such a sign as this, without worrying about the repercussions.

  10. According to the Word of God every human being with flesh and blood is not a child of God,John 8:44 Jesus said,”ye are of your father the devil,and the lust of your father ye will do.” I John 3:10 states, In this the children of God are manifest,and the children of the devil.Every human being is not a child of God, a child of God is born of God,they are born again.Acts 13:10 Paul spoke to a sorcerer and called him,”thou child of the devil.” The devil has many children,he was my father at one time and I did do the lusts of my father.We are all entitled to equal rights as citizens but not all citizens are not the children of God.

    GCMW: Thanks for your comment. The user name “anon” or “anonymous” or any other various forms of it is prohibited on this blog. Please use another commenting name.

  11. Correction for last sentence on last comment:
    We are all entitled to equal rights as citizens but not all citizens are the children of God.

  12. More Christians need to take a stand, as this pastor has done. We have to put on the whole armor of God and not be afraid. We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  13. May The LORD continue to strengthen this Pastor.

    Yes Gwen more Christians need to take a stand! problem is many of the Christians voted for the biggest proponent of homosexuality, I would call that “shooting yourself in the foot”.

    I do believe God is raising up an end time army. What we need to do is unite and get ready for persecution, we must be prepared mentaly so that when it happens we will not be in shock.
    Praise be to God because He will always be with us and give us wisdom of what to say.

    Luke 12:11 “Now when they bring you to the synagogues and magistrates and authorities, do not worry about how or what you should answer, or what you should say. 12 For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”

    I believe this will be common in the west very soon.

    Thank for keeping us Lord!!

    We love you!

  14. There are two factors to consider here: One is the First Amendment, the other is the nature of homosexuality. The amendment is in place to protect the expression of unpopular/controversial viewpoints, so this pastor is fully within his rights to convey his message. As to the derivation of homosexuality, an increasing body of compelling evidence is making it clear that sexual orientation is no more a matter of choice than is ethnic origin. One can argue that blacks have suffered more than gays, but that does not mean the latter should be discriminated against and denied the respect and opportunities afforded any other citizens. Bigotry and persecution are inherently wrong, whichever group is being victimized. That is the salient point of my recently released biographical novel, Broken Saint. It is based on my forty-year friendship with a gay man, and chronicles his internal and external struggles as he battles for acceptance (of himself and by others).

    Mark Zamen, author

  15. Mark, yes the pastor exercised his constitutional right. And for that we applaud him because it is an unpopular position in this age of forced gay tolerance. However, unpopular does not mean wrong. There is no “increasing body of compelling evidence”. about sexual orientation being a choice. At least not one that isnt bathed in propaganda and bias. Its merely educated opinion which in context is no more credible than the opposing side’s opinion of the pastor’s belief.

    In see so-called fixed or genetic sexual orientation as a theory, a contemporary construct which supports another social construct intended to justify something which is grossly aberrant in it nature and practice. And I dont need the APA to approve or substantiate what I believe.

    The issue of “bigotry” is a moot because every one is a bigot consideringthe real definition of the word. That includes you if you are not willing to accept another’s belief as true.

  16. Mark’s statement that: “An increasing body of compelling evidence is making it clear that sexual orientation is no more a matter of choice than is ethnic origin,” is utter nonsense.

    First, what gay activists call “compelling evidence” is that some of them repeat over and over again that they were “born that way” and somehow this makes it a fact. The truth is that there is still no scientific evidence of a so-called “gay gene”; believe me, if there was, gay activists would have the scientific test results on the news every night.

    Second, a substantial percentage, if not a majority of homosexuals entered the lifestyle through one of three means: a) Sexual molestation as a child or adolescent; b) Sexual experimentation, or c) Lifestyle choice (i.e., a woman is rejected by men or experiences cruelty at the hands of men and then decides to be intimate with women as an alternative). There may be a predisposition on the part of some males and females to exhibit traits of the other gender, but this does not necessarily mean that they must, therefore, be sexually involved with same-gender partners. Whom we have sex with is a choice, since we all must actually make the decision to do so in the first place.

    The reason the gay movement has advanced so quickly with their arguments is that they have used African-American oppression as their Trojan horse. If they weren’t pimping the legacy of Blacks in America for political purposes, they argument would have little salience.

  17. Gwen,

    You said, “The truth is that there is still no scientific evidence of a so-called “gay gene”; believe me, if there was, gay activists would have the scientific test results on the news every night.”

    Yeah, and there is still no scientific evidence for talking snakes or the virgin birth, but something tells me you believe in it anyway and would think me a fool for disagreeing with you.

    As for your last paragraph… wow. Have you ever examined the gay movement outside of the United States? Gay marriage is legal in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden. Civil unions, domestic partnerships, and other forms of gay recognition are legal in at least three dozen other countries. I challenge you to examine each country’s timeline of gay rights and show me where they have exploited the oppression of black Americans for political purposes. I doubt you will find one example.

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