A street preacher, a lesbian pastor and a fool

You’ve got to see and hear to believe it. People have given themselves over to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. The lesbian pastor’s canned gay theology responses were bad enough, but I’m not even sure what came out of the black man’s mouth is worth being refuted it is so ludicrous.

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10 thoughts on “A street preacher, a lesbian pastor and a fool

  1. GCM,

    I’m very, very, very disappointed with you. How dare you mess up an opportunity to give a perfect name to a posting.
    This should have been entitled, “Dances With Fools”

  2. Ok, Charzetta, yours can be title #2. I struggled with it. 🙂
    I should have titled it “Lawd Ham Murcy!”


    The Lawd really should ham murcy. But I thank him fo’ da Mand of Gawd who defended da troof! Now he told “The Bleeping Truth”!!!

    I was actually flipping channels a couple of days ago and came across a documentary entitled “The Search for the Garden of Eden”. They mentioned the same writings of Sumeria that the black guy in this video talks about. I couldn’t finish listening to the entire video clip because blatant error, foolishness, and stupidity really bugs me. So I shut it off. I guess I’m more like Paul when he’s says to admonish someone once or twice, after that kick him to the curb (or something like that) because they are warped and sinning.

  4. Clearly a case of this woman making a god in her own image, while hearing truths she tries to talk over what she doesn’t like.

    God on her own terms?!?

  5. Hi. I’m not even sure what to say after seeing so many examples of ignorance. You have one person, Ms. Hunt, calling the Bible erroneous yet still trying to use it to support her own arguments (DON’T JUDGE ME!). And you have this other fellow, Mr. Thompson, who it appears doesn’t believe anything because it’s all myth and fable and different versions of re-tellings. He actually sounds like this new (afro-centric) Muslim convert I came across years ago who was trying to tell any who would listen how the white man invented “dinosaurs” because of the great “dynasties he saw” when he came to Africa. It doesn’t make any sense, I know, I guess that’s how cults work.

    Anyway, I applaud the one man (whose name I can’t remember oddly enough) for being the only who apparently walks with the Bible and actually opened it and read from it — the fountain of GOD’s Word which is Truth. It’s amazing how when the gentleman read GOD’s Word Ms. Hunt got agitated, but when Mr. Thompson started to support her claims that the Bible is flawed and unreliable and likely a lie, she smiled, nodded her head and even tried to support his claims. Huh?

    I live in New York City and I actually visited an MCC here maybe 2 or 3 times about 10 years ago. Friends, it may be a gathering of like-minded people, but it is not a church after the heart of GOD. They sing songs (none of which I can remember) and preach sermons wearing “priestly robes” but that’s about it. I remember in one particular sermon, a female priest preached about her need for a polyamorous relationship all while her partner sat smiling obviously uncomfortable in the first row. I am telling you the truth.

    Now, I’m not saying that’s how all MCC churches operate, but this was my own particular experience. They did not preach about sin or conviction or the need to leave the world behind to truly serve Jesus the Christ. Based on the sermon I heard, it’s more about re-affirming the sorry state folks are already in.

    I sometimes wonder why we feel the need to run after GOD and even claim Christ Jesus, yet deny HIS very Word and character. But then I remember of course, that GOD has put in each and every one of us (and those yet to be born) a deep desire to seek out our CREATOR. Some of us don’t like what we learn we get close enough to the Truth, so we run away and come up wit cunningly devised fables to support our desires to fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

    Sometimes I want to say, “Put down the Bible and stop saying Jesus’ name if this is how you’re going to slander and mis-represent HIM.” But GOD is merciful and powerful enough to open up our eyes perhaps the next time we open the Bible, or touch our herat the next time we call on HIS Son and utter HIS name.

    And I have to say — I always find it curious that homosexuals claiming to be Christian insist GOD’s Word only applies to certain periods in history. Like, Paul was only warning the 1st/2nd century church about sexual immorality, of which homosexuality was named. Or they insist that the new covenant ushered in by the shedding of Jesus’ blood at Calvary did away with the Law and statutes as handed down to Moses. Really? You mean in addition to eating shellfish, I can start committing incest and bestiality? Notice how in the NT, GOD explains “unclean foods” to Peter. HE also explains why blood sacrifice is no longer needed. HE also explains why sexual immorality is STILL sin.

    We really need to stop lying to ourselves and start believing GOD.

  6. Man I am so sick and tired of the homosexuals saying the Sodom and Gomorrah story is about hospitality. The story of these two cities is about homosexual activity and pride (unrepentance).

    The lesbian proved that she doesn’t even believe in the Bible with her weak manuscript argument and then she has the audacity to say the street preacher who actually knows something about the Bible is being rude……

  7. The striking thing to me in this conversation of the two idiots is that the BIBLE is a copy of stories from other books. I find this idea to be so impractical and down right foolish.

    I remember a conversation I had with a co-worker who once told me that the Bible is full of plagiarism – text stolen from such books as the “BOOK for the DEAD”. It is definitely Satan inspired for anyone to makes such preposterous claims.

    I posed a simple question to this co-worker of mine, asking him “What in the Bible exactly was stolen, and did he have any problem with the content of what was in the Bible?

    I went on to mention that the BIBLE is a great book, to say the least, that tells about the creation of God, stories of real life people, man and his fault, God and his promises. I asked “What is it about the Bible, other than it was filled of words that was “stolen”, do you have a problem with? He really never answered my questions.

    We all know that what we have in our text is not the original text. That’s a given. But God preserved his Word through the thousands of manuscripts copied. It was and is a MIRACLE of God that He allowed man to use these manuscripts to form His word for us today. THANK GOD FOR THE COPIES, THE COPIERS and THE COPYING. This is a miracle these infidels choose to discredit, but will have no problem seeing the hands of a surgeon performing operation on a brain to give life to human kind as a miracle.

    I believe with all my heart that one of the greatest miracles was how GOD used “copies” of the “original” manuscripts to form HIS WORD for us today; His Word that has brought salvation and growth to many.

    Despite the approach the lesbian and the young black fella took to dishonor Scriptures, no book (whether copied or not) gives mankind a spiritual sense of history and time and people and God and life and living and purpose like the BIBLE. All other books may talk about Jesus Christ, even giving precedence to what they consider the “likes” before Him, but ONLY the BIBLE talks about HIM as eternal GOD who came into this world as man to redeem mankind through the shedding of His blood on the Cross. This in content and context was originated by God through the copied text giving us the WORD we have today. Amazing this story we read in the Old and New Testaments.

    The Bible, like no other Book, is the WORD of God and spells our clearly God’s dislike for the sin of homosexuality. These two idiots only defend such filth because they hate the Bible, hate God’s messengers, and thus HATE GOD.

  8. 1 Cor: 9Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders

    Nothing more needs to be said.

    Lawd ham murcy

  9. What is really interesting is how the pastor of MCC injected doubt into the equation by challenging the authenticity of Scripture. Then the brotha’ bolstered her argument by stating that the biblical account is merely a copy of stories from ancient texts that pre-dated it, giving credence to the notion that the Bible, i.e. God’s Word couldn’t be trusted. It all sounds like the first lie: “Did God really say…”

    Consequently, if God’s Word can’t be trusted, then we are all free to “decide what is right in our own eyes.” But God’s Word is true and He hasn’t left that decision to us. He has a holy, righteous standard which doesn’t fit the MCC pastor’s paradigm.

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