Play about overcoming homosexuality playing in Atlanta


I had the pleasure of corresponding with former New Jersey based playrights Khristi Adams and Ebonee Johnson as they were laying the foundation for the play “Once upon a dream”. Ebonee was seeking advice and perspective on the lead character’s overcoming homosexuality. The play eventually launched in New Jersey. I wrote about it here in May and here in July 2006.

Thankfully, it has arrived here in Atlanta and already the gay activists hate corps  is hard at work plying their specious brand of “tolerance”. We all know what that means.

Chuck Bowen, a gay christian who was the former director of the gay political group Equality Georgia told the Southern Voice,  “My concern with the Woodruff Arts Center is that they receive money from the United Way and donors, and I think that this is the sort of thing most people wouldn’t appreciate and don’t want to support.”

Rest assured Bowen has already lodged a complaint with WAC.

But controversy is good. This play needs to impact Atlanta and stir up things, particularly the black gay community which for too long has cast a pall of sexual immorality over this city. By fighting against the play, it is sure to get the type of exposure that the producers couldn’t have paid good money to get.

According to the Southern Voice, [producer and director] Tori Henson  said the play has gay cast members, who she declined to name, and that she marketed very specifically to religious groups. “If I told the church community it’s about homosexuality, and coming out of the closet, would they show up? No,” she said.

Is Henson lying, being duplicitous or just  using clever marketing savvy?

If you live in the metro area and believe that homosexuality can be overcome through the shed blood of Christ, I’m asking you to put your support behind something that will hopefully help elevate this truth. See the trailer at our video feature spot.

The play starts tomorrow night. Date and purchasing information.

Saturday, July 25th @ 8:00pm* Preview – BUY TICKETS NOW

(Preview Performance: General Adm. Only/No VIP)

Thursday, July 30th @ 8:00pm –BUY TICKETS NOW

Friday, July 31th @ 8:00pm – BUY TICKETS NOW

Saturday, August 1st @ 8:00pm – BUY TICKETS NOW

I will be personally attending the August 1st performance. If you want to meet me there, drop me an email at


4 thoughts on “Play about overcoming homosexuality playing in Atlanta

  1. OMG! I’d love to see it! Hopefully i can make it to atl next week. Will let u know!

  2. I would love to see this! Hopefully I can get some information and possibly have it played here in Detroit. It really is time for us, as true Christian believers, to step up and speak out, boldly I might add, about the saving grace and the healing power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  3. Where is the play going next? I missed it in Atlanta, but still want to see it if it is within driving distance. Or is it coming back to Atlanta anytime in the near future?

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