One brave bishop speaks up

Bishop James Stanton says the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas won’t join in the Episcopal Church’s growing acceptance of gay unions. The bizarre consecration of a homosexual bishop Vickie Gene Robinson in 2003 jumpstarted a war within the church that has now  begun again with the church removing all restrictions to having more gay bishops.  In his letter to the constituents of the Dallas diocese (and a shot at the heretical Episcopal leadership] Stanton affirmed the following:

“We will not consent to the election of a bishop living in a same-sex relationship, and we will not allow the blessings of same-sex relationships,” Stanton said in a letter to clergy.

• The Diocese of Dallas will continue to hold up and proclaim the apostles’ teaching that is the ground of Christian fellowship, and the foundational promise of our Baptismal vows.

• We will continue to stand with the larger Church in affirming the primacy of Scripture, the sanctity of marriage and the call to holiness of life.

• We will not consent to the election of a bishop living in a same‐sex relationship, and we will no tallow the blessings of same‐sex relationships in this diocese.

• We will continue to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, engage in mission at home and abroad, plant new congregations and make disciples of our Lord.

These commitments are in keeping with the historic teaching of the Holy Scriptures as held by the vast majority of the Anglican Communion, and, for that matter, the Church throughout the centuries.

Read the entire letter here.


5 thoughts on “One brave bishop speaks up

  1. now thats whasup! thats what we need more of. people who are not afraid to stand up to the demons that are trying to destroy the church and the word of god. how can someone think they can be gay and be a bishop or a pastor or anything else involved in leadership? deception is at an all time high. thank god that Bishop Stanton is not willing to compromise, prayerfully he will be an example for many others to follow

  2. Three cheers for Bishop Stanton!!! It is far time that professing
    Christians come out from hiding from fear of ridicule and persecution and take a firm stance on the Word of God about the Word of God!
    Bishop Robinson is not of the Lord and his lifestyle is an abomination to the Word of God…Jesus will deal with that apostate in His time.
    It is time for all churches to realign themselves with the Word of God and stop playing church and treating church as a social club or a “good works club.”
    Jesus is coming again…we need to act like it and put off our slough and proclaim the gospel that Jesus saves and that salvation only comes by and through the name of Jesus and no one else.
    People of God…read the back of the Book (Revelations)…WE WIN!!

  3. Thank God for a godly Bishop making a stand for righteousness in spite of rampant heresy and apostasy coming from many of the leaders of this church. Let’s see what sister presiding apostate says about this…

  4. Bravo! Bravo!! I would love to see en masse other Preachers/Bishops do the same. The sad thing is that by and large, the Body is soooo quiet on this issue. This is very refreshing to read.

  5. Thank you Bishop Stanton for having a backbone and not backing down. Maybe this will wake up other church leaders to stand up and hold up the banner of God’s Word~

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