Former CCM worship leader says get rid of worship leaders, bands

This article from the Christian Post is very interesting considering we have discussed at length the black gospel industry and its obvious lurch into God-less music. We’ve also looked at the unsavory elements of Southern Gospel Music.

But this is the first time I’ve heard of someone take on the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) like this. Dan Lucarini argues that all forms of CCM (which he once helped introduce into the church) are immoral. Remember the CCM artist who took a profanity dive in his “Christian” song?

“We used the excuse that we wanted to reach out to the young people,” Lucarini said. “You know what? They didn’t like the music. It was our music. It was classic rock. We just did it for ourselves. That was the conclusion I came to.”

“Let’s be honest about it. It wasn’t to save souls. It was just because we like that kind of music and we’re the rebellious generation so we just basically thought we could do whatever we wanted,” he added.

The artists are all still using that “reach the young people” line but we dont see any results. So I’m inclined to believe Lucarini on that. I wouldnt brand every single person doing the music, but he may be telling the truth about the genre in general, especially with his insider perspective.

People do seem to long for truly holy music. In other words, music that is sacred, not as a genre, but because of who it is supposed to represent and glorify.

Lucarini says worship is not a response to the opening guitar licks of a song, but a response to God’s revelation and who He is.

“Worship, first and foremost, is a personal response to the revelation of God through Jesus Christ,” he said. “And it does not involve me having a self-fulfilling experience. It’s very much a one-sided act as the scriptures teach. It’s acknowledging that God and Jesus are Lord, Master, King. I bring nothing to that equation at all.”

He also believes the church should get rid of the entire “worship band” and “worship leader” concept because too many believers are depending on someone to “lead them into worship” instead of making worship a personal, intimate experience with God sans all the church trappings.

What do you think? Does the church really need  worship leaders, bands and praise teams, etc?

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  1. Worship is the desired human response unto God by us humans, and I’m finding after having read the 4th chapter of The gospel according to John. When Jesus had the discourse with the Samaritan woman saying;

    Jhn 4:23
    But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

    My point is worship doesn’t begin when a member of an assembly shows up to church on Sunday or whatever day you go meet.

    This is the reason why I get so befuddled when someone in “The Praise Team”, wonders why I’m not willing to get so worked up in a lather, as they, while I’m also wondering if they know what true worship is in the first place?

    Everyone can praise but, not everyone can worship. The in spirit & truth may throw some.

  2. Do you know that at my Church that I am attending, Charismatic, that one of our worship leaders goes to a Karoke Bar with her friends to sing silly songs and the like…and then she comes into our Church Sunday morning and leads worship??? And me and my wife and others are supposed to wonder why it seems so lifeless???

    The awkward thing is she is the daughter of one of the Pastors but we still have to confront this…

    And I suppose everyone has horror stories like this in these desparate times….

    Sad stuff!

  3. @ Devon, the only people that can get away with telling a PK what to do in a church are the Po-Po when serving a warrant. Otherwise, it’s carte blanche unless any pastor realizes they are to serve God, not to have man serve them.

    @ Pastor, good stuff as always. However, and maybe it’s semantics, but I have to point something out. People need a praise leader… to get them started. Otherwise you will get all the folk you can’t carry a note with a duffle bag standing around looking at the choir loft and their watch.

    Then, there will be the “American Idol” hopefuls who will use “devotion time” to air out their new single on the CD they have in the trunk of the car.

    In other words, it creates order. Folk need that. However, that “leader” needs to learn quickly when to become a follower, shut up from his or her solo and let the music play to allow us to “worship.” (Shout out to Vaughn for clearing that one up.)

  4. my understanding is that praise is what we do in church as far as the music and the songs, which i definitely think should stay in church because it not only lifts up our holy saviour, but it lifts our spirits! and worship is the life that we live day to day. worship is living a life that is pleasing to god because you are making sure that you follow his commamdments and on the strait and narrow. so actually what I think should be taken out is the worship part in reference to praise and worship. but thats my understanding, if something needs to be cleared up im definitely not opposed to wisdom being given to me. thats directed to everyone but i would especially like pastor fosters opinion on this as well

  5. I understand the Pastor, Worship has become more of a show of talents and people want to be entertained. I have no problem with styles of music as you can sing a hymn and be living in sin as with any other kind of song. Music just doesnt come across as sincere anymore!

    I led praise and worship in a Church and when I told the Pastor that the people needed to learn about worship he was highly offended (I think he thought the congregation was on fire for God) and nearly chopped my head off! Oh Boy!

    Some of the most powerful times I remember in Praise and Worship was when there was silence.

    Its from heart to heart!

    Someone I love to listen to is Sarah Groves.

    “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.”

    Thank You LORD!!!

  6. Royal Boy,

    Worship from what I see in scripture is both living a life pleasing to God and an outward expression of the Heart, be it lifting of hands, bowing, shouting etc.

