MCC bible write-in trick backfires

The bizarre antics of the gay christian denomination Metropolitan Community Church continues to sink to new lows of barbaric sensationalism in their foolish quest to convince the world that homosexuality is right.

This time the MCC church in Scotland —using taxpayer funded monies— set up a bible and invited homosexuals who felt they had been excluded from the bible to “write their way back in”.  At the invitation, people released their hatred of God’s word.

Obscene and offensive messages have been scrawled over a Bible at a taxpayer-funded exhibition in Glasgow. The city’s Gallery of Modern Art is displaying a Bible with pens next to it and a notice reading: “Are there any gay people in the Bible? Out of the tens of thousands of people who appear in the Old and New Testaments, there must have been.

“Same-sex love, such as that between Ruth and Naomi, existed, but has been written out over time.”

Visitors are asked: “If you feel you’ve been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it.”

A number of crude comments and angry remarks expressing hatred for the Bible’s teaching have since been left. The idea for the exhibition came from the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) which teaches that homosexual sex is not sinful but to be celebrated.

MCC minister Jane Clarke said she regretted the comments made on the Bible.  She said: “It was our intention to reclaim it as a sacred text”

The MCC cleric lied apologized only  because there was negative reaction to the obscenities scrawled into the bible. The church has plenty of “ministers” who reimagine Jesus in all forms of perversion. As noted by those critical of the article, had it been the Koran, there would have been massive bloodshed the same day.

Read the entire article from The Christian Institute

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21 thoughts on “MCC bible write-in trick backfires

  1. Gays who consider themselves “Christ like” profane God’s word by allowing people to write their way back in….I’m sorry but homosexuality is all ready in the Bible… a sin.

    It’s rather pathetic that people even think that God would allow his word to be changed over time when even the Bible itself says God never changes….

    All those who practice lawlessness will have their part in the Lake of Fire where there is no escape, please any homosexuals reading this don’t go to hell repent, submit, and confess Yahshua as Lord over your life. His very name means He can save you!

  2. As for homosexuals in the Bible, there are some. Genesis 19:4-5 tells about them, and Lot says in v.7 that their intended actions are “wicked”.

    It sounds to me as if they are trying to “bully” God into accepting their filthy ways by writing crude and angry remarks. Just because it worked with Obama, surely it won’t work with God!

  3. GCMW: if you dont want to stay on topic, please refrain from posting. You wont receive another warning.

  4. GCMW,

    Now you and I both know that many of the comments on this blog are off-topic, yet you allow them anyway. Just be honest – you deleted my post because you think I’m a gay activist and don’t like what I have to say, even though it’s accurate.

    GCMW: Wrong. It was off topic.

  5. Once again ‘christian’ news reported with a bias – people should read the story for themselves – but then again many christians prefer a filtered news as they believe it is ‘truth’ when it comes from ‘one of their own’

    Times –

    BBC –

    Telegraph –

  6. I read the article on the timesonline website,so as not to be biased (hehe), and it was still stupid. What did they really expect? Most sinners aren’t trying to write themselves back into the bible. A lot of them know what it says, but they don’t care. They aren’t trying to make christians accept their sin as a gift from God, as if God gave a liar the gift of lying. There’s no argument from a liar that “all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire…” They just don’t care.
    God didn’t exclude homosexuals from the bible, He just excludes them from an eternity with Him.

  7. Sinners, including homosexuals will do anything to establish their own righteousness and think that God will wink at it and allow it.
    Their folly is their madness at God that God has targeted homosexuality as a sin…as many other sins…and they want an exemption and God is saying/has said…NO!
    Rather than repent and accept the power of the Holy Spirit to change their lifestyles, they would rather vent at God and twist scriptures to reflect what they want.
    The heart knows no bounds to its wickedness and deception!
    Repent and believe the Gospel!
    MCC (the church that allows homosexuality) is an apostate church that is one of the dens of Satan. They blatantly snub God and his written Word and are willing to lead others to Hell because they
    are still in their manifold sins.

  8. God is not willing that any should perish so no one is left out of the bible at all. Funny thing is if these people are right, why are they seeking mans approval and acceptance if they already have Gods and not only that they have many “churches” that accept their lifestyle?

    So the problem is those of us who read the bible and obviously see the error are keeping them out of the Church and our being closed minded? The Church belongs to Christ so its His approval they need.

  9. I can’t say I blame these people for wanting to change the Bible. If the passages against homosexuality did not exist, it’s very likely that Christianity’s campaign of murder, torture, persecution, and discrimination against homosexuals, which began centuries ago and continues to this very day, would never have taken place. Maybe the Westboro Baptist Church would not exist. Maybe the millions of dollars Christians raised in support of Prop 8 would have instead gone toward feeding the hungry and caring for the sick. Maybe the hate crime that occurred yesterday in Denmark would not have happened ( One can only hope, right?

    GCMW:…And maybe the gay church wouldnt exist, and maybe millions of dollars raised by gay activists to defeat prop8 would have went to feed the poor. So what’s your point? People shouldnt defend what they believe is right?

  10. Phoenixmd:
    As with most gay activists, you base your assertions on lies. There is no campaign among Christians to “murder, torture, persecute or discriminate” against homosexuals. This would not be Christian behavior.

    However, Christians have an obligation to bring people to the ways of Christ, which include living a life free from sin. This does not mean that anyone, including Christians, is perfect. What it does mean is that we are aware of sin, try to avoid it and repent when we engage in it.