  7. I can believe it. I think of when I visited two of the area’s megachurches and the worship team played secular music during their portion of the service. Even though the songs were relevant to the sermon, it was still unsettling to hear John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band during a church service.
    The problem with worship leaders/bands/etc, is the same problem that is church-wide – we exalt gifts & talents over character and living holy. Just like a congregation will turn a blind eye to a pastor’s adultery because he can “preach the house down”, they’ll overlook that worship leader (or recording artist) that’s caught up in fornication or homosexuality or listening to secular music more than spending time with God.
    If the worship leaders/bands would truly seek after God and “take off the world”, then it would work. But then, these pastors and ministers that allow this foolishness would have to do it first (where the head goes, the body follows).

  8. Great question.
    I agree and disagree. I say yes and no. I think so and I think not. I’d better explain:

    Praise and worship, which are 2 different things, are both responses from knowing and experiencing God’s faithfulness in our lives. They are not initiators. This may get a couple of responses, but the saying “when praises go up, blessings come down” isn’t true. We praise because of what he has already done and because of who he is. The singing and dancing of Jehoshaphat and Judah didn’t bring about victory, they sang and danced because God told them they they wouldn’t even have to fight…that the battle is his.

    Worship is something that only a child of God can do. Worship has nothing to do with physical activity: raising hands, shaking heads, crying, saying “hallelujah, thank you Jesus, glory to God,” etc….a lost heathen can do all of those things in a “church setting” and go straight to hell. There isn’t anything wrong with doing those things if it’s true worship. Worship comes from the heart by motivation of the Spirit of God who lives inside of us and inspires our behavior. We have the capacity to worship 24 hours a day, not just in what we call “worship service”. We worship in the Spirit and in truth (John 4:21-24, Philippians 3:2-3). We worship when we go to work to provide for our families, we worship when we cook dinner for our families, we worship when we give someone something to eat, we worship when we preach and teach truth, we worship when we come together for fellowship.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with a praise/worship band or leaders or teams. I believe the singing of songs, prayer and etc is, again, a response of who God is. I think there is a problem when the leaders/bands/teams tell or command “let’s all worship/praise God and if you’re not up doing it, you’re not a worshiper.” That’s a forced reaction. If I “worship” because someone tells me to, then it’s not worship. If I “praise” God because someone tells me to, then it’s not praise. These things come from the heart, not from the prompting of another person. Don’t throw the bands/leaders/ teams away, but let’s keep them in proper perspective.

  9. Charzetta, I agree with your assessment. Alot of worship leaders have to “pump” up the crowd before the people will worship and praise God. This often leads to “flesh” being made to worship. Also people think they have to have music to worship God.

    Worship and praise are something we can do in the privacy of our own homes.

  10. Agree, Worship is an attitude of heart that can be expressed in many different ways which could be (raising hands, shaking heads, crying, saying “hallelujah, thank you Jesus, glory to God,” etc)

    Expression of worship is evident all throughout scripture and lets and lets not think something is wrong with these, they are marvelous and acceptable to God as long as our hearts an in it.

  11. This issue was on my mind, especially in light of the argument that if there would be little or no music/worship leaders if the gay christians left. And I was reminded of two things.

    1. What we call worship now, was once known as ‘Song service’
    Somewhere along the line, it got elevated to Praise & Worship Sessions with a Praise Team and a Worship Leader. Next thing you
    know, we started talking about setting the mood for worship, and
    instead of teaching folk to reverence God Almighty, we end up trying to woo God with beautiful music…that just makes us feel so good inside, and we start to tell the Lord some sweet words,
    and we even cry, and we feel sooooooooooo good. And somehow, the fact we felt so close to God in that Praise & Worship session serves to remind us that even though we might not be living right, we still haven’t quite lost our walk with God, afterall we felt His presence. Sensation is no substitute for obedience to God’s word…but that is soooo boring, and it sells zero albums… the Praise & Worship segment of the Gospel Music Industry reigns!

    2. There is worship and there is true worship. There are worshippers and true worshippers. Jesus Christ plainly stated that God MUST be worshipped in Spirit AND in truth by true worshippers. The devil too desires worship, and went as far as to tell Jesus Christ ” I will give you all the kingdoms of the world if you will bow down and worship me.” And in Revelation 13 vs. 15, all who will not worship the image of the beast will be killed.

    So worship is the final frontier, but it’s the life we live in the eyes of God, not the songs we sing to the ears of God.
    And as my baby sister said ‘Worship is not a team sport.”

  12. To respond to HiScriver, I dont think God minds if we arent able to carry a tune when we praise Him. When we focus on the skills of the “performer” then I believe we expect a performance rather than opening our own mouths to praise Him.
    One day in our church, the electricity went out right as we were in service. Except for a skylight and stain glass windows, there was no light. NO microphones. The choir sang and we sang along with them, and I cant tell you the feeling of power of the Holy Spirit I felt, and my brother as well. No performance, just praising God, just the power of the Holy Spirit!
    Most praise leaders dont know how to step out of the way and make room for the Holy Spirit!

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