    Homosexuals refuse to acknowledge that what they are doing is sinful, which, based upon the Bible, it clearly is. Sex outside of marriage is a sin, sex between people of the same gender is a sin, murder, gossiping, lying, etc. — these are all sins. As Chrisians, we subvert our will and follow God’s will. Homosexuals refuse to subvert their will and, instead, try to rewrite the nature of God’s plan. If anyone doesn’t agree with them, they call it “discrimination,” “bigotry” or worse.

    The average income of homosexuals is well above the national average. Many are in positions of power and influence, thus their stranglehold on mainstream media. If anything, homosexuals are discrminating against Christians.

  11. Well many so called Christians enslaved black people aslo, we must understand that not everyone who says Lord Lord are children of God.

    The fact is even if Christians did or do persecute homosexuals it would still not make the lifestyle right as scriputes state clearly the position of God, but those who persecute would need to repent, as Sis Gwen said those are not Christian attributes.

    You cannot justify your sin because someone else mistreats you, we must look to the bible for Guidance and not the actions of others. Trust me, there have been times when I felt to react in the flesh and have sometimes.

    Jesus died on the cross for all sinners, but there is no where in scriptures that God has a special place for those who rebel against His word. There is actually no other rebelious group that want to be accepted by God, they may want to continue in sin, because sin is pleasurable but actually blaspheme the Word of God as fables in order not to follow it.

    God will not accept homosexuality or any sin for that matter but He will accept those who struggle with sexual identity/sinfulness and make them new if they put their trust in him.

    If any man be in Christ He is a new creation!

    God bless you, today is the day of salvation!

  12. Thanks for that point Paul. No sin justifies another sin, no matter who does it. You dont rob a bank and kill a teller because you were fired unjustly from your job.
    Persecuting and enslaving someone because of the color of their skin is sin and homosexuality is sin. So what’s the next argument?

    The point is that this gay church hates God’s word and invited people to express their hatred by “writing in” their sin in the bible. As Obama said they acted “stupidly”. How can you call yourself a Christian church as do something so dastardly and sacreligious. They are a bunch of hypocrites if you ask me. They wouldnt do that to the Koran and it is intrinsically violent against homosexuality.

  13. gcmwatch,

    Why would a Christian church care what the Qur’an says?

    (By the way, the Old Testament is also intrinsically violent against homosexuality. See Leviticus 20:13.)

    GCMW: Why would any Christian church want to deface the book they claim an adherence to?

  14. Answering my question with another question. Thanks.

    If I had to guess, the MCC didn’t touch the Qur’an because the tenets of Islam have no bearing on the tenets of Christianity, and vice versa. Therefore, defacing the holy book of a completely separate religion would be utterly pointless.

    That, and an angry Muslim is even more dangerous than an angry Christian.

    GCMW: Your arguments wont hold water when you stand before God. Everyday your life is drawing closer to death and judgment. Repent now of your homosexual sin and serve God. That’s the only thing that will cause your life to mean something. You can gain all the “rights” in the world, but if you lose your soul over your sexual desires, in hell you will lift your eyes in shame. This will mark the end of spouting your God-hate here. Take some time away from this site and seek God for forgiveness of your sins.

  15. Marie said:
    (Once again ‘christian’ news reported with a bias – people should read the story for themselves – but then again many christians prefer a filtered news as they believe it is ‘truth’ when it comes from ‘one of their own’)

    I went to those sites you listed Maria and read each of them. They are far worst than what is posted on this site! If you think you did the gay community merit by posting those you did not. All you did was show from the mouth of the horse itself just how twisted and profane this lifestyle and the people who follow it are. They are haters of God. I agree with the Catholics, if it had been a Koran it would have been war.

    Lets ALL thank Jesus for His mercy which is GREAT towards us all.

  16. Ruth and Naomi? Ruth was married to Naomi’s son. How does this equate to gay? Astonishing that this group considers any love between women or men in scripture to be tied to perversive sex. And sad. It shows how truly obsessed with sex they are…why they are more likely to sexually abuse children in their care. It’s all they think about!!!

    If only they would repent and learn what true freedom means, to not be a slave to sin any longer. To rejoice in the truth and to understand what real and genuine joy is all about.

  17. I just actually listened to TD Jakes idea that Naomi and Ruth bordered on lesbianism, what a joke!

  18. Paul N said:
    I just actually listened to TD Jakes idea that Naomi and Ruth bordered on lesbianism, what a joke!

    Paul, that was no joke. If Bernie Mac had said it, maybe it would have been a joke. When America’s bishop says it, it is deadly serious. A tiny deadly seed deliberately planted…..
    the fruit is emerging.

  19. Yes Iesha, what I meant was that he is supposed to be the number one preacher in the world, uses vocabulary that most cant understand and then he says this foolishness!!! He also said Jesus said he had sheep in other flocks that He will bring into the kingdom in the context as if Jesus was talking about other religions! It doesnt take a biblical scholar to know Jesus was talking about gentiles. Madness, utter madness!!!

  20. Here are some questions for discussion: If homosexuals believe that the Bible is the enemy and that the existing religions generally are detrimental to them, why do they want to join a Christian church in the first place? Why not write their own book and form their own religion which is pro-gay, pro-bi and pro-everything sexual and create their own churches? Why do they need to degrade and defame the Christian faith or be part of it at all?

  21. Wow! This church actually thought this would work. Well, no surprise there considering what the church believes. They are already spoken of in the bible. They were destroyed at one point in Sodom and Gomorrah. They are written of as an abomination.

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